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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zelda Time!!!!!

One of the oldest posts I posted was about the series known as The Legend of Zelda. This post is also about The Legend of Zelda!!!! And with BETTER info!!!!

The newest game in the series is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Unless you count Nintendo Land's minigame Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest to be part of the series.

But here is a neat thing. There is actually more than one Link. Original link had descendant (either a son or a nephew), his name was Link, that Link had a descendant, and that child was named Link, and that Link passed the title of Link (as well as the trademark green clothes) down to his descendant and the descendant passes down the title and clothes to the next descendant and this keeps on repeating over and over. Every new game has a new Link that is the descendant of the previous Link. In fact there is a character, called the Hero's Shade (first appeared in Twilight Princess), and according to a book the Hero's Shade might be the ghost of the Link from the game Legend of Zelda: Orcania of Time. This is highly logical has the Hero's Shade seems to use the exact same moves that the Orcania of Time Link uses in that game.

Of all the Links that appear in the series, the Link in Twilight Princess is by-far the best swordsman. Especially if you make Link learn the Seven Hidden Skills of the Art of the Sword (or Hidden Skills for short). In fact, the very first Hidden Skill, the Finishing Blow, is needed to defeat Ganondorf in Twilight Princess. It's not has powerful as the Mortal Draw, though. To use the Finishing Blow, you must try to knock the foe off their feet, then you must do the required action to activate the Finishing Blow. Link will jump up and stab his sword straight down through the foes' heart. However, you must do this quickly, as an enemy will get back up within seconds. The Mortal Draw, however, can be used anytime during a fight. To use it, Link must put away all his weapons and must not target a single enemy. When the the foe is close enough, a button will appear. Press that button at the right moment and Link will smash his blade against his foe, instantly killing them. There is only one enemy that can block this otherwise invincible attack. The Darknut. All other enemies (along with some bosses and almost every mini-boss) are defenseless against this deadly attack. However, bosses can survive the first Mortal Draw you use on them, but might die if you hit them with the Mortal draw either a second or a third time.

Here is the info of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
The newest incarnation of Link lives in Skyloft, a giant floating island surround by smaller floating islands. Just like his ancestors, he has a tendency of sleeping in. By the time the game starts, it is the day of the Wing Ceremony, where all knights in training compete in a thrilling race to catch a statue carried by a Loftwing (giant birds that come in every imaginable color, But Link's Loftwing partner is the only Crimson Red Loftwing in Skyloft). Zelda sent her Blue Loftwing to deliver a message to Link. The player now has to make Link go to the Statue of the Goddess, where Zelda is waiting. Zelda is wearing a costume that she made for the Wing Ceremony's ending ritual.

During the conversation, the player can select one of three things for Link to say about Zelda's costume. After that, Link learns that his Loftwing partner has been locked up in a cage by the Academy's bully, Groose, because he is secretly jealous of Link's Loftwing, which is way better in every way than his own Loftwing. It is quite obvious that he got injured during the kidnapping, because his friends are giving him a massage in aching points on his body. Plus, one of them said that the Loftwing bit, pecked, and scratched them violently while trying to get the Loftwing into the cage.

The cage is at the other end of a long tunnel behind a waterfall, blocked up with wooden bars. Because the tunnel is home to dangerous beasts. So Link has to go to the Sparring Hall and get a Practice Sword. It's normally used for friendly sword duals among the students of the Academy. But you need it to fight through a hoard of Keese and Chuchu. After freeing Link's Loftwing, Zelda teaches Link how to ride a Loftwing.

Link and his Loftwing make it Just in time for the Wing Ceremony's race scene. Of course, Groose cheated during the race by ramming into the player as well as the NPC racers that managed to make it into the race. And his friends were throwing raw eggs at the other NPC's as well as the player. But Link still grabs the bird statuette you must grab in order to win the race. Then comes the ending ritual, where Zelda gives you her Sailcloth (she made it herself) and then comes the exciting part. The winner of the race must jump off the Statue of the Goddess, steer themselves to a golden circular design on the ground, and parachute to safety using the Sailcloth as a parachute. However, Zelda pushes you off on the first try.

After the ritual ends, Zelda and Link go Loftwing Riding together, but suddenly, a massive tornado appears and sucks Zelda down to the surface world, and no resident of Skyloft have see the Surface world, as there is a cloud barrier separating Skyloft from the Surface. Link was carried back to Skyloft on his Loftwing's back (even though he was limp and unconscious). Zelda's father then gives Link the senior class knight uniform (up until now, Link was wearing casual clothes), which (unlike Link's previous clothes) is designed for long journeys.

But first, Link needs a proper sword, as a Practice Sword would be useless in a land long forgotten and swarming with killer plants, volcanoes that never stop erupting, and a ridiculously large desert crawling with who knows what. So Link must equip himself with the Goddess Sword, a magnificent divine blade that happens to be alive. The spirit known as Fi pops out of the blade to give advice. The player has the option of going to the bizarre and stocking up on supplies. I strongly recommend a shield and at least one healing potion. But unfortunately, the only shield available is the Wooden shield. It is the weakest shield in the game and breaks easily. If you have the ingredients, you can take your Wooden Shield to the Scrap Shop to upgrade to the Banded Shield which is much stronger than the Wooden Shield. And you can make another upgrade assuming you have the proper ingredients. I do not know what comes after the banded shield but I do know that the Wooden Shield and it's upgrades will burn easily. Luckily the first area you go to is Faron Woods, which have absolutely no fire to burn your shield.

