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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!!!!!!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a video game coming out this September 30. It is very awesome.

Here is a list of known super heroes.
  • Iron Man - A.K.A. Tony Stark. Tony Stark is a billionaire. He also flirts (and sometimes date) various women. Tony is perhaps the only super hero ever that revealed his identity worldwide. Tony's powers are: Alone he's powerless, but he has several different armors that enable him to fight crime. Basic powers for these armors are pulse lasers (fired from the hands), a uni-beam (A super-charged pulse laser fired from the chest), Missiles (which can be fired from any body part) and flight. Some armors have additional powers. Like the War Machine armor, which has a machine gun mounted on the left shoulder. Tony's main weakness is that there is a shard of metal in his chest dangerously close to his heart. He has a rechargeable arc reactor in the chest that prevents the shard from doing any damage to his internal structure (as removing the shard would kill him).
  • Captain America - A.K.A. Steve Rogers. Steve was just a kid from Brooklyn (which is in New York, which is in the United States of America, which is where I live). When he was old enough to join the army for World War 2, he was the first test subject for Project: Rebirth. The project was to make at least one super soldier so America has a better chance of winning the war. Steve's reflexes became unnaturally sharp, his strength became beyond that of a normal human, and he is incredibly faster and more agile than a normal human. Of course this allowed him to tip the odds into America's favor. A German war criminal named the Red Skull launched a nuclear missile to destroy America. The Captain managed to disarm the missile, but fell into the waters below and became encased in a protective ice glacier. Thanks to Project: Rebirth, the super soldier serum running through his body allowed him to age much slower than normal. Several years later, he was thawed out several years after World War 2 ended. Both back then and in the present his weapon of choice is a shield colored to look like the U.S.A flag. He can throw it like a boomerang or use it has a close quarters weapon. He has no weaknesses.
  • The Incredible Hulk - A.K.A. Bruce Banner. Bruce wanted to replicate Project Rebirth (see in Captain America's bio) using Gamma Radiation instead of a serum. He decided to test it on himself. But he put too much Gamma Radiation into his body, making him turn into a unstoppable monster whenever he gets angry. While as the Incredible Hulk, he has Hyper-Strength (the only level of strength that can surpass Super Strength), near invincibility, Super Jumps (which are jumps so high it looks like he is flying) and regeneration (if something penetrates his almost completely impervious hide). But the Hulk is extremely destructive, and almost every time he enters his Hulk form, he winds up breaking something.
  • Thor - The Prince of Thunder. This superhero is based off of the being the Norse Vikings believed brought lightning. But this is not some super dimensional being that some Vikings worshiped, this is a completely invincible super hero. Anyway, Thor has a magic Hammer (called Mjolnir) which allows him to use the power of lightning to fight crime. He does not keep his identity secret, because his life as a invincible superhero is his life in general. He is also capable of flight. And has a strength level that is greater than Super-Strength but weaker than Hyper-Strength.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man - One of my favorites. A.K.A. Peter Parker. Peter was a nerdy science student that went on a seemingly harmless field trip. But in the middle of that field trip, a genetically altered spider bit him on the hand (in the 2012 film it was on the back of the neck). Then he started developing spider-like characteristics, such has enhanced sight, inhuman strength and agility, and (in some versions) the ability to shoot webs out of his wrists. He originally wanted to use these powers to make money (his family was poor), until one night a thief ran by. Peter could have easily defeated the criminal, but he did nothing. That same criminal murdered Peter's uncle, Ben Parker. Peter then learned that with great power comes great responsibility. So now he uses webs (in the versions where he cannot shoot webs out of his wrists he had web shooting devices mounted on his wrists), wall crawling, and the other powers he got from the spider bite to fight crime.
  • Hawkeye - A.K.A. Flint Barton. He is a S.H.E.I.L.D. agent (which are a bunch of super spies). He, himself, does not really have powers, but he is a skilled archer, and he NEVER misses a target. Some of his arrows have been rigged to have various effects when the Arrow hits the target, such as exploding, melting the target, electrocuting the target, or simply trapping the target in a net. He goes way back with another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Natasha Romanoff, A.K.A. the Black Widow (see next bio).
  • The Black Widow - A.K.A. Natasha Romanoff. She is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. She has guns. And countless secret agent tools. She also happens to be Russian. She is lethal at any range, even close quarters. She has a deep history with Flint Barton, A.K.A. Hawkeye.

The super heroes above form a single super hero team, the Avengers. In some versions Captain America is the team leader, while in other versions Iron Man is the team leader. Either way, they are super awesome.

