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Monday, April 29, 2013

My mom's fund raiser and BENEFIT SALE

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is about my mother's fund raiser. She is supporting a friend of hers whose husband died in a car accident.

Master Deputy Sheriff Shane Robbins

This man was a police officer before his demise. His name was Shane Robbins. He was at a very high rank at the time of his death. Master Deputy Sheriff, to be exact. He's been in force (or service) for about 15 years.

But another good reason why my mother's friend needs support is that now she is a single parent, and has FIVE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fund raiser takes place exactly 12 (twelve) days from the day this blog was published. According to my mother (Stacey Way), the minimal number of  guests is about....five hundred to one thousand. So basically there is going to be a LOT of people there. Like how there are about a thousand LD-301 robots that serve as crewmen of the Sand-ship (From Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Even when I'm spreading the word about the fund raiser I love making a video game reference.).

Another thing to know is that my mother has done fund raising before this, but this is the first time the benefit is for a family whose close relative has passed on. She even said that "It's hard to do this without getting emotional". I, myself, never got emotional during the preparations. Yet again, I never met Shane Robbins and thus he has no attachments to me in the form of a relationship. But Anyway, If you are reading this post, I find it wisest to join in. It also has a BENEFIT SALE!!!!!!! You need a dollar to enter and with a good amount of good luck you can win one of several PRIZES!!!!! I do not know much about said PRIZES, but I do know that one prize you can get is TICKETS TO THE MOVIE THEATER!!!!!! You can watch any movie you want with these, but each one works ONLY ONCE. So if you want to get several, you must put in two, three, four, five, or six doolars for the additional tickets. And there is only six tickets available.

My mother is (during the gap between the day of this post and the day of the fund raiser and benefit sale) currently making final preparations such as getting people to sponsor this event, getting the supplies (she took care of the snacks. There's CAKE and COOKIES and even ICE CREAM. I am going to pass on the ice cream, though. My stomach hates ice cream while my taste buds love it. So I am going to listen to my stomach whenever I can eat ice cream and simply turn it down.). She also got the fire department to drive a truck to the party. It's not really a party, actually. 

Please notice how this post is a LOT shorter than the others. That is because that my mother only gave me KEY information, and not DETAILED information. The difference? KEY information is short fun facts. But DETAILED information is a whole lot different. It is LONG fun facts about the exact same topic.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zelda Time!!!!!

One of the oldest posts I posted was about the series known as The Legend of Zelda. This post is also about The Legend of Zelda!!!! And with BETTER info!!!!

The newest game in the series is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Unless you count Nintendo Land's minigame Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest to be part of the series.

But here is a neat thing. There is actually more than one Link. Original link had descendant (either a son or a nephew), his name was Link, that Link had a descendant, and that child was named Link, and that Link passed the title of Link (as well as the trademark green clothes) down to his descendant and the descendant passes down the title and clothes to the next descendant and this keeps on repeating over and over. Every new game has a new Link that is the descendant of the previous Link. In fact there is a character, called the Hero's Shade (first appeared in Twilight Princess), and according to a book the Hero's Shade might be the ghost of the Link from the game Legend of Zelda: Orcania of Time. This is highly logical has the Hero's Shade seems to use the exact same moves that the Orcania of Time Link uses in that game.

Of all the Links that appear in the series, the Link in Twilight Princess is by-far the best swordsman. Especially if you make Link learn the Seven Hidden Skills of the Art of the Sword (or Hidden Skills for short). In fact, the very first Hidden Skill, the Finishing Blow, is needed to defeat Ganondorf in Twilight Princess. It's not has powerful as the Mortal Draw, though. To use the Finishing Blow, you must try to knock the foe off their feet, then you must do the required action to activate the Finishing Blow. Link will jump up and stab his sword straight down through the foes' heart. However, you must do this quickly, as an enemy will get back up within seconds. The Mortal Draw, however, can be used anytime during a fight. To use it, Link must put away all his weapons and must not target a single enemy. When the the foe is close enough, a button will appear. Press that button at the right moment and Link will smash his blade against his foe, instantly killing them. There is only one enemy that can block this otherwise invincible attack. The Darknut. All other enemies (along with some bosses and almost every mini-boss) are defenseless against this deadly attack. However, bosses can survive the first Mortal Draw you use on them, but might die if you hit them with the Mortal draw either a second or a third time.

Here is the info of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
The newest incarnation of Link lives in Skyloft, a giant floating island surround by smaller floating islands. Just like his ancestors, he has a tendency of sleeping in. By the time the game starts, it is the day of the Wing Ceremony, where all knights in training compete in a thrilling race to catch a statue carried by a Loftwing (giant birds that come in every imaginable color, But Link's Loftwing partner is the only Crimson Red Loftwing in Skyloft). Zelda sent her Blue Loftwing to deliver a message to Link. The player now has to make Link go to the Statue of the Goddess, where Zelda is waiting. Zelda is wearing a costume that she made for the Wing Ceremony's ending ritual.

During the conversation, the player can select one of three things for Link to say about Zelda's costume. After that, Link learns that his Loftwing partner has been locked up in a cage by the Academy's bully, Groose, because he is secretly jealous of Link's Loftwing, which is way better in every way than his own Loftwing. It is quite obvious that he got injured during the kidnapping, because his friends are giving him a massage in aching points on his body. Plus, one of them said that the Loftwing bit, pecked, and scratched them violently while trying to get the Loftwing into the cage.

The cage is at the other end of a long tunnel behind a waterfall, blocked up with wooden bars. Because the tunnel is home to dangerous beasts. So Link has to go to the Sparring Hall and get a Practice Sword. It's normally used for friendly sword duals among the students of the Academy. But you need it to fight through a hoard of Keese and Chuchu. After freeing Link's Loftwing, Zelda teaches Link how to ride a Loftwing.

Link and his Loftwing make it Just in time for the Wing Ceremony's race scene. Of course, Groose cheated during the race by ramming into the player as well as the NPC racers that managed to make it into the race. And his friends were throwing raw eggs at the other NPC's as well as the player. But Link still grabs the bird statuette you must grab in order to win the race. Then comes the ending ritual, where Zelda gives you her Sailcloth (she made it herself) and then comes the exciting part. The winner of the race must jump off the Statue of the Goddess, steer themselves to a golden circular design on the ground, and parachute to safety using the Sailcloth as a parachute. However, Zelda pushes you off on the first try.

After the ritual ends, Zelda and Link go Loftwing Riding together, but suddenly, a massive tornado appears and sucks Zelda down to the surface world, and no resident of Skyloft have see the Surface world, as there is a cloud barrier separating Skyloft from the Surface. Link was carried back to Skyloft on his Loftwing's back (even though he was limp and unconscious). Zelda's father then gives Link the senior class knight uniform (up until now, Link was wearing casual clothes), which (unlike Link's previous clothes) is designed for long journeys.

But first, Link needs a proper sword, as a Practice Sword would be useless in a land long forgotten and swarming with killer plants, volcanoes that never stop erupting, and a ridiculously large desert crawling with who knows what. So Link must equip himself with the Goddess Sword, a magnificent divine blade that happens to be alive. The spirit known as Fi pops out of the blade to give advice. The player has the option of going to the bizarre and stocking up on supplies. I strongly recommend a shield and at least one healing potion. But unfortunately, the only shield available is the Wooden shield. It is the weakest shield in the game and breaks easily. If you have the ingredients, you can take your Wooden Shield to the Scrap Shop to upgrade to the Banded Shield which is much stronger than the Wooden Shield. And you can make another upgrade assuming you have the proper ingredients. I do not know what comes after the banded shield but I do know that the Wooden Shield and it's upgrades will burn easily. Luckily the first area you go to is Faron Woods, which have absolutely no fire to burn your shield.

After reaching Faron Woods, Link must help the Kikwi. Kikwi are friendly penguin-like creatures that are also cowardly and will do everything they can to escape attackers. Curiously, where every single lesser Kikwi is knee high compared to Link, the Kikwi Elder is gigantic, roughly the size of an African Elephant. But they all think they are master hiders, possibly due to the fact that the bush on their backs make them look like a bunch of plants.

After helping the Kikwi Elder find his fellow Kikwi (he does not help in the search because he is terrified of the enemies in the area and dares not to move from his hill, as it is the only safe part of the woods besides climbing up a tree.). The hardest to reach Kikwi is up a tall tree and is being terrorized by Bokoblins. After defeating the Bokoblins, the Kikwi, replies that his legs fell like jelly (because he is still in shock of the Bokoblin attack). Link must roll into the tree, and the impact will make the Kikwi fall to the ground.

With his kin safe, the Kikwi Elder gives you a Slingshot. Which is a good thing because there are puzzles which can only be solved with a Slingshot. He then tells you that deeper in the woods there is a temple, which Zelda is going to. The Sky-view Temple to be exact. But all Temples and all Dungeons in the game have dangerous enemies and dangerous traps and mind-boggling puzzles and when you reach the final room in the temple/dungeon, there is a boss, waiting for you.

On his way in, the camera zooms out so we see the boots of someone who is following Link. When Link reaches the final room, he finds a mysterious villain named Ghirahim (even though he prefers his full title: Lord Ghirahim of the Surface). He is trying to break open a door, but he senses the presence of Link and reveals that he summoned the massive tornado that sucked Zelda to the surface (in fact he even admitted that he thought that Link was killed in the tornado). Apparently Ghirahim wants the sky maiden (A.K.A. Zelda) for a master plan to revive his master: Demise. Even though Demise is currently known as the Imprisoned as he is trying to escape his prison in the Sealed Grounds.

Then Ghirahim and Link engage in a thrilling one-on-one BOSS BATTLE. Ghirahim is very powerful, and he gives the player a very hard time with the duel and he is not even using his full power, he's just toying with you. If he used his full power then, the player would never defeat him. After defeating Ghirahim, he says that he spent far too long dueling with Link and he says that he can barely feel Zelda's presence, implying that Zelda moved on and is no longer there. He teleports after saying that if Link crosses paths with Ghirahim again, he (Ghirahim) will kill Link.

