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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pacific Rim Time!!!!!!

This post is about the awesome movie (and video game) Pacific Rim!!!!!!!!

Pacific Rim is two things. First, it is a movie that has a book counterpart. And second, it has a video game for the X-box 360 and they are THINKING about making it for PS3.

The movie is super awesome and the video game is super awesome and reminds me a bit about the PS2 version of Godzilla Unleashed that I used to play all the time. But that was when I was six years old. Or was it seven? Somewhere between five and seven.

Anyway, in Pacific Rim (movie) giant monsters called Kaiju start attacking humanity. In fact the narrator even said that it took tanks, jets, and missiles six whole days just to destroy a single Kaiju. And in that time three whole cities were smashed to pieces. Then came the second attack and the third attack and the fourth attack, and by that time humanity realized that the Kaiju are determined to destroy all of mankind.

So every major country on the planet teamed up to build the most effective weapon against a Kaiju. They built Giant Robots called Jaegers. Basically they were fighting fire with fire. But these Jaegers was too much a strain for a single pilot so Jaegers require TWO pilots. And thanks to the Drift, these pilots can literally see each others' memories and thoughts. Depending on the pilots, the intensity of the "neural bridge" (sometimes called "neural handshake") can vary. The deeper the Drift bond, the better the Jaeger fights.

No two Jaegers look the same. Each one is unique. Just like the Kaiju, as they come in various shapes, but most of them share a similar height. And what is cool is that they give code names for Jaegers and Kaiju. Like the Jaeger Striker Eureka. Or the Kaiju Leather-back.

Unfortunately the Kaiju are very adaptable and quickly became more prepared for fighting Jaegers. Before that Kaiju after Kaiju started getting destroyed by Jaegers all over the planet. The first major Jaeger to be seen in the show is Gipsy Danger, a Mark III Jaeger that is powered by a nuclear reactor. It's original pilots were the Becket brothers, Yancy and Raleigh. Sadly Yancy was killed by the Kaiju codenamed Knife head, forcing Raleigh to attempt solo piloting, which is extremely dangerous because piloting a Jaeger without a co-pilot is sub-lethal.

Five years later, Marshall Pentecost loses support from most major national leaders and they give him the instructions of having the four remaining Jaegers defend the almost complete coastal wall, which was supposed to trap the Kaiju in the Pacific waters. However a very large Category IV (kaiju are categorized) Kaiju smashes through the wall in less than a hour. Thus the construction workers doubt the effectiveness of the wall and even question why they were building it in the first place. The good news is Marchall plans to bomb the inter-dimensional portal that brings Kaiju to Earth (called the Breach) with a nuclear missile.

Raleigh Beckett is shortly after brought out of retirement to once again pilot Gipsy Danger. And Marshall introduces Raleigh to the pilots of the Mark I Jaeger Cherno Alpha, the Mark IV Crimson Typhoon, and the first, last, and only Mark V Jaeger, Striker Eureka (it's the only Mark V because it cost way too much money to mass produce Mark V's and they only had enough money to make Striker Eureka), each with unique qualities. Raleigh after sparring with the potential pilot Mako Mori decides to make her his new co-pilot. During the first Drift the two have, Mako has a panic attack and almost fires Gipsy Danger's Plasma Cannon (that would have left a mess in the "trial run" room.).

Raleigh also gets to meet two humorous K-Science officers named Newt and Hermann. Newt has tattooed the face of countless Kaiju on his body, thanks to his fascination with Kaiju (his lab has the organs and brains of various Kaiju from different categories.) Newt wants to test his theory that one can Drift with a Kaiju Brain (or a piece of the brain.) But Hermann says that the neural surge would kill him. The good news is Hermann can (very) accurately predict the frequency of Kaiju attacks (he even wrote down his calculations on several chalk boards) and predicts that within a week that a double event will occur, where two Kaiju attack at the exact same time. He also reveals that every time a Kaiju exits the Breach it gets a bit wider and more open to allow the newest Kaiju to pass, as newer Kaiju are a bit bigger than those that came before.

Newt actually (and successfully) Drifts with the Kaiju brain in his lab, traumatizing him in the process, like to the point and quaking like a earthquake of sheer power and also made his nose bleed. And in doing so learns that the Kaiju were created by aliens wanting to colonize Earth and creating Kaiju to act as exterminators and destroy unwanted pests (the pests are mankind). So Kaiju are the ultimate war machines, so to speak.

 Marshall Pentecost then sends Newt to Hong Kong to get a secondary brain from a Kaiju body parts smuggler named Hannibal Chao. And (just as Hermann predicted) a double event occurs, sending a ape-like Kaiju and a Bat-like Kaiju to attack Hong Kong. Marshall Pentecost sends Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha to fight these Kaiju, and sends Striker Eureka as reinforcements, ordered not to engage unless there is no other option. This order proved disastrous as the Kaiju start ganging up on Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon's crew are killed when the Bat Kaiju (named Otachi) crushes the "head" with the three fingered claw on it's tail. With both Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon destroyed, Marshall sends in Gipsy Danger shortly after the Ape Kaiju named Leather-back paralyzes Striker Eureka with a electro-magnetic pulse (or E.M.P.) Gipsy Danger destroys Leather-Back by shooting it with it's Plasma Cannon until the Plasma Cannon ran out of ammo (humorously, although Leather-Back is clearly dead, Raleigh suggests that they "check for a pulse" and waste all of their ammo shooting a dead Kaiju carcass. When done shooting Raleigh says "no pulse" in a joking manner). Otachi then finds Newt in a public Kaiju refuge and almost eats him (Newt was too scared to move).

