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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rayman (character)

Rayman is basically a alien that although has hands, feet, a head, and a torso he has NO arms, leg, or a neck. His abilities involve flying by using his hair as a helicopter propeller. His abilities also involve throwing energy balls. (in Rayman, he did not have this power) He can also fight at close range, but this was not revealed until Rayman Raving Rabbids. He also has the ability to launch his fists like missiles (much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Master Hand's Finger Cross Missile attack). His appearance has (like the first sentence of this blog) no arms, legs, or a neck, however, he still has hands, feet, a head, and a torso. He wears a purple shirt with a yellow (sometimes red) scarf along with spiky hair and white gloves with yellow trimmed with white tennis-shoes.

These are all the video games he appeared in.
*Rayman, "The Legendary first Rayman adventure now on DSi Ware.
Play Rayman and try to save his amazing world from the evil Mr Dark!
Discover a charming universe with colorful landscapes and meet funny characters who will help Rayman trough his quest! Experiment his abilities as punch, hang or fly in the air.
Take advantage of the new DSi features as the DSi photos and the touch map selection.
YOU'RE COURAGEOUS RAYMAN BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO KEEP AT IT." *Rayman 2, "Rayman 2 takes place in a world called The Glade of Dreams. An army of Robot Pirates, led by Admiral Razorbeard, invades this world and destroys the Heart of the World, the world core. This greatly weakens the resistance's power and disables Rayman's powers, leading to his capture.[9]
Globox, a friend of Rayman, is later also captured and put in the same cell as Rayman aboard the Pirates' prison ship. Globox restores one of his powers through a silver lum given to him by Ly, a fairy. Rayman escapes the prison ship, and is separated from Globox again. He learns that in order to stand a chance against the Pirates, he needs to find 4 ancient, magic masks to awaken Polokus, the spirit of the world.[10] He travels through the Glade of Dreams via the Hall of Doors, a magical place linked to various locations in the world, controlled by the ancient Teensies.[10]
In the course of the game, Rayman frees Globox who had been captured again, and they continue together for a short while until Globox departs again to go find his family. Later, Rayman finds Globox's wife Uglette and learns that he has been imprisoned on the Prison Ship. Rayman also encounters his friend Clark, a strongman who has stomach problems due to eating rusty pirates; to continue through the level, Rayman has to cure Clark by means of an elixir.
Eventually Rayman recovers the four masks and awakens Polokus, who makes quick work of the pirates on land. In the air however, he has no power, and Rayman is tasked to dispose of the Pirates' Prison Ship, where Admiral Razorbeard also has his headquarters. In a final battle Rayman fights Razorbeard, who is controlling a giant robot, the Grolgoth. Eventually Rayman destroys the robot and while Razorbeard escapes in a small escape pod, the Prison Ship explodes. Rayman is presumed dead and only one of his shoes is found, but during his funeral he appears again, walking on a crutch."
 Rayman 3, "André, the leader of the Black Lums, is a lum, who was supposedly said to have grown out of pure evil. One night, he transforms other Red Lums into Black Lums to join him. The group eventually gains enough hair from various animals throughout the forest to dress up to disguise themselves as Hoodlums. In the middle of the process, Murfy, one of the residents and workers of the Fairy Council, discovers them. André later on discovers him hiding nearby and begins to make chase of him. Murfy is eventually chased to a small clearing, where Rayman and his friend Globox (voiced by John Leguizamo), are sound asleep. Just as Murfy reaches them, Globox is awakened by the commotion. Now aware of the situation, Globox helps Murfy try to get Rayman, who is still unawakened by the commotion, to safety. In the process, Globox accidentally removes Rayman's hands, forcing Murfy to pick Rayman up by his hair and drag him away from the clearing himself. In an attempt to save himself, Globox runs away to safety , taking Rayman's hands along with him.
As time passes, more and more Hoodlums are invading the forest. After reaching the entrance to the Council, Rayman and Murfy discover Globox hiding in a barrel. Just as Rayman gets his hands back from his rather cowardly friend, André and a few of his minions join them, giving chase to a much frightened Globox. As Rayman and Murfy pursue after them, they learn of André's evil plan: to taint the heart of the world so that he can create that same energy into an army of Hoodlums. Undeterred, the twosome continue the chase. Eventually, André catches up with Globox, who ends up accidentally swallowing the evil creature. Now it is up to Rayman to find a doctor to rid André from Globox's stomach, as Murfy departs.
Along the way, Rayman meets up with three doctors: Otto Psi (a play on the word autopsy), Romeo Patti (homeopathy), and Art Rytus (arthritis) (or Gonzo). As all three doctors fail independently to purge André, they succeed in getting rid of him after some teamwork. Now angry and still undeterred by his plans for world domination, André teams up with Reflux, a being whom Rayman had to duel with to prove his worth to the Knaaren race. Hungry for power and desperate to get rid of Rayman, the two decide to team up and make even more havoc for Rayman.
In a final faceoff, Rayman ends up destroying Reflux and turning André back into a red lum. Shortly thereafter, Rayman and Globox return back to the clearing that they were in at the very beginning. Globox is sharing his sorrow with Rayman about André's return to a Red Lum. Rayman tries to console him by saying that he thinks that there is really no way to bring André back. Globox then shares that, unlike making a Dark Lum turn back into a red one by making it laugh, you can turn a red lum into a Dark one by getting it scared. At a loss for what would truly scare a lum, Rayman and Globox fall asleep.
In a flashback scene to follow, it is revealed that Rayman's hands are the "true enemy" of the game, as they detach from Rayman while he sleeps and sneak off to go scare a nearby red lum. The scared lum happens to turn into Andre."
*Rayman 4 (Raving Rabbids), The game begins with a cut-scene showing Rayman having a picnic with the local Globox kids. Their picnic is interrupted when an earthquake erupts and the Globox kids sink into the ground while 3 Rabbids appear in their place. Their commander Sergueï kidnaps Rayman and throws him in an arena with angry Rabbids, several armed with weapons. Rayman must complete his first trials now, and afterwards Sergueï takes him to his cell and gives him a plunger. Initially they jeer him, but as Rayman completes more trials, they grow bored, and eventually he even becomes popular among the Rabbids and they cheer him on, in addition to making his jail cell more hospitable. Eventually, Rayman amasses a collection of plungers as rewards for completing the trials. By building a ladder out of all his plungers to reach the window, Rayman manages to escape and free himself. Once liberated, he remembers the Globox kids and attempts to return through one of the Rabbid holes to rescue them, but winds up getting stuck in the hole.
When the player completes all four games on the last day, they receive a golden cow trophy that will be placed on top of the wardrobe in Rayman's cell.
 *Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, "The game starts with Rayman infiltrating a mall overrun by Rabbids. As he's about to sneak in, he disguises himself wearing two socks on his head, a headband, two makeshift eyes, and helium (in order to disguise his voice, thus blending in more with the other Rabbids). He then picks up a soda can and throws it to distract two guard Rabbids and steals one of their plungers. Rayman climbs to the roof of the facility and peers through a skylight, where he observes the Rabbids watching a montage of everyday human life. Seconds later, one of the Rabbids jerks its head, noticing Rayman's presence. Accidentally, he falls into the mall and is spotted. Professor Barranco the Third, a highly intelligent Rabbid with split color eyes and the apparently current leader of the Rabbids, walks up to him and whips out a European Wii copy of the first Raving Rabbids game. Taking a look at the cover, it seems to recognize Rayman. Rayman and the Rabbids are then led into an airborne submarine, taking him to a location for invasion."
*Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, "Rayman is running away from the Rabbids, who are then distracted by lightning, which later, before the distraction, causes Rayman to stop running. Nevertheless, they continue to chase Rayman after it stops, which puts Rayman to running again, but are struck by the lightning which connects to a dilapidated Rayman's house where he hides. The lightning then teleports the Rabbids through the TV antenna, through the TV wire, trapping them in the TV much to Rayman's astonishment. He turns the TV on and it suddenly from channel to channel, retro 2D Rabbids appear on it. As the player plays through the game, there are cutscenes showing Rayman trying to get rid of the TV. At the end of the game, Rayman breaks the TV, (with his shoe, in which he takes off after being so angry) freeing the Rabbids, much to his shock. Rayman then runs off from the house with the Rabbids chasing after him, but one Rabbid stays in the house. This one gets its ears stuck in Rayman's vacuum cleaner and mistakes the TV remote for an ice cream cone as the credits roll."
Info from Wiki and Nintendo.com.

