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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, there are some freaky parts in the game. It all starts like this, the Black Knight pursues Merlina, daughter of the classic "Merlin." Then she summons Sonic the Hedgehog in hopes of being rescued, then Sonic draws Caliburn, a magic sword with a mind of it's own, I mean, the sword talks. Then they go to the Blacksmith, (which by the way resembles Tails.) then they encounter Sir Lancelot, (which by the way resembles Shadow.) one of the Knights of the Round Table. Then they engage in combat, with Sir Lancelot being the boss of the level. Then they meet this Water Nymph called "The Lady of the Lake" who tells them that they must obtain two more swords wielded by the remaining Knights, (which by the way you can play as later in the game, which by the way makes no sense because when you encounter them they are bosses hooray for....glitch) to defeat the Black Knight. And when they do they encounter the Black Knight himself, then they defeat him they discover that he never existed he was a mirage created by the "Dark Queen," (a. k. a. Merlina, who was the bad guy from the start.) then she destroys Caliburn, but was rebuilt, then Sonic transforms into Excali-Sonic, (Knight version of Super-Sonic.) then she disintegrated into dust, and Caliburn claims Sonic King of Camelot, (which by the way was the real Excalibur from the start) then Sonic returns to his home planet (which by the way resembles Earth.) where Sonic tells Amy about his adventure. (which by the way thinks Sonic skipped their date)  All of the Camelot characters resemble the Sonic the Hedgehog characters hooray for......Nintendo's wild imagination.

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