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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mario Sports Mix part 2

Hey I now have Mario Sports Mix!!!

Here's some trophies you can get in a Tournament.
*Mushroom Cup, a trophy that has a Super Mushroom on top, and a red, blue, green, or yellow crystal in the middle. (depending on the sport, if it's Basketball then it's red, if it's Volleyball then it's green, if it's Hockey then it's blue, if it's Dodge-ball then it's yellow).
*Flower Cup, a trophy that has a Fire Flower on top, and a red, blue, green, or yellow crystal in the middle. (depending on the sport, if it's Basketball then it's red, if it's Volleyball then it's green, if it's Hockey then it's blue, if it's Dodge-ball then it's yellow).
*Star Cup, a trophy that has five Stars on top, and a red, blue, green, or yellow crystal in the middle. (depending on the sport, if it's Basketball then it's red, if it's Volleyball then it's green, if it's Hockey then it's blue, if it's Dodge-ball then it's yellow). But you have to play against the Ninja to get it. (Why? Because he steals the trophy during the Star Cup Tournament) (he did the heist while disguised as one of the contestants.).

If you collect ALL the trophies they will combine and form a giant crystal that has a basketball, dodge-ball, hockey puck, or a volleyball inside it. (you're gonna have to win the Star Cup tournament in order to make the crystal appear.)

Here's a stage I forgot to mention in Mario Sports Mix part 1.
*Star Ship, it looks like a pirate ship, but it can fly.

here's a few pics on what the characters look like.

*Information from Mario Wiki - click on the link (any highlighted word / link) to go directly to the website.

Starting Characters

All-rounder Characters
Character Special Ability Stats
Mario blasts a fiery shot at his target. The shot can be blocked by brute force, but can slip into the goal if the character fails to hold it off. In dodgeball, the blast has a radius that can hit nearby opponents. Power 3/5
Speed 3/5
Technique 3/5
Luigi first attempts to suck characters towards him while he is using his Poltergust 3000. After he draws them in, he makes a shot on his target. Opponents caught long enough in the suction will trip and be unable to defend against the shot. Power 2/5
Speed 3/5
Technique 4/5
Yoshi throws the ball in a single, bouncy rainbow line. The rainbow line quickly changes where it is going to land, possibly confusing players. In basketball and dodgeball, it is not one but rather two bouncy balls heading towards their goal, and they must both be blocked or dodged. However, in basketball, one of the balls is a decoy, and is not counted if it reaches the goal. Power 3/5
Speed 4/5
Technique 2/5
Mii-CSS-MarioSportsMix.png The Mii builds up energy as it aims to make its goal. When the ball hits in the ground in dodgeball, it sends out a blast radius than can hit anyone inside the blast radius. Characters can stop the shot in other sports a similar way as how Mario makes a shot. Power 3/5
Speed 3/5
Technique 3/5
Technical Characters
Character Special Ability Stats
MSMsmallPeach.png Before sending the ball/puck, Peach releases multiple large hearts. Any character that gets hit by a heart gets stunned for a few seconds. Peach then sends the ball/puck into its respective place. Power 1/5
Speed 3/5
Technique 5/5
MSMsmallDaisy.png Daisy makes a small garden appear where her aim is. The garden limits movement of other characters. After she is finished building up energy, Daisy throws the item into her goal. Power 2/5
Speed 2/5
Technique 5/5
MSMsmallWaluigi.png Waluigi soars in the air and brings out a machine. The machine has 4 arms that send out electricity to stop any would-be attackers. After Waluigi has fired his third shot, he shoots for his goal. In all sports, all the shots that connect are counted. However, in basketball, each successful shot is only worth 1 point, instead of its regular worth (2 or 3). Power 2/5
Speed 2/5
Technique 5/5
Powerful Characters
Character Special Ability Stats
MSMsmallWario.png Wario throws his trademark bomb similar to that of the WarioWare series. The bomb then explodes, which can knock any character in the explosion away. After the bomb has detonated, it fills up the court with gas, obscuring the view where Wario is going to shoot; that can make it hard for players (including Wario) to tell where the ball is going to be thrown to. Wario then shoots at his destination. Power 5/5
Speed 2/5
Technique 2/5
MSMsmallDonkey.png Donkey Kong bangs the ground with his simian strength that causes all characters in the opponent's side to be dazed. After this attack, Donkey Kong tosses the object into his goal. Power 5/5
Speed 1/5
Technique 3/5
MSMsmallBowser.png Bowser spits a fireball at an area near his goal, where it makes a large blast. Any character that gets caught in the blast radius ends up knocked away and burnt. With brute force, Bowser then sends the object to his goal. Power 5/5
Speed 1/5
Technique 2/5
Speedy Characters
Character Special Ability Stats
MSMsmallDiddy.png Diddy Kong throws a banana boomerang that has an exponential curve. The boomerang stuns any defender it hits and after the hiatus, Diddy Kong then makes a shot. Power 1/5
Speed 5/5
Technique 3/5
MSMsmallJunior.png Bowser Jr. takes out his trademark paintbrush and paints the ground with it. The painted ground makes characters easily lose their traction and slip, which makes it trickier to stop Bowser Jr. from scoring. Bowser Jr. then takes a shot to his goal. Power 3/5
Speed 5/5
Technique 1/5
MSMsmallToad.png Toad makes mushrooms appear that can hinder other players from preventing him to make a point or a shot. The mushrooms move automatically to make it even trickier to prevent the shot. Power 2/5
Speed 5/5
Technique 2/5