 NOTE: Rayman cannot use his powers in Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 or TV Party.
 (try saying all that three times fast, I triple dog dare you)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Godzilla (Gojia in Japanese) is also known as "The king of Monsters." Some Godzilla movies show him having a son. Godzilla's 100ms tall and weighs 2341 pounds (fact). The guy has a double-ganger called Spacegodzilla, a crystalline version of the REAL Godzilla (that, given his name, is from outer space and is the secret weapon for the Vortak, aliens that possibly take over other planets).

These are all 23 kaingu (Godzilla monsters)
*Godzilla (original), the first Godzilla, a mutant monster that first appeared in 1954.
*Godzilla (1978), the second Godzilla, This one has a orange fire beam, unlike the original. (that breathes a white fire beam)
Godzilla (2000), the third Godzilla, unlike his counter parts, he does not have a row spikes, instead this one has his spikes scattered across his back.
*Godzilla (American), the newest Godzilla, this one was never mentioned in the video games.
*Angearos, a four-legged kaingu, in the games he has a sonic roar attack.
*Mecha-Godzilla, a robotic version of Godzilla, he's got a laser (that blows stuff up), a jet pack (that can be used to hit enemies behind you and to fly), and really cool armor.
*Gigan, a cyborg-like kaingu, he proves to be Godzilla's toughest opponent (as well as Destroiyah, Spacegodzilla, and Kiru).
*Destroiyah, a crab/spider/bat like kaingu, he proves to be Godzilla's toughest opponent.
*Mothra, a giant moth, she is able to shoot jolts of lightning out of her wings.
*Mecha-Godzilla 2, when the old one got destroyed by Godzilla (as seen in "Godzilla vs Mecha-Godzilla) the G.D.F. created a new, more powerful version called "Mecha-Godzilla 2."
*Kiru (Mecha-Godzilla 3), when Mecha-Godzilla 2 was destroyed by Godzilla (with the help of Rodan, as seen in Godzilla vs Mecha-Godzilla 2), the G. D. F. created Kiru, a faster, stronger, and more invulnerable Mecha-Godzilla. (plus, it's got a laser cannon, laser eyes, missiles on it's back, a spinning drill hand, grapplers and a flexible tail)
*Spacegodzilla, a mind-controlling, telekinetic, and crystalline kaingu, he is Godzilla's top toughest opponent, as well as a monstrosity that absorbs electric energy and can turn that energy into a "lightning beam."
*Biolannte, a monster that has plant, human, and Godzilla's DNA, the only kaingu that can breathe poison. (not literaly, like spitting poison)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raving Rabbids

What are you looking at?!

Raving Rabbids are crazed, insane, and out-of-control bunnies. They scream a lot, and when screaming their eyes change color, from blue to red, and reverse when they're done screaming. Did I mention that they once mistaken the Moon for their home. In case your wondering "How many Rabbids are there?" there's more than a thousand. (in Raving Rabbids go Home, Rabbids have been spotted building a stuff-made ladder to the moon, and thousands of them were responsible for stealing that stuff, and millions of them were responsible building such a landmark) In Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, there was only four Rabbids, because there wasn't enough room in their latest creation, a time-traveling washing machine. (that was capable of holding only four Rabbids)

These are a couple of Raving Rabbids video games.
*Rayman Raving Rabbids, "Beat the bad bunnies and become a superstar!
  • The Most Innovative Use of the Wii Controller – Rayman is one of the only games that totally maximizes the Wii controller with the most imaginative moves. Whether you are throwing a cow or milking a pig you are in for an amazingly innovative gaming experience
  • Over 70+ Trials in Unique Stylized Worlds – Pass trials by entertaining the bunnies and unlock new worlds and many collectables such as costumes, music and items for Rayman’s cell.
  • Loads of Hysterical Fighting Moves – Run races on animals, fight in the arena, dance or engage in toilet plunger- shooting action!
  • Party with friends – Experience frenzied competition with up to 4 players in frantic and quirky multiplayer trials
  • Dress to Impress – Go punk, pop, rock or hip hop and use your funky dance moves to entertain the bunnies; keep them moving to your rhythm and collect additional disguises. Become more and more popular and unlock additional items.
Hordes of crazed out-of control bunnies have invaded, enslaving Rayman and forcing him to participate in ‘gladiator’ style trials. Help Rayman win his freedom back by entertaining and outwitting these fury foes. Use the most hilarious fighting moves imaginable. Run races on animals, fight in the arena, mesmerize the bunnies with your dance moves or use the Wii controller to throw cows, milk pigs or engage in plunger shooting madness! The possibilities for fun are endless." 
*Rayman Raving Rabbids 2,
"The Rabbids Strike Again!
New wacky games: 50 brand-new games that spoof popular culture and are even wackier and crazier than those featured in the first Rayman Raving Rabbids.
All-new party mode: Play co-op or battle your friends simultaneously with up to four players!
Unique use of the Wii Remote™: Discover new and innovative ways to play with eight types of gameplay, including shaking, precision, dexterity, and balance.
Rock Out with the Rabbids: Use the Wii Remote as your guitar, drums, or mic as you create and listen to music from the most popular bands around.
Travel around the world: Take Rayman on a world tour to defend Earth and travel to different regions including the USA, Europe, and Asia. Challenge the Rabbids as they try and infiltrate everyday life.
Customize Rayman and the Rabbids: Use more than 110 items including skins, hats, accessories, and clothes to dress Rayman, and to create your own Rabbid. Unleash your creativity with over 540K customization combinations.
The mischievous bunnies are back in a hilarious sequel that is guaranteed to be even crazier and funnier than the first – and with even more wacky games!
They've invaded the world of Rayman®, and now the insane Rabbids have a new objective: invade planet Earth! They have established their base at a shopping mall and begun training for their nastiest scheme yet. As part of this training, the Rabbids must carry out several missions around the globe to help them in an attempt to dominate the world. The Rabbids will also try to study human behavior by mimicking everything we do…but in the Rabbid sort of way, with no logic…of course."
*Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, The wacky rabbids are back, this time to invade your TV!
Join the rabbids in the wackiest TV party ever! Play over 50 hilarious games to get the rabbids out of your TV - including the first game you can play with your butt on the Wii Balance Board! Monster truck race, surf through space, and dance with those wacky rabbids and up to seven friends in the craziest party game ever. Up to4 players simultaneously and 8 players alternating." 
*Raving Rabbids Go Home, "A new Comedy-Adventure with the Rabbids as they plot their return Home...to the Moon!
The Rabbids’ first comedy-adventure will take them to the moon or bust! As usual, they have an infallible plan: Collect all the human Stuff they can find, heap it onto a giant Pile and climb to the moon… Not so fast! The Humans revolt and become Verminators to exterminate the Rabbid varmints and defend their precious Stuff: ‘Rabbids Go Home!’"
*Rabbids Lab, A raving Rabbid is stuck inside the Wii Remote controller! Come play with him!
A raving Rabbid is stuck inside the Wii Remote controller! Come play with him! First of all, try interacting with him by moving the Wii Remote or pressing the buttons and seeing how much he loves it! Once you've gotten to know the crazy guy, it's time to change his appearance in the Lab! Mess with his head and place seasonal accessories on him to act as a hat, or change his look entirely with the painting module! When you've made your raving Rabbid completely unique, you can take a photo and send it in a Wii message to show your friends!"
*Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, "Raving Rabbids Travel in Time is a hilarious party game where Rabbids travel back in time in a washing machine to the greatest historical moments and mess them up! Play over 20 mini-games with 5 different types of gameplay including flying, dancing, jumping, and pointing games in different historical environments from pre-history to Egypt to King Arthur. You can sabotage your opponents and play seamless online/offline gameplay with up to 4 players. Pick between 30 unique historical costumes, such as Indian, Cowboy, Egyptian, and Musketeer." 

