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Monday, November 26, 2012

Funky Barn

Funky Barn is what you get from combining a Wii U with whacky farming and cool machinery.

Just to let you know, you might notice little detail about this game. The reason? The only source of info is on the Nintendo website. There are no wikis for this game. And the only wiki that has a article related to this game has only one sentence.

You can name you farm animals and interact with them in many ways. You can pick up a sheep with the cursor and then drop it in a rickety wool shaving device. The wool comes out boxed up and the Sheep comes out with only a few hairs here and there.

Here's a list of known gadgets.
  • Sheep Shaving Device - Grab a Sheep and toss it down the chute. This whacky gizmo will do the rest! The Sheep will cannonball out of the machine (As stated above, the Sheep will have no wool on it except for patches here and there) and the wool will burst out boxed up!
  • Crop Collector - This mini airplane will frantic fly around your farm, harvesting crops at amazing speed. It will land exactly where it launched.
  • Egg Bot - A robot shaped like a egg with a Jack-O-Lantern face. It also has a vacuum on it's back, no arms, and two long mechanical legs end in cowboy boots. It's purpose is to collect eggs that you chickens have laid.
  • Milk Collector - a machine that, true to it's name, milks cows then bottles up the collected milk.

Here's a list of known animals
  • Chicken (Hen) - These chickens lay eggs which you can sell so you have money to buy gadgets with.
  • Chicken (Rooster) - I do not know if roosters are in the game, but since there are Hens, I'm pretty sure there are Roosters
  • Pigs - I don't know what Pigs do in the game.
  • Sheep - Sheep make wool to sell so you have more money in your pocket.
  • Chicks - If a chicken egg hatches before it's harvested, you get a Chick. The role the Chick has is unknown, though it is plausible that They age and become Hens (or Roosters if the Rooster is in the game).
  • Cow - Sheep Wool and Chicken eggs isn't enough to keep money flowing. Cows will make milk which you can sell for even MORE money.

There are possibly going to be more blog posts on this game because it's ultra new (it's not even out yet).

Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Exonaut

Project Exonaut is a game where you combine robotic suits based on Cartoon Network characters, futuristic laser guns and distant planets.

There are two warring factions. The First one is Bonzai Squadron. They specialize in speed. Most of the Bonzai members are red in color. Like all non-realistic suits, Bonzai suits add or subtract details that the original character does/doesn't have.. The other faction is Atlas Brigade. They specialize in strength.

Here's a short list with some of the suits in it.
  • Tina Rex - A T. Rex themed suit. Tina Rex is from The Amazing World of Gumball. The original Tina Rex has a long tail and two fingers. This suit has no tail whatsoever and has five fingers.
  • Ice King - The Ice King suit is based off of the Adventure Time character of the same name. The original Ice King wears a picture-less robe that covers his whole body from the neck down except for the hands. The suit however, has normal pants and a sweater and his feet are exposed AND barefoot, also his new sweater has flames painted on them. Odd actually. Because his weakness is heat. Because heat melts ice.
  • Alien X - Ben 10's most powerful form as a Exonaut suit. A notable difference between the show and the suit is that the suit has more spikes.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tank! Tank! Tank!

An awesome shooting and blowing things up game. You get a tank that has to destroy everything in sight. Your Tank can also use different cannons or guns each one cooler and better than the last. It's also a Wii U game.

Here's a list of known weapons.
  •  Machine Gun - A giant machine gun. It has rapid firing and will unleash a merciless rain of bullets on enemy tanks (and bosses).
  • Mega Beam - A nuclear laser cannon. It fires a deadly blue laser beam that can blow a building sky high.
  • Missile Rack- A Missile Launcher. It fires several missiles that are possibly homing missiles because after being launched, they seem to curve so that they hit their target.
  • Colossus Missile - Like the Missile Rack, the Colossus Missile is a missile launcher. However it fires a giant missile that causes a massive explosion.
  • Flamethrower - A Flamethrower that shoots a single stream of fire.
  • Classic Tank Cannon - a normal Tank cannon. Fires one shot at a time.

There are bosses in the game. Here's a list.
  • Swarm Of Giant Insects - Hundreds of giant insects are swarming the city. Your tank must kill all the insects. Possibly under a time limit. Each insect can only take one shot from a tank.
  • Golden Phoenix - A flying boss. It has a deadly finisher move where it grabs your tank with it's beak, then it throws the tank in the air and finally it turns the tank into dust by breathing fire.
  • Red Dragon - a three headed robot shaped like a dragon. It can breathe fire, launch missiles that look like it's three heads, and can crush your tank in it's jaws.
  • Squid Monster - a baby blue giant squid thing. I have no idea what it does.
  • Giant Robot - Only seen in "Be the Enemy" mode, the Giant Robot has two forms. The first is a water blue, robot version of King Kong. The other (which is my favorite) is dark red, has two life size replicas of the Empire State Building mounted on the shoulders, and has a satellite dish between said Buildings (it is possibly the head). The dish can shoot a red laser that can blow up a tank.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pirates and Wizards!!!!!