After a epic fight, Gipsy Danger destroys Otachi by using a retractable sword in the left wrist to slice the Kaiju in half. Hannibal Chao then sends his workers to harvest the various body parts of Otachi. After a group of harvesters find the secondary brain, they report that it was damaged, much to Newt's dismay. Newt shortly realizes that Otachi had one last trick from beyond the grave, deploying a mini Kaiju to attack Newt. But the mini Kaiju chokes on a gross tentacle tied around it's neck and dies, but not before eating Hannibal Chao whole.

Marshall then has both Jaegers prepared to bomb the Breach with nuclear missiles (Gipsy Danger does not need a missile because it's self-destruct does a really good impression of a nuclear bomb) But are attacked by two Category IV Kaiju and one Category V Kaiju (the only Category V. The biggest, strongest, most persistent, and most toxic Kaiju of all). During the battle a croc like Kaiju bites Gipsy Danger's right arm off. Also during the battle Hermann and Newt Drift with the mini Kaiju and discover that only something with the same genetic material as a Kaiju can pass. Humorously when Hermann Drifts with the Mini Kaiju he suddenly vomits into a nearby toilet.

Once they tell the Jaeger pilots about how the Breach works, they suggest tricking the Breaching into thinking that the Jaegers were Kaiju. Marshall Pentecost (who was piloting Striker Eureka because one of the Striker pilots broke his arm while fighting Leather-Back) then clears a path for a crippled Gipsy Danger by detonating the missile before deploying it into the Breach. However, the Category V Kaiju survives, albeit wounded, and Gipsy Danger kills it by shooting a red hot laser that burns through the Kaiju's chest. Mako then loses consciousness because the Gipsy Danger pilots used up most of their oxygen during the fight. So Raleigh activates a escape pod containing Mako and manually starts a self destruct, but launches a escape pod containing himself when there was fifteen (15) seconds left to detonation. Gipsy Danger's explosion destroys not only the Breach, but the weird alien world the Breach leads to all at the same time.


The video game has 30 main story missions and you can customize, build, and play as your own Jaeger!!!!!!! You even get to choose what moves the Jaeger uses!!!! And you can play as most of the Kaiju from the movie!!!! And here is another cool thing. Sometimes, if you hit your opponent hard enough while they are in a corner they will crash into the structure representing the edge of the arena, severely damaging the structure in the process. Like in the Alaska Coast stage, it is possible to crash into the icebergs surrounding the watery arena. Come to think of it, almost everything in the game is highly destructible. Jaegers have a slight advantage over Kaiju because Jaegers have TWO health meters, while Kaiju have only one.

Each Jaeger and Kaiju have there own unique moves, so players might want to try most of the characters to find what fighting style they want. Or they can outfit their custom Jaeger with the moves the players want them to have.

The last info I have on the game is this: Each character has a Power Move and a Fatal Assault. Next to the health meter(s) is a energy meter and if it is at 50.0% or higher you can use a Power Move, a devastating attack that deals a lot of damage. But if it is at 90.0% or higher, you can use a Fatal Assault, which no matter how much health the target has, it WILL be a One Hit KO. If it connects. Because it takes a while to prepare and there is a chance it MIGHT miss. And it leaves you open to attack if it DOES miss. And the true last piece of info is this: The game has a lot of DLC's (downloadable content) that allows you to play as more Kaiju, a new Jaeger, new Jaeger parts for your custom Jaeger, and new arenas to fight in.

For pictures and video, please go to Pacific Rim Wiki.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ultimate Adventure Time!!!!!

This is one of my Adventure Time posts. They are coming out with a Adventure Time game for the Wii U, PS3, and other systems!!!!! And with new episodes!!!!!!

The Adventure Time video game that is coming soon is "Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!!!"! The previous Adventure Time game has a bit of slang in it so it is best if a I don't type the name (the slang word is "ya" which is slang for "you". Also in the name is "Why'd" which is slang for "Why did". Okay you might as well learn the title since I am talking about it. It's "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd ya steal our garbage!?".). Ignore the parenthesis if you do not want to know about the first game.

Since the game is not out at the time of this post, I do not know the complete plot. But I do know a great deal. Princess Bubblegum (Marceline the Vampire Queen calls Princess Bubblegum "Bonnibelle" or sometimes "Bonnie".) is worrying about her Royal Secret Dungeon (the same one that first appeared in the episode "What have you Done") and fears that the prisoners have escaped. So she sends Finn, Jake, Cinnamon Bun, Marceline, Peppermint Butler, Flame Princess, Lumpy Space Princess, and the Ice King to check on said dungeon (it might take even me a while to beat the dungeon, because it has exactly one hundred floors that change every time you go in. And I am like a dungeon buster or something. Because in a previous post I claimed I never got past the second dungeon in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword but I replayed the game and beaten every dungeon except the final dungeon in a manner of minutes).

Also, when at the Dungeon entrance, Your characters can get upgraded by Muscle Princess (who increases your characters Rowdiness, which is attack), Lady Rainicorn (she increases your character's Focus), N.E.P.T.R. the Never Ending Pie Throwing Robot (he increases Imagination) And Mr. Cupcake (he gives your character more hit points or "Thumps" as he calls them). You have to give them money first though. And if you have any leftover money and return the Dungeon, Princess Bubblegum will take any leftover cash (she taxes you. It's part of her laws). It's interesting to notice that the Ice King is both playable and is a boss. He is the only character that is like that.

I also know that in one episode (I forgot the name) of the show that Finn and Flame Princess broke up but are still friends. And that Flame Princess is now calling herself the "Neo Flame King". Shouldn't she call herself the "Neo Flame Queen"? After all she is a girl. But NO! She goes with "King" instead of "Queen"!!!

