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Friday, November 16, 2012

Tank! Tank! Tank!

An awesome shooting and blowing things up game. You get a tank that has to destroy everything in sight. Your Tank can also use different cannons or guns each one cooler and better than the last. It's also a Wii U game.

Here's a list of known weapons.
  •  Machine Gun - A giant machine gun. It has rapid firing and will unleash a merciless rain of bullets on enemy tanks (and bosses).
  • Mega Beam - A nuclear laser cannon. It fires a deadly blue laser beam that can blow a building sky high.
  • Missile Rack- A Missile Launcher. It fires several missiles that are possibly homing missiles because after being launched, they seem to curve so that they hit their target.
  • Colossus Missile - Like the Missile Rack, the Colossus Missile is a missile launcher. However it fires a giant missile that causes a massive explosion.
  • Flamethrower - A Flamethrower that shoots a single stream of fire.
  • Classic Tank Cannon - a normal Tank cannon. Fires one shot at a time.

There are bosses in the game. Here's a list.
  • Swarm Of Giant Insects - Hundreds of giant insects are swarming the city. Your tank must kill all the insects. Possibly under a time limit. Each insect can only take one shot from a tank.
  • Golden Phoenix - A flying boss. It has a deadly finisher move where it grabs your tank with it's beak, then it throws the tank in the air and finally it turns the tank into dust by breathing fire.
  • Red Dragon - a three headed robot shaped like a dragon. It can breathe fire, launch missiles that look like it's three heads, and can crush your tank in it's jaws.
  • Squid Monster - a baby blue giant squid thing. I have no idea what it does.
  • Giant Robot - Only seen in "Be the Enemy" mode, the Giant Robot has two forms. The first is a water blue, robot version of King Kong. The other (which is my favorite) is dark red, has two life size replicas of the Empire State Building mounted on the shoulders, and has a satellite dish between said Buildings (it is possibly the head). The dish can shoot a red laser that can blow up a tank.

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