Information in ""  was gathered at Nintendo.com (giving credit when due)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mythical creatures

Mythical creatures are awesome. They're the embodiment of everything. Some of them get put on TV shows or better yet, on a video game.

Here's some mythical creatures. (for once, I'm not going to put definitions next to the names.)
*Giraffe (no longer a mythical creature)
*Jiang Shi (Chinese vampire)
*El Chupacabra

NOTE: half of the list of these beings are from "The Shadow World."

Just to let you know, Jiang Shi do not suck blood, instead they steal your soul, but it is said that if you write a certain Chinese symbol on a blank sheet of paper and tape it to the Jiang Shi's forehead, it will be paralyzed. (if you want to do this without having your soul eaten, DO NOT look into it's eyes, because if you do, it will suck your soul right out of you). Also, the Vetala can suck blood too, in fact, the creature itself is completely undead, but it must animate the dead in order to attack the living. (the best way to know if a Vetala is gonna attack you is if you A: have more than one kid, B: hire a bounty hunter and send him to capture the Vetala, or C:  go out there yourself and ask the Vetala yourself, but C is not a good idea because it's most likely it's gonna kill you if you use C)

Here's another list of myths.

Just to let you know, a Hag is what creates Vampires and Zombies by casting dark magic on normal people, making them undergo a hideous transformation that the Hag controls, unless you get either bitten by a Vampire or scratched by the sharp nails of a Zombie (sometimes a Zombie will bite you). Did you know that the best way to avoid a Zombie infestation is to (if you can swim) stay in deep water, either that or just wear metal armor to shield you from their bites and scratches, you can also kill a Zombie if you chop off their heads, as well their limbs, if you try shooting it's NOT gonna work. (NOTE: I only know how to kill a Zombie by watching Adventure Time, NOT by reading and doing research)

If you want to know more about mythical creatures, buy a mythical creatures bible copy or go to Wiki.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Freaky Creatures

Freaky Creatures are....well......their freaky creatures. Freaky Creatures basically fight each other. They also have magic spells called "Powers". They also have pets (that are twice as freaky as their masters) that aid their masters in the battlefield.

These are some Freaky Creatures.
*Dracon, the basic Freaky Creature, these guys can breathe fire thanks to the organ (called deathicis flamiciss) in their throat.
*Ink Dude, I don't know what their called really.
*Gargoyle Gal, I don't know what their called really, although I seen one.
*Horse Man, I don't know what their called really.
 *Trapern, a plant-like Freaky Creature, they throw poisonous thorns at you.
*Cyclops Guy, I don't know what their called really.

These are some Freaky Pets. (they now have their  own series now)
*Turtoe, in their cute state, the extremely cautious Turtoes rarely extend their heads all the way out of their shells. Rarely seen in the wild, the Turtoe is usually camouflaged by the smooth stones found on the banks of rivers and streams. Contentious and ready to start a ruckus, cranky Turtoes are never shy about looking for action. They use their strong legs for jumping and the spikes on their back for protection.
*Monket, a passion for everything fast, Monket is also one of the most acrobatic pets. Nothing delights a Monket more revving up and racing. Fiercely loyal to their friends, a cranky Monket turns into a reptilian wrecking machine when it thinks danger is near.

*Penga, dancing machines, Pengas can jam to any beat and make up new dance moves on the fly. Pengas are also highly social and enjoy involving their friends in just about everything do. A Cranky Penga is a loud Penga. And when they are cranky, Pengas get a thrill from popping out from behind things and scaring people. But even the crankiest Penga has been seen tapping its toes to a tune.
*Gweek, As evidenced by their love of jokes, music and sliding down icebergs, Gweeks have a passion for living life to the fullest. Despite being sweet tempered and generous, Gweek still hasn’t quite figured out that most people don’t consider snowballs to be great gifts. Cranky Gweeks are legendary for having an icy hot temper. They stomp, growl and pound the walls until they’re out of energy. Word to the wise: Avoid cranky Gweeks until they’ve completely chilled out.
*Dinork, fun loving and eager, it’s had to get a Dinork to stop for a second and take a breath. All someone needs to do is mention a party and a charming Dinork will come running. The party is definitely over when Dinork starts stomping around. Full of boundless energy, there is no stopping Dinork once he has a target in sight.
*Puff Puff, a good natured Puff Puff can charm just about anyone. They coo and waddle, often wandering into trouble unintentionally. When excited, the Puff Puff is known for its out of control jumping and fast paced run. A Cranky Puff Puff is a bundle of teeth, claws and energy. They like to run around and bite things. When happy they are known to howl tunes to themselves.
*Walloc, adorable Wallocs are slow and lazy, preferring to lounge around in icy waters. And if you listen closely, you might catch one humming a tune while looking for pictures in the clouds. Wrathful Wallocs are a sight to behold when they bare their sharp teeth and tusks. Quick for their size, they use the single claw on each of their feet to charge across the ice as easily as a human walks on dry land. *Wartoe, a green blooded showman who’s ego thrills at performing on Pet Town’s center stage and signing autographs for all of his adoring fans. Crude and full of attitude, Warto’s performances get wild when he’s cranky. A Master of strange and unusual smells, Cranky Warto displays his talent for making rude noises.
*Bullog, loveable and loyal Bullog is always there when you need a friend. Bullogs love playing fetch and searching around all the secret places of Pet Town. Best to avoid Bullog on his cranky days when he storms around growling and raising his arms. He's been known to charge at anyone who gets in his way.
*Orkal, despite being very shy and easily scared, Orkals are best known for being everyone’s BFF. When they feel safe Orkals like to dance and do tricks. A tough talker who never backs down from a challenge, Cranky Orkals are full of themselves and completely out of control. (information was gathered from freakypets.com ).

In case you didn't notice, some of the definitions mentioned "Pet Town." Well, this is what Pet Town is.
Pet Town is where the Freaky Pets live, it's a small town containing three clothing shops, five food stands, a video game arcade, one house shop (Lair shop as it's called in the virtual world), one private club, a big statue (as the landmark), a lake (outside of front gates, which open up only for a Pet), a fortune telling Dinork's hut, a race car stadium, and lots of Freaky Pets that host minigames.

