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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fantasy Life (funniest RPG ever!?)!!!

This post is a strange one for me because it is on a game that is handheld exclusive. But my friend told me about it, and it's a really cool game.

What's cool about this game? Imagine Animal Crossing (a game franchise about living in a town populated by talking animals), then combine it with Monster Hunter (a game franchise about hunting monsters), and then throw in a VERY addicting crafting system and you get Fantasy Life.

In Fantasy Life, you create a character who chooses one of twelve jobs (or Life, as it's called in the game) and go on a incredible adventure with a talking butterfly (the butterfly's name will vary depending on the Life you chose at the start).

Something interesting is that while each job is restricted to whatever that job specializes in (Anglers can only catch fish, Blacksmiths can only craft armor and weapons, Mercenaries can only fight with a sword, among others). BUT, you can switch jobs at any time, and anything you learn as one class automatically carries over in the next (EXAMPLE: Wizards can't make potions, but they can still cast magics. Switch over to the Alchemist class and your Wizard can now make potions and still cast spells even as a Alchemist (assuming you get your wand out).

Now for the juicy bit. Here is a basic info list type thing for the twelve Lives. WARNING: I WILL MAKE LOTS OF MONSTER HUNTER REFERENCES BECAUSE I AM A BOSS AT MONSTER HUNTER.


This is a good choice for beginners. Paladins fight with the Sword 'n' Shield combo that anyone who played Monster Hunter fondly remembers. They are the tanks of the game as they can naturally take a lot of hits (whenever you get promoted as a Paladin, HP and Vitality will increase). This class is one of the four classes that can fight.


Mercenaries cannot block attacks unlike their cousins the Paladins. However, their attacks are so strong that the enemies start dying before they can even land a hit. Mercenaries use Giant Swords, so expect some end lag. And no not lag as in frame-rate drop, Lag as in stopping briefly. Anyone who played Monster Hunter as a Great Swordsman will probably be a pro at this class. It's one of the four classes that can fight enemies


Hunters are the ninjas of Fantasy Life. Being the only class that can fight from a distance (not counting the magics used by Wizards!), they can snipe anything with their bows and arrows (and yes, ninjas do use those. Ninjas use lots of weapons). For any Monster Hunter Bowgun user, this is the class for you. This is one of the four classes that can fight


Wizards are the only class with no Monster Hunter counterpart. Even though pretty much any RPG game has wizards in it. Because wizards are awesome. Fantasy Life Wizards are pretty powerful, they can set enemies on fire, freeze them, summon lightning and heal themselves with magic. They can also heal other characters in multiplayer. This is one of the four classes that can fight.


Don't you want a break from fighting monsters and slinging spells as well as trash talk? Switch to a Angler! They can catch fish and... that's it. Don't worry about this Life being too easy. While All Lives can do Quests (and there is 10+ hours worth of them), Angler quests get harder and harder because fish become more rare, you have to travel around the world in search of a better fishing spot, and eventually you have to fish out giant sea monsters. This is one of the three classes that can harvest resources.


Woodcutters can cut wood. What did you expect? Anyway, they are the only class that can collect wood and chop down trees. Perfect for crafting! This is one of the three classes that can harvest resources.


Miners can do what is a necessity in Minecraft: Mining! Mining all day, mining all night! That should be a song. A song about mining! Anyway, Miners can mine gemstones, go in deep dark caves, and collect metals. It's one of the three classes that can harvest resources.


this is the Character Create screen by the way.

Tailors can take cotton and wool and other materials that literally Every Life in the game can pick up and turn it into clothes, bed sheets, carpets, and more. This is a semi cosmetic Life because it exists simply to craft aesthetic items that can be used to decorate your in-game house. This is one of the five classes that can craft


I don't think there are any games with carpenters in them so seeing this as a playable class is a welcome change. They can turn the wood collected by Woodcutters into furniture and wands for Wizards. This is one of the five crafting classes.


This is a different res picture from the rest by the way.

Blacksmiths are VITAL for Paladins and Mercenaries. Blacksmiths can craft swords and armor for the combat classes and higher quality fishing rods for Anglers, better axes for Woodcutters, and even cooking equipment (but more on that later). The only thing they need are the ores and metals Miners dig up. This is one of the crafting classes


Cooks are for crafting food. Yes. You have to craft food before eating it. It's Minecraft all over again. Anyway, any class can pick up food ingredients and the Cook can combine them into a meal fit for a king. This is one of the five crafting classes.


The Alchemist is the Dr. Frankenstein of Fantasy Life. Sure, you can't create your own monsters. BUT they can make potions, ranging from HP Restores to Stamina Up potions

Oh and when crafting all five of the crafting classes need to play a mini-game/quick-time-event.

I do not know the ending or major story details but I do know that 1: The game takes place in a medieval themed land. 2: At one point a meteor lands on your in-game house and holds the key to a powerful secret that can end the world. And 3: The currency is called "Dosh" (groan). Also, this game is hilarious. It WILL make you laugh out loud. Not immediately, but later on...