You now have to return to Skyloft and place the second third of the Surface Map on the pedestal in the Statue of the Goddess, where Link gained the Goddess Sword as well as the first third of the map. Then you can go to Eldin Volcano, but your Wooden Shield would be useless there because just about every enemy has flames on it's body or breathes fire or both. By now you can buy the Iron Shield, which can protect you from intense heat and fire, but will shatter instantly if it touches electricity. You can upgrade it to the Reinforced Shield, which makes it even more durable and upgrade that to the Fortified Shield, which is even MORE durable than the Reinforced Shield.

Fi advises that the use of dowsing (the Goddess Sword can dowse, where you play "hot-cold" with the Goddess Sword while looking through Link's eyes. Dowse to find targeted objects or creatures but be careful in Temples and Dungeons, because there are so many auras in both structures that dowsing would be useless, as dowsing allows you to track the aura of an object.) is critical to find Zelda. Link then meets the Mogma. Mole like creatures that love treasure, they indirectly reveal that the key to the Fire Temple has been broken up and scattered throughout the area. Fi can now dowse for the key pieces. After assembling the key and unlocking the door to the Fire Temple, you now have access to the temple's interior.

I, myself, have not successfully navigated the Fire Temple. But I do know that you meet Ghirahim at the final room (again). But since his first defeat, Ghirahim is starting to lose his temper and remarks that Link's death will "put a spring in my step". Those are Ghirahim's exact words. So he summons a fire beast to fight Link. Link defeats the fire beast (called "Scaldera") and then meets Zelda at the back of the temple. She is accompanied by Impa, a ninja-like warrior that has vowed to protect the sky maiden so she can complete her mission (which, as Fi said, is also Link's mission). Impa says that Zelda is safe only because Impa rescued her from her captors and Link was too late to do so.

Then you can place the third and final third of the map of the surface and go to the Lanaryu Desert, which has ROBOTS. And even better ROBOTS that have been around for THOUSANDS of years!!!!! But it also has giant scorpions and EVIL ROBOTS. As well as Bokoblins wielding electrified batons that will instantly break the Iron Shield, Reinforced Shield, and Fortified Shield on impact.

Link also gets the chance to explore the Sand-ship, a Pirate ship piloted by ROBOTS!!!!! But it gets attacked by a giant squid-like monster. This only happens when Link reaches the front deck. Link defeats this beast and moves on.

Somewhere down the road you meet Ghirahim in the final room of the Ancient Cistern. This time he is just sitting on a golden statue's head. He remarks on how persistent Link is. And with a snap of his fingers, Ghirahim brings the statue to life AND teleport away at the exact same time. Link defeats the statue in a two phase BOSS BATTLE.

Also later on Link must gather the three Sacred Flames. The Flames are absorbed into the Goddess Sword, thus upgrading it. The First Flame will turn the Goddess Sword into the Goddess Longsword, with a longer attack range and all damage done will be doubled. The Next Flame turns the Goddess Longsword into the Goddess Whitesword, which is even better at tracking things while dowsing. And the final Flame turns the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword, a crazy awesome blade of awesomeness.

But the Master Sword is not at full power yet, and in order to get that, you need to learn the Song of the Hero and there are four segments in the song, each one is can be taught by on of the Three Dragons and Levias, the flying whale. But here is the tricky part. Levias has become unnaturally aggressive thanks to a parasite. So you fight the parasite while riding on Link's Loftwing. Link cannot fight the parasite on foot because that would mean that Levias has to land, and thus he would beach himself. Not even the parasite wants that to happen. Mainly because if it's host is beached, it becomes useless to the Parasite and the Parasite wants to use Levias.

Link can defeat the parasite by using a move called the Spiral Charge, a trick that only advanced class knights are allowed to learn. Instructor Horwell gives you authorization to use it though. After ridding Levias of his parasite problem, he teaches you part of the Song of the Hero. You can learn the other three parts of the song in any order you want.

If you want Faron's part, you are going to have to learn about her lair from a Kikwi hermit (he's not really a hermit. He's been living in a tall tree all his life and never wanted to come back down). Faron needs some special water at the moment and you must return to Sky-view Temple to get the water. You are going to need a Bottle, though. To get a bottle, you can find a bottle in some treasure chests. However, you can get a bottle for free by talking to the Potion Shop saleswoman for the first time. Give the water to Faron and she will teach you her part.

If you want Lanaryu's part, you will find his skeletons as he died a few years before the events of the game started. So Link must travel back in time to cure a slowly dying Lanaryu of a life-span shortening decease. You must plant a seed, travel forwards in time, the seedling is now a giant tree, take the antidote from the tree, travel back in time, give the antidote to the gravely ill Lanaryu and Lanaryu will live in the present. After that he will teach you his part of the song.

If you want Eldin's part, you don't have to do a favor for him or revive him. You just have to talk to him. That's it. However, the moment you land in Eldin's realm Link gets kidnapped by a hoard of Bokoblins and all of his gear has been stolen and scattered throughout the lair of the Bokoblins. By now you should have the following equipment: Master Sword, Whip, Beetle, Slingshot, Bow and Arrows, at least one shield, a Bomb Bag (for carrying bombs), Gust Bellows, the Goddess's Harp, Claw-shots, Zelda's Sailcloth, Mogma Mitts, at least an empty bottle, and a optional tool known as the Bug Net (for catching bugs and birds.). The Bug Net you do not need but you need everything else. So you must fight your way out of the Bokoblin Base and when you recover haft of your gear, you find The Master Sword and the remaining equipment in a room. Eldin is in the same room.

Link and Zelda travel back in time (the Song of the Hero unlocks the Gate of Time, which allows you to travel through time with several people with you) and Zelda uses the power of Hylia (Better known as the Goddess) to turn the Master Sword into the True Master Sword. Now it is the ULTIMATE blade. No other weapon compares to it. It is the BEST fighting weapon in the game, tying in first only with the Bow's final upgrade: The Sacred Bow.

But throughout the events of the game, the player has to return to the Sealed Grounds so they can force the Imprisoned back into it's seal. The Imprisoned will just ignore you during all versions of the BOSS BATTLE. The second time you face the Imprisoned, Groose accidentally falls to the Surface World, but names the place "Groose-Land". Groose will stay at the Sealed Grounds for the rest of the game (until you beat the game). Why? Because he actually makes himself useful by helping you during the second, third, and fourth BOSS BATTLES with the Imprisoned

But where is Ghirahim? You encounter him in the Fire Sanctuary (if you try to go there without the Fire-shield Earrings, Fi will tell you that the Fire Sanctuary is so hot that Link will die the moment he steps foot in there. And even then the entrance is at the end of a cave so hot that Link will catch on fire the moment he steps inside the tunnel, taking a quarter of a heart with every second spent in there). And a BOSS BATTLE between Link and Ghirahim begins (I consider this to be a rematch of their first encounter). Ghirahim is tougher, now, as he is starting to realize how big a threat Link is to his master plan. So he upgrades his powers with better defense, a wider range of attack, and so on and so forth.

After all of these events pass, Ghirahim kidnaps Zelda. So Link must fight his way through the BIGGEST Hoard of monsters Ghirahim could muster. Ghirahim sent every monster he commanded to barricade the Sealed Grounds so Ghirahim has enough time to revive Demise by feeding the Imprisoned Zelda's soul. The hoard had Red Bokoblins, Green Bokoblins, Bokoblins with swords, Bokoblins with hammers, Bokoblins with axes, and Moblins (rarer, more powerful Bokoblins). Bokoblins that can summon more Bokoblins. And Staflos!!!! The undead skeletal warrior!!!! And last but not least comes a thrilling final battle between Link and Ghirahim (TIP: The Finishing Blow is also in Skyward Sword. You must use the Finishing blow to defeat Ghirahim). But Link is too late. The Imprisoned ate the soul of Zelda and transformed into Demise. And Ghirahim is transformed into Demise's sword.

Demise then engages Link in a duel in a dimension Demise created just for fair, one-on-one sword duels. In this dimension, Link's most powerful sword move, the Skyward Strike, is useless. This is unfair as Demise has his own version of the Skyward Strike. And his is infused with the power of lightning. And not even a shield can protect you from this attack. After hitting Demise enough times, he will fall on his back and you can perform the Finishing Blow on him. But this is more dramatic than the normal one. Link spins in the air twice while jumping, and the True Master Sword is infused with lightning, supercharging the Finishing Blow. Be careful though. You only get three chances to use the finishing blow. The slightest delay will allow Demise to get up.

After defeating Demise, Groose rides back to Skyloft, since that the ultimate evil is destroyed, he is no longer needed to help keep it at bay. But Link and Zelda, on the other hand, decide to stay on the surface.


If you want more info, I strongly recommend that you go to Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda Wiki.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!!!!!!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a video game coming out this September 30. It is very awesome.