The home world of the Freaky Creatures is Vendora, a planet that resembles Earth, the only difference is that dinosaurs are still alive, in fact some enemies happen to be Vendorian dinosaurs. (such as Vendorian raptors & killer snakes) There's also humans in the game, but no humans in Freaky Pets. It's kinda weird really, because Freaky Pets is from the creators of, take it away myself, (creepy voice) Freaky Creatures. (normal voice) but anyway, there's only one advantage that Pets has over Creatures, cute & cranky modes. In other words you decide if they'll be cranky, or cute. Freaky Creatures on the other hand, are stuck in cranky mode. (kinda think of it, it's more like a freaky mode)

This is everything the host of the Freaky Pets E3 commercial said.
(echo-y voice) (space music)"One day, man's curiosity will  lead him to the far reaches of the universe. Along the way, he will encounter many strange and wonderful new things. Some things will be cute, and some things will be cranky. And some things will be just plain (normal voice) (music stops) (freaky pet says "Mahaha!" as he transforms into his cranky state) freaky! Introducing Freaky Pets, a transformable pet that takes you on a wild adventure! The fun begins with the purchase of a stuffed Freaky Pet, available exclusively at Hallmark Gold crown stores. Is he cute or is he cranky? You decide! Go online and teach your new best friend how to flip, dance, sing, and even stand on it's head. No other pet can do all that. Head to Pet Town and make friends, and race against them, give them presents, and show-off your latest tricks for them. You can pick one of them including, Warto, Bullog, Dinork, Turtoe, Penga, Gweek, Walloc, Orkal, Monket and Puff Puff. Freaky Pets, from cranky, to cute."

Freaky pets is created by Abandon Interactive Entertainment. Same as Freaky Creatures.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Poke'mon Battle Revolution

Poke'mon Battle Revolution is a video game that lacks a story mode. But it's still awesome. What makes it so awesome? Well, you can use LEGENDARY Poke'mon! (such as Groudon, Arceus, Giratina, Palkia & Dialga) It's a game where your guy stands there and you got to select what move to use. Plus, it's in 3333333333333333DDDDDDDDDDDD!!!. Also, you can play in 50 stages (opinion, not fact). the game is way better than Poke'mon Colosseum and all the other Poke'mon games.

Stuff in the game.
*Stages, where the fighting takes place.
*Renting Poke'mon, the only way to get Poke'mon in Poke'mon Battle Revolution.
*Cool hats. (no definition here)
*Helmets. (no definition here)
*Online gaming, two modes, one where you play with a code and one where you fight random people.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Spore is a game that teaches evolution. There are aliens in the game.

Spore is divided into five stages.
*Cell Stage, your character starts as a microbe.
*Creature Stage, when your Cell gains a brain, it becomes a creature and a cut-scene shows your character swimming to the surface and others of it's kind making their way on dry land.
*Tribal Stage, when your character's brain enlarges, a cut-scene will show your character attempting to make fire out of a stick, first trying to light it up, then throwing it into the air, then bonking itself on the head, and finally making fire.
*Civilization Stage, when your totem pole has five parts, a cut-scene shows your tribe having a meeting about what they should do, one says that they should make new tech, one suggests on building a city, and one shouts "PIE!" (what does pie has to do with anything oh wait, I know, nothing)
*Space Stage, the same as the Civilization Stage, the only difference is that there's more stuff to take over.

These are related games.
*Spore Galactic Adventure
*Spore Origins
*Dark Spore
*Spore Creature Creater
*Spore Hero

Spore lets you set your imagination free by...well...you can create your own "Spore," as they are called in the game.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Digimon are made up of data, kinda like a computer program. Digimon can't die because their data bits will rebuild a new body (the same as the old body shape and size). However, most Digimon are likely going to lose part of their memory if this happens. There's one thing that a Digi-fighter (a human that fights alongside Digimon) needs, a Digivice.

These are a few Digimon.
*Creepymon, a goth/gargoyle like Digimon that, which gave him his name, creeps everyone out.
*Venndramon, a member of the Dragon's Roar Digimon family, his most powerful move is Pepper Breath. (a human named Marcos dubbed him "Zero")
*Impmon, he likes mischief, a lot.
*Angemon, she stands up for her friends.
*Wizardmon, a Digimon that knows magic, he is possibly the oldest and smartest Digimon.
*Angemon Blaster-Mode, just like Angemon, the only difference is that she now has a blaster.
*Venndramon Armor-Mode, just like Venndramon, the only differences are that he now has protective armor, as well as having super strength and super speed, he is also almost indestructible.
*Geograymon, a member of the Dragon's Roar family, he's ultra powerful.
*Geofloramon, a member of the Rose's Blossom Digimon family, her strength is unbelievable.
*Geowolfmon, a member of the Beast's Howl Digimon family, his speed is blinding.

These are the ways to evolve your Digimon.
*Digivolving, just a little piece of data, combined with your Digimon's DNA.
*Weapon pickup, something like Venndramon's Venndramon Armor-Mode.
*Bio-merging, if you have two Digimon, then you can Bio-merge them.

There are four Digimon types.
*Virus, they are strong against Data types, but weak against Vaccine types.
* Data, they are strong against Vaccine types, but weak against Virus types.
*Vaccine, they are strong against Virus types, but weak against Data.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There's 150 (and more) Poke'mon in Sinnho, Johto, Kanto, and some other Poke'mon regions. There's 150 Poke'mon in the Unuva (the Poke'mon here are different) region. If you ask me, I say Poke'mon are from another world, maybe another galaxy. Why do I say that? Well, the abilities the Poke'mon have aren't natural, which makes them somewhat extraterrestrials, in other words to me, Poke'mon are like aliens. I don't mean that in a bad way, Poke'mon are one of my favorite things in the Cosmos.

These are the things required to be a Poke'mon Trainer.
*Poke'mon, you can't be a Poke'mon Trainer without Poke'mon.
*Poke' Ball, use this to hold your Poke'mon.
*Self Confidence, be as positive as you can.
*Awesome hats, just to make you look cool.
*Poke' Dex, how are you supposed to know stuff about Poke'mon if you don't have a Poke' Dex?

These are the Poke'mon. (first seven regions)
*Bulbasaur, a Grass type that is half plant, half animal.
*Ivysaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur, There are so few differences.
*Veenasaur, evolved from Ivysaur, Veenasaur has a mushroom on it's back, or maybe it was a flower, I dunno.
*Charmander, a Fire type, that has a tail tip that is on fire.
*Charmelion, evolved from Charmander, Charmelion has a pair of razor sharp claws on both it's hands.
*Charizard, the evolved form of Charmelion, Charizard is now both a Fire type and a Flying type.
*Squrtle, a Water type that resembles a turtle.

Poke'mon from different regions: 
*Warturtle, evolved from Squrtle, Warturtle is twice the size and make excellent firefighters.
*Blastoise, evolved from Warturtle, Blastoise gains cannons on it's shell.
*Piplup, a water type that has over confidence in it's self.
*Blaziken, maxed form of Torchic, Blaziken can make it's punches faster and more powerful by using Fire Punch.
*Lucario, a fighting type and evolved form of Rilo, when things get tough Lucario reaches the limit.
*Lanturn, a Water and Electric type, Lanturn can use use it's glow to see in dark areas.
*Sandslash, evolved from Sandshrew, it is covered with blade-like spines and has super sharp claws.
*Onix, a Rock type, it is by far the biggest Poke'mon that ever lived.

