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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mario party 9 part 2

I've collected more info on Mario Party 9.


"On a night outside of Princess Peach's Castle, Mario and his friends came to watch the Mini Stars in sky. As Mario peers though the telescope, he notices that the stars suddenly begin to get sucked through a vortex. It is soon revealed to be Bowser and Bowser Jr. on a spacecraft, who are using a vacuum-like machine to suck the stars in the sky. Upon witnessing this, Mario and the gang set out to defeat them and save the Mini Stars[8]. After they start their journey, Shy Guy and Kamek are seen coming out of woods and following them (as part of Bowser's plan)." OPINION: This is a good story. I would like to know what exactly Bowser's plan though.


"A new form of gameplay will be introduced in this game: players will move all at once through the board in a vehicle (a car in Toad Road, a magic carpet in Boo's Horror Castle and a legged machine in Bob-omb Factory, for example). Instead of trying to collect coins to buy stars, players receive Mini Stars if they pass by them. It is unconfirmed whether this will be a new mode or not, however, it is shown that the traditional, individual movement of characters will not be in the game. New minigames will be introduced in the Mario Party series, as well as 2 vs. 1 minigames against Bowser Jr, with one of them closely resembling one of the boss battles in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Players must try to avoid Mini Ztars, which deduct their current amount of Mini Stars. In this game, the minigames don't appear after every four turns, but only when a player ends up on any of the spaces that triggers a mini-game." OPINION: Too bad there isn't a Monty Mole boss cuz Monty Moles are one of my favorite characters

"Confirmed Characters"

"Similarly to the preceding games, Mario Party 9 will introduce newcomers to the series. There will be 12 characters in Mario Party 9."

Playable Characters

Unlockable Characters


There are a total of 14 boss battles in Mario Party 9.

Other Characters

Confirmed Boards

Mario Party 9 is confirmed to have a total of seven playable boards.[15]

Unlockable Boards

Confirmed minigames

Mario Party 9 will have over eighty Minigames in six confirmed categories; 4-Player Minigames, 2 vs 2 minigames, 1-vs-3 Minigames, Bowser Jr. Minigames, Boss Minigames and Extra Minigames. Minigames will be played when players land on Vs. Space or a 1-vs-3 Space.[23]

Free-for-All Minigames

There are a total of 44 Free-for-All minigames in Mario Party 9[12]. These minigames can be played with two, three or four players.

1-Vs-3 Minigames

There are a total of 10 1-Vs-3 minigames in Mario Party 9.[12] They can also be played with 3 players instead of 4, turning them into 1-vs-2 minigames.
  • "A minigame involving the solo player hit the team with a spiked vehicle, in a maze with Dry Bones.
  • A minigame where the team player try to avoid the attacks of the solo, that are electricity, fire and wind.
  • A minigame where the three players ride Cooligan-shaped carts inside an ice rink, while the solo player attempts to flee.
  • A minigame where the solo player must take an American football to the goal. The team tries to hit him or her three times.
  • A minigame where the solo player takes blocks from a side to the other, avoiding the boulder that the trio push toward him or her.
  • A minigame where the solo player draws circles in the sand to trap the trio.
  • A minigame where the solo player hits the blocks platform where the team is on to make Spiked Balls roll into them."

Bowser Jr. Minigames

There are a total of 10 Bowser Jr. minigames in Mario Party 9.[12]
  • A minigame where the duo chase Bowser Jr. in legged vehicles.
  • A minigame involving two players pushing Bowser Jr. inside a electricity circle.
  • A minigame where the players race through a level with Bowser Jr.
  • A minigame where the players shoot fireballs at Bowser Jr.
  • A minigame involving two characters using a Pinwheel-like platform to cross a pit.
  • A minigame where the players Ground Pound panels to make the sand blocks where Bowser Jr. is on disappear.

Boss Minigames

There are a total of 14 boss battle minigames in Mario Party 9.[12]
  • A minigame where the players shoot cannonballs at a giant Blooper that jumps out of the water.
  • A minigame involving the player selecting numbers to turn a platform where Whomp attacks.
  • A minigame involving the players, Big Bob-omb, and Bob-ombs of different sizes.
  • A minigame where the players shoot Bullet Bills at Lakitu, while avoiding Spinies.
  • A minigame where the players must pound a Wiggler's body segments.
  • A minigame where the players face King Boo.
  • A minigame involving a fight with Chain Chomp, where the team choose paths to reach Cannons and blast cannonballs at the enemy.
  • A minigame involving a fight with Bowser.
  • A minigame where the players shoot Green Shells at a giant Cheep-Cheep.
  • A minigame where the players select cards to hurt a giant Dry Bones.[26]

2 vs 2 Minigames

Extra Minigames

  • Goomba Bowling[1]: a minigame where the players compete in a bowling-like game, using a shell to kick a row of Goombas.
  • Castle Clearout: this minigame involves puzzles.
  • Hexapuzzle[25]: this minigame involves combining various small colored hexagons.