Here is a list of known super heroes.
  • Iron Man - A.K.A. Tony Stark. Tony Stark is a billionaire. He also flirts (and sometimes date) various women. Tony is perhaps the only super hero ever that revealed his identity worldwide. Tony's powers are: Alone he's powerless, but he has several different armors that enable him to fight crime. Basic powers for these armors are pulse lasers (fired from the hands), a uni-beam (A super-charged pulse laser fired from the chest), Missiles (which can be fired from any body part) and flight. Some armors have additional powers. Like the War Machine armor, which has a machine gun mounted on the left shoulder. Tony's main weakness is that there is a shard of metal in his chest dangerously close to his heart. He has a rechargeable arc reactor in the chest that prevents the shard from doing any damage to his internal structure (as removing the shard would kill him).
  • Captain America - A.K.A. Steve Rogers. Steve was just a kid from Brooklyn (which is in New York, which is in the United States of America, which is where I live). When he was old enough to join the army for World War 2, he was the first test subject for Project: Rebirth. The project was to make at least one super soldier so America has a better chance of winning the war. Steve's reflexes became unnaturally sharp, his strength became beyond that of a normal human, and he is incredibly faster and more agile than a normal human. Of course this allowed him to tip the odds into America's favor. A German war criminal named the Red Skull launched a nuclear missile to destroy America. The Captain managed to disarm the missile, but fell into the waters below and became encased in a protective ice glacier. Thanks to Project: Rebirth, the super soldier serum running through his body allowed him to age much slower than normal. Several years later, he was thawed out several years after World War 2 ended. Both back then and in the present his weapon of choice is a shield colored to look like the U.S.A flag. He can throw it like a boomerang or use it has a close quarters weapon. He has no weaknesses.
  • The Incredible Hulk - A.K.A. Bruce Banner. Bruce wanted to replicate Project Rebirth (see in Captain America's bio) using Gamma Radiation instead of a serum. He decided to test it on himself. But he put too much Gamma Radiation into his body, making him turn into a unstoppable monster whenever he gets angry. While as the Incredible Hulk, he has Hyper-Strength (the only level of strength that can surpass Super Strength), near invincibility, Super Jumps (which are jumps so high it looks like he is flying) and regeneration (if something penetrates his almost completely impervious hide). But the Hulk is extremely destructive, and almost every time he enters his Hulk form, he winds up breaking something.
  • Thor - The Prince of Thunder. This superhero is based off of the being the Norse Vikings believed brought lightning. But this is not some super dimensional being that some Vikings worshiped, this is a completely invincible super hero. Anyway, Thor has a magic Hammer (called Mjolnir) which allows him to use the power of lightning to fight crime. He does not keep his identity secret, because his life as a invincible superhero is his life in general. He is also capable of flight. And has a strength level that is greater than Super-Strength but weaker than Hyper-Strength.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man - One of my favorites. A.K.A. Peter Parker. Peter was a nerdy science student that went on a seemingly harmless field trip. But in the middle of that field trip, a genetically altered spider bit him on the hand (in the 2012 film it was on the back of the neck). Then he started developing spider-like characteristics, such has enhanced sight, inhuman strength and agility, and (in some versions) the ability to shoot webs out of his wrists. He originally wanted to use these powers to make money (his family was poor), until one night a thief ran by. Peter could have easily defeated the criminal, but he did nothing. That same criminal murdered Peter's uncle, Ben Parker. Peter then learned that with great power comes great responsibility. So now he uses webs (in the versions where he cannot shoot webs out of his wrists he had web shooting devices mounted on his wrists), wall crawling, and the other powers he got from the spider bite to fight crime.
  • Hawkeye - A.K.A. Flint Barton. He is a S.H.E.I.L.D. agent (which are a bunch of super spies). He, himself, does not really have powers, but he is a skilled archer, and he NEVER misses a target. Some of his arrows have been rigged to have various effects when the Arrow hits the target, such as exploding, melting the target, electrocuting the target, or simply trapping the target in a net. He goes way back with another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Natasha Romanoff, A.K.A. the Black Widow (see next bio).
  • The Black Widow - A.K.A. Natasha Romanoff. She is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. She has guns. And countless secret agent tools. She also happens to be Russian. She is lethal at any range, even close quarters. She has a deep history with Flint Barton, A.K.A. Hawkeye.

The super heroes above form a single super hero team, the Avengers. In some versions Captain America is the team leader, while in other versions Iron Man is the team leader. Either way, they are super awesome.

Here is the plot that I know of. As well as step-by-step instructions for clearing the levels. The levels that have been revealed that is.
The Silver Surfer (a super hero I did not mention) has been sent by his master, Galactus (who literally eats planets) to find a nice juicy planet for Galactus to eat. But on his way there, Loki (Thor's evil brother) destroys The Silver Surfer's surfboard and scattered the pieces throughout the Marvel Universe. And now all the Marvel villains such the Sandman (an old foe of Spider-Man's), Dr. Doom (Marvel's most powerful super villain), The Abomination (A Hulk want-to-be with blades on his elbows), and probably Magneto (a super villain that can control anything made of metal) are racing to see who can get the most pieces (because they are wanting to build a doomsday device out of the pieces). Apparently The Sandman and the Abomination teamed up to force S.H.E.I.L.D. give up some Cosmic Bricks (which are what the pieces of the Silver Surfer's surfboard are called). They do this by holding Central Station hostage (during rush hour). They will trade the hostages for the Cosmic Bricks. Now here is why the Sandman is called the Sandman. His body is made of sand, can expand this sand to great amounts, and the more sand around him, the more powerful he gets. And the building is (literally) flooded with enough sand to turn the Sandman into a giant sand monster.

But as the Sandman is talking, the Abomination says "Why did they make HIM supervisor? He's got sand for brains.", hinting at the Sandman and the Abomination are working for someone. Then Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk appear to fight the villains. Iron Man is wearing his Mark 6 armor. And the Hulk wants to smash everything in sight. Then gameplay begins. Iron Man must fight the sandmen (which are minions made of sand), while the Hulk smashes his way to the front doors of the building. The doors are guarded by the Abomination. Iron Man's Mark 6 armor is no match against the Abomination, as he can do everything the Hulk can do. So switch to the Hulk (you can switch between characters anytime you want) in order to beat the Abomination. You must press the button on screen to make the Hulk keep up with the Abomination's attacks. After a while, you will be prompted to press another button as many times as you can. It will will make the Hulk grab the Abomination's arm and the Hulk will slam the fist on the arm into the Abomination's face several times. Hulk will then automatically uppercut the Abomination and slam him on the floor twice, then he will throw him through the building.

By now the Sandman will notice the two heroes, and engage them in a BOSS BATTLE. The Sandman will barricade himself in a giant Sand Castle with cannons that shoot balls made of sand. The Hulk can smash the castle open, but the sand-covered slope the Castle is on will make it impossible for the Hulk to get to the weak spot in the castle. Switch to Iron Man and blow up some objects with Pulse Lasers or Missiles. There are two ladders made of silver. Blow them Up with Missiles. Then build an anvil out of them. Switch to the Incredible Hulk. Have the Hulk pick up the anvil and throw it at the weak spot.

We then see a massive sand tornado erupt from the roof of the building. Spider-Man then decides to help the Hulk and Iron Man. Peter then comments on how "the Avengers are really great at making a mess." Now you can play as Spider-Man. Use Iron Man's missiles to blow up a silver piece of debris blocking the way. Switch to Spider-Man. Spider-Man also has another power: Spider-Sense. It's where Spider-Man can sense a hazard or something important before it comes. So use Spider-Sense to find an outlet on a generator. Then use Spider-Man's webs to pull out the outlet, turning off the generator, thus making the path to the Sandman safer. But there is a giant "A" blocking the path. Use Spider-Sense to find two grapple points.Once targeted, Spider-Man will pull the "A" down (using webs). Now you can fight the Sandman. But now he is a giant.

Use Spider-Man to create a rope so other characters can get up the water tower the rope needs to connect to. Switch to the Hulk. The only downfall to playing as the Hulk is that he cannot climb ropes or ladders. In fact he is the only character who cannot build things out of piles of bouncing bricks. In fact if you try while as the Hulk, he will try to connect two of the bricks, but he can't find a way to connect them and will kick the pile of bricks in anger. Anyway, that is why you can have the Hulk switch to and from his Hulk form, and the form of Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner can do everything the Hulk can NOT do, but that means he can NOT do what the Hulk CAN do. Anyway, make the Hulk transform back to Bruce Banner and have him climb the rope. The moment you reach the top, have Bruce transform into the Incredible Hulk. Use the Hulk's Hyper-Strength to pull some handles. Once pulled, the Water Tower will crumble into a pile of bricks. Either switch to another character or have the Hulk transform back to Bruce Banner. Then use the character to rebuild the water tower into a water cannon. After all, the Sandman's only weakness is water, as it causes the sand in his body to get all muddy, greatly impairing movement and rendering him harmless. So shoot the Sandman with the water cannon. While being hit by water, the Sandman will shout "I'm melting!!! MELTING!!!! No wait, I mean, I'm solidifying!!!!! SOLIDIFYING!!!!!! Oh, what a world!!!". This is a reference to the classic movie the Wizard of Oz, because the Wicked Witch of the West's last words before melting were "I'm melting!!! MELTING!!!! Oh, what a world!!!".

While the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (they are all NPC's) are loading the Abomination and the Sandman into prison trucks, Agent Phil Coulson asks if the Hulk can help clean up the mess that the fight between good and evil brought about. He does so by gently stacking broken building parts and cars into neatly organized stacks. Iron Man then asks "So who are these guys, what do they want, and will it cut into my jacuzzi time?". S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury replies "I don't know, I wish I knew, and yes, it will cut into your jacuzzi time." He then commands that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents take the cosmic brick to the Baxter Building, home of four more superheroes known as the Fantastic Four, which has Mr. Fantastic (he can stretch his body to any length or shape), The Thing (a mutant similar to the Incredible Hulk but his skin is covered in stone, and he is stuck in his "Hulk" form, and has complete control over his body), the Human Torch (he can control fire, make fire come out of his body, shoot streams of fire, and throw fire balls), and the Invisible Woman (she can make herself, or anything, invisible, as well as produce energy barriers) so Mr. Fantastic can study it (as his alter-ego, Reed Richards, is a scientist).

Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America go to Tony Stark's Hall of Armors, where Tony Stark keeps the Iron Man Armors that are not being used. Unfortunately, someone (I do not know) locked them in there. Tony Stark is somehow rendered armor less and needs to put on a new armor to face the intruder. I do not know how Tony became Armor-less, or what armor you need Stark to put on. I hope it's the Mark 42, because that is my personal favorite. Even the way you put it on is cool. You first insert a telepathic device into your left arm and you just imagine yourself wearing the armor and BOOM!!!! The armor will come flying towards you, piece by piece, and the pieces affix themselves onto your body and before you know it, you are wearing the Mark 42 armor!!! Also identified by the fact that most of the Armor is gold, with some red here and there. I have only seen the beginning third of the level. First you switch to Captain America and have him throw his shield at a overhead switch. then smash some orbs floating around. After that a computer console will appear. Have Tony activate it (Tony and all of his Armors can use computer consoles) to make the laser detectors move upwards so the rest of the gang can get through. However, when said laser are lifted, only a normal sized character can fit underneath. The Hulk is very tall, so either super jump over them or transform back to Bruce Banner. After that, have Tony use another computer console to summon a toy helicopter. It will open the door to the next room. I do not know what happens after that, and the gameplay might change when the game is available for purchase, as this level was still being developed.