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miniature Pot-bellied pigs and how they make great pets

Hey hey hey, I gained interest in MPBPs (Miniature Pot Bellied Pigs).

Here's some cool things about MPBPs. (see below)
MPBPs are not only great pets, but they are great truffle hunters!!! (WHICH by the way, something that my other pets can't do. Also, truffle-hunting is EXTREMELY popular.)
MPBPs are intelligent, small, social, and they have a sense of humor!!!

NOTE: The Royal Dandies website says that there are food and vitamins JUST for this breed. (in other words, regular pig chows are NOT COMPATIBLE!!!!!!)

Here's some facts about MPBPs.
 They are EXTREMELY agile due to their small size. (they can climb things as well as jump high.)

NOTE: people wonder why they choose a dog over a pig, but you can teach a pig to do DOG tricks, but they learn faster.

PERSONAL NOTE: if I get a MPBP, I'll name him Pigglez.

Mysims (game)

Hey, now I'm writing a blog post on the first MySims video game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a few characters in the game. (Star level 0)
*Buddy, whose role is this game is being a Bellhop at the town hotel. (You get to name the town and you have to build the hotel)
Here's some stuff he'll say: "Our hotel sure is fancy-looking. I wonder how it would look if I could decorate it. Probably like a space station!" - when he asks you to help him decorate the place.
"Oh, hey, pal! Can I tell you a little secret? I've always been a fan of the sci-fi shows."
"Maybe someday I could travel through space to a whole new planet, and be a bellhop there!"
"Hiya, pal! I think we can both agree: everyone respects a nice, crisp salute."
"Mornings are my favorite time of the day. Why? Because that's when new guests arrive!"
"People think bell-hopping isn't an important job. But if that's true, then why do I have this fancy uniform?"
"Once I saluted someone so hard I knocked myself silly! I was out for hours!"
"Hey, pal, do they have bellhops on spaceships? It sure would be neat to fly on a spaceship."
"He ya pal, now that [town name] is a 2 Star town, there are a lot more people interested in moving here!" "Not only are more commercial establishments wanting to move here, but also regular folks like Patrick and Violet are starting to show up too."
"Oh, hiya pal! Boy, there sure are a lot of Sims coming through the hotel now. Is this all thanks to you? Wow!"
"In space, I wouldn't have to worry about dropping people's luggage, 'cuz everything would float!"
"Gotta perfect my salute…if I can just keep my elbow tucked in, I'll get less drag on the upswing…"
"So…so many guests…*pant* *pant* I can barely lift my salutin' arm, pal!"
"[player name], I knew it! I just knew if I stuck it out that our hotel would be great again some day!" "How can I ever thank you, pal?"
"You've taught me something, pal: never give up! I'm proud to be your bellhop, [player name]."
"You did all this just for your ol' pal, Buddy? I don't know what to say, pal! I've got to invent a whole new salute just to show how I feel about you!"- when you befriend him.

Here's his profile. (see below)
"After [town name] went downhill, only one employee remained at the hotel: Buddy the Bellhop! He could have promoted himself to manager, but Buddy really isn't cut out for that kind of work. He's just a simple boy who wants to be the best bellhop he can be. There are two things Buddy's learned in life: stick to what you know, and don't touch the stove when it's hot."