You might know about Wizard101. But Wzard101 has a sequel!!! Pirate101! So this blog post is about both as they form a new video game series! (It has no official name).

Wizard101 is where your character is a Wizard from "a realm that doesn't even believe in magic" according to Headmaster Androse. The game has four story plots, two of which involve someone evil or saddened, one with a rogue wizard determined to bring his wife back from the dead, another involves the relationship between Wizard City and a place called Grizzleheim, The next has a tournament gone wrong, and the other has an evil witch thing that gives you a dark warning. Pirate101 is where your character is a Pirate Captain on the most wanted list. I only know that the game will involve fame and fortune.

I would tell all for stories, but we would be here forever. So you get Two.
Here's Story One of Wizard101.
After you create a Wizard, Androse (an elderly but awesome mega-wizard) introduces you to the game. After that the camera zooms in to the top of Golem Tower where the silhouette of a ghostly figure dramatically appears in the window. You And Androse go inside and have a short battle of magic with Malistaire Drake (the rogue wizard I mentioned) and his Dragon Wizards. Next, you learn some spells from Ravenwood (a quit little town with five of the seven Schools of Magic). After defeating Lord Nightshade, you face Malistaire Drake in a realm called Krokotopia and he steals a spell book. Then you go to Marleybone where Malistaire steals a magic key to the Dragospyre and kills a Marleybonian Emperor. You heal the Emperor and go to the Dragospyre where you Fight Malistaire one last time. Then Malistaire dies. But his ghost is seen with the ghost of his wife Sylvia.

Here's Story Four of Wizard101
Ambrose summons you and he's got bad news. Marleybonian explorers are stranded on the underwater world of Celestia. So he sends you to help out the explorers. A vile and totally evil girl wizard called Morganthe is also on Celestia. She and her minions want the three Astral Magics: Sun, Moon, and Star. After defeating Morganthe's mega minion, she gives you a dark prophecy: "The Mirror will break, The Horn will call. From the Shadows I strike, The Skies will fall". You then go to  the Africa-like world of Zafaria. Morganthe has caused a lot of problems in Zafaria. The Lion people are turning on each other. Your fellow Ravenwood students have disappeared. Zebra people and Elephant people are warring in lethal feuds. The Elephants are accusing the Zebras of kidnapping their prince. You find Morganthe at Mirror Lake and figure out that she was responsible for everything. She kidnapped the prince and blamed the Zebras for this villainous crime. After that she repeats the sinister warning: "The Mirror will break, The Horn will call. From the Shadows I strike, the Skies will fall." Meaning Mirror Lake was the mirror in this riddle. Ambrose then gives you a new task. Go to the first Wizard homeworld of Avalon and retrieve the Sword of Kings. You must rally the Knights of Avalon and meditate at a shrine, both of which a requirement to obtain the Sword of Kings. Next you must find the Lady of the Lake and kill the totally evil Pendragon. After doing the first two tasks you have a vison. You are fighting Morganthe when she was a child in a duel of magic. Next you are deemed worthy to use the Sword. You use the Sword of Kings to slay the Pendragon. The dead Pendragon is actually Avalon's King mutated by the Horned Crown. Your character is reminded of Morganthe's warning. Mostly the part that says "The Horn will call.". With the Horned Crown being the Horn and the King's mutation being the call. Then you go to Azteca only to find the realm is doomed. A massive magical comet is heading straight towards Azteca. You teleport ONTO the comet. You find Morganthe on the comet, but she is not alone. The ghost of the dead Malistaire Drake is with her. You duel both of the undead magic-casters but you are too late to stop the comet as Morganthe cast a spell that both makes the comet invincible AND keeps you from altering the comet's course. Morganthe again reminds you of her evil prophecy. The comet was the Shadows and Azteca's destruction being the strike. I don't know what happens next but because the last part of the warning said "The Skies will fall", I'm guessing there will be a final battle in the sky and that the prophecy will come true, releasing a, oh I don't know, an totally evil monster big enough to smash the spiral  and you have to fight it and you win and Morganthe is destroyed and then there's a Happily Ever After. I love games with Happily Ever After endings. But I love endings that hint at a possible sequel more.

Here's the plot for Pirate101.
After creating a character, you are on the most wanted list big time (part of character back story) and the game picks up where you are being shipped to prison by the Valencian Imperial Navy. But a mega pirate called BoochBeard and his talking monkey sidekick Mr. Galby break you out. You, BoochBeard, and Mr.Galby then go to the ultimate pirate hideout: Skull Island. The reason why this is a great pirate hideout is because Mr. Galby's species (Monkey people) control the island and hire pirates to bring them stolen cash from rival Empires. You then go on a quest for glory and fame. I don't know what happens next but my guess is you travel to a secret uncharted cave full of treasure, but suddenly a hideous monster pops out of nowhere and you have to fight it.