There are also supposed to be at least one level taking place in Asgard, which is where Thor used to live until he became an invincible superhero. I do not know anything about the level. But I do know that there is one level where you can explore Oscorp. Oscorp is the company that Norman Osborn owns. Norman Osborn is better known as the Green Goblin, one of, if not the most dangerous villain that Spider-Man defeated. He flies around on a bat shaped hover-board, throwing Halloween themed explosives around. His ghost bombs prevent targets from moving, and he has two different Jack-o-lantern bombs. One is a classic "blow something up with a massive explosion", while the other releases sleeping gas. And he can shoot yellow electric lasers from his pointer finger. Again I know very little of this level. The last bit of plot info I have is that there is a level taking place on Asteroid M, lair of Magneto. I know very little of the level, but I will guess that the level has a BOSS BATTLE with either Sabretooth (he has the savagery of a wild animal), Deadpool (a ninja-like villain that talks too much and even makes fourth wall breaks), or Magneto (as previously stated, he has the power to control anything metal with his mind), as all three use Asteroid M as a base.

The game has a open world style hub, meaning that you can fully explore a LEGO version of NEW York, possibly Asgard, and possibly Asteroid M. All LEGO games that have open world style hubs have one thing in common: You must reach the entrance of every level, usually a door into a building. So It's reasonable that you must explore Asgard and Asteroid M to find the Level entrance.

Just like the previous games, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes inherits traits of older LEGO games, such as a multi-player function. It appears that Chase McCain's (from LEGO City Undercover) Free Running power has been adopted by Spider-Man, as Spider-Man was seen wall jumping in several videos of the game. But yet again, When Spider-Man lands on the wall, a web-like net appears on the wall, allowing Spider-Man to cling to that wall as long as the player wants. And Studs reappear as the currency of the in-game stores. Interestingly enough, a white Stud appears at the beginning and end of every web vine that Spider-Man shoots out of his wrists. But it never appears if he creates a web net.

Another thing inherited from past LEGO games is that the characters actually talk. The characters in the games never talked but said random gibberish. They only started to talk with the game LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. I have not seen gameplay of Thor, but it would be awesome if he inherited the invincibility trait that Superman (from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes) has, because both heroes ARE invincible in their respective universes.

Remember this date!!! SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013. This is the day that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes comes out.

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013. I am trying to make the date easier to remember.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disney Infinity time!!!

Disney Infinity is a awesome video game for PS3, Wii U and Wii. It uses the same tech that created Skylanders. That's right. You need to get figurines (sold separately, I think), and put them on a device that makes the figurine's character appear in the game.

But here is the best part. You can do whatever you want in the video game. Even build entire worlds from the ground up!!! But none of the playable characters are original. They are based off of some of the video game/movie characters that Disney created. Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles and Sullivan from Monsters Inc. come with the game.

Unlike Skylanders, which the device is the Portal of Power (designed to look like it is made of stone and has a magical theme), the device for Disney Infinity is the Infinity Base (with a smooth, futuristic theme). The Infinity Base has two slots for the playable characters and a third slot for a Play Set. Play Sets are levels that also have figurines.

Anyway, The difference between Play Sets and the Toy Box is that in Play Sets you must use a character from that Play Set and must play by the Play Set's rules. Toy Box allows all characters to be used no matter their origin and you do whatever you want in the Toy Box.

Here is a picture. NOTE: Image is from Wikipedia.

File:Packaging en US.png
This is the starter pack.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LEGO City Time!!!!!

You remember the blog post where I announced that I have the Wii U and LEGO City Undercover? Good!!! Because I will type in the plot of the game as well as info you can only learn from either my blog posts, or playing the game yourself.

Here is the plot.
Two years before the events of the game, there was a handsome police officer named Chase McCain. He managed to get a secret witness to reveal the whereabouts of the super dangerous crime boss Rex Fury. But after Rex's arrest, Chase accidentally revealed that secret witness's identity. On world-wide TV. So that witness, named Natalia Kowalski, got fired from her job as a news reporter and became a paramedic. Feeling sorry for ruining Natalia's life, Chase went out of town, so out of town that he left the country all together.

Two whole years later, Chase returns to LEGO City on the ferry that takes people to and from LEGO City. After disembarking the ferry, Chase meets LEGO City's mayor. Mayor Gleason. She informs Chase that Rex Fury has escaped and is the possible reason for LEGO City's crisis. A large scale crime wave. Just as she says this, some thieves stole the tires to Gleason's limousine as well as the clothes of the limousine's driver, leaving him in his underwear. Gleason then asks if Chase can arrest Rex (again).

Chase then makes his way to the Police Station, where he meets his biggest fan, Frank Honey. At the time, Frank was carrying hundreds of boxes, each one filled with hundreds of doughnuts. Frank then volunteers to become Chase's waiter. But Chase just wants to get inside the Station.

On the way inside, Chase tells Frank that it was Deputy Marion Dunby that made the actual arrest. But Chase has been away from LEGO City for so long that in his absence, Deputy Marion Dunby got promoted to Chief of Police. That means he gives out orders to the other officers. But Dunby kept telling the mayor that Rex should be a million miles away by now.

Chase's first orders from Dunby is to get a uniform on (Up until now, Chase has been wearing a brown jacket, a red T-shirt, and blue jeans). Frank says he thinks that there is a spare uniform in the basement. And there is. Along with four in-game stores. And five officers exercising. And Frank's favorite place in the basement is the requisitions desk. Why? Because the woman that operates it is Ellie Philips. And Frank happens to be in love with Ellie Philips. Anyway, she gives Chase the ultimate crime fighting tool: A LEGO version of the Wii U Gamepad.

Frank is next seen in the Lobby, trying to repair the Station's Main Computer. But here is the comedy of Frank Honey. He is clumsy, naive, and whenever he tries to fix a malfunctioning electronic, he bangs on it with a hammer. Obviously, that only smashed the computer (in fact it exploded in Frank's face). But Chase properly fixes it. The Main Computer isn't really important though. All it does is allow you to type in cheat codes.

But the Main Computer also has another purpose. The in-game Wii U Gamepad is offline, and in order to activate it, you need to plug it in the Computer and wait for the activation update to complete. While updating, Chase overhears a conversation about the Chief falling asleep while eating his doughnuts. Frank gladly volunteers to awaken him, but Frank misplaced the key. So Chase activates the only default feature on the Gamepad: The Ultra Violet Scanner. It enables you to follow footprints that lead you to an object hiding something. And the key was in a cabinet.

Now comes the hard part. You have to wake up Marion Dunby. But he is a deep sleeper. So the player must have Chase build a boombox. The music will be loud enough to wake up Marion. Dunby then calls everyone to the briefing room. Dunby then briefs Chase and the other officers about Rex Fury. He is six mm tall. Rex has been breaking the law since he was three years old. We then see a freeze frame of Rex Fury as a child, fleeing from the police. He has a woman's purse in one hand, and is riding a tricycle as a getaway vehicle. He has escaped before being arrested two years ago. And we see a flashback showing Rex fleeing from the police, driving a lawn mower as a getaway vehicle.

Dunby then says that he underestimated the current Chief of Police: himself. We see another freeze frame showing Dunby answering questions and having the paparazzi take pictures of him while the other officers are dog-piling Rex Fury, who is still trying to escape even after he was cuffed.

Dunby then says that he set up cameras at all the places Rex Fury would most likely steal from. When he activates the camera at the Cherry Tree Bank, we can see a trio of bank robbers robbing the bank.

Every officer is then dispatched to the scene of the crime. Frank says that they have to drive responsibly. But Frank crashes into the dumpster and almost ran over innocent bystanders. And he takes a wrong turn. So Chase reaches the bank, and the robbers are dressed as cute clowns. And Chase makes his first arrest in two whole years. But when hunting down the second clown, Chase cannot find him anywhere. So Ellie Philips updates the Gamepad, now giving it: Thermal Data Scanner!!! With this, you can scan an area in order to find either a Super Brick (collect Bricks and Super Bricks to build Super Builds. Super Builds are gigantic objects. Some Super Builds must be built in order to make further progress, while others are completely optional.), or a criminal hiding from you. Chase detects the clown in a green house just across the street. Then Chase chases the clown across the neighborhood.

The final clown is not in Cherry Tree Hills, but in Auburn. The Auburn Harbor to be exact. Chase uses the Data Scanner to find the criminal hiding on board a cargo ship. In order to get on board, the harbor master must tell the crane driver to pick you up and drop you on the ship. He won;t do this until you give him his sandwich. Because some seagulls stole it from him. So Chase must use the Ultra Violet Scanner to follow the footprints of the seagull. After arresting the final clown, Dunby gives you a quick call and tells you to help out with a road block.

Here we see Natalia speeding away in her pink car. Chase borrows an elderly woman's car and a brief race scene begins. Natalia almost falls off the ledge of the cliff (the road was built up on a cliff). After Natalia decides to leave, the player has to arrest four car thieves that have escaped the other officers by climbing up a building. But Chase needs to climb the building next to the building with the car thieves on it, so he can ambush them. So Chase goes to the forest police station and the Chief of Police there, Ellie's uncle Duke, gives Chase a grapple gun. He gives them to Chase because Duke tried using the grapple gun to catch a fish he's been trying to catch for years. But he never caught that fish, leaving Duke to believe that the grapple gun is useless.

After climbing up the building, Chase gets to reveal his ultimate ability: Free Running. It is where he does a series of acrobatic feats like running across walls, swinging on poles, and jumping from wall to wall. Chase easily arrests three of the four thieves. The last thieve is tougher than the first three because he can also Free Run. Chase then finds the thief dangling from the rooftop. Chase learns from him that he works for Rex Fury. But Rex is clever. He made sure that no one knows his location. He calls his minions on their phones. So not even his henchmen know where he is. But the thief says that Blue might know where Rex is. Blue is a prisoner at Albatross prison.

The player can now go to Albatross Island Prison. A whole island that is one big prison. But you need to build a Super Build to get there. The completed Super Build is a ferry that takes you from Cherry Tree Hills to Albatross Prison. Fortunately, the prison guards do not take their job seriously (in fact they sleep during work hours), so it is easy to sneak in. But here is why you sneak in. Dunby doesn't think Rex Fury is behind the crime wave and thinks that he left the country. And he wants NOBODY to take Rex's case.

