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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The newest game in the Legend of Zelda saga, is (pause for effect) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (see game logo below).

Here's a list of characters.
*Link -The main hero of the game. There is a cutscene showing Link without his trademark green clothes (he looks like a totally different person without his green clothes). He is no longer Hylian and is now Skyloft-ian (Skyloft is a bunch of floating islands in the sky and Skyloft-ians are the creatures that live in Skyloft).
*Zelda - an old friend of Link. She is no longer a princess and is now a common civilian. She gets sucked into the dangerous Surface world by a tornado and Link (like in a lot of games) has to rescue Zelda from the villain.
*Fi - a spirit that lives in Link's Goddess Sword. She acts as a in-game guide. When she is in the Goddess Sword, Link can use the sword like a metal detector to find hidden people, hidden items, and even hard-to-find areas.
*Loftwings - giant birds that act as transportation in this game. They're so big that up to 2 people can stand on them. They also deliver mail, as seen in a cutscene where Zelda uses a Loftwing to send a letter to Link. Link must use a Loftwing to travel between Skyloft and the Surface World.
*Ghirahim - a demon dude that looks almost human, but there are 3 qualities that us humans don't have: purple eyes. white hair. And a long snake-like tongue. He is ultra-powerful and was merely toying with Link during their first encounter. He is a Demon King and rules the Surface World.

Here's a list gadgets for Link (with short bios)
*Goddess Sword = A sword that has a spirit living in it.
*Master Sword = An upgraded version of the Goddess Sword.
*Beetle = A cyboronic beetle. Combines areal assault with retrieving items.
*Whip = A long rope with an orb on the end. Can grab horizontal poles, enemies, and items.
*Bomb = A black ball that can explode. Can be thrown and can be rolled.
*Shield =  A chunk of metal normally used for defense. Make's a great battering ram.
*Slingshot = A forked stick with a sling on it. Can be used to launch projectiles.
*Bow = A bow and a set of arrows. Perfect weapon for archers.
*Gust Bellow = A megaphone-like device. Can blow way sand and enemies.
*Sailcloth = Zelda's shawl. Can be used like a parachute.
*Mogma Mitts = Clawed gloves that allow wearer to tunnel underground.
*Goddess Harp = a magical instrument. Effects vary depending on what song you play on it.

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