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Monday, April 29, 2013

My mom's fund raiser and BENEFIT SALE

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is about my mother's fund raiser. She is supporting a friend of hers whose husband died in a car accident.

Master Deputy Sheriff Shane Robbins

This man was a police officer before his demise. His name was Shane Robbins. He was at a very high rank at the time of his death. Master Deputy Sheriff, to be exact. He's been in force (or service) for about 15 years.

But another good reason why my mother's friend needs support is that now she is a single parent, and has FIVE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fund raiser takes place exactly 12 (twelve) days from the day this blog was published. According to my mother (Stacey Way), the minimal number of  guests is about....five hundred to one thousand. So basically there is going to be a LOT of people there. Like how there are about a thousand LD-301 robots that serve as crewmen of the Sand-ship (From Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Even when I'm spreading the word about the fund raiser I love making a video game reference.).

Another thing to know is that my mother has done fund raising before this, but this is the first time the benefit is for a family whose close relative has passed on. She even said that "It's hard to do this without getting emotional". I, myself, never got emotional during the preparations. Yet again, I never met Shane Robbins and thus he has no attachments to me in the form of a relationship. But Anyway, If you are reading this post, I find it wisest to join in. It also has a BENEFIT SALE!!!!!!! You need a dollar to enter and with a good amount of good luck you can win one of several PRIZES!!!!! I do not know much about said PRIZES, but I do know that one prize you can get is TICKETS TO THE MOVIE THEATER!!!!!! You can watch any movie you want with these, but each one works ONLY ONCE. So if you want to get several, you must put in two, three, four, five, or six doolars for the additional tickets. And there is only six tickets available.

My mother is (during the gap between the day of this post and the day of the fund raiser and benefit sale) currently making final preparations such as getting people to sponsor this event, getting the supplies (she took care of the snacks. There's CAKE and COOKIES and even ICE CREAM. I am going to pass on the ice cream, though. My stomach hates ice cream while my taste buds love it. So I am going to listen to my stomach whenever I can eat ice cream and simply turn it down.). She also got the fire department to drive a truck to the party. It's not really a party, actually. 

Please notice how this post is a LOT shorter than the others. That is because that my mother only gave me KEY information, and not DETAILED information. The difference? KEY information is short fun facts. But DETAILED information is a whole lot different. It is LONG fun facts about the exact same topic.

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