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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (TV show)

In The adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, although it has the first seven Koopalings, (a child version of a Koopa) none of them are Bowser Jr.

Here's a list of Koopalings (which are also main characters).
*Kootie Pie, in the episode "Reptiles in the White House" when Bowser asks what she wants for her sixteenth birthday she says "I want the U. S. A. Dad, I want it now!!!"
*Hip & Hop, the only Koopalings that are twins.
*Cheatsy, the smartest member in the family, dude makes potions and stuff in his lab. Also built by him.
*Big Mouth, always lecturing the other Koopalings.
*Bully, the strongest member in the family, dude's so strong that he claims that he can lift the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

These are the non-Koopalings Main characters.
*Bowser, he has eight Koopalings and the eighth is not mentioned in the show.*Mario & Luigi, two heroes that use toilet plungers as swords, a bath tub as a car, and a fire breathing Piranha Plant as a gun (ONLY seen in one episode)
*Toad, not a real toad, the one from the Mario Bros. series, he wears the top of a mushroom as a hat.
*Princess Peach Toadstool, most of the time she's a damsel in distress.

These are the minor characters.
*Hammer Bros., they use hammers to do almost anything, they fight using hammers, they fix stuff with hammers, their favorite Olympic sport is hammer throwing.
*Boomerang Bros., a lot like Hammer Bros., the only differences are Hammer Bros. have green shells which they mount their hammers on, Boomerang Bros. have blue shells and they mount their boomerangs on a belt. Ya know, since they work for Bowser you would think they have no fun with boomerangs but no, when no body's around they play with their boomerangs.
*Fire Bros., they breathe fire.
*Piranha Plant, they eat everything in sight.
*Para-Guumbas, like Guumbas, the only difference is the fact that the Para-Guumbas have wings and fly.
*mummys & Giants.
*Chain Chomp, if it sees you, run.

These are the vehicles in the show.
*Doom-Ship, a space armada controlled by the Koopa family.
*Bath Tub, driven by Mario, but not Luigi. Why? Because Mario's the one with the driver's lenience.
*Royal Go-Cart, driven ONLY in one episode.

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