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Monday, July 28, 2014

Space Engineers!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a post about a really cool physics based game called Space Engineers!!! As you can tell by the title, this game takes place in outer space. Hence the almost complete lack of gravity. Literally. The only form of gravity is produced by artificial gravity generators your character, who is wearing a 80's style space suit, has to build from scratch.


This game is a lot like Minecraft (if you know nothing about it read my previous post). First of all, both games have a Creative mode (where you are invincible and can build anything that pops in your head), and a Survival Mode (where you can actually die. For the hardcore players!). Plus, both games encourage creativity. Unlike Minecraft, there is no gravity except the aforementioned gravity generators, Everything looks surprisingly realistic, your character is in a space suit (the color of which is completely random), and finally you can have vehicles that do things for you (mining, building, blowing things up, etc). Oh, and there is physics based destruction. So exhaust flames can melt metal, ramming a enemy in spaceship combat is the worst thing to do in the game, And you can float upside down.

Another difference between Minecraft and Space Engineers is that in Space Engineers there is NOT a hunger bar. In Minecraft's version of Survival you have a Hunger bar (which is actually a row of chicken legs) And You must eat on a regular basis because when the Hunger Bar is empty you will take damage constantly. However, if the Hunger Bar is full, lost Health will regenerate.

Replacing the Hunger Bar in Space Engineers is a Energy Gauge. The Energy Gauge powers your character's space suit's life support systems. When it is empty, you pretty much die instantly. The Energy Gauge requires manual recharge at your spaceship's (assuming you have one) medical bay.

There is mining in this game. You need a hand drill
to mine though.

Another cool thing about Space Engineers is the ability to choose a starting scenario in Survival. Here is a list.

  1. Easy Start - The game automatically gives you a massive space ship that is big enough to store other spaceships AND a medium sized platform connected to a slightly large asteroid.
  2. Easy Start - The game gives you an entire space station/city/complex/base (whatever you want to call it), that is much larger than the spaceship given in Easy Start 1. And a entire fleet of large Spaceships and countless small vehicles.
  3. Asteroids - Asteroids as far as the eye can see!!! This scenario gives you a very small ship doesn't have much purpose beyond providing transport.
  4. Platform for Two - This scenario is designed to be played with a friend. This is a Player vs Player scenario.
  5. Lone Survival - You start in a spooky, abandoned space station with no vehicles whatsoever. For those looking for a creepy vibe.
  6. Crashed Ship - The one spaceship you have is completely wrecked, effectively stranding you on a asteroid (you can tell by now there are tons of Asteroids).
  7. Empty World - There is nothing in Empty World, providing a ton of building space for whatever you want in Creative. This is a Creative Only scenario.

Those are the scenarios.

There is co-op in this game....and Player vs Player.

Oh and if you are playing with a friend (ignore this if you are into Player vs Player) keep in mind that two tools, the Grinder (a buzz saw. For removing unwanted spaceship parts) and the Welder (a tool for building spaceship parts) can both kill other players with a single press of the button. However, using either of these tools will double the rate at removing (Grinder) or building (Welder).

This is a PC game, as far as I know, but Minecraft started out as a PC game but then got ported to X-Box 360 and the PS3.

For more info please go to the official website.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Falcon Punch!!!!!!!!!!!! More Super Smash Bros!!!!!!!

The New Super Smash Bros games are almost out and they unveiled three new characters to play as. The First is Captain Falcon!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Falcon!!!

Yes, Captain Falcon's back!!!! And if you know who he is expect several players to only use Captain Falcon thanks to his, you guessed it, FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the other two characters are not as infamous as everyone's favorite racer/bounty hunter for hire. Both of them are from Fire Emblem, which is a very successful franchise that is more often than not has something to do with the Real Time Strategy (R.T.S., for short) genre.

The first character is Lucina. Considering Marth (also from Fire Emblem) is playable, I am not sure how they are in the same place at the same time, because Marth is Lucina's ancestor. Then again, she does travel backwards in time to stop a evil dragon (In Awakening). SPOILER ALERT.


The second character is really cool and one I will look forward to playing as. Robin!!!!!
Robin is the default name and main hero (or heroine. You choose Robin's gender at the start of Awakening) of Fire Emblem: Awakening, the newest game in the franchise.

Robin (both genders)!!!!!

