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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Freaky Creatures

Freaky Creatures are....well......their freaky creatures. Freaky Creatures basically fight each other. They also have magic spells called "Powers". They also have pets (that are twice as freaky as their masters) that aid their masters in the battlefield.

These are some Freaky Creatures.
*Dracon, the basic Freaky Creature, these guys can breathe fire thanks to the organ (called deathicis flamiciss) in their throat.
*Ink Dude, I don't know what their called really.
*Gargoyle Gal, I don't know what their called really, although I seen one.
*Horse Man, I don't know what their called really.
 *Trapern, a plant-like Freaky Creature, they throw poisonous thorns at you.
*Cyclops Guy, I don't know what their called really.

These are some Freaky Pets. (they now have their  own series now)
*Turtoe, in their cute state, the extremely cautious Turtoes rarely extend their heads all the way out of their shells. Rarely seen in the wild, the Turtoe is usually camouflaged by the smooth stones found on the banks of rivers and streams. Contentious and ready to start a ruckus, cranky Turtoes are never shy about looking for action. They use their strong legs for jumping and the spikes on their back for protection.
*Monket, a passion for everything fast, Monket is also one of the most acrobatic pets. Nothing delights a Monket more revving up and racing. Fiercely loyal to their friends, a cranky Monket turns into a reptilian wrecking machine when it thinks danger is near.

*Penga, dancing machines, Pengas can jam to any beat and make up new dance moves on the fly. Pengas are also highly social and enjoy involving their friends in just about everything do. A Cranky Penga is a loud Penga. And when they are cranky, Pengas get a thrill from popping out from behind things and scaring people. But even the crankiest Penga has been seen tapping its toes to a tune.
*Gweek, As evidenced by their love of jokes, music and sliding down icebergs, Gweeks have a passion for living life to the fullest. Despite being sweet tempered and generous, Gweek still hasn’t quite figured out that most people don’t consider snowballs to be great gifts. Cranky Gweeks are legendary for having an icy hot temper. They stomp, growl and pound the walls until they’re out of energy. Word to the wise: Avoid cranky Gweeks until they’ve completely chilled out.
*Dinork, fun loving and eager, it’s had to get a Dinork to stop for a second and take a breath. All someone needs to do is mention a party and a charming Dinork will come running. The party is definitely over when Dinork starts stomping around. Full of boundless energy, there is no stopping Dinork once he has a target in sight.
*Puff Puff, a good natured Puff Puff can charm just about anyone. They coo and waddle, often wandering into trouble unintentionally. When excited, the Puff Puff is known for its out of control jumping and fast paced run. A Cranky Puff Puff is a bundle of teeth, claws and energy. They like to run around and bite things. When happy they are known to howl tunes to themselves.
*Walloc, adorable Wallocs are slow and lazy, preferring to lounge around in icy waters. And if you listen closely, you might catch one humming a tune while looking for pictures in the clouds. Wrathful Wallocs are a sight to behold when they bare their sharp teeth and tusks. Quick for their size, they use the single claw on each of their feet to charge across the ice as easily as a human walks on dry land. *Wartoe, a green blooded showman who’s ego thrills at performing on Pet Town’s center stage and signing autographs for all of his adoring fans. Crude and full of attitude, Warto’s performances get wild when he’s cranky. A Master of strange and unusual smells, Cranky Warto displays his talent for making rude noises.
*Bullog, loveable and loyal Bullog is always there when you need a friend. Bullogs love playing fetch and searching around all the secret places of Pet Town. Best to avoid Bullog on his cranky days when he storms around growling and raising his arms. He's been known to charge at anyone who gets in his way.
*Orkal, despite being very shy and easily scared, Orkals are best known for being everyone’s BFF. When they feel safe Orkals like to dance and do tricks. A tough talker who never backs down from a challenge, Cranky Orkals are full of themselves and completely out of control. (information was gathered from freakypets.com ).

In case you didn't notice, some of the definitions mentioned "Pet Town." Well, this is what Pet Town is.
Pet Town is where the Freaky Pets live, it's a small town containing three clothing shops, five food stands, a video game arcade, one house shop (Lair shop as it's called in the virtual world), one private club, a big statue (as the landmark), a lake (outside of front gates, which open up only for a Pet), a fortune telling Dinork's hut, a race car stadium, and lots of Freaky Pets that host minigames.

The home world of the Freaky Creatures is Vendora, a planet that resembles Earth, the only difference is that dinosaurs are still alive, in fact some enemies happen to be Vendorian dinosaurs. (such as Vendorian raptors & killer snakes) There's also humans in the game, but no humans in Freaky Pets. It's kinda weird really, because Freaky Pets is from the creators of, take it away myself, (creepy voice) Freaky Creatures. (normal voice) but anyway, there's only one advantage that Pets has over Creatures, cute & cranky modes. In other words you decide if they'll be cranky, or cute. Freaky Creatures on the other hand, are stuck in cranky mode. (kinda think of it, it's more like a freaky mode)

This is everything the host of the Freaky Pets E3 commercial said.
(echo-y voice) (space music)"One day, man's curiosity will  lead him to the far reaches of the universe. Along the way, he will encounter many strange and wonderful new things. Some things will be cute, and some things will be cranky. And some things will be just plain (normal voice) (music stops) (freaky pet says "Mahaha!" as he transforms into his cranky state) freaky! Introducing Freaky Pets, a transformable pet that takes you on a wild adventure! The fun begins with the purchase of a stuffed Freaky Pet, available exclusively at Hallmark Gold crown stores. Is he cute or is he cranky? You decide! Go online and teach your new best friend how to flip, dance, sing, and even stand on it's head. No other pet can do all that. Head to Pet Town and make friends, and race against them, give them presents, and show-off your latest tricks for them. You can pick one of them including, Warto, Bullog, Dinork, Turtoe, Penga, Gweek, Walloc, Orkal, Monket and Puff Puff. Freaky Pets, from cranky, to cute."

Freaky pets is created by Abandon Interactive Entertainment. Same as Freaky Creatures.

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