Chase meets Blue in the prison's basketball court. One of Blue's trademarks is selling things to the other prisoners, cleverly disguising the item as a cake. Blue reveals that Rex owes him a hot tub (because of how difficult it is to smuggle one in the prison). Unfortunately, Blue doesn't know where Rex Fury is, or how he escaped, or why there are Italian ladies singing in the background, or what those Italian ladies were singing about, or why his prison-mates are dancing together, or how his cellmate got a sauce pan glued to his head. There is a lot Blue doesn't know. But Chase goes into Rex's cell (which is in a room behind the Warden's office. It can only be accessed by a elevator behind a painting of the Warden).

The cell is super fancy. Mainly because everything there was from Blue. There is a hot tub, exercise equipment, a jukebox, a painting of a map, and fancy furniture. There are three buttons hidden in the cell. press all three and a painting of a woman wearing a torn up dress will open revealing a freshly dug tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel is a hammer which Rex Fury used ti dig the tunnel. And it is from the Bluebell Mine. Which is in Bluebell National Park.

On the way to the Bluebell Mine, Ellie tells Chase that a miner named Clarence Fletcher (his friends call him "Stinky" because he smells horrible) is a witness to a theft at the Bluebell Mine. You see, some criminals stole some equipment from the mine a few months ago.

Unfortunately, Rex already kidnapped Stinky. And punches Chase in the face. The blow knocked him out cold. Duke and Natalia showed up and revived Chase. By now Natalia's father has been kidnapped, but nobody knows who kidnapped him. Duke then suggests that Chase goes to learn Kung Fu (up until this point, Chase can only use basic fighting moves to fight enemies).

Chase then visits Barry Smith, the plumbing and Kung Fu guru. He's been unclogging pipes and chi since 1986. Barry Smith has a Japanese style dojo, with several students training and meditating. And one student carving a ice sculpture. Barry Smith then gives Chase the "Learn Kung Fu while you sleep" CD. But Barry's Kung Fu skills are too great for Chase to handle, and gets beaten up. So Barry thinks that Chase should fight some of his students.

There are eight normal level students. And two tough level students. Chase's old fisticuffs attacks are now replaced with awesome Kung Fu attacks. In order to win, you must first try a new type of move. The move types are: Quick Throw, where Chase uses a Kung Fu attack to send foes flying through the air, Counter, where Chase uses Kung Fu to either dodge or intercept an incoming attack, and Grab, where Chase will grab the foe by the arm and if you hold down the "Quick Throw" button while holding an enemy, a cursor will appear. Move the joystick to move the cursor. Move the cursor over a breakable object or another enemy, and Chase will throw the victim at the target.

After learning Kung Fu, Frank calls Chase on the Gamepad. He was supposed to deliver the awesome M.O.V. to the Police Station to present the latest crime fighting technology, but he was ambushed by thieves. The thieves drove the M.O.V. truck over to Crabby Cove, one of LEGO City's beaches.

After beating up and arresting some of the gangsters that stole the truck, Chase must now drive the truck to the Police Station. But here is the hard part. You only have three minutes to do so. And the gangsters will chase you while you are driving.

Once you escape the gangsters, Chase then realizes that the gangsters were working for Chan Chuang, who is both a crime boss and the owner of a junkyard. But Frank asks if Chase can pull over so he can drive the truck the rest of the way. He wants to do this because he wants to show everyone he can be trusted with important tasks. But Frank crashes the truck into the building. Gleason yells at Marion "DUNBY!!!!!!!". Dunby yells at Frank "HONEY!!!!!!". And Frank yells "WAFFLES!!!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!?!?!". While Chase says that he thinks he found somebody working for Rex Fury, Frank says out loud that Dunby told him to stay off the case, infuriating Gleason even more.

Trying to save his life, Dunby says nervously that he was planning to have Chase go undercover to get to Rex Fury. Of course Dunby never planned this, he was trying to get on the mayor's good side. First Chase goes undercover in Chan Chuang's gang. The first thing you have to do? Drive a limousine with the secretive billionaire Forest Blackwell as a passenger. After that, you just have to steal cars from Chan's rivals. Eventually, you will have to go to Apollo Island, a whole island dedicated to the research of outer space. But Chase must steal a moon buggy.

After that, Chan calls and alerts Chase that someone broke into his office. Chase pursues the intruder, who is dressed as a ninja and can also Free Run. Chase then finds out that the ninja was Natalia. She was looking through Chan's files to find out more about her father. She didn't find anything about him, but found out that Chan Chuang works for Vinnie Pappalardo. The owner of a ice cream parlor. He is also a crime boss. He has a Brooklyn accent. And speaks in slang sometimes.

In order to meet Vinnie Pappalardo you need to do two things. First, break his cousin out of jail (his cousin, Moe de Luca, is not really a criminal. He just didn't pay five hundred parking tickets.). After that, you must go to the airport and steal a fresh shipment of Color Guns. Color Guns are guns that can change the color of objects. In fact, there are hundreds of color-related puzzles in the game, so you must use the Color Gun to change the color of something to solve the puzzle. Once you get the shipment, deliver it to Vinnie Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor.
Chase then theorizes that Vinnie is working for Rex Fury. So he goes undercover for Vinnie's gang. Which is more of a crime syndicate than a gang. Yet again, a crime syndicate is just several gangs that joined together in an alliance. Anyway, when you first meet him, he is dressed as a clown. Why? Because it was Vinnie's son's birthday, and he wanted to give his son a surprise. Anyway, Vinnie gives you your first mission.

It is: Steal the Bell Pepper Diamond. It is a diamond bigger than Chase's entire body. There is only one way to get to the diamond. All you have to do is go in the sewer underneath the bank, swim through the disgusting water, deactivate the machinery with your new Color Gun, climb up the ladder at the opposite end of the sewer, climb up the air vents, take the needed turns to get to the secret room, hop out of the vent, and then open a massive vault. Be warned though. Picking up the diamond off it's pedestal will trigger an alarm. After that you have to fight your way through the bank and then build a Jet-Powered Snowplow to escape in.

After delivering it to Vinnie's delivery man (who would deliver the diamond to Vinnie's private customer), Chase, as punishment for stealing the diamond, is transferred to Duke's station in the forest. And it turns out that Frank Honey was also transferred here. But here is why HE was transferred. He made Dunby's house's plumbing problem even worse by turning the sink into a fountain. But another reason Dunby transferred Chase McCain is to keep him from continuing the case. Because Duke's side of the city is practically crime-less. When Frank and Chase arrive, they hear somebody threatening to kill what they think is Duke. But it turns out that Duke and his pet squirrel Derek were practicing for a play.

Duke then gives Frank the task of making sure they do NOT run out of coffee. But Frank accidentally breaks the coffee machine. Derek then makes squirrel sounds in rage. Duke then says "Derek! Language!!!". This implies that Derek used mild language. But as a squirrel, he can only speak in squirrel language. Anyway, Both Frank and Chase are then sent to Fort Meadows to help Farmer Hayes.

We then see what Hayes needs help with. His pigs have escaped and are running a muck throughout Fort Meadows. But they are not normal pigs. They are Mountain Pigs!!! Incredibly rare. But since they are Mountain Pigs, they.....could.....be....ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! This is true. You find one on the roof of Hayes house, another on the roof of a shed, and the last one left the farm completely. He went onto the roof of Fort Meadows' main attraction: A massive castle that is super old. you can tell it's old. There are plants and moss and vines growing on the walls, and there are many holes in those same walls. There is only one way to get the last pig back to the farm. You will have to shoot the pig out of a cannon.

Vinnie gives a call to Chase immediately after the pig landed. His secret customer wants a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. So Chase must steal one from the Uptown Museum. But not even Free Running can get you up to the only entrance that you can take without being noticed. The entrance is the skylight. But how do you get up there? You should have the Farmer disguise by now. It has a neat feature: Super Chicken Glide. You climb up the Art Gallery and use Super Chicken Glide to get on the roof of the Museum. After making your way to the Dinosaur exhibits, Chase learns that the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton has NOT been built. So it's time to do another Super Build.

This is my favorite part of the game. You get to drive the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton around LEGO City. The way the T. Rex's gameplay works makes you feel like Godzilla. Because you can stomp on innocent cars, reducing them to rubble. You also have a Roar. When activated, it will destroy everything in front of you. Anyway, you must drive the Tyrannosaurus Rex to a warehouse. The delivery man there will take the skeletal dinosaur to the secret customer.

After a while, Natalia gets kidnapped by Chan Chuang. Chase gets a disguise and gets backup on this level. The backup are Studski and Clutch. They are rebels that do not mind going against the Chief's orders. They both share a stick-shift car, with Studski driving and Clutch sitting in the front passengers seat. At the beginning of the level, Studski and Clutch guess which method Chan is using to interrogate Natalia. Their guesses were: Chan force-fed Natalia ice cream until she got a brain freeze, and Chan force-fed Natalia soda pop and she would get trapped wind because ladies do not belch in public. Natalia said that the ice cream guess was correct. After rescuing Natalia, Studski and Clutch decide to get out of the scene before the Chief shows up.

There is only one thing that the secret customer wants now. A boat from the LEGO City Fire Department. And by now it is the Fire Chief's 40th birthday. But he is angry at his fellow officers. Why? Because they got him the wrong flavor in the birthday cake, they opened and played with some of his presents, they wished him a happy 70th birthday when it is his 40th birthday, and they misspelled his name on the birthday card. And the birthday card wasn't even a birthday card! It was a mothers-day card.

Anyway, In order for Chase to get to the boat, he must go through fire fighter training. First stage of training. Put a fire out with a fire extinguisher. Second stage. Break open a boarded up door with a fire axe and retrieve a valve. Third stage. Put the valve on the nearby fire hydrant and turn off the hose that a fellow fire fighter activated with too much water pressure. Fourth stage. Direct the NPC fire fighters so the fire fighters up in the burning building can safely land on a trampoline. Final stage. Rescue the fire station's mascot: Admiral Pom Pom. Pom Pom is a cat. A black cat. Anyway, after that, you must get into the Fire Chief's office. But he is in the office. To get him out, Chase must play a carnival game where you squirt water into clown heads. That will make the Chief jealous and he will start playing the game.