Here is the plot that I know of. As well as step-by-step instructions for clearing the levels. The levels that have been revealed that is.
The Silver Surfer (a super hero I did not mention) has been sent by his master, Galactus (who literally eats planets) to find a nice juicy planet for Galactus to eat. But on his way there, Loki (Thor's evil brother) destroys The Silver Surfer's surfboard and scattered the pieces throughout the Marvel Universe. And now all the Marvel villains such the Sandman (an old foe of Spider-Man's), Dr. Doom (Marvel's most powerful super villain), The Abomination (A Hulk want-to-be with blades on his elbows), and probably Magneto (a super villain that can control anything made of metal) are racing to see who can get the most pieces (because they are wanting to build a doomsday device out of the pieces). Apparently The Sandman and the Abomination teamed up to force S.H.E.I.L.D. give up some Cosmic Bricks (which are what the pieces of the Silver Surfer's surfboard are called). They do this by holding Central Station hostage (during rush hour). They will trade the hostages for the Cosmic Bricks. Now here is why the Sandman is called the Sandman. His body is made of sand, can expand this sand to great amounts, and the more sand around him, the more powerful he gets. And the building is (literally) flooded with enough sand to turn the Sandman into a giant sand monster.

But as the Sandman is talking, the Abomination says "Why did they make HIM supervisor? He's got sand for brains.", hinting at the Sandman and the Abomination are working for someone. Then Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk appear to fight the villains. Iron Man is wearing his Mark 6 armor. And the Hulk wants to smash everything in sight. Then gameplay begins. Iron Man must fight the sandmen (which are minions made of sand), while the Hulk smashes his way to the front doors of the building. The doors are guarded by the Abomination. Iron Man's Mark 6 armor is no match against the Abomination, as he can do everything the Hulk can do. So switch to the Hulk (you can switch between characters anytime you want) in order to beat the Abomination. You must press the button on screen to make the Hulk keep up with the Abomination's attacks. After a while, you will be prompted to press another button as many times as you can. It will will make the Hulk grab the Abomination's arm and the Hulk will slam the fist on the arm into the Abomination's face several times. Hulk will then automatically uppercut the Abomination and slam him on the floor twice, then he will throw him through the building.

By now the Sandman will notice the two heroes, and engage them in a BOSS BATTLE. The Sandman will barricade himself in a giant Sand Castle with cannons that shoot balls made of sand. The Hulk can smash the castle open, but the sand-covered slope the Castle is on will make it impossible for the Hulk to get to the weak spot in the castle. Switch to Iron Man and blow up some objects with Pulse Lasers or Missiles. There are two ladders made of silver. Blow them Up with Missiles. Then build an anvil out of them. Switch to the Incredible Hulk. Have the Hulk pick up the anvil and throw it at the weak spot.

We then see a massive sand tornado erupt from the roof of the building. Spider-Man then decides to help the Hulk and Iron Man. Peter then comments on how "the Avengers are really great at making a mess." Now you can play as Spider-Man. Use Iron Man's missiles to blow up a silver piece of debris blocking the way. Switch to Spider-Man. Spider-Man also has another power: Spider-Sense. It's where Spider-Man can sense a hazard or something important before it comes. So use Spider-Sense to find an outlet on a generator. Then use Spider-Man's webs to pull out the outlet, turning off the generator, thus making the path to the Sandman safer. But there is a giant "A" blocking the path. Use Spider-Sense to find two grapple points.Once targeted, Spider-Man will pull the "A" down (using webs). Now you can fight the Sandman. But now he is a giant.

Use Spider-Man to create a rope so other characters can get up the water tower the rope needs to connect to. Switch to the Hulk. The only downfall to playing as the Hulk is that he cannot climb ropes or ladders. In fact he is the only character who cannot build things out of piles of bouncing bricks. In fact if you try while as the Hulk, he will try to connect two of the bricks, but he can't find a way to connect them and will kick the pile of bricks in anger. Anyway, that is why you can have the Hulk switch to and from his Hulk form, and the form of Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner can do everything the Hulk can NOT do, but that means he can NOT do what the Hulk CAN do. Anyway, make the Hulk transform back to Bruce Banner and have him climb the rope. The moment you reach the top, have Bruce transform into the Incredible Hulk. Use the Hulk's Hyper-Strength to pull some handles. Once pulled, the Water Tower will crumble into a pile of bricks. Either switch to another character or have the Hulk transform back to Bruce Banner. Then use the character to rebuild the water tower into a water cannon. After all, the Sandman's only weakness is water, as it causes the sand in his body to get all muddy, greatly impairing movement and rendering him harmless. So shoot the Sandman with the water cannon. While being hit by water, the Sandman will shout "I'm melting!!! MELTING!!!! No wait, I mean, I'm solidifying!!!!! SOLIDIFYING!!!!!! Oh, what a world!!!". This is a reference to the classic movie the Wizard of Oz, because the Wicked Witch of the West's last words before melting were "I'm melting!!! MELTING!!!! Oh, what a world!!!".