And in the episode We fixed a Truck Finn finds a rusty old truck in the woods. So he, Jake, BMO (Finn and Jake's fully sentient robot video game console and movie player. He can do many things, all of which are things that a electronic device can do), and Banana Man (Finn and Jake's neighbor) repair the truck and take on a test drive. While doing so BMO was listening to a conspiracy radio show where Starchy the Grave Digger is accusing Princess Bubblegum of being replaced with a evil shape-shifting lizard monster. Making BMO paranoid in the process. But the good news is turns out Bubblegum was, in fact, replaced with a shape-shifting lizard monster. So Finn destroys it by launching his new truck (he nicknamed it "Hot Daniel") at the monster, making the whole thing explode. But even after it was destroyed BMO mistook the REAL Princess Bubblegum for a lizard monster and told Finn to destroy her.

And in another episode called "The Vault", Finn and Jake uncover a suppressed memory in Finn's "Vault" and we learn the origins of the Ghost Lady that first terrorized Finn in the episode "The Creeps". Humorously, Finn was talking about his "past lives" and how he was a flower, a butterfly, and a weird pile of purple slime (which Finn called a shape, a thing, and a dude from another dimension). As it turns out, Princess Bubblegum is not 19 (nineteen) years old, as most people thought. She is actually ancient and as been around for billions of years. But she can change her age at will by adding Bio Mass to make herself older, or removing Bio Mass to make herself younger. Anyway, the Ghost Lady (when she was alive, obviously) was a girl named Shoko, who had really bad parents (they sold her right arm for a fancy computer). Her view on life was slightly warped, as she became a thief and thought it was okay to steal. After befriending Bubblegum, however, she began to have inner conflict with herself over whether or not to steal a amulet (which her employer calls a "omelet"). Shoko also was alive when the Candy Kingdom was first being built (oddly enough, the central part of the kingdom was built around a river of toxic waste. Which Bubblegum wanted to be covered with candy) And helped Bubblegum build the Gumball Guardians (humorously, when they first started...uh...er....guarding, they kept asking everyone "are you in danger" in the middle of the night. Waking everyone up in the process.). Shoko died by falling into the same toxic river mentioned in the parenthesis. She survived the fall but mutated into a giant slug monster, and died for real on top of a young tree sapling, which would later become a giant Weeping Willow Tree that Finn and Jake turned into a fort.

In fact, Shoko happens to be inside the mesh of branches of the Tree Fort. Well, her decaying skeleton, at least. But it was a good thing that Finn unlocked the memory of Shoko, because her ghost has been making him have nightmares always leading to Finn shouting "She's got me!!!" In pure terror. But the Terror was nowhere near the terror that Jake faced in the episode Red Starved. Because Marceline was starving in that episode and Finn needed to find something red (Marceline can only eat red objects). Unfortunately Finn happens to be extremely colorblind. And he thought that he found a red crystal, but it was a green emerald. And it took Finn forever just to find that emerald. And during that time Jake is being terrorized by a hungry Marceline, threatening to eat his blood and internal organs.

And there was another cool adventure where Finn and Jake find a Dungeon Train. Where does it come from? Nobody knows!!! Why does it go in a circle? Nobody knows that either!!!! But I do know that every cart has a monster (or a group of monsters) that when defeated in combat, drop cool and awesome battle gear. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you come back to a cart, the same monsters will return. Finn, being a warrior that loves fighting, wanted to stay on the train forever, But Jake, who is a easily distracted, passive dog wanted to jump off the train and go home. But they find a Future Crystal showing Finn and Jake fighting on the train for countless years, with a slightly elderly Finn having his right arm missing (and replaced with the arm of a robot). The good news is that future never happened because at the end of the episode they decided to visit the train only once a week. They got some awesome battle gear from that adventure, such as the Flame Cloak (robes made of flames), a Spider Wand, a few helmets (and fancy gloves!), some greasy meat, and some other stuff.

And that dungeon train is a bit like the ever changing Royal Secret Dungeon in the Adventure Time video game!!!! Because you can find loot while smashing, slicing, punching, zapping, and flying in the many floors of the Royal Secret Dungeon. Mostly Money, but there is also Tokens that allow characters to temporarily upgrade themselves. Like running faster and taking more hits. And here is something that can "get your wheels turning" if you know what I mean ("get your wheels turning" is another way of saying "make you think about things"). Princess Bubblegum is the person that sends Finn and friends into the dungeon in the first place, but on almost every floor (that I have seen. I have seen floors 6 through 21) a tentacle/worm/snake monster attacks the player and it is clearly made of bubblegum. Princess Bubblegum is also made entirely out of bubblegum.

And our second to last Adventure Time piece of info is this: Since I have revealed the name of the first Adventure Time video game at the top of the post, here is the plot of "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd ya steal our garbage!?" (please remember that "Why'd" is short for "Why did" and that "ya" is short for "you").

This game slightly mimics the plot of the episode Monster Princess Wife (in the episode Ice King removes and steals his favorite body parts from his favorite princess and plays "Dr. Frankenstein"). Finn and Jake wake up one morning and discover that their trash and garbage is missing. They almost immediately discover that the Ice King is stealing everyone's garbage to build himself a wife from the garbage. Finn and a reluctant Jake decide to take back their garbage. Every time you beat a boss, the Ice King drops some garbage, and his "Garbage Princess" gets smaller and smaller. By the time you face the Ice King in a final boss battle, the "Garbage Princess" is actually Lumpy Space Princess with a rotten banana peel on her head. However, the final piece of trash that Ice King gives up is a ash tray that Lumpy Space Princess made for Finn. Enraged at the fact that Finn threw the ash tray present in the trash she eats some weird mysterious beans and turns into a giant, and goes on a rampage. Finn and Jake defeat Lumpy Space Princess by riding on the back of Lady Rainicorn while Lady Rainicorn uses her horn to shoot lasers at Lumpy Space Princess. THE END.