These are the Poke'mon. (eighth region)
*Victini, the first Physic and Fire type in the world of  Poke'mon.
*Zoura, a shape-shifting Poke'mon, it can also make illusions, but when it shape-shifts, it leaves it's tail intact.
*Zourark, evolved from Zoura, Zourark can transform completely.
*Tepig, a basic Fire type, it looks somewhat like a pig.
*Snivey, a basic Grass type, it's maxed form is Serperior.
*Oshuwatt, a basic Water type, the shell on it's belly is detachable.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


   If you want to know some stuff about Bakugan, then I'm your Brawler. Bakugan are creatures from another world called "New Vestroia." Bakugan are also from Gunndalia, and Nethia.  Bakugan possess unimaginable power which their "Brawler" can give to them through "Ability Cards" and "Gate Cards. Certain Gate Cards can also open portals.

These are the Bakugan. (original)
*Dragonoid, a dragon-like Bakugan that can create fire-tornadoes.
*Naga, a Bakugan that resembles Dragonoid and seeks power.
*Wavern, sister of Naga, she holds the Infinity Core.
*Bee Striker, a Bakugan with a laser shooting stinger.
*Sting Claw, a scorpion-like Bakugan that has a human's face. (kinda creepy)
*Saurus, a dinosaur-like Bakugan.
*Tigraia, a Bakugan that resembles the tiger, her armor is covered with killer blades
*Delta Dragonoid, Dragonoid's evolved form, he now has retractable wings
*Shield Gorom, the world biggest Bakugan, his shield is not just for blocking, it serves as a boxing glove too.
*Blade Tigraia, Tigraia's evolved form, she now can stand on to legs and has retractable blades on the back of her hands
*Preas, a Bakugan that likes to make humans laugh, he can use "Attribute Change."
*Single Head Hydranoid, a Hydranoid with only one head, it breathes purple fire.
*Hammer Gorom, Shield Gorom's evolved form, he now has a really, really big hammer. (that can be thrown like a boomerang)
*Preas Agelos & Preas Devilos, Preas' evolved forms, Agelos and Devilos are a two-in-one Bakugan.
*Double Head Hydranoid, a Hydranoid with to heads, it stands on two legs unlike his cousin Single Head Hydranoid.
*Infinity Dragonoid, Delta Dragonoid's evolved form, Wavern passed down the Infinity Core to him.
*Skyress, a phoenix-like Bakugan that can see in the future.
*Storm Skyress, Skyress' evolved form, now featuring armor.
*Triple Head Hydranoid, a Hydranoid with three heads, it has wings unlike the other Hydras.

These are the Bakugan. (New Vestroian)
*Persival, a Bakugan with telekinesis, he has a rivalry with Drago.
*Drago, evolved form of Infinity Dragonoid, he makes a return with wings that are not attached to his arms.
*Cauoses, a cyborg-like Bakugan, he wants nothing more but to rule the universe and be known as the "Ultimate Bakugan"
*Maxis Drago, Drago in a robotic suit, he features lasers, machine guns, rocket boots, and heat-seeking missiles.
*Bakugan, there are more Bakugan here than I can count.

These are the Bakugan. (Gundalian & Nethian)
*Lumino Drago, evolved from Drago, he makes another return in a more humanoid looking body.
*Aguamos, he's both a solitude Bakugan and a sensitive Bakugan at the same time. (if you ask him why, he would say "Who says I can't be both?")
*Dharack, a Gundalian Bakugan that has a killer instinct. (he killed his own allies.)
*Lumagrowl, one of the Bakugan that was killed by Dharack.
*Linehault, the only Bakugan that was not killed by Dharack.
*Lumanoid, a Nethian Bakugan that is although living, is made out of crystals.
*Coredom, a Bakugan that can shoot lasers from the orb on his chest.
*Hawktor, a Nethian Bakugan that hates Gundalians.
*Battleaxe Drago, evolved from Lumino Drago, he gains six wings, in other words he can fly higher and faster.
*Dragonoid Colossus, the worlds most powerful Bakugan, he has a exoskeleton, making it harder to inflict damage on him.

These are the Bakugan. (Mechianium Surge)
*Titanium Drago, Battleaxe Drago's evolved form, he returns in a body that although shape on the head didn't change, he now has a v shaped crest on his torso and sports gauntlets on his arms and gained incredible speed and power.
*Aluminum Aguamos, evolved from Aguamos, he makes a return sporting ninja-like acrobatics and aerodynamics.
*Razornoid, N/A (info not available).

Monday, May 16, 2011

De Blob 2

  De Blob 2 is basically, the same as the original. Anyway, in De Blob 2, in one level you have to take over these soda factories, yeah that's right, soda factories. Also in De Blob 2, the main hero is Blob, a awesome (not to mention, cool, popular, attractive, lazy, a show-off, and self-confident) blob of paint that is a member of this secret club called the "Color Underground," and the bad guys are "Inkies," (lead by Commando Black) living blobs of ink. Ya know, they should've give Blob a catch phrase like "Alright C. B. your going down. I'm not talking downtown I'm talking about six ft. underground!!!" or better yet, a theme song like "Get your color on."

These are the characters in the game.
*Blob, definition in paragraph above.
*Pinky, a flying robot (that makes stuff blow up)that is Blob's side-kick.
*Zip, scouter of the Color Underground and extreme sports maniac.
*Prof, a old-guy version of Blob.
*Reef, tracker of the Color Underground and expert of anything that goes boom.
*Tiny, the brains of the Color Underground and Prisma City's collage, high-school, and elementary teacher.
*Leech-bots, sucks the color right out of you. (enemy)
*Bomb-bots, they blow up when they see a brightly color person (enemy)
*Commando Black, a bigger than normal Inky that gives orders to the other Inkies. (boss)
*Heavily armed Inkies, these guys have a Ink-powered flame-thrower. (enemy
*Inkies, their armed with a baton. (enemy)
*Ink Turrets, manned by Inkies, they shoot poisonous Ink at anything in sight.
*Big Inkies, giant Inkies that have batons just like the normal Inky, only difference is that their batons poison you.
*Spikey, armed with a bazooka and spiked helmet, these guys will likely fire at any thing that is colored.
*Prismians, there's six types, Reden, Bluden, Greendy, Orangedy, Purplelo, and Yellowlo.
*Blancs, they dress in white and paint everything in sight either white, or black. (enemy)
*Graydens, Prismians in a egg-like suit.
*Shepherds, they turn Prismians into Blancs using Hypno-discs. (Inkies dressed in white clothes) (enemy)
*Elite Inkies, their the only enemies that have a spin attack. (enemy)

These are the power-ups in the game.
*Wrecking ball, allows Blob to dispose of enemies just by touching them, also allows you to sink in water.
*Rainbow, you'll use random colors when you paint with this.
*Haz-mat, shields you from Ink and other hazards.
*Super charge, allows you to smash stuff to pieces.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sonic Unleashed