In Wizard101, your Wizard attends one of ten Schools. Here's a list.
  • Fire - Pyromancers are wizards with fire powers. Their roots trace to the mighty Fire Dragons, One of the Titans that ruled in the Days Before. The Gem is the Ruby. Pyromancers will learn to harness the fire inside oneself and unleash in the form of magical Fire Creatures and fiery blasts. Did I mention that, just like poison, some Fire Spells deal damage over time?
  • Ice - Thaumaturges are wizards with Ice powers. Their origins trace to the powerful Giant, one of the Titans that ruled in the Days Before. The gem is the Sapphire. Ice is all about persistence. Slow and steady wins the race. Especially if you just happen to be a Thaumaturge. Thaumaturge will learn to use ice and snow to cast magical defenses so powerful that if properly used, nothing can even get close to you.
  • Storm - Diviners' the name, lightning's their game! Storm Diviners are everything that make an inventor yell "Eureka!" Creativity is their main feature. They can deal lots of damage in very little time. The first Diviners were the well-prepared-for-practically-everything Sea Tritons, who ruled in the Days Before!
  • Life - Imagine owning a garden stretching across the whole universe. Now imagine controlling everything in that garden with a wave of your hand. That's what Theurgists do. Like Moolinda Wu always say: "As we have been created, we must also Create". Theurgists specialize in healing. In fact they can heal a whole army to full health. Whereas the other Schools summon creatures, Theurgists create the creatures from scratch. Their origins can be traced to when the Fire Dragons and Sea Tritons united, for that was when Life Magic was born.
  • Myth - Imagination can be a hazard. But also a tool for those who know HOW to use it. Conjurers do just that. They create the illusion that a myth became real. Myth was born when Fire and Ice joined.
  • Death - "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to Suffering" -Yoda quote. Necromancers can keep themselves from going to the dark side by draining the fear out of themselves and putting it in enemies. Necromancers are the only characters that can learn everything: Healing, Damage over time, Life-stealing (unique to this School), normal damage, and you can trade life energy from magic. Death is a deadly combo of Ice and Storm.
  • Balance - Balance is everything. It is the strongest magic ever. An awesome mix of Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Death, AND Myth. Something noticeable is that the creatures summoned are either bugs or giant forms a Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
  • Sun - You have a beetle. You want the beetle to be different. Cast a Sun spell and you get a Giant beetle with any desired add-ons. Sun focuses on mutating a creature to do twice as much damage.
  • Moon - You that werewolves transform when the full moon is out, right? Moon spells function similar. Moon Wizards can turn themselves into whatever their magic little hearts' desire. Dragon, Werewolf, Troll, Cyclops, Snow Serpent, you name it.
  • Star - Star Wizards can buff themselves up. Aura Buffs either make you stronger or make the enemy weaker.

Here's a little Gallery (Only Wizard101 images. I couldn't find any pictures for Pirate101).

Headmaster (and mega-wizard)

Rogue Necromancer Malistaire
Drake (before death).

 Gamma's Room.png
(Click to enlarge) Map of the Spiral (where both
Wizard101 AND Pirate101 takes place)

Pirate101 Has some cool Pirate Classes. Here's a list.
  • Buccaneer - Buccaneers are pirates that can do lethal damage in hand-to-hand combat. They lack speed and distance because they prefer strength and power in battle. Their teacher is a Shark Man who is the last of a great pirate crew. Buccaneers are also roughly the strongest pirates in the game.
  • Privateer - Every great pirate crew needs a captain. Privateers are that captain. Actually ALL Classes are Captains. Privateers just get bigger crews and focus on helping their crew mates. They also heal people. But they don't do well when they have to fight directly.
  • Witchdoctor - The only connection between Wizard101 and Pirate101. After Wizards became Pirates, All ten Schools of Magic have been left behind by all but one type of people: Witchdoctors! They use the Ten Schools of Magic in battle.
  • Musketeer - These guys are mega gunslingers. They snipe off the competition and they booby trap the play-field (the game uses virtual board game combat). They do everything they can to make sure that Hand-to-Hand Combat with a Musketeer is impossible.
  • Swashbuckler - Knock Knock. The moment you open the door, you see nothing but a colorful blur. But when you come back in, you notice that several of your belongings are missing. Swashbucklers are crazy fast. They are a blur! A Swashbuckler has the easiest plan for victory without taking damage at all. Elegantly and tauntingly dodge the attacks, unleash the awesome bomb (my word for crazy fast attack frenzy), get out, do it all over again.

NOTE: Images from Wizard101 Wiki.