And now for the grand finale!!!!! The origins of BMO!!!!! I know the origins of everyone's favorite fully sentient video game playing, skateboarding robot that speaks with a soft Asian accent!! He was created by a SUPER elderly guy named Moe to befriend/care-take his son. Moe never had a son in his life though, and he is thousands of years old, kept alive by SCIENCE!!!! In fact, his robots have replaced most of his internal structure. BMO eventually found himself in the "be a sidekick to two righteous heroes" business. He also is powered solely by two (disposable) double A batteries. In We Fixed a Truck, he discarded his old batteries and fell battery slot first on a pair of new batteries, which locked into place. BMO also revealed in the episode Hug Wolf that in order to defend themselves from Hug Wolf Finn they need a silver baseball.

And for the finishing touches. Here is a gallery. Note

Original Finn

Original Jake

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ratchet & Clank Future time!!!!

This is one of my Ratchet and Clank posts. About the Future mini-series!!!!!

I have a copy of the first Future game: Tools of Destruction. But I do not have the next game: Quest for Booty. Although I do not have the third Future game I have played it. The third game in the Ratchet and Clank Future series is A Crack in Time. The final game in the mini series is Into the Nexus.

One of the MOST important characters in the series (besides Ratchet and Clank themselves) is the Plumber. Who's the Plumber? A chubby blue skinned plumber with a mustache. In Tools of destruction he claims that he has been everywhere in the universe ("and Beyond!"). He also created an absurdly large toilet (which he calls "Interplanetary Transportation Gizmos"). Here is why he is so important. He gives Ratchet and Clank advice or a seemingly useless device that they cannot beat the game without. Like in A Crack in Time, the Plumber appears to Clank in a vision and tells him "not to risk more than six minutes". At the end of the game, a Lombax Praetorian Guard named Alister Azimuth almost ripped a hole in time itself, but Clank Traveled exactly six minutes into the past and stopped him from abusing the power of time travel. Then again, he was trying to prevent the Lombax extinction. But he foolishly tried to use the great Clock to time travel. The Great Clock is not a time machine. It keeps time stable. Without it the universe would not have time. Without time everything would probably never exist.

And in Tools of Destruction he gives Ratchet a "3 and 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer". Ratchet and Clank did not need the plumbing tool that is the 3 and 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer until the end of the game, where they use it to repair the Dimensionator (a hat that can take you anywhere in the very fabric of existence) to escape a bizarre pocket dimension that Emperor Tachyon apparently perished in. However, the comics say that he survived but is trapped.

It interesting to notice that the Plumber is seen in almost every game in the franchise. In the Future mini series he seems to give Ratchet (or Clank) advice or a gadget that would help them in the game later on. This might imply that he has the ability to predict the future. But trying to predict the Plumber is impossible. Because you will never know WHERE or WHEN he will show up.

In Tools of Destruction there is a Combat device called Mr. Zurkon. The only weapon that talks. When he talks (which is every time he shoots something) he not only refers to himself in Third Person, he also talks about how his only directive is to protect it's master and destroy it's master's enemies.

The games also have Challenge Mode. If you do not know what Challenge Mode is, it is a extra difficulty where you play through the whole game on a higher difficulty. You keep every weapon and bolt you got up until Challenge mode Begins. In fact, I am currently attempting to beat Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction on Challenge Mode. You get Omega Weapons for sail in Challenge Mode (the Tools of Destruction version of Challenge Mode). The Vendor says that Omega Weapons are highly classified and top secret (and designed to do MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION.). However, Omega Weapons are VERY expensive (yes. You MUST buy weapons from a store). In fact, The Omega Lightning Ravager is 40 Thousand bolts (the game's currency.), or somewhere close to the number.

But here is the major difference between normal weapons and Omega weapons. Both weapons automatically update themselves as they are used (if you use the Alpha Disruptor a lot, it will transform into the Alpha Cannon). The design of the upgraded weapon depends on the weapon being upgraded. The Combuster is a pistol that requires only one hand to hold, but it's upgraded form, the Magma Combuster, is a triple barrel Gatling gun that requires both hands to hold. But a weapon can only upgrade five times before achieving it's most powerful form. But Omega Weapons can upgrade past V5, unlike normal weapons, which can go NO FURTHER than V5. All Omega Weapons start off at V6, but can upgrade to V10 (or X, if you want to use Roman numbers).

In Quest for Booty Ratchet and Clank get separated (Because at the end of Tools of Destruction invisible creatures called the Zoni took Clank to the Great Clock so Clank can "learn his true purpose"). In fact, most of the game is spent trying to reunite Ratchet with Clank.

It's worth noticing how Ratchet and Captain Slag both died once but came back to life. However, Ratchet's death never happened because Clank traveled six minutes into the past and prevented said death from occurring. Captain Slag was killed by Ratchet and his devastated first Mate (named Rusty Pete) clutches Slag's dead head in his hands (the head was all that remained of the body) while screaming the word "Why" at the sky, mourning his captain's death, but only briefly, as he gets over it exact three and a half seconds after doing so. But Slag was resurrected in Quest for Booty when his head fused to the body of another pirate: Captain Darkwater.  Quest for Booty is unique because you cannot play any Challenge Mode. Mostly because the game has a very short story mode can cover about 5 hours at the most.