*Samurai Bob, a samurai that is very........... traditional.
Here some stuff he'll say. (see below)
"I am called Samurai Bob: practitioner of sword-less bushido." - his request to be moved in your town.
"My special Samurai code requires I move in to any town when requested. Thus, I must accept." - when you accept his request to be moved in.
"I am glad I moved here! This seems like an excellent place to continue my studies."
"I yearn for my home to be the place of perfect Study." - when he asks you to help him decorate the place.
"Are you curious about my Samurai code? Honesty, loyalty, justice—these are Bushido!"
"I was attracted to the way of the Samurai because of my deep respect for love and honor. Also, check out this sweet helmet!"
"What?! Bob is a very traditional Samurai name in certain areas!" - this is the only time where he lectures you for saying "What kind of Samurai name is Bob?"
"believe the principles of bushido can be applied to modern times. For example, the virtues of honor and selflessness—they transcend time.
"Yo, yo, yo – Samurai Bob in da house!!! Oh my goodness, where’s my tonic? My tonic!"
"I believe the most important thing we can do in life is to do good things for one another. Few seem to realize this. You, however, do. My thanks to you." - when you befriend him.

Here's his profile.
"The key to Samurai success is patient study. That, and a special tonic, which Bob applies liberally each day."

*Mayor Rosalyn Marshell, the Mayor of your town, she checks the growth of the town, checks the happiness of the town, and she lets you do everything else.
Here some stuff she needs you to do for her. (see below)
Task 1: "Thanks for coming. I really need a podium so I can give important speeches. Here's the blueprint for it."
Key: "Podium with 4 Red Apple Essences."
Hint from Ms Marshell:  "Hi, [player name]! Did you make that podium with four Red Apples yet? Just give it to me when it's ready!"
Reward: "Potted Plant Decoration"
Thanking Comment: Oh [player name], it's perfect! Now I can practice all of my important speeches! Here, take my personal Chair blueprint as a token of my thanks for a job well done."

Here's some stuff she'll say.
"Well, if it isn't (Player name))! Welcome to (Town Name)! We're so glad you decided to come here and help rebuild the town! Have you filled out that resident registration form yet? I'm going to need to file it before we move you in." -  when you first talk to her.

"I wonder what Poppy is up to? Her flowers make such lovely accessories to my campaign dresses."

"Poppy's flower-shop was built by the old user of Essences before he left town. Poppy loved him like a grandfather, but then he just went away one day. Poppy was inconsolable. I wonder where he is now?"

"The hotel used to have an owner, a concierge, a maid, and of course, Buddy the Bellhop. But now the only one there is Buddy! How does he keep that place running, anyway?"

"I'm so glad you decided to move here and help us rebuild the town!"

"We really need to do something about that tree that's blocking the forest. Nobody can get in there anymore."

"The town's filling up so quickly, we're gonna have to start building houses in the forest. But unfortunately, we can't get there since there's a big log in the way. If only there was something we could do…"

"Poppy and Violet never really got along. It's hard to imagine they're sisters!"

"I still remember all those faces: Ray, Candy, old man Watanabe… I hope someday they'll come back to town."
"Wouldn't you say Rosalyn's a great name for a strong leader? I think so!"

"There are really six kinds of folk out there: Geeky, Studious, Fun, Spooky, Cute…and then there are just those who really like food. What kind are you?"

"Sims with different Interests like different kinds of Essences. Chef Gino, for example, really likes Apples, because he likes Tasty things. And Poppy, she really likes Happy Essences, because she loves Cute things. Hmmm, I wonder how many kinds of Essences are out there in the world?"

"I've managed to pass some legislation that allows our town to expand into the desert, since everything's so crowded here now. But there's this giant rock in the way! I wish there was a way we could clear it."

"There's so much weird stuff buried in this town. I mean, who buries Cake? I don't bury Cake...do you?"

"There are so many new residents these days, and it's oh-so-exciting for me! Know why? I get to do all the paperwork!"

"Sims actually have three different Interests in total: something they love, something they like, and something they don't like at all."

"The more you make people's houses match their Interests, the happier they'll be. You should try to make everybody in town as happy as possible!"

"There have been all sorts of great leaders named Rosalyn, don't you think?"