Robin is unique in the sense that he has swordsmen characteristics (hence the Lightning bolt shaped swords seen above) And also has magical powers (hence the book, also seen above). As seen in his/her trailer, Robin's magic is limited and must discard the book he is carrying and fight using only his sword. Obviously, he is more powerful WITH magic. Here is a interesting fact. In the trailer, whenever Robin used magic, the book he carries changes color to match the color of the magic being used (red for fire, yellow for thunder, etc.).

But sadly, it appears Mewtwo will not be playable. Why? Because there are no more available slots. Mewtwo will be lucky to appear in the game at all, let alone be like some kind of late entry. If Mewtwo was in the game, chances are he will be an Assist Trophy. I doubt Nintendo would make Mewtwo a Pokeball Summon as that would cause Pokemon fans to riot. If they did, however, it's Nintendo's choice so we have to deal with it.

Oh, and Lucina's father Chrom makes a cameo, as part of Robin's Finishing Move/Final Smash. Where Chrom launches the victim up in the air and Robin launches a stream of projectiles while Chrom unleashes a barrage of sword swipes.

Oh, and one last thing. Rayman is the game.......as a trophy. Which makes sense because the concept of Super Smash Bros is a free for all brawl with Nintendo's finest, so they would have to keep third party characters to a minimum. There is already three Third Party characters: Mega Man (made by Capcom), Sonic the Hedgehog (made by Sega), and finally, Namco's own Pac-Man. And for retro fans, Pac-Man switches to and from his current design and his 8-bit sprite from the classic arcade game mid battle.

One Last, last thing. As much as I love playing as dragons, Ridley from Metroid is not playable. Ridley is a dragon, and a pirate. IN SPACE!!!!!!! Anyway, Ridley has been confirmed as a stage hazard for a certain Metroid themed arena. Besides, they couldn't make him playable anyway, Ridley is simply too big (being roughly the same size as Giga Bowser from the previous Smash bros).

So you have to roll with Charizard, who is one of my favorite Pokemon....of all time. My other favorites being Mewtwo (for obvious reasons), Pikachu (who doesn't love a cuddly mouse that zaps things?), Lucario (for being a generally powerful Pokemon), Zoroark (think werewolf with really big ponytail!), Tyrantrum (You got to love dinosaurs!!) and finally Greninja (Can't beat a half frog half ninja thing!!!!). Speaking of Which, Greninja and Lucario are both playable. Which is awesome. Also, Lucario and Charizard both can transform into their respective Mega Forms, but only for a couple minutes. As part of their Finishing Moves.

To watch the Robin and Lucina Trailer please go to the official website. NOTE: THESE IMAGES ARE FROM SUPER SMASH BROS WIKI.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Minecraft Time!!!!!

This post is about Minecraft (which has been around forever but I didn't get it until just a few weeks ago)!!!!


Minecraft is simple but fun at the same time. Basically you play as a.......thing.......I am not sure what you would call it. The default name of your character is Steve. This name only applies if your character has the default costume/skin.

Anyway, in Minecraft you go mining. And craft incredible stuff to build/fight with. Swords, Bows, Pickaxes, Shovels, and Potions are examples of gear your character, which for the purpose of this blog will be referred to as Steve, can have on his person. I will assume all "Steves" in Minecraft are male.


Minecraft also has mods. Mods add extra content to Minecraft or other games. Minecraft has THOUSANDS of mods for it. One of my favorite mods (I prefer previewing mods before actually using them myself) lets you raise a pet dragon. Which is cool in itself but even better is once the dragon reaches maximum size you can make a saddle, put it on the dragon and fly around the Minecraft world(s).

Something I would like to point out is that everything in this game is made of cute cubes. Including the final boss, the EnderDragon.


Anyway, something I would like to point out is that people think that a evil doppelganger of Steve is in the game. This "Evil Steve" has been named Herobrine by the public. Herobrine does not come with Minecraft and can only be encountered if you are playing a special mod. Anyone trying to tell you Herobrine is in Main Minecraft is most likely trying to prank you.

Another thing about this games is although this game is 100% family friendly, the enemies in the game have a tendency to show up suddenly out of nowhere. I should list several enemies you can fight in the game.