Some games also have holo-plans needed to build optional, albeit very powerful, weapons. In Tools of Destruction the holo-plans are the blue prints/schematics for the R.Y.N.O. IV. NOTE: GET THIS WEAPON IF THE FINAL BOSS IS GIVING YOU A HARD TIME!!!!!! DOUBLE NOTE: if you have trouble finding the holo-plans, go to the Ratchet and Clank wiki. TRIPLE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BEAT THE FINAL BOSS IN SIX SECONDS DO NOT BUILD THE R.Y.N.O. IV. BECAUSE IT WILL DESTROY ANYTHING CAUGHT IN IT'S DEADLY BLAST IN JUST A MANNER OF SECONDS.

All I know about Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is that there are two deadly dangerous criminal siblings, and that very late in the game Ratchet has to make a life changing choice. Do NOT ask me what that choice is I do not know and I do not guess. Guessing requires assuming. You do not assume things in any video game, though I have a friend that ALWAYS assumes in video games. But other than that, he is one of the few of my friends that actually beat in a video game. Bakugan to be exact. That is surprising because I am like a supreme Bakugan Master. I know all the tricks in the game, I have played as every playable Bakugan, and I even unlocked every unlockable. Then again, he only defeated me simply because I got cocky and he took advantage of my overconfidence.

If you want more info, please go to Ratchet and Clank wiki.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pokemon are awesome!!!!

I am a major Pokemon fan, so it makes sense for a guy like me to make several blog posts about Pokemon. Besides, a new movie, two new games, and a new season are coming out!!!!

This post is about Pokemon as a whole. And Pokemon is amazing!!!!! Of course, since Pokemon has a bit of role play, it would make sense to make it a bit of a strategy game. There are 18 (eighteen) Types of Pokemon, some are stronger than others and some are weaker than others (I have a friend that once said that Fire Types are stronger than Water types, but in reality it's the other way around. When I asked WHY he said that, his exact words were "Fire evaporates water, water extinguishes fire. I thought it worked both ways". But do you see the mistake that my friend made when he said that? You NEVER assume anything in video games. But he went ahead and assumed that fire was strong against water!!!!! Of course if you don't type match-ups, the safest thing to do is learn all about types).

Here is a list of types.
  1. Fire - This is a starter type. Strong against Grass, and Steel, but weak against Water and ground. Fire types usually have intense body temperatures, are colored red, and sometimes have flames covering their body.
  2. Water - Another starter type. Strong against Fire, weak against Grass and Electricity. Water types are usually fish-like, are colored blue, and have been designed for life underwater. Sometimes they do not resemble fish.
  3. Grass - The final starter type. Strong against Water, but weak against Fire, Flying, and Bug. Grass types are usually plant like, are colored green, and sometimes they resemble a cross between plant and animal.
  4. Electric - The most iconic Pokemon from this type is the franchise mascot: Pikachu!!!! Electric types are strong against Water and Flying, but weak against Ground. Electric types are usually yellow in color (two happen to only be black and white), and have some connection to electricity.
  5. Bug - every Pokemon in this type looks like a insect. Bug types are stronger than Grass, Dark, and Psychic, but weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock. Bug types always look like insects, some look like arachnids, while others resemble arthropods (arthropods are insects that have stingers and instantly die should the stinger get removed. Like bees and wasps).
  6. Normal - In my experience, Normal types are the most persistent Pokemon around. It takes a long time to defeat one in battle. Most attacks do only a small amount of damage to them. You should be proud if you use an attack that Normal types can get KO'd by!!!! Normal types don't really resemble anything really. They have a unique, difficult to describe design.
  7. Ghost - These Pokemon are just as persistent as Normal types. Perhaps even MORE persistent!!!!! Ghost types are weak against Dark types and, oddly enough, itself. Ghost types are stronger than Ghost types!!!! They are extremely resistant to every thing else though. Some Ghost type Pokemon have a connection to paranormal activity, hence the name.
  8.  Dragon type - Dragon types can take a lot of hits and can give out some serious blows. They are resistant to most Type's, but Ice types and Fairy types can stand a chance against them. And just like Ghost types, Dragon types are weak against itself. Dragon types usually are dragon-like in appearance.
  9. Flying - Flying types can (true to the name) fly through the air. Flying types usually are bird like in design, although there are some exceptions. Flying types are strong against Fighting, Bug, and Grass, and Ground attacks will NOT harm them in any sort of way. Every Flying Pokemon is actually a Dual, a special kind of Pokemon with TWO types instead of one. Flying has been paired up with every type except Fighting. Flying types are also weak against Electricity, Ice, and Rock.
  10. Dark - These Pokemon are mostly nocturnal (they only come outside at sundown and at midnight). Dark types are known for fighting dirty during battles, often biting and stealing whatever their foe is holding. Dark Types are also the only types that do not have a gym in any region. Dark types are strong against both Ghost and Psychic, and Psychic attacks will NOT do a thing to them.
  11. Steel - These Pokemon are pretty durable. They can learn all sorts of attacks and they can outlast most types in a battle. Steel types are usually made of, or covered with, metal. They are weak against Fire, Ground, and Fighting but strong against Ice and Rock. They also are immune to Poison.
  12.  Fairy - This type was introduced in Pokemon X and Y. Also known as Generation Six. Fairy types are strong against Dragon types and weak against Fire types. Some old Pokemon were reclassified from their old type and reassigned to this type.
  13. Fighting - These Pokemon specialize in close quarters combat. They use a combination of martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and pure physical training. Fighting Pokemon are usually humanoid (they slightly resemble humans) and can learn moves normally having the word "Punch" or "Kick" in them.
  14. Psychic - These Pokemon can see into the future!!!! Most of their abilities come from the mind. This type is rather weak against Ghost types. Dark types are immune to all of their tricks. These also have a unique, hard to describe design.
  15. Ice - These Pokemon are essentially the Fire type's opposite. Unlike Fire types, who have extremely high thermal temperatures, Ice types normally have thermal temperatures several degrees below zero. Ice types are strong against Grass, Ground, Dragon, and Flying, but are weak against Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel.
  16. Poison - These Pokemon are fond of poisoning their foes with venom, acid, or toxic fumes. Some of these attacks can poison your Pokemon, thus draining stamina. How bad the poison is determines on the Poison type attack used, and the type of the Pokemon. Like Toxic on a Grass Type would be so much poison there would be a small chance of overcoming it. But if you use Toxic on a Steel type, nothing happens because Steel types are immune to it.
  17. Ground - These Pokemon often have a connection to the earth. Ground types are immune to Electric attacks, and THEIR attacks can cause a lot of problems for an Electric type. They are weak against Ice, Water, and Grass.
  18. Rock - These guys are rock solid. Literally!!!! They are strong against Fire, Flying, Bug, and Ice, but are weak against Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, and Fighting. Do not thin that Rock types and Ground types are the same thing. Rock type attacks involve rocks (hence the name), while Ground attacks involve soil and mud.