After getting to the boat, Chase's backup arrived. But they do not know how to get the boat out of the building. So Chase has to get on the other side of the door and use the boat's water cannon to fill a weight, opening the door.

Vinnie himself decides to take the boat to his secret customer and reveals that he wants his customer to get out of town because the longer the customer stays with Vinnie, the higher the risk of Vinnie getting exposed as the crime boss he secretly is. But before Chase could follow, Natalia's hospital gets attacked by mysterious men wearing black tuxedos and black sunglasses. Chase beats the living snot out of the invaders, and gets to drive his very first helicopter.

After dropping off Natalia at Ellie Philips' house, Chase then realizes that the meeting between Vinnie and his customer was about to begin. But the only way to get to the meeting without being detected is to climb up the Honey Hotel (Frank's mom and dad are rich. They own the entire hotel), Super Chicken glide to a nearby rooftop, and just play a little Rooftop Run. After reaching the rooftop you need to get to, you must use the Audio Scanner (downloaded into the in-game Gamepad the moment you go undercover) to eavesdrop on the conversation. Luckily, the secret customer is, in fact, Rex Fury. But Rex says that there is still some stuff he wants to buy from Vinnie. An enraged Vinnie Pappalardo then commands Chase to go steal something from Forest Blackwell.

It did not matter what Chase stole. He was allowed to pick something. After solving a difficult puzzle so you can open up a massive vault, Chase decides to steal an owl statue made of jade. Before he could even touch it, Blackwell's Sentinels pursue Chase. Chase finds a motorcycle and uses it to escape the Sentinels.

 When Chase returns back to Vinnie's Ice Cream Parlor, Rex's henchmen have overrun the building, and doodled a mustache on a painting of Vinnie's mother. After arresting all but one henchman, Chase and Vinnie interrogate him the same way Chan interrogated Natalia: By force-feeding the lead henchman, named Jimmy, got a brain-freeze. He then says that Jimmy is meant to steal a crane from the construction yard at Paradise Sands and use the crane to steal the telescope at the observatory. He did not mention the telescope part, but mentioned everything else.

At the construction yard, Chase gets the final disguise: The Construction Worker disguise. You must use the disguise's jackhammer (which smashes open large crates) and normal hammer (which repairs malfunctioning fuse-boxes) to make your way to the other side of the yard. There, you must collect some Super Bricks and build the crane that you are supposed to steal.

At the observatory, Chase must give his contact some time while he (the contact) gets the telescope loaded onto the truck. Because police officers are trying to arrest both of them. After an awesome race scene, Chase infiltrates Rex Fury's lair and learns that Rex is working for someone. That someone mentioned that they have Natalia's dad, Henrik Kowalski, hostage, and that they need a special password to activate his invention: a phased polarity device. I forgot the rest of the name past "polarity", as he only says the full name once, during actual gameplay. and conversations in actual gameplay cannot be replayed. Anyway, it is a energy barrier that is practically impervious to anything.

Chase's cover is blown when the henchmen realize the gang has been infiltrated. Although he evades the first few henchmen by getting on a elevator, the elevator starts making a lot of noise, alerting the gangsters to Chase's presence. Chase then sky-dives down the top floor all the way down to the bottom floor. He also sky-dived down a vertical shaft in the Bluebell Mine. He then uses a robot arm to smash a submarine (which is how Rex got the stuff he needed after Vinnie betrayed him). On the way out, Chase gets a jet-pack (which he can use in his Astronaut disguise).

Henrik is tricked (by having Natalia threatened) into giving out the password (which is "Forest Black-smell") to Rex's employer. And guess who it is. Forest Blackwell!!!! But why is he evil? Because he was going to build a hotel and mall in Bluebell National Park. The construction would have caused massive pollution. Nothing in the park would have survived. So this project was cancelled, infuriating Blackwell so badly that he decided to build his "utopia" somewhere else. So he chose to build it on the moon. And he needed the energy barrier to anchor his awesome lair to the moon's surface. Chase and Blackwell escape the secret lair of Rex Fury by flying in a UFO.

Henrik and Chase then sneak into Blackwell's mansion. You must solve another complicated puzzle, but this time, you need to make sunlight bounce off the Bell Pepper Diamond to trigger a switch which reveals a mini-model of Blackwell's moon base.

But before building the Moon Base, Forest would need to get into outer space. But the spaceship at Apollo Island is not big enough for his Sentinels and Rex's gang combined. Chase then realizes that the Blackwell Tower is actually a spaceship, and it's takeoff exhaust will burn all of LEGO City.

Henrik manages to find the prototypes of the Phased Polarity Device in some trucks in a old warehouse in Auburn. Well, I think it is Auburn. I didn't really pay attention to the area during this level. But there are two trucks. So who is going to drive the other truck while the clock is ticking? You know him, you love him, It's: Frank Honey!!!!! That's right!!! Frank Honey. The clumsiest, most naive, and funniest cop ever. Surprisingly, he does not crash into something once during the trip. But Blackwell Tower is so far away from the warehouse. How quickly can you make it to the tower?

Anyway, the prototypes will quarantine the exhaust, so it only burns three inches away from the rocket. Henrik will buy you some time by hacking into Forest Blackwell's computer. Unfortunately, Natalia is still on board when the rocket blasts off into space. Chase then needs to go back to Apollo Island, build the final mandatory Super Build (Which is a spaceship), and blast off into outer space.

Henrik warns Chase that takeoff will be anything but comfy. Just three seconds after launching, Chase's rocket is above the moon. Henrik then says "Yeah, the moon is very close and very small. But don't tell anybody. It's a secret.". Chase then gets inside the barrier (because of a convenient doorway making a hole in the barrier). After making Chase's way to the actual lair of Blackwell, Chase uses a giant humanoid robot to access a giant control panel which controls the base's flight path, reprogramming it to return to LEGO City.

Here comes a reference to King Kong. Rex Fury shows up driving an awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex shaped robot (it is almost identical to the skeleton you got him. Only now it is red, covered in metal, has hundreds of spikes on the torso, and the tail now has a blade on the tip). But the reference is that you fight the T. rex using that same humanoid robot. But the robot you use is (only by a couple inches) taller than Rex's robot. To defeat the robot, you must throw canisters at the robotic dinosaur, then use a quick time event to knock the dino bot to the ground. After that, use another quick time event to throw Rex and his robot at the energy tanks needed to give energy to the base.

After smashing the first two tanks, Forest Blackwell, Natalia Kowalski, and the rest of the crew evacuate to the command module. The module separates from the rest of the ship and Rex and Chase continue their fight in classic boss battle style. To defeat Rex, you must Grab and throw enemies at Rex, knocking him to the floor. Whatever you do, do NOT try to Quick Throw or Grab Rex. He will block both attacks, grab you by the neck, look you in the eye, and throw you across the arena. This will usually result in losing one health point. Only Counters will work on Rex. Repeat the strategy as many times as you need to defeat him.

After defeating and arresting Rex Fury, Chase must sky-dive from outer space all the way back to Earth. You must reach the Command Module in three minutes (even though the clock will only appear thirty seconds before you land). Chase will activate the emergency breaks, and after the module lands, Chase decides to spend more time with Natalia, and Rex is ultimately sent to jail.


  • There are lots of references to Super Mario Bros. in this game. There are LEGO versions of Piranha Plants and Bullet Bills. You need both to unlock two awesome characters.
  • If you repair the fuse-box in Vinnie's Ice Cream Parlor, it will smash a piano. the piano player will say out loud "My Piano!!! What will I play now!?!?!". In response to this, Chase will say "Uh, video games? I know one with a handsome cop I could recommend.". This is a fourth wall break.
  • Several Collectable Minifigures appear in this game. If you do not know what a Collectable Minifigure is, it is a minifigure you can collect in bags. You will never know which one you get. My favorite is the Lizard Man. He comes with a cute Godzilla costume. Another one of my favorites is the Crazy Scientist. He comes with a cute scientist costume and also comes with a beaker. However, the Monster Fighters toy-line have a remake of the Crazy Scientist. This one comes with TWO beakers instead of one as well as an entire laboratory with a prison cell and a monster creation machine, complete with a monster!!!
  • Rex Fury is one of the playable characters. He also has a unique ability that makes Free Running look pathetic. He has super strength. That means he can pull orange handles. Only super strength characters can pull orange handles. But Rex is the only character in LEGO City Undercover that has super strength. Even though the super strength system has been featured in every non Star Wars themed video game since LEGO Batman.
  • It is possible that Natalia and Henrik are Polish, as their last name, "Kowalski" is a Polish name. Plus, "Henrik" is also a Polish name. Even though Henrik has a foreign accent, but I do not know what Polish accent sounds like has I never heard someone from Poland talk.
  • The Jet Pack that Chase uses in cutscenes is very different from the one in actual gameplay. The one in actual gameplay is all one piece, but the one in cutscenes looks like it is made of different kinds of bricks.

Wreck-It Ralph Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog post is about the super awesome movie: Wreck-It Ralph.

The character Wreck-It Ralph is from a video game. In fact, almost the whole movie (except a few scenes) take place in one of several video games. And Ralph travels from one video game to the next.

Here is the plot.
The movie starts with Wreck-It Ralph narrating about his purpose in the video game Fix-It Felix Jr.. Ralph is the villain of that video game. You see, the game is quite simple. You play as the maintenance man of an apartment. Ralph must smash this same apartment until there is nothing left of it. The maintenance man, named Fix-It Felix Jr., must repair all the damage that Ralph has done to the building. You win if Felix manages to repair every inch of the building. The tenants of the apartment then throw Ralph off the roof and poor old Ralph lands face first in a mud puddle. This video game has been around for exactly 30 years. It has not been modified from the original version at all in any way.

