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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mario Sports Mix

In Mario Sports Mix, it has four sport games (dodge-ball, basketball, volleyball, and hockey) and four mini-games.

These are the mini-games.
*Bob-Bomb dodge, avoid being hit (with bombs) and be the last one standing etc.
*Feed Petey, use your basketball skills to literally feed Petey, I mean, <sounding like a news reporter> Mario's got the ball can he make into Petey's mouth <normal voice> and skills!!!
*Smash Skate, hit every body with a hockey stick be the last one standing etc.
*Harmony Hustle, when you hit the ball it sounds like your writing /  singing a song.

These are the Characters. (start-off)
*Mario, you can't have Mario Sports Mix without Mario.
*Luigi, he goes where his Bro. goes, this game is no exception.
*Princess Peach, although there's no tennis in Mario Sports Mix, she wears tennis gear.
*Princess Daisy, princess of Sara-Land and B. F. F. to Princess Peach. (maybe because their both princesses)
*King Bowser, giant sci-fi monster with fiery ego.
*Prince Bowser Jr., son of Bowser with a football sized ego.
*Toad, this little guy's nice and generous, always (like Mario) plays nice and fair.
*Yoshi, cute little dinosaur with a BIG appetite.
*Mii, all rounders with fiery determination.
*Waluigi, creepy skinny dude
*Wario, creepy, and freaky
*Donkey Kong (DK), a giant gorilla.
*Diddy Kong, second banana compared to DK

These are the characters. (unlock-able)
*Ninja, who knew Ninja were so good at hockey?
*Cactus Dude, oh no! here comes Cactus Dude's special move, 1,000 needles! Ouch, one of them got me!!!
*Black Mage, when he pulls out his magic scepter, run away, run away, turn around and run the other way!!!
*White Mage, the opposite of Black Mage, she can use magic, but not a magic scepter.
*Slime, eew I stepped in something oh sorry Slime, I didn't know you were there.
*Moogle, looks like a dragon if you ask me.

These are the costumes that can be unlocked.
*Toad's costume(s), Yellow Toad, Red Toad, Green Toad, and Blue Toad.
*Princess Peach costume(s), Tennis Gear.
*Princess Daisy costume(s), Tennis Gear.
*Bowser costume(s), Green Shell, Red Shell, and Yellow Shell.
*Yoshi costume(s), Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Green Yoshi, and Purple Yoshi.
Bowser Jr. costume(s), Red Shell, Green Shell, and Yellow Shell.
Mii costume(s), Mario Suit, Bowser Suit, Yoshi Suit, Bowser Jr. Suit, Toad Suit, and Tennis Gear.
*Ninja costume(s), White Ninja Cloak.
*White Mage costume(s), Pure White Dress.
*Black Mage costume(s), Magic Red Robe.

These are the stadiums in the game.
*Basic Stadium, no tricks, just play and enjoy the sound of cheering fans.
*Western Junction, in mid-game a train dashes through the court, aboard the train is a bunch of Shy-Guys and some other dudes the throw stuff at you.
*Bowser's Castle, inside what you would call "Bowser's home turf."
*Bowser Jr. Blvd., built by Bowser Jr., colorful lights brighten things up here.
*Wario factory, you have play the games while running on treadmill here. (kinda annoying because it distracts you when your playing Harmony Hustle, I mean, you have to focus on not only the ball, but the treadmill your standing on as well)
*Waluigi Pinball, you wouldn't last a day here so, DO NOT pick this stadium. (why? Because giant pin-balls flatten everybody)
*Yoshi Stadium, giant eggs roll all over the place here, good-news about this place is that the eggs won't make you flat, bad-news is that...well..........okay there's no bad-news.
*Koopa Beach, for some reason the water here slows you down.
*Pirate Ship,  takes place on a pirate ship.
*DK Jungle, DK's home turf,

These are the characters. (support, crowd)
*Toadsworth, referee for volleyball.
*Toad, not only a playable character but, Toads show up in the crowd too!!!
*Chatito, he drops the puck required for hockey right in front of the team captions.
*Pinata, part of the crowd.

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