And there are LEGENDARY POKEMON!!!!!!! Pokemon of incredible power!!!! Only the bravest and most clever players can even face a Legendary Pokemon, let alone catch and tame one!!! Here is a list of LEGENDARY POKEMON!!!!! NOTE: I am writing about Legendary Pokemon because they are the most powerful and most important. In fact, each one is responsible for care-taking the world of Pokemon. Also, Legendary Pokemon are like King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.
  1. The Legendary Birds - The first member is Articuno. A Ice type bird amazingly powerful. The second member is Zapdos, an electric powerhouse. The third and final member of the Legendary Birds is Moltres. A Fire type of intense power.
  2. The Legendary Beasts - Entei is The first of the Legendary Beasts. Just like Moltres it is a Fire Type, and if anything it's power is equal to Moltres. Suicune is the Water type Legendary Beast that is a bit stronger than Entei but a bit weaker than Raikou. Raikou is the third Legendary Beast and is a bit of a Electric type powerhouse. It is a bit more powerful than Suicune.
  3. The Tower Duo - Ho-oh is The first of the Tower Duo. If you spell Ho-Oh backwards you still get Ho-oh. According to legend, Ho-Oh is the "guardian of the skies". Lugia is The second member of the Tower Duo. In the TV show there was two Lugia even though in the games there can be only one. Why? Because as a Legendary, you can have no more than one of a Legendary. ONLY ONE!!!!!!!! While Ho-Oh is the guardian of the shies, Lugia is the guardian of the seas.
  4. Mew - This Pokemon is rather cute for a Legendary. This Pokemon used to be a solo Legendary, Like Celebi and Victini. But recently Mew gained a partner: Mewtwo!!!!
  5. Mewtwo - This Pokemon can learn several moves, but in accordance to Pokemon video games, A Pokemon can not know more than four attacks. If Mewtwo wants to learn a new move, you will have to sacrifice a old move in order to gain the new move. Mewtwo is so far the only Legendary that has a Mega Mode. Two Mega Modes actually. Mewtwo was created by the criminal organization known as Team Rocket.
  6. Celebi - This one is unique because it can travel through time. But it cannot control the flow of time. That is Dialga's job. Celebi is also like a fairy in design, but is not a Fairy type.
  7. Latios and Latias - Latios is blue, while Latias is red. These two can turn invisible, which suits them well because they can be a bit shy.
  8. The Weather Trio - Rayquaza is A large, Chinese Dragon like Pokemon that lives in the stratosphere. It is also the first member of the Weather Trio. Like many Legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza does not like it when someone steps into it's home uninvited. Groudon is The second member of the Weather Trio. It can control stuff like earthquakes. Kyogre is is the final member of the Weather Trio, and can control rain.
  9. Regigigas - The master of the Golem Trio, but not really a member of the Golem Trio. It is surprisingly fast, but it's Ability (an important part of Pokemon is Abilities. Abilities activate automatically and are assigned to each Pokemon) Slow Start. For the first five turns, Regigigas must battle at half it's top speed, and must use only a fraction of it's intense power. Legend has it that Regigigas towed the continents into place. It will remain in a dormant state unless you bring the entire Golem Trio with you to it's location.
  10. The Golem Trio - Regirock is One of the Golem Trio members. It is a Rock type. It is said to be created by Regigigas through rocks. Regice is the second of the Golem Trio. While Regirock is made of rocks, Regice is made of ice, hence the name. Obviously, it is a Ice type. Registeel is the final member of the Golem Trio. Registeel is (true to the name) made entirely out of steel. Registeel, Regice, and Regirock were created by Regigigas. It's a Steel type.
  11. Jirachi - This one can grant wishes!!!! If you wish for a object of any kind (like a chair) Jirachi will select a random chair and teleport it right to you. Stealing the chair in the progress. So be careful what you wish for. LITERALLY!!!!!!!!
  12. Deoxys - A Pokemon from OUTER SPACE!!!!! Where is it from? Not even I know that!!!!! And I know a great deal about Pokemon!!!! It has a rather bizarre DNA code, thus it can change form.
  13. The Lunar Duo - Darkrai and Cresselia. Darkrai is a Pokemon that can give people nightmares. LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Cresselia can give people good dreams and despite being within the same duo as Darkrai, they are more like rivals than partners.
  14. Heatran - These solo Legendary can control Volcanoes. It's pretty hot stuff!!!!! LITERALLY! No seriously, it's thermal temperature is like a thousand times hotter than lava.
  15. Shaymin - This Pokemon is both small and cute at the same time. It has two forms, land form and sky form. In sky form it can fly through the air at high speed.
  16. Arceus - Remember what I said about the Legendary Pokemon being like the Knights of the Round Table? Well Arceus would have to be King Arthur. Arceus is the most powerful of the Legendary Pokemon. In fact, with the exception of the Golem Trio, Arceus created all the other Legendary Pokemon!!!!!
  17. The Crown Dragon Trio - Dialga is the first of the Crown Dragon Trio. It's Roar of Time attack is devastating!!!! Dialga can control the flow of time to it's heart's content. Palkia can control Space (in fact it created Space). Giratina controls Anti-Matter, but was banished due to it's warlike nature.
  18. The Energy Trio - Reshiram is the only Fire type that cannot be defeated by a Water type. Why? Because it's flame's are so hot that NOTHING IN THE PLANET ITSELF can put it out. Zekrom has crazy strong lightning attacks which are "shocking" to look at!!! Seriously, First comes a Blue flash of lightning, next thing you know Your Party has been KO'd. Kyurem is a deadly combo of Dragon and Ice therefore it's weakness to Ice has been removed.
  19. The Kami Trio - These three have the ability to control Tornadoes, Thunder, and Land. Tornadus has Tornado powers, Thunderus has the ability to command thunder, and Landorus has the power to control land.
  20. Victini - A Pokemon said to bring victory to whoever has it. It's a unique combination of Fire and Psychic.
  21. The Swords of Justice - These four can be viewed as Musketeers. They are Terrakion, Keldeo, Virizion, and Cobalion. All of them are Fighting Types, but they have secondary types. They have Aura Swords and Secret Sword, two powerful techniques that only the Swords of Justice can use.
  22. Genesect - What do you get when you combine a prehistoric Pokemon with a steel exoskeleton, a massive cannon, and the combo of Steel and Bug? You get Genesect. Five Genesect are going to appear in the new Pokemon movie coming out. Four of them are purple, while the "leader" is red. It's Techno Blast attack's type depends on the downloaded Drive. Burn Drive makes it a Fire type attack, while the Frost Drive makes it a Ice type.
  23. Meloetta - This Pokemon has various song related abilities. It also has a combat form.
  24. The Generation Duo - These two are the newest. Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas is the only known Legendary Fairy type, while Yveltal is a combo of Dark and Flying. Yveltal appears to have a powerful attack called Oblivion Wing.