   Out of all the Sonic the Hedgehog games, I'd say Sonic Unleashed is the only one that lets you play as Sonic's in-game alter ego, Sonic the Ware-hog. But anyway, in Sonic Unleashed, the game starts off like this. Sonic and Eggman were fighting each other, Eggman catches (for once) Sonic and sucks his inner chi. Then destroys the world by blasting it with a giant laser cannon, (Powered by Sonic's chi) releasing a killer giant manta ray called "Dark Gaia," which replaces Sonic's stolen chi with it's chi, causing Sonic's DNA to mix with Dark Gaia's. Causing him to transform into a ware-wolf version of himself, (that has super strength and stretching arms) and Eggman makes the rest of the Egg-fleet (76% of the fleet was destroyed by Sonic) self destruct. Sending the Ware-Hog flying and eventually land in Awebatos, a Europe version of the Sonic world. Where he finds a flying dude which thought Sonic the Ware-hog was going to eat him, but quickly befriends the ware-hog, when Sonic (he can still talk and still has the same personality even in his ware-hog form.) asks him his name he says "Uhhhhh...hmm...Ahhh! I can't remember!" It was clear that he lost his memory. So, Sonic blamed himself for the fact that he was the cause that the little guy lost his memory, the duo then find Tails, who was surrounded by man-eating geckos then Sonic and "Chip" (a nickname given to him by Sonic, since his favorite thing to eat is desert) kick their butts, then Tails tells them that the world is shattered. Then Tails joins them and says "There's a professor in Spagonia that might be able to put the world back together." (Spagonia is a France version of the Sonic world.) So, the trio hops in Tails' plane, the X tornado and fly to Spagonia. Then they discover that the professor was kidnapped by "Baldy Mc Nose-hair," (a nickname given to Eggman by Sonic) then they save the professor and yadda yadda they blow up the base blah blah blah. Just to let you know, this took place in Marizoi, a African version of the Sonic world. Then the professor (a.k.a. Professor Pickle) tells them that Sonic and gang can restore the world by recharging the Chaos Emeralds (which had their magic power sucked right out of them along with Sonic's chi) at the Chaos Temples. (there's one for each Chaos Emerald, meaning that there's seven temples because there's seven Emeralds) And then they go do that. When the Sixth continent has been restored, Chip gets his memory back. Who was Dark Gaia's opposite, Light Gaia, the whole time. then they go to Eggmanland and fight Dark Gaia while Eggman ran for it. While fighting him, Dark Gaia sucked the ware-hog right out of him, then Light Gaia gave Sonic the orb around his neck, turning into Super Sonic. Then the world went back to normal. That's when the game ends.

These are the characters in the game.
*Sonic, (hedgehog) the world's fastest hedgehog.
*Sonic, (ware-hog) Sonic in monster form.
*Tails, you can't travel from who-knows-where to who-knows-where without Tails. Why? Cause he's the one that drives the X tornado.
*Professor Pickle, while he tells you about whatever you ask him he eats a cucumber sandwich.
*Dr. Eggman, it was HIS fault that the world was shattered.
*Amy Rose, wanna-be girlfriend of Sonic.

These are the bosses in the game.
*Egg-Beetle, a robot in the shape of a beetle, use the Homing Attack between it's pincers to blow it up.
*Egg-Devil Ray, use any move any where to blow it up, but watch out for it's lasers.
*Dark Phoenix, to defeat it, you have to throw water barrels at it, causing it's flame to die out, when it lands hit it, then hit the right buttons to do a few slashes, two punches, a series of kicks, one uppercut, and a swing around it's neck and jumping on it's head at the end then slaming it into the ground.
*Dark Moray, when defeated it bleeds like crazy and then dies.
*Dark Gaia, the final boss of the game. (I don't have a clue how you beat it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmkZpXZ0G8A

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adventure Time

Hey, check out this awesome Adventure Time song!
"So Finn and Jake, set off to find a new home. It's gonna tough, for a kid and dog on their own.
There's a little house, often stickin' his foot in. That's a bad idea dude cause now that bird think your intrudin'. If you think livin' beside a hill is borin' and that livin' inside a cloud will totally thrillin',
but once inside here's what you find, a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride.
A beehive oh no, don't put your foot in there guy! Tryin' that before, and you know it didn't turn out right!
A big shell, go inside. Look around, it seems all right.
A frog jumps out, then a tiger, throwin' potions that make food and fire! Ya know they should've stayed,
and fight that sexy vampire lady.
But Jake was feelin' terrified, he was super scared of her vampire bite.
Which is understandable,
cause vampires are really, powerful.
There's no reason to get so worked up on with getting rid of imortals. Oh Marclene! Why are you so, mean? (marclene) I'm not mean I'm a thousand years old and I lost track, of my mortal-cult. (singer) Oh Marclene! Can't you see these guys are in pain? (marclene) No I can't. I'm to busy playing these BEMO video games. (singer) So there they go, walking on the icy ground. Headin' to their destinies I hope they figure something out."

Okay I hope you enjoy that now let me introduce the characters. (both main and minor)
*Finn, a boy with gorgeous hair that says stuff like "Flip. What the Zip. You can't just lick stuff. Jake, what the shake? Eat my sword Ice King!!!"
*Jake, magic dog that says stuff like "Go nuts! Go nuts like there's bugs on your butts! Oh no! I stretched myself too far! I'll never fall victim to pure pressure ever again! Actually I'll do whatever you want if you say my name three times. I have something like that on my back! I call it my butt.
*Marclene the Vampire Queen, a shape-shifting vampire that sings hit songs.
*Princess Bubblegum, a horrible mutant of human and bubblegum DNA, which Finn finds attractive.
*Princess Slime, a slime that kissed a crocodile on the lips.
*Ice King, always kidnapping princesses tries to marry them, no wonder no one likes him. (except for his pet penguins)
*Princesses, there are tons of princesses in the Land of Ooo.
*Demons, you have to be tough like Finn to make THESE demons fear you.

These are the place The land of Ooo has to offer.
*Ice Kingdom, nothing but snow monsters and penguins here.
*Candy Kingdom, everything's made of candy here, even the inhabitants.
*Grasslands, Finn & Jake's hideout is here.
*Nightmare Kingdom, nightmares come true here.
*Chamber of the Cristal Eye, dungeons and dragons here.

These are powers for Finn & Jake.
*The Jake Suit, Finn wears Jake like a battle suit. (it gives Finn superhuman strength)
*Magic Rings, Finn has a collection of Magic Rings
*Cosmic Gauntlet, used only in one episode.
*Stretching, Growing, and Shape-Shifting, Jake has all of these powers.
*flying, most of the characters in the show can fly.
*Finn's arsenal, in their hideout, Finn has more than enough gadgets to put the hurt on evil.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix, it has four sport games (dodge-ball, basketball, volleyball, and hockey) and four mini-games.

These are the mini-games.
*Bob-Bomb dodge, avoid being hit (with bombs) and be the last one standing etc.
*Feed Petey, use your basketball skills to literally feed Petey, I mean, <sounding like a news reporter> Mario's got the ball can he make into Petey's mouth <normal voice> and skills!!!
*Smash Skate, hit every body with a hockey stick be the last one standing etc.
*Harmony Hustle, when you hit the ball it sounds like your writing /  singing a song.

These are the Characters. (start-off)
*Mario, you can't have Mario Sports Mix without Mario.
*Luigi, he goes where his Bro. goes, this game is no exception.
*Princess Peach, although there's no tennis in Mario Sports Mix, she wears tennis gear.
*Princess Daisy, princess of Sara-Land and B. F. F. to Princess Peach. (maybe because their both princesses)
*King Bowser, giant sci-fi monster with fiery ego.
*Prince Bowser Jr., son of Bowser with a football sized ego.
*Toad, this little guy's nice and generous, always (like Mario) plays nice and fair.
*Yoshi, cute little dinosaur with a BIG appetite.
*Mii, all rounders with fiery determination.
*Waluigi, creepy skinny dude
*Wario, creepy, and freaky
*Donkey Kong (DK), a giant gorilla.
*Diddy Kong, second banana compared to DK

These are the characters. (unlock-able)
*Ninja, who knew Ninja were so good at hockey?
*Cactus Dude, oh no! here comes Cactus Dude's special move, 1,000 needles! Ouch, one of them got me!!!
*Black Mage, when he pulls out his magic scepter, run away, run away, turn around and run the other way!!!
*White Mage, the opposite of Black Mage, she can use magic, but not a magic scepter.
*Slime, eew I stepped in something oh sorry Slime, I didn't know you were there.
*Moogle, looks like a dragon if you ask me.