"Sims have 6 different kinds of Interests. Take me for example - I'm Studious. Buddy is into Geeky stuff, and Patrick likes Tasty things. Poppy loves Cute things, while her sister Violet goes for Spooky stuff. And then there's the Fun Sims…I just don't understand them at all. I mean, what's so fun about Fun?"

"It's so exciting how this town is really filling up. We're gonna run out of space soon!"

"I know it's hard to believe, but I write all of my speeches myself!"

"In my mind, if something's not properly filed, it doesn't even exist."

"A podium in every home! That's my motto."

I finally managed to pass my dream legislation: the Workflow Duplicity Bill. It results in a wonderful 200% increase in paperwork. Hooray!"

"Sometimes I worry I'm not really a mayor of the people at all… I mean, how could I get along with somebody who only cares about Fun? I hate Fun! Fun is no fun at all! I like work!"

"I was running some projections the other day, and it looks like in 470 years the town population is going to be 1.4 billion! I think I'm gonna need a bigger podium…" 

You're so generous! I'm officially declaring today to be "[player name] Day" in [town name]! It's the least I can do for my new Best Friend." - when you befriend her.

Mel the Mummy, a mummy who loves nothing more than Spooky things.
Here's some stuff he'll say.

"Hello, I am Mel. This seems to be a wonderful place for me to rest....eternally! Hahahaha!"

"Move here? Yes, it seems like a wonderful place to live....eternally! Hahahaha!"

"You have provided me with an adequate resting place...hehehehe!"

"I wish to be surrounded by more darkness, by more...things of the deep...hahahaha!"


  • As a card-carrying member of the undead elite, I'm allowed to curse up to three people per day. Oh, but don't worry, I won't curse you. That Buddy guy, however...
  • I was out haunting the other night, just minding my own business, when this vampire jumped out and tried to bite me. That's so old school!
  • I'm petitioning to have the sun removed. I think that would best for everyone.
  • Never ask a woman her age, especially if she's 4,023 years old. Trust me! I got cursed big-time. I'll never look at vermin the same way again.
  • In my lifetime, I have ruled over 4 kingdoms, lived in 17 palaces and lorded over 40,000 million subjects. But I have never, ever figured out why people find bacon so delicious.
  • I have an itch, but I can't scratch it. The horrors!
  • I hardly remember what I look like. It's kind of sad really...
  • Let me tell you about gauze as a garment...not good.
  • Mummy doesn't sound that much like the word "Mommy." I'm sick of the puns!
  • Do you think Mel is an unusual name for a mummy? Why, it's short for Melthutamenemopet, of course"
Here's his profile.
Mel the Mummy believes that you can add interest to any room with just a few tasteful kick-knacks—for example, decorative jars filled with your vital organs.

Star, a Ninja that disguises herself as a farmer when you first meet her, but later reveals her true colors.
Here's some stuff she'll say.
  • Well howdy there! The name's Julie! I'm a farmer from a nearby town. What an interesting place this is!
  • Well sure, I'd love to move here! I, uh, reckon that's a great idea! But is there enough room for a farm?
  • Ha! I have deceived you! I am not a farmer, but a ninja! I am Star, of the Crescent Moon Village. Ninjas must train to impersonate normal people in order to spy on them.
  • Snakes, springs, stars… Any of these things can become weapons in the hands of a trained ninja!
  • Hi!
  • What would you rather be, a ninja or a pirate? Really, the choice is obvious.
  • Ninja Art Pleasant Conversation Jutsu! … Hi, nice weather, isn't it? It's so lovely outside!
  • This Ninja Scroll I carry has the secret Ninjutsu Technique of the Crescent Moon Village. You shall never have it! Nor shall anyone else!
  • Every once in awhile when you're fighting another ninja, you'll be going at it, and then—Boom!—you find yourself hitting a log. Argh, I hate it when they turn into logs!
  • Yup, this here looks like a good spot to plant down some corn, yessiree!
  • Who says I need to wear all black? I'm such a good ninja, my pink hair isn't even a stealth liability!
  • Hey, don't mess with me! I'm a Jonin of the Crescent Moon Village. We have so many secret jutsu techniques, you wouldn't believe it!
  • I can run on anything: water, rooftops, treetops. You name it!
  • Don't underestimate me just because I'm a girl ninja and wear bright clothes. Why, just last night I repelled an invasion by an evil ninja gang! No, no need to thank me. It's just what I do.
  • This town's a lot safer with me in it, don't you think?
  • [player name], you are a trusted friend. I know that the secret of my real identity is safe with you! - when you befriend her.
Here's her profile.
Star is a Jonin of the Crescent Moon Village, home of 10,000 jutsu techniques. That's a lot of jutsus!