When Ralph stops narrating, we see he is at a gathering of video game villains. And humorously, Clyde the Orange Ghost from Pac-Man, Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Bowser from Super Mario Bros. are at this meeting. Ralph is feeling like he should have the very important role of the hero for once as he has been a villain for 30 years. So it is kind of obvious that Wreck-It Ralph wants just ONE teeny tiny role swap for just ONE time. And a member of "Bad-Anon" (a goofy club for video game villains) asks if Ralph is thinking about going Turbo. Apparently, a video game character that has gone Turbo is a video game character that has gone rogue.

After the Bad-Anon meeting , Ralph meets Q*bert. Q*bert and the characters from his video game have been "unplugged". If a video game is unplugged, that video game's characters are rendered homeless. So Ralph gives him a cherry (Ralph snatched a cherry from Pac-Man). If you look and hear closely, you can see and hear Sonic the Hedgehog (through several computer monitors) reminding the video game characters that if you die outside the game you belong in, you stay dead. But if you die WITHIN your own video game, then you regenerate.

Ralph then arrives back in his video game, and sees that Felix and the NPC's were celebrating the game's 30th anniversary. But the tenants to the in-game apartment shunned Ralph, out-casted Ralph. In other words they were being jerks to their own game's villain. But Felix lets Ralph in the Pen-house (the room with the party) so he can eat a piece of cake (Ralph never eaten cake in his life).

It is here that we learn that the tenants believe Ralph to be nothing more than a super evil villain. Because first of all, the tenants treated him like a criminal outcast. Second of all, Mary, one of the tenants, baked a cake and made everyone's segment of the game into their favorite flavor. She made Ralph's segment chocolate. But it turns out Ralph hates chocolate.

And Ralph edits the cake by placing the cake model of him on the roof, with every other cake model character. But Gene, another tenant, says that there is no room on the top, and places the first cake model back on it's original spot. And later on in the argument, Gene says that Ralph will always be the evil guy and will never become a good hero. And he points out that only heroes get MEDALS. I should also mention that when you beat Fix-It Felix Jr., Felix is given a medal. So Ralph decides that he can get the super awesome medal to prove he is more than the villain.

Ralph goes to the video game Tappers (where you have to slide drinks and foods down long narrow tables and the character that ordered the food and drink will catch it, thus scoring points) so he can learn if their is a video game besides Fix-It Felix Jr. that gives medals to the winner. And there IS another medal-giving video game in the arcade. A first person shooter called Hero's Duty.

But that game is like Metroid. In case you are wondering, Metroid is a shooting game. With the super classic future theme. But Hero's Duty (in terms of gameplay) is very similar to Metroid Prime. And it's sequels: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. But anyway, to beat Hero's Duty, the player must fight their way into a building infested with hideous monsters called Cy-Bugs. Unlike every other video game character in the movie, the Cy-Bugs do not know they are video game characters. Shoot, they only know three things: Eat, kill, and multiply. But how do they prevent themselves from rampaging through every game in the arcade? At the closing hours, a beacon appears and the Cy-Bugs return to the top of the tower, following the light of the beacon like a moth following a flame.

Anyway, Ralph (disguised as one of the NPC's that fight side by side with the player) is super eager to get the medal. Unfortunately, Ralph breaks NPC rule #1. Never, EVER interfere with gameplay unless you are supposed to. He breaks this rule by hiding behind the player's character and openly sacrifices the player to an incoming Cy-Bug, resulting in the little girl playing the game to get a Game Over. The NPC's (including the leader, a beautiful lady with an extremely nasty attitude.) then return to the starting position. Ralph then decides to just use his power to wreck things (in other words, he just smashes the target with his ridiculously large hands) to climb the tower without having to pick the long way.

Back at Fix-It Felix Jr., Q*bert shows up and tells Felix that Ralph has gone Turbo. But he did this in a (impossible to translate) Q*bert-ese conversation. And by Q*bert-ese, I mean a speech bubble appears above Q*bert's head and it fills up with random symbols, like this. "!@#!%$^". See what I mean? But anyway, Felix goes to Hero's Duty, and meets the leader of the game's NPC's: Tamora Jean Calhoun. And here is another similarity between Hero's Duty and Metroid. Metroid's main heroine, Samus Aran, and Calhoun both have blonde hair (even though Samus wears a helmet covering her entire head), both fight dangerous aliens (In Samus's case, Metroids. A Metroid is a jellyfish like alien, that can drain your LIFE ENERGY.), and they both have tragic back stories that come with their respective game. In Samus's case, when she was a child, both her parents have been killed by Space Pirates. Most notably their second highest authority, a dragon like creature that calls himself Ridley. In case you are wonder who is the highest authority, it is a living computer named Mother Brain. Samus blew Mother Brain up. Twice. And Samus blew up Ridley so many times that Ridley had to turn himself into a cyborg just to stay alive.

In Calhoun's case, her fiance was eaten by a Cy-Bug on their wedding day. Anyway, when Calhoun realizes that Ralph is in Hero's Duty, Wreck-It Ralph just wrecked his way to the top floor. When he grabs the medal, he accidentally activates a Cy-Bug egg.

Ralph (and the baby Cy-Bug) accidentally climb and launch an escape pod. And it flies right through the game's exit, flies around Game Central Station (a lobby that video game characters hang out in during the arcade's closing hours), and lands in a game called Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush is a racing game. The track, plant life, and even the available cars are made of candy, sweets, and desert. The Cy-Bug lands and presumably drowns in a lake of what looks like sherbert ice cream. Unfortunately, the medal was hung up on a candy cane tree. And in that tree was a girl called Vanellope von Schweetz. Vanellope is Sugar Rush's glitch. The tell-tale sign of her being a glitch is that she seems to teleport whenever she gets over excited. Anyway, Vanellope mistakes the medal for a gold coin. And here is the cool part about Sugar Rush. The list of playable characters changes every day. Only the top nine racers can compete the next day. Sometimes a playable character is lucky enough to become playable twice in a row. But in order to become playable the next day, a racer must collect a gold coin and drop into a giant trophy. The coin will turn into digital code and the owner of the coin will be registered as a playable character for the next day. This only happens during the closing hours.

Anyway, Vanellope goes to the Start/Finish Line, where you need to register. But since she is a glitch, the other eight racers out-casted her, shunned her, and in general, they were jerks to her. So she is kind of like Wreck-It Ralph in terms of how the other characters made both Ralph and Vanellope into outcasts. So she goes in disguise, where the hood attached to her hoodie to hide her face. But here is the catch. The medal from Hero's Duty acted exactly like a gold coin. And she got registered. But all registered characters have their full name appear on a roster board. So when Vanellope registered, her name appeared. At that point, King Candy (the only racer that manages to get into EVERY race in the game. He was the most skillful racer in the game.) summons security.

Ralph (who fell in the same lake the Cy-Bug fell into, and the sticky-ness made the candy plants cling to his body) showed up, wanting his medal back. But he got stuffed in a cupcake. King Candy then has a guard "unmask" Ralph (actually, his entire face was covered in the sticky substance). After that, King Candy realizes that the "coin" that Vanellope von Schweetz used to register was actually one of the medals from Hero's Duty.

Back at the Game Central Station, the hologram guard (who would do the "random inspection procedure" with Wreck-It Ralph whenever he exits or enters the entrance to a video game) tells Calhoun and Felix where the escape pod landed. So they go there, but not without having awkward romantic moment. In fact, when they turn the escape pod into a small spaceship, Felix calls Calhoun "Dynamite Gal". But that reminded her of her fiance, because before he was eaten he used to call Calhoun "Dynamite Gal". Anyway, after Calhoun drops off Felix, Felix goes to King Candy's castle. And a NPC made of edible spheres throws Felix into the "Fungeon". The Fungeon is the castle's dungeon. And just like the rest of the castle, the Fungeon is made entirely out of candy.

Vanellope and Ralph then decide to make a deal. If Wreck-It Ralph helped Vanellope build her very first car (she used to have a peddle car, but it was smashed by rival racers), Vanellope would give Ralph back the medal. After all, if you win, you get your coin back.

And humorously, in order to build a race car in Sugar Rush, you need to bake it in a three stage minigame. First stage: seperate cooking ingredients (using a platform) from garbage. Second stage: pump heat into the oven and keep it in the "Just right" area. Final stage: shoot balls at the desired liquid to make it spill over the car, thus giving it color. The result was a go-kart with lots of uneven color, because Ralph put too much force into ball cannon.

Then King Candy and the security guards show up. At this point Vanellope reveals that she actually doesn't know HOW to drive. Even though she wanted to be a racer. And even more humorously, her new car is stick-shift. I do hope you know what that means. It means that the direction is determined by the push or pull of a lever in the car's driver seat. The other type of car is automatic. For automatic cars, push down on the accelerator to go forwards, and push down on the the brakes to go backwards.

Anyway, Ralph learns that Vanellope lives all alone in a half-built bonus level in Diet Cola Mountain. And it even has Diet Cola Hot Springs. And above that is stalactites made of Mentos. And if you are a science nerd, you would know that Mentos + Diet Cola = Massive Cola Geyser that spews Diet Cola everywhere. Anyway, the entrance to this is secret. Only Vanellope knows that this bonus level even exists.

Ralph, realizing that Vanellope is his only hope for retrieving the medal, carves a race track as a training course. He carved the track by punching the ground several times at blinding speed (as if his hands were jackhammers), and running forwards. He uses this skill to soften the pile of garbage and bricks he sleeps on during closing hours. Anyway, we see a montage of Ralph teaching Vanellope how to drive. Of course, Ralph never drove a vehicle in his life. But Vanellope becomes very awesome at driving.

Just before Vanellope drive out to have Vanellope win her very first race, King Candy rematerialized the medal and gave it to Ralph if he talked Vanellope into not racing. According to King Candy, if Vanellope wins, she will become playable. If one of the players notice her sudden pix-elation, they will think that the game is malfunctioning. And a malfunctioning game equals an unplugged game, and an unplugged game equals homeless video game characters. And what's worse is that since glitches cannot leave their game, Vanellope will die with the game. After breaking his friendship with Vanellope by smashing the car, Ralph goes back to the game he belongs to: Fix-It Felix Jr..