These are the costumes that can be unlocked.
*Toad's costume(s), Yellow Toad, Red Toad, Green Toad, and Blue Toad.
*Princess Peach costume(s), Tennis Gear.
*Princess Daisy costume(s), Tennis Gear.
*Bowser costume(s), Green Shell, Red Shell, and Yellow Shell.
*Yoshi costume(s), Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Green Yoshi, and Purple Yoshi.
Bowser Jr. costume(s), Red Shell, Green Shell, and Yellow Shell.
Mii costume(s), Mario Suit, Bowser Suit, Yoshi Suit, Bowser Jr. Suit, Toad Suit, and Tennis Gear.
*Ninja costume(s), White Ninja Cloak.
*White Mage costume(s), Pure White Dress.
*Black Mage costume(s), Magic Red Robe.

These are the stadiums in the game.
*Basic Stadium, no tricks, just play and enjoy the sound of cheering fans.
*Western Junction, in mid-game a train dashes through the court, aboard the train is a bunch of Shy-Guys and some other dudes the throw stuff at you.
*Bowser's Castle, inside what you would call "Bowser's home turf."
*Bowser Jr. Blvd., built by Bowser Jr., colorful lights brighten things up here.
*Wario factory, you have play the games while running on treadmill here. (kinda annoying because it distracts you when your playing Harmony Hustle, I mean, you have to focus on not only the ball, but the treadmill your standing on as well)
*Waluigi Pinball, you wouldn't last a day here so, DO NOT pick this stadium. (why? Because giant pin-balls flatten everybody)
*Yoshi Stadium, giant eggs roll all over the place here, good-news about this place is that the eggs won't make you flat, bad-news is that...well..........okay there's no bad-news.
*Koopa Beach, for some reason the water here slows you down.
*Pirate Ship,  takes place on a pirate ship.
*DK Jungle, DK's home turf,

These are the characters. (support, crowd)
*Toadsworth, referee for volleyball.
*Toad, not only a playable character but, Toads show up in the crowd too!!!
*Chatito, he drops the puck required for hockey right in front of the team captions.
*Pinata, part of the crowd.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (TV show)

In The adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, although it has the first seven Koopalings, (a child version of a Koopa) none of them are Bowser Jr.

Here's a list of Koopalings (which are also main characters).
*Kootie Pie, in the episode "Reptiles in the White House" when Bowser asks what she wants for her sixteenth birthday she says "I want the U. S. A. Dad, I want it now!!!"
*Hip & Hop, the only Koopalings that are twins.
*Cheatsy, the smartest member in the family, dude makes potions and stuff in his lab. Also built by him.
*Big Mouth, always lecturing the other Koopalings.
*Bully, the strongest member in the family, dude's so strong that he claims that he can lift the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

These are the non-Koopalings Main characters.
*Bowser, he has eight Koopalings and the eighth is not mentioned in the show.*Mario & Luigi, two heroes that use toilet plungers as swords, a bath tub as a car, and a fire breathing Piranha Plant as a gun (ONLY seen in one episode)
*Toad, not a real toad, the one from the Mario Bros. series, he wears the top of a mushroom as a hat.
*Princess Peach Toadstool, most of the time she's a damsel in distress.

These are the minor characters.
*Hammer Bros., they use hammers to do almost anything, they fight using hammers, they fix stuff with hammers, their favorite Olympic sport is hammer throwing.
*Boomerang Bros., a lot like Hammer Bros., the only differences are Hammer Bros. have green shells which they mount their hammers on, Boomerang Bros. have blue shells and they mount their boomerangs on a belt. Ya know, since they work for Bowser you would think they have no fun with boomerangs but no, when no body's around they play with their boomerangs.
*Fire Bros., they breathe fire.
*Piranha Plant, they eat everything in sight.
*Para-Guumbas, like Guumbas, the only difference is the fact that the Para-Guumbas have wings and fly.
*mummys & Giants.
*Chain Chomp, if it sees you, run.

These are the vehicles in the show.
*Doom-Ship, a space armada controlled by the Koopa family.
*Bath Tub, driven by Mario, but not Luigi. Why? Because Mario's the one with the driver's lenience.
*Royal Go-Cart, driven ONLY in one episode.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, there are some freaky parts in the game. It all starts like this, the Black Knight pursues Merlina, daughter of the classic "Merlin." Then she summons Sonic the Hedgehog in hopes of being rescued, then Sonic draws Caliburn, a magic sword with a mind of it's own, I mean, the sword talks. Then they go to the Blacksmith, (which by the way resembles Tails.) then they encounter Sir Lancelot, (which by the way resembles Shadow.) one of the Knights of the Round Table. Then they engage in combat, with Sir Lancelot being the boss of the level. Then they meet this Water Nymph called "The Lady of the Lake" who tells them that they must obtain two more swords wielded by the remaining Knights, (which by the way you can play as later in the game, which by the way makes no sense because when you encounter them they are bosses hooray for....glitch) to defeat the Black Knight. And when they do they encounter the Black Knight himself, then they defeat him they discover that he never existed he was a mirage created by the "Dark Queen," (a. k. a. Merlina, who was the bad guy from the start.) then she destroys Caliburn, but was rebuilt, then Sonic transforms into Excali-Sonic, (Knight version of Super-Sonic.) then she disintegrated into dust, and Caliburn claims Sonic King of Camelot, (which by the way was the real Excalibur from the start) then Sonic returns to his home planet (which by the way resembles Earth.) where Sonic tells Amy about his adventure. (which by the way thinks Sonic skipped their date)  All of the Camelot characters resemble the Sonic the Hedgehog characters hooray for......Nintendo's wild imagination.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Power Rangers

Hey today's blog's about the Power Rangers.

First of all, I'm gonna tell you the series. (below)
*Power Rangers: Turbo, where they use futuristic weapons.
*Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, where the Power Rangers' costumes are based on the four following dinosaurs, T. rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, and Braicheosaurus.
*Power Rangers: Mystic Force, where they have a giant dragon called "Fire-Heart", a genie called "Jengie", and magic cell phones.
*Power Rangers: Ninja Showdown, the first Power Rangers movie.
*Power Rangers: Samurai, the newest series.

Next I'm gonna tell you about their Zords. (powerful vehicles/robots driven/controlled by the Power Rangers)
*Power Rangers: Turbo Zords, Red Lightning, Dune Star, Mountain Climber, Pink Tornado, Earth Shaker, and Turbo Mega-Zord.
*Power Rangers: Dino Thunder Zords, Tyranna-Zord, Ptera-Zord, Tricera-Zord, Black Braicheo-Zord, Green Para-Zord, and Dino Thunder Mega-Zord
*Power Rangers: Mystic Force Zords, Fire Titan, Water Titan, Earth Titan, Wind Titan, Titan Mega-Zord, Mystic Fire-Bird, Mystic Lion, Manticore Mega-Zord, and Mystic Train Mega-Zord.
*Power Rangers: Ninja Showdown Zords, I don't know the Zords here.
*Power Rangers: Samurai Zords, Lion, Dragon, Turtle, Bear, Gorilla, Samurai Mega-Zord, Beetle Zord, Scarab Mega-Zord, Tiger Zord, Panther Mega-Zord, Sword Fish Zord, and Narwhal Mega-Zord.

In case your wondering "What is a Mega-Zord?" a Mega-Zord is two or more Zords built together, even more powerful than a normal Zord.