After reaching Faron Woods, Link must help the Kikwi. Kikwi are friendly penguin-like creatures that are also cowardly and will do everything they can to escape attackers. Curiously, where every single lesser Kikwi is knee high compared to Link, the Kikwi Elder is gigantic, roughly the size of an African Elephant. But they all think they are master hiders, possibly due to the fact that the bush on their backs make them look like a bunch of plants.

After helping the Kikwi Elder find his fellow Kikwi (he does not help in the search because he is terrified of the enemies in the area and dares not to move from his hill, as it is the only safe part of the woods besides climbing up a tree.). The hardest to reach Kikwi is up a tall tree and is being terrorized by Bokoblins. After defeating the Bokoblins, the Kikwi, replies that his legs fell like jelly (because he is still in shock of the Bokoblin attack). Link must roll into the tree, and the impact will make the Kikwi fall to the ground.

With his kin safe, the Kikwi Elder gives you a Slingshot. Which is a good thing because there are puzzles which can only be solved with a Slingshot. He then tells you that deeper in the woods there is a temple, which Zelda is going to. The Sky-view Temple to be exact. But all Temples and all Dungeons in the game have dangerous enemies and dangerous traps and mind-boggling puzzles and when you reach the final room in the temple/dungeon, there is a boss, waiting for you.

On his way in, the camera zooms out so we see the boots of someone who is following Link. When Link reaches the final room, he finds a mysterious villain named Ghirahim (even though he prefers his full title: Lord Ghirahim of the Surface). He is trying to break open a door, but he senses the presence of Link and reveals that he summoned the massive tornado that sucked Zelda to the surface (in fact he even admitted that he thought that Link was killed in the tornado). Apparently Ghirahim wants the sky maiden (A.K.A. Zelda) for a master plan to revive his master: Demise. Even though Demise is currently known as the Imprisoned as he is trying to escape his prison in the Sealed Grounds.

Then Ghirahim and Link engage in a thrilling one-on-one BOSS BATTLE. Ghirahim is very powerful, and he gives the player a very hard time with the duel and he is not even using his full power, he's just toying with you. If he used his full power then, the player would never defeat him. After defeating Ghirahim, he says that he spent far too long dueling with Link and he says that he can barely feel Zelda's presence, implying that Zelda moved on and is no longer there. He teleports after saying that if Link crosses paths with Ghirahim again, he (Ghirahim) will kill Link.

You now have to return to Skyloft and place the second third of the Surface Map on the pedestal in the Statue of the Goddess, where Link gained the Goddess Sword as well as the first third of the map. Then you can go to Eldin Volcano, but your Wooden Shield would be useless there because just about every enemy has flames on it's body or breathes fire or both. By now you can buy the Iron Shield, which can protect you from intense heat and fire, but will shatter instantly if it touches electricity. You can upgrade it to the Reinforced Shield, which makes it even more durable and upgrade that to the Fortified Shield, which is even MORE durable than the Reinforced Shield.

Fi advises that the use of dowsing (the Goddess Sword can dowse, where you play "hot-cold" with the Goddess Sword while looking through Link's eyes. Dowse to find targeted objects or creatures but be careful in Temples and Dungeons, because there are so many auras in both structures that dowsing would be useless, as dowsing allows you to track the aura of an object.) is critical to find Zelda. Link then meets the Mogma. Mole like creatures that love treasure, they indirectly reveal that the key to the Fire Temple has been broken up and scattered throughout the area. Fi can now dowse for the key pieces. After assembling the key and unlocking the door to the Fire Temple, you now have access to the temple's interior.

I, myself, have not successfully navigated the Fire Temple. But I do know that you meet Ghirahim at the final room (again). But since his first defeat, Ghirahim is starting to lose his temper and remarks that Link's death will "put a spring in my step". Those are Ghirahim's exact words. So he summons a fire beast to fight Link. Link defeats the fire beast (called "Scaldera") and then meets Zelda at the back of the temple. She is accompanied by Impa, a ninja-like warrior that has vowed to protect the sky maiden so she can complete her mission (which, as Fi said, is also Link's mission). Impa says that Zelda is safe only because Impa rescued her from her captors and Link was too late to do so.

Then you can place the third and final third of the map of the surface and go to the Lanaryu Desert, which has ROBOTS. And even better ROBOTS that have been around for THOUSANDS of years!!!!! But it also has giant scorpions and EVIL ROBOTS. As well as Bokoblins wielding electrified batons that will instantly break the Iron Shield, Reinforced Shield, and Fortified Shield on impact.

Link also gets the chance to explore the Sand-ship, a Pirate ship piloted by ROBOTS!!!!! But it gets attacked by a giant squid-like monster. This only happens when Link reaches the front deck. Link defeats this beast and moves on.