While the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (they are all NPC's) are loading the Abomination and the Sandman into prison trucks, Agent Phil Coulson asks if the Hulk can help clean up the mess that the fight between good and evil brought about. He does so by gently stacking broken building parts and cars into neatly organized stacks. Iron Man then asks "So who are these guys, what do they want, and will it cut into my jacuzzi time?". S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury replies "I don't know, I wish I knew, and yes, it will cut into your jacuzzi time." He then commands that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents take the cosmic brick to the Baxter Building, home of four more superheroes known as the Fantastic Four, which has Mr. Fantastic (he can stretch his body to any length or shape), The Thing (a mutant similar to the Incredible Hulk but his skin is covered in stone, and he is stuck in his "Hulk" form, and has complete control over his body), the Human Torch (he can control fire, make fire come out of his body, shoot streams of fire, and throw fire balls), and the Invisible Woman (she can make herself, or anything, invisible, as well as produce energy barriers) so Mr. Fantastic can study it (as his alter-ego, Reed Richards, is a scientist).

Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America go to Tony Stark's Hall of Armors, where Tony Stark keeps the Iron Man Armors that are not being used. Unfortunately, someone (I do not know) locked them in there. Tony Stark is somehow rendered armor less and needs to put on a new armor to face the intruder. I do not know how Tony became Armor-less, or what armor you need Stark to put on. I hope it's the Mark 42, because that is my personal favorite. Even the way you put it on is cool. You first insert a telepathic device into your left arm and you just imagine yourself wearing the armor and BOOM!!!! The armor will come flying towards you, piece by piece, and the pieces affix themselves onto your body and before you know it, you are wearing the Mark 42 armor!!! Also identified by the fact that most of the Armor is gold, with some red here and there. I have only seen the beginning third of the level. First you switch to Captain America and have him throw his shield at a overhead switch. then smash some orbs floating around. After that a computer console will appear. Have Tony activate it (Tony and all of his Armors can use computer consoles) to make the laser detectors move upwards so the rest of the gang can get through. However, when said laser are lifted, only a normal sized character can fit underneath. The Hulk is very tall, so either super jump over them or transform back to Bruce Banner. After that, have Tony use another computer console to summon a toy helicopter. It will open the door to the next room. I do not know what happens after that, and the gameplay might change when the game is available for purchase, as this level was still being developed.

There are also supposed to be at least one level taking place in Asgard, which is where Thor used to live until he became an invincible superhero. I do not know anything about the level. But I do know that there is one level where you can explore Oscorp. Oscorp is the company that Norman Osborn owns. Norman Osborn is better known as the Green Goblin, one of, if not the most dangerous villain that Spider-Man defeated. He flies around on a bat shaped hover-board, throwing Halloween themed explosives around. His ghost bombs prevent targets from moving, and he has two different Jack-o-lantern bombs. One is a classic "blow something up with a massive explosion", while the other releases sleeping gas. And he can shoot yellow electric lasers from his pointer finger. Again I know very little of this level. The last bit of plot info I have is that there is a level taking place on Asteroid M, lair of Magneto. I know very little of the level, but I will guess that the level has a BOSS BATTLE with either Sabretooth (he has the savagery of a wild animal), Deadpool (a ninja-like villain that talks too much and even makes fourth wall breaks), or Magneto (as previously stated, he has the power to control anything metal with his mind), as all three use Asteroid M as a base.

The game has a open world style hub, meaning that you can fully explore a LEGO version of NEW York, possibly Asgard, and possibly Asteroid M. All LEGO games that have open world style hubs have one thing in common: You must reach the entrance of every level, usually a door into a building. So It's reasonable that you must explore Asgard and Asteroid M to find the Level entrance.

Just like the previous games, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes inherits traits of older LEGO games, such as a multi-player function. It appears that Chase McCain's (from LEGO City Undercover) Free Running power has been adopted by Spider-Man, as Spider-Man was seen wall jumping in several videos of the game. But yet again, When Spider-Man lands on the wall, a web-like net appears on the wall, allowing Spider-Man to cling to that wall as long as the player wants. And Studs reappear as the currency of the in-game stores. Interestingly enough, a white Stud appears at the beginning and end of every web vine that Spider-Man shoots out of his wrists. But it never appears if he creates a web net.

Another thing inherited from past LEGO games is that the characters actually talk. The characters in the games never talked but said random gibberish. They only started to talk with the game LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. I have not seen gameplay of Thor, but it would be awesome if he inherited the invincibility trait that Superman (from LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes) has, because both heroes ARE invincible in their respective universes.

Remember this date!!! SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013. This is the day that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes comes out.

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2013. I am trying to make the date easier to remember.

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