For more info please go to the wiki.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is almost here!!!

I am a huge Monster Hunter fan so this post is very fitting. But anyway Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is almost in the United States. And somewhat ironically, this game is coming out one week after my birthday. Doubly ironic is that it is on my least favorite system... Of all time. I don't like handheld systems at all. And this game is 3DS exclusive. My best friend will probably get when it comes out because my best friend is the polar opposite of me. Instead of being a pro at home console stuff he is the KING of handheld gaming. He won't be the king of Pokemon however. That's My job!


Anyway this is a Monster Hunter preview/review/update/thing and not a "I will DESTROY you at a Pokemon battle" thing. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, much like the Japan-only "vanilla" Monster Hunter 4 has a much better navigation system. And when I say that, I mean you can finally do some HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!!!! In case you don't know, parkour is a series of consecutive acrobatic "stunts" to get from point A to point B quickly on foot.

How does HARDCORE PARKOUR work in Monster Hunter? Almost any wall can be climbed, the ability to jump has been added (even though you need a Insect Rod/Glaive to do so), and you can now attack in midair. BUT pretty much any boss monster can do some HARDCORE PARKOUR as well (they climb walls after you).

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will add two new weapon types: Insect Glaive/Rod (in Asia it's called Rod, everywhere else it's called Glaive) and the Charge Sword/Axe (two weapons at once!). Personally I think the Charge Sword makes a similar weapon, the Switch Axe, obsolete because Charge Sword's can do everything a Switch Axe can do. But the weapon types from 3 Ultimate are coming back.

Speaking of Comebacks, why is Capcom not bringing back....

Jhen Mohran? He was one of my favorite bosses.

Instead we are getting his slightly cooler cousin...

Daren Mohran! But I think Jhen Mohran has a
better design and is the only one of the two that has
a subspecies (as far as we know). Also he is the
tutorial boss (a role that was once held by a giant

But since they are both Elder Dragon type monsters (even though they look more like whales than dragons) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's final boss is possibly the largest monster in Monster Hunter history.

Dara Amadyura!!!! A Giant Snake!!!

My only complaint about this boss is that Dara Amadyura (the official name is unknown so I will use the Japanese name) is only hard (based on what I have seen) because of his power to cause 20+ explosions to occur at once. Alatreon from the previous generation was much tougher as a boss due to using literally every element in the game to his advantage. That and that fire tornado is a instant kill move no matter what. Dara Amadyura is much easier (he hits just as hard as Alatreon, but is much slower and more predictable) but at the same time has a better design and is much bigger. It IS the single largest monster in the entire franchise.

And with a new game must come a new mascot (every monster hunter game has a mascot monster that plays a crucial role in the story by the way). Enter the new "???" type monster Gore Magala!!! NOTE: THE JAPANESE NAME IS "Goa Magara" SO IT IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME IN JAPAN.

Goa Magara!!!

Sure, he is not as big as say a Uragaan or Gravios
 but this thing is a BEAST!!! Never stops moving,
slings de-buffs like there is no tomorrow (so to speak)
and can mind-control pretty much any previous generation boss.

Oh, and when angry he grows horns and the wings/cape
transform into a pair of arms ending in large, SHARP

Oh and SPOILER ALERT!!! Goa Magara has a bigger stronger cousin who currently does not have a English name so once again I will use the Japanese name because the Japanese names are the most... Available? I guess?

Boom. Shagaru Magara!!! Basically Goa Magara
painted gold but has a brand new move-set (like making 50 something explosions everywhere at once).

Monster Hunter 4 has a VERY obvious focus on the story more than the series staple of just preparation. In fact the tutorial boss is the big old Daren Mohran (see WAY above). Basic analysis of the story from what I know (I watched special videos that translated the entire game) is that a captain of a travelling caravan is searching the world for the origins of a bright gold gem (SPOILER ALERT: It's actually a scale from Shagaru Magara) while basically using your hunter as a gun (or sword. or Gun-Lance, or Insect Rod, or Switch Axe, depending on your taste in weapons) for hire.

Oh and ever wanted a weapon to absolutely prank/troll a boss monster with? Now you do! NOTE: THE NEXT TWO IMAGES ARE FROM THE WIKI. DOUBLE NOTE: THIS WEAPON IS BEYOND CUTE.

MH4U-Emperor's Speech Concept Artwork 001
This is the concept art of the cutest weapon ever!
The Emperor's Speech!!! It's a Hunting Horn, so
unless you are playing with friends chances are this
weapon will make fights tougher than they actually are
(Hunting Horns are the only weapon type designed
specifically for co-op missions. Though going solo is still

This weapon was the Europe winner in a contest Capcom made to make and name your own Monster Hunter weapon and the two winners would have their creations put in the game. This is the other winner

MH4U-Clockwork Contraption Concept Artwork 001
Clockwork Contraption!!! It's a Insect Rod
so it's going to be a fairly popular weapon.
And it's a THUNDER element weapon so it
would be perfect for Rathian/Rathalos fights.

For more on Monster Hunter 4 please go to the wiki I found or the website.