 Spaces in game

  • Bowser Jr. space - the Captain and an ally play a minigame with Bowser Jr.
  • 1 vs Rival - Triggers a 1-on-2 or a 1-on-3 minigame.
  • Competition space - all players duke it out in a minigame.
  • Dice space - three things happen here.
  • Happening space - Triggers a minigame.
  • Lucky space - Captain takes alternate route.
  • Random space - anything can happen.
  • Reverse space - go back number of spaces rolled.
  • DK space - summons Donkey Kong.
  • Dash space - Roll twice.
  • Mini Ztars space - lose a set amount of Mini Stars.
  • Mini Stars space - gain Mini Stars.
  • Shuffle space - order of Captains changes.
  • Boss space - Triggers a Boss minigame.
  • Captain Event space - Triggers a Captain Event.
  • Green space - no function.
  • Unlucky Space - Lose Mini Stars
  • Triggers a free-for-all minigame.
  • Magma space - raises lava either by 2 ft or 3 ft. EXCLUSIVE FOR MAGMA MINI BOARD.


  • "Dice Block
  • 0-1 Dice Block
  • 1-2-3 Dice Block
  • 1-10 Dice Block
  • Unnamed yellow Dice Block with a 6 inside, which acts like a Dice Block under the effect of a Sluggish Shroom[1]
  • Unnamed purple Dice Block which contains a 4, 5, and 6[1]
  • Unnamed golden Dice Block with a 10 inside[1]
  • Stars
  • Mini Stars
  • Mini Ztars
  • Mushrooms
  • Treasure Chest
  • Jewels
  • Koopa Shells"

 NOTE: Everything in " is from Super Mario wiki.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ashi's Gift Blog: Paradigm Shift

Ashi's Gift Blog: Paradigm Shift: When our daughter was still a baby, she began sitting on her own at an unusually early age. She had missed most milestones so I was flooded ...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spencer's Day: Skylanders Giants

Spencer's Day: Skylanders Giants: Okay, I'm pretty sure you know about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure , but what about it's sequel ? I'm one of the few people to discover an o...

Skylanders Giants

Okay, I'm pretty sure you know about Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, but what about it's sequel? I'm one of the few people to discover an official video game that doesn't even have a trailer aired on TV. This game is Skylanders Giants.

  The Skylanders are back, bigger than ever! They now have enormous alleys and they're ready to kick some evil butt. There are 8 newcomer Skylanders (like Alchemist) and 8 veteran Skylanders (like Spyro).

 There are now 2 kinds of Skylanders. There are normal Skylanders. And the other kind are the Giants (fan belief, the Giants are possibly Elder Elementals, who are the most powerful of all Skylanders.). The only known Giant so far is Tree Rex.

Kaos has returned and apparently has some plan to take over. Now your probably wondering "So, what's his plan in the game?"To tell you the truth I don't know exactly what his plan is. But I bet my Miis that it will involve the Core of Light and the pure evil of the Darkness

  • Alchemist's ability to turn into a monster via drinking a potion is similar to how Dr. N. Brio (from Crash Bandicoot) turns into a monster by drinking a potion.
  •  There is an unnamed Skylander in this game that greatly resembles Falco from Star Fox.
  • Giants are 3xs bigger than a normal Skylander, and as such, they can destroy blockades, towers, outposts, and everything a normal Skylander can only destroy with a bomb. But Giants can do this without a bomb, and even more impressive, with their bare hands.
  • Prism Break, Cynder, and Spyro will receive a remodel or a light up feature (Cynder and Spyro get the remodel, while Prism Break gets the Light up.)
  • The starter for this comes with a veteran, a newcomer, a Giant, a poster, an optional Portal of Power, trading cards, stickers, and the game itself.
  • I want you to tell me what you think Kaos' plan is, so please put a comment about what you think the plan is.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Love Magic

In case you didn't know, I love magic. That's right, magic. This is one of my blog posts that is NOT based on a video game.

