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Friday, May 20, 2011


Spore is a game that teaches evolution. There are aliens in the game.

Spore is divided into five stages.
*Cell Stage, your character starts as a microbe.
*Creature Stage, when your Cell gains a brain, it becomes a creature and a cut-scene shows your character swimming to the surface and others of it's kind making their way on dry land.
*Tribal Stage, when your character's brain enlarges, a cut-scene will show your character attempting to make fire out of a stick, first trying to light it up, then throwing it into the air, then bonking itself on the head, and finally making fire.
*Civilization Stage, when your totem pole has five parts, a cut-scene shows your tribe having a meeting about what they should do, one says that they should make new tech, one suggests on building a city, and one shouts "PIE!" (what does pie has to do with anything oh wait, I know, nothing)
*Space Stage, the same as the Civilization Stage, the only difference is that there's more stuff to take over.

These are related games.
*Spore Galactic Adventure
*Spore Origins
*Dark Spore
*Spore Creature Creater
*Spore Hero

Spore lets you set your imagination free by...well...you can create your own "Spore," as they are called in the game.

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