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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Mario Sunshine part 3

Welcome back to my blogs!!!! I'm Spencer Branham... sorry if I sounded like a TV host.   These are some pesty enemies in the game.
*Strollin' Stu, looks like a goop covered Gumba. (it's so pathetic all it does is run at you)
*Giant Stu, has a bulgie-lookin' nose. (if you kill one you kill them all)
*Swipen' Stu, the weakest of them all I mean, all it does is steal Mario's cap. (there's like ten xs four other Stus)
*Flyin' Stu, just like Swipen' Stu, but it flies. (it's the hardest one to kill)
*Bullet Bill, they look so weird in Super Mario Sunshine. (when I say weird I mean FREAKY)
*Boo, a ghost that likes mischief. (it follows you around when your not looking, it disappears when you turn around)

These are some unmentioned bosses.
*Gooper Blooper, a giant squid with ten to thirty tentacles that you must pull on to kill him.
*King Boo, attacks by using a slot machine.
*Eel Mouth, kill it by cleaning out it's teeth.

Later in the game you can ride on Yoshi.

My mom's gonna buy me Super Mario Sunshine. (hopefully today because it is a retired game-very hard to find. Not available on Game Fly)


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  2. You are doing an awesome job on your blog! As soon as my sons get back and are able to post, I'll set you up to read theirs. Meanwhile...

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  3. Hello Spencer I am you newest Google Friends Connect follower. Your blog is wonderful keep it up and the game companies will be hiring you to review their games. Good luck with you blog and keep up the good work.

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  4. i have a mario tattoo i will take a photo and upload it lol i love mario,my fav is zelda though i am the zelda queen lol xx