Not only do I love magic, but I also love video games with magic. Here's a list of games that have magic in them.
  • Wizard 101 -  I'm sure everyone is familiar with this game.
  • The Wizard - a computer game that's on 4kids.com. This game allows you to use a Fire spell, a Lightning spell, and a Hand spell.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (series) - The series has magic only if you count Sonic becoming invincible via Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles living on a floating island, and six Sonic games including time travel.
  • Spyro 2 (and every game with Ripto) - Ripto is technically a wizard by having these characteristics: 1: He has a scepter. 2: He can animate/reanimate objects and characters (as seen in his boss 1st fight where he revives Gulp). And 3: He can use cards in battle, with telekinesis (as seen in Enter the Dragonfly.)
  • Kingdom Hearts (series) - every game in this series has a LOT of magic.
  • Petpet Park - one of my favorite games. Almost everything is magical (School of Magic, potions, etc.)
  • Mario (series) - Bowser is rumored to be able to use Dark Magic.

  • The  only thing Magic can't do is allow one to rule the world
  • People with a big imagination are great people, and people who like magic (like me) have a really big imagination.
  • Magic can't be used in the real world.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wii Party, Wii Music & Fishing Resort

Hey, today's Blog post is about Wii Party, Wii Music and Fishing Resort (all three I want).

Fishing resort is a fantastic game, and all-in-all, I give a big thumbs up. The game is based on R'n'R (rest and relaxation). As the name says, there's a lot fishing. Ya get your own aquarium and every fish you catch will be put in the aquarium. There's a monster big "aquatic nightmare" known as the King of Herrings (a real live fish that is about 56 ft long, and 661 lb.). You can also get a tan, drive a 4x4 jeep all over the place, fight a mummy or climb up the Eiffel Tower, discovering something that doesn't exist, or give a Yeti a shower, Building a giant snowman, finding a dodo bird, or locating Frankenstein's brain, filming a movie, painting with cotton lint and driving our sister insa-oh darn it! I got the theme song for Phineas & Ferb (both summer version and Christmas version) mixed with things you can do in Fishing Resort. Well all of them is true all but the part with the mummy, the Eiffel Tower, building a snowman, the dodo bird, Frankenstein's brain, the Yeti, filming a movie, painting with cotton lint, and driving your sister insane. But the discovering something that doesn't exist part is true cuz you could catch an extinct specimen of fish (aligator gar for example).

Now let's talk about Wii Music. The game has over 60 instruments to choose from, my favorite being the Castanets. One funny instrument is the Dog Suit, where your Mii dresses up like a dog and makes dog noises. You can perform several versions of the Main Theme from Super Mario Bros.

And then there was 1. Time to talk about Wii Party. I extremely recommend this game for any party-lover (Especially birthdays, cuz I love birthdays) to have. Wii Party has pretty much any party-lover could ever ask for. Want games that make the room part of the fun? Wii Party's got it. Want virtual board games? Wii Party's got it. Want games that are 2-player only? Wii Party's got it all.

 Overall, all three games are great.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Poképark 2 part two

Hey, I got new info on Poképark 2.

Some recently found info reveals part of the story of the game.
The game no longer has Zones, but instead has Areas (which are pretty much the same as Zones, but having villages the Pokemon live in.). The game starts at the Cove Area (which replaced the Beach Zone) where Pikachu and Piplup go to visit their old friends. Oshuwatt tags along with them. They hear rumors and myths about a alternate dimension known as the Wish Park. Pikachu and friends find a portal and jump through it. The next thing I know is they're all in the Wish Park. It is here that we see the generation 1 (Kanto), 2 (Johto), 3(Hoen) , and 4 (Sinnoh) Pokemon. I have no clue to what happens next, but from a screenshot it is revealed that all the Pokemon in the Wish Park are somehow possessed, as a Flareon said "My body is moving on it's own!!!" and all the Wish Park Pokemon seem to have spirals in their eyes.

Here's a list of recently discovered actions.
  • Iron Tail - Smack foes with a swing from Iron Tail! <Pikachu>
  • Leaf Storm - N/A <Snivy>
  • Flamethrower - shoot a stream of fire! <Tepig>
  • Razor Shell - N/A <Oshuwatt>
  • Heat Crash - N/A <Tepig> 

Here's a list of Area Keepers (they replace Zone Keepers). Okay, there's actually one known Area Keeper.
  • Samurott - An Area Keeper that everyone in the Cove Area depend on. He is very reliable so you can rely on him to help you out.

Remember this note! The game comes out, on February the 27!