But this is why Felix was looking for Ralph in the first place. All video game characters must return to their own game the MOMENT the arcade opens. Because if they do not, they will not appear in the video game, but appear in whatever video game they are currently in. And it has been a whole day since Ralph entered Hero's Duty. But anyway, the only one in the apartment is Gene. And (true to his word) gives the keys to the pen-house. But the game was scheduled to be unplugged the next day. Ralph then throws his medal at the console's screen, knocking off the "Out of Order" sign. And he gets a view and the console for Sugar Rush. But it turns out that Vanellope was not a glitch, as she is seen in a picture on the side of the console.

Ralph then returns to Sugar Rush and interrogates the adviser of King Candy. After torturing the adviser by licking him, he reveals that Vanellope used to be a playable character, and that King Candy severed her code, transforming her into a glitch. But if Vanellope crosses the finish line, the game will reset, and she will be a full-fledged playable character. But when Ralph asks why King Candy did this, the adviser says that he (and every other character besides King Candy) do not remember. Because King Candy literally locked up their memories.

 Meanwhile, Felix tries to smash his cell open with his hammer, but because the hammer only repairs things, he winds up making the cell even thicker. But Wreck-It Ralph smashes open the wall, and Felix starts complaining that he met the love of his life, but she does not share the affection. And also complains that he was thrown in jail. And then Felix says that Ralph does not know how it feels to be rejected and treated like a criminal. But Ralph finally reveals that being rejected and treated like a criminal is every day of his life. That is why he went Turbo in the first place.

Anyway, Calhoun has been tracking the Cy-Bugs (the Cy-Bug that fell in the green substance survived and laid millions of eggs), and finds the lead Cy-Bug's lair. Which is filled with eggs. But back to Ralph and Felix's side of the story. Felix repaired the smashed car and released Vanellope from the Fungeon. Anyway, Vanellope then enters the race in her repaired car and epic race scene begins. Vanellope passes every racer except for King Candy. During the race/fight scene, King Candy starts glitching out, revealing his true form. King Candy is actually Turbo, and here is why rogue video game characters are described as going Turbo. You see, several years ago, there was a video game called Turbo-Time, and the playable character was Turbo, a racer. But when the video game Road Blaster stole the spotlight, he was so jealous that he went over to the new game and tried to take it over. The result was Turbo forcing the arcade owner to unplug both games.

And Turbo is about to kill Vanellope by smashing her between her on car and the approaching stalagmite. But Vanellope teleports to safety and speeds out of the tunnel. Turbo is then eaten by a Cy-Bug. I should mention that the Cy-Bugs have started rampaging by now. But here is the funny thing about Cy-Bugs eating things. They absorb the characteristics of everything they eat. So, Turbo is revived as a half-Turbo-half-Cy-Bug mutant.

Back at the Sugar Rush entrance, Calhoun is both evacuating the game as well as killing every Cy-Bug with her gun. But she runs out of ammo. Calhoun says out loud that the only thing that can stop the Cy-Bugs is a beacon. Ralph then realizes that if he knocks enough Mentos stalactites into the Diet Cola Hot Springs, it will release a light that will serve as a beacon substitute. So he gets on the roof and begins smashing his way through. Before he can deliver the final blow, Turbo (with his new Cy-Bug body) smacks Ralph away, and epic fight scene begins. When Turbo says that it is game over for everyone, Ralph then says that it is only game over for him. He jumps out of Turbo's grasp and recites the Bad-Anon creed. It goes like this: "I am bad, and that is good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There is no one I'd rather be, than me." The Bad-Anon members recite this at the end of every meeting. And Ralph smashes through the roof of the mountain. Before he could die, Vanellope saves his life by knocking him out of the mountain.

The explosion is so bright that it serves as a beacon. All the Cy-Bugs then fly into it, and perish in the explosion's heat. Turbo tries to resist the urge to fly into the explosion, but the Cy-Bug in him forces him to do so, and Turbo dies in the explosion.

Felix then repairs the 90% eaten finish line, Vanellope crosses it, and she gains her true form. It is exactly the same as her previous form, only the hoodie, skirt, and socks are replaced with a cute princess dress. The memories of the other characters are restored and turns out Vanellope is the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush. The other racers then apologize (and blame each other) to Vanellope for being jerks to her. Vanellope then makes a very funny joke. She declares that every that was a jerk to her shall be executed. If you do not know what execution is, it is "Off with their head!", "Ready, aim, fire!", and in general, it is where a criminal is punished for his crime by death. But she then says that she is just messing with them.

Even though she is now the ruler, she does not want to be the ruler, but be a racer. So she becomes President. Ralph then returns back to Fix-It Felix Jr.. And the best part is: the homeless video game characters now have a home. In the Bonus Levels of Fix-It Felix Jr.. Most of the new characters damage the building even worse with Ralph, while Q*bert helps Felix by having Felix ride on Q*bert's back.

And here is a bonus. Calhoun marries Felix. But this time, the NPC's from Hero's Duty have their guns pointed at all places Cy-Bugs can enter the building. Ralph then narrates about all this and even says the best part of the day is when the tenants of the apartment from Fix-It Felix Jr. pick him up and throw him off the roof. Because when lifted up, he can see players playing as Vanellope. In fact, players can now use Vanellope's teleportation power as a shortcut.


Do not forget that this is a movie about video game characters. Every video game character in the movie know that they are video game characters.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles time!!!!!

In my "Ninjas are Awesome" post, I wrote a little bit of detail relating to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (after updating the post because I forgot to include them in the original version of the post.).

Here is a character Gallery. NOTE: All images are from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wiki.

The newest version of

2012 Michelangelo titled character image
The newest version of

2012 Donatello titled character image
The newest version of

2012 raphael
The newest version of

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are mutant turtles that are ninjas, all at the same time. The four Turtles are: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Their sensei, Master Splinter, named them after famous painters. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also each have a different personality.

Here are some details about each turtle.
  1. Leonardo - Leonardo or "Leo" for short is the leader. He is the most responsible out of the four. The latest version of him is described as trying to mimic the leadership skills of a character from his sci-fi show. Leonardo wears a blue mask and fights with a twin pair of Katana swords. Ever heard the phrase "teacher's pet"? This greatly describes all versions of Leonardo.
  2. Raphael - Raphael or "Ralph" for short is the muscle. Although he is the best fighter out of the four, he is short-tempered and quick to anger. Thus, you can use his anger against him. He uses sai knives in battle (sai knives are knife-like weapons with three blades, all of which point straight up). He always wears a red mask and the latest version has a pet turtle (A turtle has a pet turtle. Weird, right?) which he talks to all the time.
  3. Donatello - Donatello or "Donnie" for short is the brains. He is smarter than the other three turtles, is an inventor and an engineer. He wears a purple mask and uses the super classic bo-staff as a weapon. The latest version of Donatello fell in love with April O'Neil, a major human friend of the Ninja Turtles.
  4. Michelangelo - Michelangelo or "Mikey" for short, is........one of a kind. He wears an orange mask, is at least 100% careless, and loves eating pizza. He is also a skateboarder. The latest version once tried to befriend a martial artist, but it turns out that he (the martial artist) was evil and Mikey removed the martial artist from the friends list on Michelangelo's face-book account. I should probably mention that the latest version has a face-book account. But you cannot befriend him as All four Ninja turtles are nothing more than popular characters in fiction.

The Ninja Turtles TV show known as Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation introduces a fifth turtle. Venus de Milo (the only girl). Venus has so far appeared only in two shows. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, and Power Rangers in Space. You are probably wondering what the Ninja Turtles were doing in Power Rangers in Space. Well, you see, the villain of Power Rangers in Space (Astronema) placed a mind control spell on the Ninja Turtles (all five) and used them to infiltrate the Power Rangers' Mega-ship and a brainwashed Donnie reprogrammed the Mega-ship's A.I., D.E.C.A, to talk with the exact same slang that the Ninja Turtles use when they talk, such as calling everyone "dude", commenting on how all five ninja turtles have green skin, and frequently saying "Mean and Green".

The classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sometimes did childish things, such as: In the Power Rangers in Space episode, the (freed from mind control) Ninja Turtles started jumping up and down chanting childishly "We got a spaceship!!! WE GOT A SPACESHIP!!!" when they were trapped in the Mega-ship's command bridge. But D.E.C.A. pointed out that the Mega-ship is in self destruct mode. After hearing that, they stop jumping up and down and start panicking.

The newest version has something previous versions never had. The Ninja Turtles have to fight at least one mutant in every episode. The episode where Michelangelo adds an evil martial artist to his friends list on face-book is probably the only episode where the turtles do NOT have to fight a mutant. And the evil mutants are created from the same radioactive liquid that created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And that same radioactive mutagen compound is what created all versions of Master Splinter. Splinter is (in most versions) a rat that was the pet of a Ninjitsu Master. The rat came into contact with the liquid and it made him grow to the size of the average human, and gain the ability to speak. However, the newest version of Splinter wasn't a rat to begin with. He was a human ninja from Japan. He had a wife and a daughter, and then, the famous Ninja Turtles villain, the Shredder, ruined Splinter's life by setting Splinter's house on fire, and the fire killed both the wife, and the daughter. So Splinter moved to New York (in the United States of America, where I live) and purchased four baby turtles from the pet store. Then he ran into the Krang. The Krang are aliens from another dimension, and the ones that created the mutagen that created the Ninja Turtles. But you cannot tell that they are aliens. They disguise themselves as humans wearing tuxedos. But you can tell they are aliens because they are terrible at speaking English and possibly every Earth language. Also, if you hit their face hard enough, they will reveal their true form, which is a brain-like creature piloting a robot suit. The last way to tell that they are aliens is that their disguises share the same height and the same shape, and the same face. And there are at least one million of them on Earth. So when you see one million guys that all look identical to each other, it is very suspicious. Anyway, the Krang attack Splinter and epic fight scene. The Krang drop a capsule of mutagen and the baby turtles fall in it. It also gets on Splinter, and the mutation begins. And that is how Splinter was created.

A funny gag in the Power Rangers in Space episode is that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn't believe that the Power Rangers existed. And the Power Rangers didn't believe that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles existed. Either way, both hero teams thought the other to be a fairy tale. And a blooper in that episode showed the actors for the Ninja Turtles (they are still in costume) doing the Okey Pokey dance with the actors for the Power Rangers (who are also still in costume).