Here's a few characters in the game.(star level 1)
DJ Candy Supergroove, and EXTREMELY famous DJ, and one of the girls that Travis has a crush on. (the others being Cap'n Ginny and Annie Radd.)
Here some things she needs you to do. 

"Task 1

Description: How am I gonna play my music when I'm just kickin' back after a long night? You know, I could really use a stereo.
Requirements: Stereo with 9 Happy Essences
Reward: Couch - Funky blueprint.
Hint: I can't wait for that stereo! You remember that you can get Happy Essences by being nice to people, right? Word!
Thanking Dialogue: Suh-weeeet! DJ Candy just isn't herself without some music playing!

Task 2

Description: Where are my guests gonna rest their feet after they dance some breaks? Can you help me make a lounge area?
Requirements: Couch with 4 Clown Fish Essences and 2 Eight-Ball Essences, Coffee Table with 1 Eight-Ball Essence
Reward: Bathtub - Hourglass blueprint.
Hint: You can get Clown-fish near the center of town, right? You can fish 'em up easy! I love 'em—they're so stripey!
Thanking Dialogue: When you're not dancing, you should always be sitting on a comfy couch. Thanks a lot, this is great!

Task 3

Description: Club Candy can’t go online without some turntables for me to spin on!
Requirements: Turntable with 6 8-Ball Essences and 14 Clown Fish Essences
Reward: Decorative - Disco Ball.
Hint: How are the turntables coming along? I need to get to my bubble scratchin’!
Thanking Dialogue: Aw yeah! We’re in business now!"
Here's some stuff she'll say.

  • Oh yeah! DJ Candy Supergroove is here at the [town name] Hotel, chillin' with Buddy and [player name]!

  • "Oh yeah! I used to live here, but it seems like a great time to move back. I'll just chill here with Buddy while you build Club Candy!
  • Hey, you outdid yourself with Club Candy! I had gotten used to spinning in warehouses!

  • Yo yo! We gotta deck this place out in "Supergroove" style! I'm talkin' FUN stuff all the way!
  • My headphones put out 40,000 Watts of power. 40,000 Watts, baby! They're awesome, I love 'em!
  • Yo, you gotta make sure you have the right cables! If you don't have reinforced terminations, you're not gonna have maximum signal transfer. Don't forget foil shielding, either. Radio freqs will kill ya!

Edit Star Level 2 sectionEdit Star Level 2

  • When's this town gonna have more people? Club Candy is ready to rock!
  • Hey, [player name], what do you think of these pants? Green enough for ya?
  • Did you know that I make all my own glowsticks? Chemiluminescence rocks!

  • Pizza is too salty to be good dancing fuel. You need to have sushi. And then you need to wash it down with some electrolytes!
  • You won't be able to keep up with me on the dance floor if you don't keep hydrated!
  • Have you seen my glowsticks? Where are my glowsticks?!
  • DJ Candy "Supergroove" demands the dancing of breaks!
  • If you don't take breaks while you're scratchin' records, you might get tendonitis. Same with video games. Play safe!
  • I wonder how much sound you can get out of speakers if you powered it with a hadron super-collider? That's crazyness!
  • Hey, [player name], you know that Watts = Volts x Amps, right? That means that Amps = Watts/Volts!
  • Hey, [player name], are you an analog kind of Sim, or a digital kind of Sim? There's only one right answer!
  • There's a new dance called the "Smustle" that everybody's doin' these days.
  • Boom pow! Baby, you've got the groove! I mean, you got it goin' on! We should form up a duo: I'll spin, and you kick it as MC [player name]!" 

Here's some places you can go in the game

Here's the final list of characters. (Star Levels 0 )

Samurai Bob
Star Level 1.png

Chef Gino Delicioso
DJ Candy "Supergroove"
Star Level 2.png

Star Level 3.png

Bean Bradley
Star Level 4.png

Madame Zoe Boudreaux
Trevor Verily
 Dr. F
Dr. F
Professor Nova
Star Level 5.png



NOTE: Pictures and sentences in " are from MySims Wiki. (one of the links in the LOCATIONS pictures will take you there)