These guys are very annoying in the main Survival mode of Minecraft, but are less annoying in Creative Mode (99.99% of the time I am in Creative Mode). Basically they follow you around and blow themselves up. They literally explode when you go near them. They can drop Gun Powder upon being defeated.


This is by far the most creepy enemy. In the GAME. They teleport and come to a complete stop when you look at them. Thus they remind me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Only Weeping Angels are a thousand times more scary than the EnderMen. Oh and EnderMen speak backwards. Something that the official Minecraft Wiki noted in their Trivia section. Because every time you hit a EnderMan it makes a weird sound which is actually common words played backwards and greatly distorted ("Hello", "What's Up", etc).

And the final enemy I will describe in great detail is everyone's favorite undead monster. The Zombie. Speaking of which, why do people like Zombies? Aside from the fact that they are reanimated dead walking about I don't see why people like them so much. I personally like Dragons more than Zombies, because a lone Dragon literally radiates power. Zombies don't radiate power.


Zombies are interesting in the sense that in addition to targeting the player, they have a tendency to attack the NPC Merchants and Farmers you can encounter in Minecraft. If these villagers are indoors, Zombies will try to break the door down. Even though they can only do it if the game is on Hard Mode. Even then they can only break the door if it is made of wood. Considering it takes them several long minutes to break a wooden door, the Villagers are better off replacing their wooden doors with Iron ones. However, Iron Doors need a nearby lever or button to open as they lack doorknobs. They have a alternate, sword swinging variation in an alternate dimension in the game called the Nether. These variations are Zombie Pig-men which, in my opinion, are much cooler than standard Zombies.

Another thing about Minecraft is several people say the game has educational value, but Minecraft was not intended for official education. This game, especially in Creative Mode, does encourage creativity. After all, building things, like epic castles and stuff of that ilk is the primary focus of Minecraft.

NOTE: I found all of these images on Google.

For more info please go to the Minecraft Wiki. For info on mods please find a website with info on mods.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Cake is a Lie (Portal Time)!!!!!!!

Before I start this post I have something very important to say: The Cake is a Lie!!!!!!!! There. I said it.

Anyway, this is a Portal post. Portal is a very cool puzzle game. Well, actually there are two Portal games and both were made by Valve. Oh, and the whole "the cake is a lie" thing was popularized by the first Portal.

Anyway, this post might contain spoilers so read at your own discretion in case you want to play the game and not no a thing about the story because it is a very hilarious story. You are going to laugh out loud playing this game at least twice. Even the song that plays during the end credits is funny. SPOILERS!!!!!!

Both Portal games have are seen from the first person perspective which means you see what your character sees. But don't think this is some generic shoot'em'up (I cannot name any First Person Shooter that has something special that the none of the others have done before). This game is a puzzle solver at the core. Primarily perception based.

The reason Portal is called that is because your character has a Portal Gun. It's a gun that can place two self contained portals on almost any surface. Miracles of Science!!!!!!!!

The Portal Gun!!!!!!

I will try to avoid giving away major spoilers but in the event I do, only read if you want spoilers.

Basic Premise: There is a science/engineering company called Aperture Labs. The CEO of this company is Cave Johnson who apparently went crazy. Hence his iconic "Lemon Rant" late in Portal 2. Where he starts ranting about the "when life gives you lemons you make lemonade" phrase, then resolves to burn someone's house down with combustible lemons. Anyway, Cave Johnson has an assistant named Caroline. Mr. Johnson was dying of moon rock poisoning and intended to install his mind into the thing in the picture below.

But in a twist of fate Johnson died of moon rock poisoning before construction of "GLaDOS" started. Caroline's mind was installed in the thing in the picture above. GLaDOS is short for Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System. GLaDOS is a computer of sorts that can manipulate the Aperture Labs building. GLaDOS was supposed to supervise all future experiments in the Aperture Labs building but the entire facility was abandoned thanks to an invasion on a rival company that makes the world seem slightly post-apocalyptic.

Anyway in the first Portal game GLaDOS is cake-obsessed, has a Cake Mix core (that supposedly teaches machines how to bake cake) and promises the player will get cake for assisting in her "experiments" (the experiments are actually puzzles). When you reach the 19th test it turns out she lied about the cake and used it as bait for a death-trap involving the floor spontaneously combusting.