These are the "secret" Rangers
*Mystic Force secret Rangers, Purple Ranger Koragg, whose Zord is Dark Centaur, and White Ranger Silvanus, whose Zord is Ice Titan.
*Dino Thunder secret Ranger, Black Ranger Professor O., whose Zord is Black Braicheo-Zord.
*Samurai secret Ranger, Gold Ranger ???, whose Zord is ???. No body knows his name and Zord.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Mario Sunshine part 3

Welcome back to my blogs!!!! I'm Spencer Branham... sorry if I sounded like a TV host.   These are some pesty enemies in the game.
*Strollin' Stu, looks like a goop covered Gumba. (it's so pathetic all it does is run at you)
*Giant Stu, has a bulgie-lookin' nose. (if you kill one you kill them all)
*Swipen' Stu, the weakest of them all I mean, all it does is steal Mario's cap. (there's like ten xs four other Stus)
*Flyin' Stu, just like Swipen' Stu, but it flies. (it's the hardest one to kill)
*Bullet Bill, they look so weird in Super Mario Sunshine. (when I say weird I mean FREAKY)
*Boo, a ghost that likes mischief. (it follows you around when your not looking, it disappears when you turn around)

These are some unmentioned bosses.
*Gooper Blooper, a giant squid with ten to thirty tentacles that you must pull on to kill him.
*King Boo, attacks by using a slot machine.
*Eel Mouth, kill it by cleaning out it's teeth.

Later in the game you can ride on Yoshi.

My mom's gonna buy me Super Mario Sunshine. (hopefully today because it is a retired game-very hard to find. Not available on Game Fly)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2006 Sonic the Hedgehog

    Unlike other Sonic the Hedgehog games, this one is very dramatic, I mean, in the Last story (out of four different story modes)  Sonic gets killed by a demon, but his friends revive him through the power of the Chaos Emeralds, magic gemstones that grant wishes when all 7 are collected by the same person. This is the only video game that has four story modes. First story mode where you play as Sonic, The next where you play as Shadow, and last  where you play as Silver. When you play as Sonic it's all about speed, with Shadow there's more fighting, and with Silver there's no speed at all. The fourth story is all three characters.
The bad guys in the game are these dudes.
*Dr. Eggman, most of his robots have the word "egg" in their name.
*Iblis the Flames of Disaster, a demon sealed away inside Princess Elise.
*Mephiles the Dark one, a demon that kills Sonic later in the game.
*Solaris, a monster that is actually Mephiles and Iblis joined together.

These are the allies in the game.
*Amy Rose, the wanna-be girlfriend of Sonic
*Miles Prower (a.k.a.) Tails, a fox that flies a biplane called the X Tornado.
*ES-3 OMEGA, a robot powered by the Chaos Emeralds.
*Rouge the Bat, a treasure hunter that is capable of flying
*Knuckles the...(I don't know what he is really), a knucklehead that has a bad attitude.
*Blaze the Cat, a princess from the future.
*Princess Elise, she was the vessel used to imprison Iblis.

The game also features time-traveling.  It's like replaying a cleared level but, before you cleared it already or, knowing how to clear a level you didn't clear but you will in the future.   When you play as Sonic later in the game Silver attempts to kill Sonic 3xs in a row (once in a forest, once on a open plain and  inside a castle) but failed. When you play as Shadow you fight Mephiles and succeed. When you play as Silver you are forced to fight Shadow. In the Last Story all three of them kill Solaris while as Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and (never seen before) Super Silver.   Also in the game Silver gains telekinesis.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Amazing World of Gumball

Today I'm gonna tell you about The amazing world of Gumball.

These are the main characters.
*Gumball, a troublesome boy that hangs out with a walking, talking, air-breathing fish.
*Darwin, a walking, talking, air-breathing fish.
*Tina, a school bully that every body fears (she's a giant dinosaur)
*Anais, Gumball' s little sister (although she's only four, she's the smartest character in the show)
*Ms. & Mr. Watterson, Gumball' s parents. (Mr. Watterson looks like the grown-up version of Anais, Ms. Watterson looks like the grown-up version of Gumball)
There's like 5,000,000 other characters in the show.

All the characters' designs doesn't match the background design.

In one episode Gumball and Anais have a cute-off (whoever looks and sounds the cutest wins) and this is what they said during the cute-off.  "Um....um...because you lost it in the first place." said Anais. "Yeah but I'm just a little boy and she's a giant T. rex." said Gumball. "But your my big brother." "But I don't want to get eaten or have my face smashed into the ground" Yeah but you know Kung Fu." "But I'm only a white belt which is the lowest level." then they smile at each other and bring out the ultimate cuteness (large googly eyes and a big smile) then Gumball said "Fine." "Yay!" said Anais "But you 2 are coming with me!!" "Aww." (the other 1 was Darwin). When they got there, Gumball was poking the T. rex with a big stick, "Heh heh heh heh." said Darwin and Gumball. "What are you doing?!  we' ere supposed to be looking for my dolly." whispered Anais. "don't worry, she'll never wake up." then the T. rex (whose name is Tina) bent over with the doll under her torso.  "Darwin, help lift her up." when they did the doll was in the scaly monster's claws. "Darwin, keep her steady while I get the doll." whispered Gumball "Okay man, but hurry, I'm about to get a cramp." said Darwin. "Gumball, I need help with this thing!" said Darwin. (he said that literally 3 seconds after Gumball let go)  "Hold on, I almost got it." then the weight of the T. rex collapsed on him. then showed up on the other side saying "I'm okay." then Gumball snatched the doll. "Yeah!!  Yahoo!! Yay!!" said all 3  of them. But the string of the doll (it's a talking doll) was pulled and woke up Tina. "What do we do now?" said Anais. "Run." said Gumball. The amazing world of Gumball is coming to Cartoon Network on May 9, 2011.

From Wikipedia ~  A total of 78 segments have been ordered so far, which will be paired up to make a total of 38 episodes. Season One, which will consist of 18 episodes, will start on May 2nd, 2011 in the United Kingdom at 10:00 AM BST, with encores airing throughout the day at 2:00 PM, 4:30 PM and 8:00 PM BST. The United States will be the first to get the full series roll-out, beginning on May 9th, 2011 at 7:30 PM ET/PT. Season Two is currently in development.

 The Characters
                                                              Meet ANAIS

Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Mario Sunshine part 2

In case you didn't know this, Super Mario Sunshine is available ONLY on Nintendo Gamecube.  In 2002, Super Mario Sunshine sold 11, 000, 000 copies in these 4 countries; first in Japan (June 2, 2002), then in Europe (June 15, 2002), after that is Australia (June 2, 2003), and finally, the U. S. A (2003).   Super Mario Sunshine also happens to the second 3d video game of the Mario series.   Unlike all the other Mario video games, Super Mario Sunshine features actual voice acting, there's no speech bubbles, which makes it the black sheep of the series. Oh, I almost forgot, here's a list of bosses in the game.
*Polluted piranha, you see him like 5 times.
*Petey Piranha, you fight him the same way as the Polluted piranha.
*Mecha Bowser, a robot in the shape of the real Bowser which you fight, while riding a super fast roller-coaster.
*Wiggler, a giant caterpillar-like creature which gets mad at Mario for disturbing his nap.
*Shadow Mario (a. k. a.) Bowser Jr., the easiest boss in the video game, I mean, 1 hit K.O.
*Bowser & Bowser Jr., Bowser attacks by breathing fire, Bowser Jr. attacks by launching missiles at you.