In the newest games, some Pokemon have gained a Mega Mode. What's a Mega Mode? You see, each Pokemon can evolve and transform a limited number of times. Mega Stones allow Pokemon holding them to surpass the limit and tap into their TRUE POTENTIAL!!!!! The bad news is, Mega Mode is temporary, and the Pokemon in Mega Mode will transform back to normal once the battle is over. The good news is, The ability, type, and even the move-set changes dramatically. It's like facing a totally different opponent!!!!

Here is a gallery of Legendary Pokemon. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE FROM THE POKEMON WIKI.

From left to right. Mewtwo and Mew.

Legendary Trio 3rd Generation
From Left to Right. Rayquaza, Groudon, and

All Forms of Deoxys
The many forms of Deoxys.

Legendary Dragon Trio Generation 4
From Left to Right. Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga.

Energy trio
From left to right. Zekrom, Kyurem, and
Reshiram. With Kyurem's alternate forms in
the background.

For more info, please go to the Pokemon Wiki.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super Smash Bros Return on Wii U and 3DS!!!!

This post is about the upcoming Super Smash Bros 4 game. I am sure I did a post covering this game, but that was a while ago and now new info has been revealed!!!!

For starters, Sonic the Hedgehog, Peach, Luigi, Toon Link, and Captain Olimar have been confirmed to be in the game. When the other characters (Mario, Bowser, Samus Aran in Varia Suit, Link, Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Pikachu, Kirby, Donkey Kong,and Villager) are added, there is only one spot left in the roster. Which means one more character is going to be added.

Who is going to fill in that spot? I do not know, and I want to know. I WILL know who the final character is!!!!!! Sooner or Later I WILL find out!!!!!!!

But the good news is Pit's arsenal is updated. He can now use some of his Kid Icarus Uprising weapons (Claws, Blades, Clubs, Cannons, Staffs, and so on) for his attacks. His home stage also gets redesigned. But every home stage in Super Smash Bros 4 get's redesigned. But the Kid Icarus themed stage is exclusive to the 3DS system.

While both versions will have the same amount of characters, stages based off of handheld systems are exclusive to the 3DS version, while stages based off of home console systems are exclusive to Wii U. That is one of three differences. The next difference is the 3DS players can put thick black outlines on their characters so they are easier to see. The final difference was revealed in a interview where the Wii U version does not have a adventure mode, while the 3DS version will have something like a adventure mode, but different. What it is exactly, I do not know.

But here is a weird thing. I have a Wii U. My best friend has a 3DS. So logically speaking I should get the Wii U version, while my friend gets the 3DS version. But that friend of mine also wants a Wii U. But him with anything that has online capability is dangerous. That's one of the many reasons why I am the old wise one and he is the young one that doesn't consider the risks of online. But online is his only weakness. In the other fields of video games, he is my equal. But my distrust of my friend using online only applies when he tries to use MY online stuff. His love of online is the only thing predictable about him.

But enough talk about my best friend, This game also has Final Smashes!!!! Wii Fit Trainer's Final Smash is where she launches brightly colored silhouettes of herself, each one doing a different yoga pose. If your character touches these silhouettes, BOOM!!!!! You go flying!!!!! Samus Aran's Final Smash is where she shoots a massive laser that damages anything caught in it. However, her Varia Suit does not suffer the recoil.

Some characters received a redesign. Like Samus Aran's Varia suit is sleek, and the Arm Cannon has a spike guard on the elbow. And Bowser loses his monster walking style for walking and running like a athlete. Pikachu and Kirby..... They stay the same. Same moves, same design.