This is a little fun fact. Almost every word that GLaDOS speaks in the first Portal is a lie. There is the fake cake lie that gave rise to the extremely popular phrase "the cake is a lie". Then she lies about one of the later tests being impossible. And she also lies about monitoring the player's progress, saying that from Test Chamber 4 on-wards she will stop monitoring your progress. As soon as you exit the Test Chamber she even admits that she lied to "further motivate" the player.

But in Portal 2 GLaDOS lies a lot less, but instead indirectly insults the player's character (I have no clue who you play as whatsoever). She does lie about having a surprise ready for the player very early in the game. Where she gets you hyped up for a surprise, then admits she made it up, and dispenses a cloud of confetti from a nearby tube.

And in a epic plot twist (SPOILER ALERT!) Wheatley (below), who was somewhat of a sidekick, betrays the player, turns GLaDOS into a potato battery (and inadvertently giving  GLaDOS an eternal fear of crows), and takes over the entire facility in seconds. It took GLaDOS several long minutes just to get the place up and running. This is around the time the player is guided by the pre-recorded voice of Cave Johnson. Cave Johnson recorded several messages before his demise. One of which is his iconic "Lemon Rant".


Anyway, here is another fun fact. Wheatley directly references the final boss battle against GLaDOS in the first Portal and did everything GLaDOS did not do. First he made it impossible for Portals to open up on the walls and ceiling without the aid of a special gel. Second, he filled the room with nerotoxins as soon as the fight started up. Then he triggered a self destruct sequence in case the toxins weren't working properly and set the timer to 6 and a half minutes. Finally he actually bothered to make sure there was nothing the player could use to burn Wheatley (GLaDOS did not take any of these precautions at all save for the nerotoxins). But GLaDOS gives you some gel to make the walls and ceiling portal....able..... if that makes sense.

Although Wheatley survives being defeated he somehow gets trapped in space with a corrupted personality core that is obsessed with outer space (Space Core: "I'm in Space!!!").

Wow. Major spoilers. Anyway let's get to gameplay (which is just as good as story). You have to use the Portal Gun to solve increasingly clever puzzles. You can enter the portals you place down but sadly you can have no more that two portals active at a time. The Reason? Because it would be over-powered if you can have infinite portals placed down. But the good news is the Co-op story mode let's you use four Portals (two for each teammate). Just remember that the color of the Portal's edges determine which Portal you will exit through. It may sound confusing on paper but it works smoothly in action. You can place a Portal on any surfaces as long as it is.....portal-able. I am not sure if this is making sense but here goes.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that Portal 2 has a Co-op campaign. Unlike the single player where I personally have no idea who I am playing as you play as one of two robots built by GLaDOS to do the experiments that are designed for teamwork. The first robot is named Atlas and is my favorite of the two because he looks like Wheatley with legs. Then there is P-Body who has the head of one of the games hazards: The Turret. Both have Portal Guns and GLaDOS  keeps track of both players scores and tallies points to each player accordingly (EXAMPLE: GLaDOS will award six or so points to the player that gets the object needed to solve the puzzle. She will stop doing this in later puzzles. She will also penalize the robots for putting each other in harms way). She also keeps track of how many steps they have taken since initial assembly, how many Portals they have placed, How many times Atlas gives P-Body a hug, etc.

Atlas (Right) And P-Body (Left).

Although GLaDOS is initially pleased with her robot replacements she quickly realizes that robots can't die, thus she cannot properly judge how deadly her experiments are.

At the end of every course she sends the duo into the lower levels of the facility to run some errands. The only way for them to return to the test chambers is to be violently disassembled then carefully reassembled. In other words GLaDOS pushes Atlas and P-Body's self destruct button. After getting quote-on-quote "worthless" blueprints, a security code with the word "blah" covering it, and a random DVD disk, The robotic test subjects open up a vault filled with millions of unconscious humans which GLaDOS plans to use for further experiments.

100,000 years later Atlas and P-Body are revived and tasked with exploring a museum created by GLaDOS. Most of the exhibits are revamped hazards, like acid pools (in GLaDOS' own words "This museum is interactive like a children's museum. Thus, the acid pools have real acid, like a well funded children's museum".). Despite the fact that the test chambers are now exhibits, they are still treated as puzzles. Also, GLaDOS will start calling her various death-traps "art".

For more info please go to the Portal Wiki. I am sorry if I accidentally gave way almost the entire story for you.