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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There's 150 (and more) Poke'mon in Sinnho, Johto, Kanto, and some other Poke'mon regions. There's 150 Poke'mon in the Unuva (the Poke'mon here are different) region. If you ask me, I say Poke'mon are from another world, maybe another galaxy. Why do I say that? Well, the abilities the Poke'mon have aren't natural, which makes them somewhat extraterrestrials, in other words to me, Poke'mon are like aliens. I don't mean that in a bad way, Poke'mon are one of my favorite things in the Cosmos.

These are the things required to be a Poke'mon Trainer.
*Poke'mon, you can't be a Poke'mon Trainer without Poke'mon.
*Poke' Ball, use this to hold your Poke'mon.
*Self Confidence, be as positive as you can.
*Awesome hats, just to make you look cool.
*Poke' Dex, how are you supposed to know stuff about Poke'mon if you don't have a Poke' Dex?

These are the Poke'mon. (first seven regions)
*Bulbasaur, a Grass type that is half plant, half animal.
*Ivysaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur, There are so few differences.
*Veenasaur, evolved from Ivysaur, Veenasaur has a mushroom on it's back, or maybe it was a flower, I dunno.
*Charmander, a Fire type, that has a tail tip that is on fire.
*Charmelion, evolved from Charmander, Charmelion has a pair of razor sharp claws on both it's hands.
*Charizard, the evolved form of Charmelion, Charizard is now both a Fire type and a Flying type.
*Squrtle, a Water type that resembles a turtle.

Poke'mon from different regions: 
*Warturtle, evolved from Squrtle, Warturtle is twice the size and make excellent firefighters.
*Blastoise, evolved from Warturtle, Blastoise gains cannons on it's shell.
*Piplup, a water type that has over confidence in it's self.
*Blaziken, maxed form of Torchic, Blaziken can make it's punches faster and more powerful by using Fire Punch.
*Lucario, a fighting type and evolved form of Rilo, when things get tough Lucario reaches the limit.
*Lanturn, a Water and Electric type, Lanturn can use use it's glow to see in dark areas.
*Sandslash, evolved from Sandshrew, it is covered with blade-like spines and has super sharp claws.
*Onix, a Rock type, it is by far the biggest Poke'mon that ever lived.

These are the Poke'mon. (eighth region)
*Victini, the first Physic and Fire type in the world of  Poke'mon.
*Zoura, a shape-shifting Poke'mon, it can also make illusions, but when it shape-shifts, it leaves it's tail intact.
*Zourark, evolved from Zoura, Zourark can transform completely.
*Tepig, a basic Fire type, it looks somewhat like a pig.
*Snivey, a basic Grass type, it's maxed form is Serperior.
*Oshuwatt, a basic Water type, the shell on it's belly is detachable.


  1. Guess what? My son Collin who is going to be 10 on Tuesday next week wants a Poke'ball cake for his birthday. I think you might be a good help for him as he's always asking me what level certain Poke'mon evolve at. Maybe one day you could write about how you handle your frustration when your game doesn't go quite the way you had planned. This is something that Collin has a lot of trouble with and at times wants to throw his DS across the room, which I don't think is a very good idea. Keep going on your blog! You're doing great!

  2. Love this post! I'm going to read it to Evan when he gets back from his dad's. I agree that we would love to hear how you deal with the frustration you might feel sometimes playing the game.

  3. I just stop doing what I get frustrated about, and I just complain about it. Also, when you get mad at a game, it is a good idea to walk away from it, and go back to it when you are no longer mad. Thanks for reading my blog. I want to be the best blogger ever. Thanks to Collin for answering my question it was a flower not mushroom!