This game is not out yet (at least on the day of the post) but will be coming sooner than you think!!!!!

For pictures and info on the characters themselves, I suggest going to the Super Smash Bros wiki.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Time!!!!

This post is about Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD!!!!!!! For the Wii U!!!!

This game is actually a remake of the original Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but true to the name, in HD. And for the first time ever, you can play Hero Mode as soon as you start. In other games you must beat the game on normal in order to play Hero Mode. What's Hero Mode? An extra level of difficulty where enemies do twice as much damage, and the only way to recover lost hearts is through potions, because unlike normal mode you will not find hearts lying around on the floor. Some dialogue is changed, as a bonus.

Another difference is the Red Sail. A item that can be equipped to the King of Red Lions (Link's transport. A Sail Boat designed to look exactly like a Chinese Dragon.). The Red Sail is unlocked in the second have of the game and makes the Wind Waker tool obsolete because the Red Sail makes the King of Red Lions go extremely fast, and it keeps it's speed even while make sharp turns!!!!

Another feature is that in the original, it can take a nice long while to find the three pieces of the Triforce. But in the Wind Waker HD remake, there are FIVE pieces of the Triforce, but you only need three!!!! You need to find the sea charts that show the exact location of the Triforce pieces though, so it can take a while, but skilled players will be able to get the charts and Triforce pieces in no time!!!

This game's version of Link is much different from the Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and the "adult" segment of Orcania of Time's versions, because those versions are in their late teens (16 through 18), while Wind Waker's version of Link is in the EARLY teens (he is 13 at the most, 10 at the least).

Here is the plot of the game.
This version of Link lives on Outset Island at least a hundred years after Orcania of Time Link defeated Ganondorf. Wind Waker Link is unique because he has a sister named Aryll. The people of Outset island are one of the few people that know about the trademark green clothes that EVERY version of Link must wear, and thus, they commonly dress the boys in green clothes made to look like the clothes of Link as a whole.

As a present, Aryll gives Link a seagull themed telescope. Unfortunately, just a few moments later, a giant bird-like monster shows up and kidnaps Aryll. And every young girl with pointy ears. Why? Because this giant bird monster was the Helmaroc King, ordered by a revived Ganondorf to kidnap Zelda. And since Zelda has pointy ears, it makes sense That the Helmaroc King was kidnapping pointy eared girls to sort them out and find Zelda.

Most of the game is spent with Link (with assistance from the King of Red Lions) trying to (and succeeding in) rescuing Aryll. But when that is done Link must stop a revived Ganondorf (who is not wearing his cape and armor from Orcania of Time, but black with red trim robes with absurdly long sleeves that sometimes overlap his hands).

After getting the Master Sword (I am NOT going to say what happens in between. We would be here forever!) and Triforce, Link must go to Ganon's Tower for a FINAL SHOWDOWN!!!! Unfortunately, as a diversion, Link must fight the first four bosses of the game in flashback style. Everything except Link is black and white!!! And when Link reaches the top of the tower, the King of Hyrule (he is actually the human form of the King of Red Lions) uses the Triforce's wish granting power to wash away Ganon's Tower (and all of Hyrule, for that matter). Link and Ganondorf duel, with Zelda using Light Arrows on Link, and the Light Arrows ricochet (ricochet means bounce off, if you do not know what ricochet means) off Link's shield and hit Ganondorf, stunning him and Link stabs Ganondorf in the forehead (just like in Orcania of time), and Ganondorf is turned to stone, and then explodes.

The ocean above (the battle was underwater) then collapses, washing away Hyrule, just like the King's wish. Link and Zelda are then rushed to the surface in bubbles, and they sail away on a Pirate Ship (for Zelda) and a now dormant King of Red Lions (the boat itself was being remotely controlled by the King of Hyrule and many presume he is dead because he was the only one NOT to return to the surface).


Just like the other games, this game has a variety of useful tools and WEAPONS for many different situations. Here is a list of the Wind Waker weapons.
  1. Master Sword - A can't-miss blade of evil's bane. This fancy blade can destroy almost anything.
  2. Grapple Hook - You get rope!!!!! Never go on a world saving adventure without rope!!! You can swing with it at certain spots and is required to beat the Helmaroc King and and the Gohma. 
  3. Skull Hammer - Go big or go home with this massive hammer!!! This hammer can switches, bonk enemies on the head, and is the only thing that can harm the Helmaroc King when it's wearing it's trademark mask.
  4. Wind Waker - a baton that can alter wind riding on the King of Red Lions. Other than that, it does not have any direct combat abilities.
  5. Bombs - Bombs are crazy powerful!! So Powerful that it takes a while for the bombs to detonate. Use these to blast holes win walls and make enemies go BOOM!!!! NOTE: Limited supply. Reload frequently.
  6. Boomerang - A reusable projectile. It can lock on and home in on targets and can cut through the roots supporting the second boss of the game.
  7. Shields - What's a hero without some good defense to go with offense? Shields are Link's primary defenses. The type of shield determines how long it lasts in a fight. The Hylian Shield is indestructible!!!!
  8. Deku Leaf - A massive wind altering leaf. This leaf can create blasts of air which can move certain platforms.
  9. Magic Armor -  A crystal that makes Link invincible for a short while. He can stay invincible as long as he has the Magic Meter full.
  10. Hero's Bow - Shoots all kinds of arrows. Flaming Arrows!!! Ice Arrows!!! Light Arrows!!! All kinds of Arrows!!! This is a must have for those that do not like fighting in close quarters. NOTE: LIMITED ARROWS. Reload frequently.


 Characters (The Wind Waker Wii U)
(click to enlarge). Link, Tetra,
and someone named Sue-Belle.
Tetra is actually Zelda in disguise.