Somewhere down the road you meet Ghirahim in the final room of the Ancient Cistern. This time he is just sitting on a golden statue's head. He remarks on how persistent Link is. And with a snap of his fingers, Ghirahim brings the statue to life AND teleport away at the exact same time. Link defeats the statue in a two phase BOSS BATTLE.

Also later on Link must gather the three Sacred Flames. The Flames are absorbed into the Goddess Sword, thus upgrading it. The First Flame will turn the Goddess Sword into the Goddess Longsword, with a longer attack range and all damage done will be doubled. The Next Flame turns the Goddess Longsword into the Goddess Whitesword, which is even better at tracking things while dowsing. And the final Flame turns the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword, a crazy awesome blade of awesomeness.

But the Master Sword is not at full power yet, and in order to get that, you need to learn the Song of the Hero and there are four segments in the song, each one is can be taught by on of the Three Dragons and Levias, the flying whale. But here is the tricky part. Levias has become unnaturally aggressive thanks to a parasite. So you fight the parasite while riding on Link's Loftwing. Link cannot fight the parasite on foot because that would mean that Levias has to land, and thus he would beach himself. Not even the parasite wants that to happen. Mainly because if it's host is beached, it becomes useless to the Parasite and the Parasite wants to use Levias.

Link can defeat the parasite by using a move called the Spiral Charge, a trick that only advanced class knights are allowed to learn. Instructor Horwell gives you authorization to use it though. After ridding Levias of his parasite problem, he teaches you part of the Song of the Hero. You can learn the other three parts of the song in any order you want.

If you want Faron's part, you are going to have to learn about her lair from a Kikwi hermit (he's not really a hermit. He's been living in a tall tree all his life and never wanted to come back down). Faron needs some special water at the moment and you must return to Sky-view Temple to get the water. You are going to need a Bottle, though. To get a bottle, you can find a bottle in some treasure chests. However, you can get a bottle for free by talking to the Potion Shop saleswoman for the first time. Give the water to Faron and she will teach you her part.

If you want Lanaryu's part, you will find his skeletons as he died a few years before the events of the game started. So Link must travel back in time to cure a slowly dying Lanaryu of a life-span shortening decease. You must plant a seed, travel forwards in time, the seedling is now a giant tree, take the antidote from the tree, travel back in time, give the antidote to the gravely ill Lanaryu and Lanaryu will live in the present. After that he will teach you his part of the song.

If you want Eldin's part, you don't have to do a favor for him or revive him. You just have to talk to him. That's it. However, the moment you land in Eldin's realm Link gets kidnapped by a hoard of Bokoblins and all of his gear has been stolen and scattered throughout the lair of the Bokoblins. By now you should have the following equipment: Master Sword, Whip, Beetle, Slingshot, Bow and Arrows, at least one shield, a Bomb Bag (for carrying bombs), Gust Bellows, the Goddess's Harp, Claw-shots, Zelda's Sailcloth, Mogma Mitts, at least an empty bottle, and a optional tool known as the Bug Net (for catching bugs and birds.). The Bug Net you do not need but you need everything else. So you must fight your way out of the Bokoblin Base and when you recover haft of your gear, you find The Master Sword and the remaining equipment in a room. Eldin is in the same room.

Link and Zelda travel back in time (the Song of the Hero unlocks the Gate of Time, which allows you to travel through time with several people with you) and Zelda uses the power of Hylia (Better known as the Goddess) to turn the Master Sword into the True Master Sword. Now it is the ULTIMATE blade. No other weapon compares to it. It is the BEST fighting weapon in the game, tying in first only with the Bow's final upgrade: The Sacred Bow.

But throughout the events of the game, the player has to return to the Sealed Grounds so they can force the Imprisoned back into it's seal. The Imprisoned will just ignore you during all versions of the BOSS BATTLE. The second time you face the Imprisoned, Groose accidentally falls to the Surface World, but names the place "Groose-Land". Groose will stay at the Sealed Grounds for the rest of the game (until you beat the game). Why? Because he actually makes himself useful by helping you during the second, third, and fourth BOSS BATTLES with the Imprisoned

But where is Ghirahim? You encounter him in the Fire Sanctuary (if you try to go there without the Fire-shield Earrings, Fi will tell you that the Fire Sanctuary is so hot that Link will die the moment he steps foot in there. And even then the entrance is at the end of a cave so hot that Link will catch on fire the moment he steps inside the tunnel, taking a quarter of a heart with every second spent in there). And a BOSS BATTLE between Link and Ghirahim begins (I consider this to be a rematch of their first encounter). Ghirahim is tougher, now, as he is starting to realize how big a threat Link is to his master plan. So he upgrades his powers with better defense, a wider range of attack, and so on and so forth.

After all of these events pass, Ghirahim kidnaps Zelda. So Link must fight his way through the BIGGEST Hoard of monsters Ghirahim could muster. Ghirahim sent every monster he commanded to barricade the Sealed Grounds so Ghirahim has enough time to revive Demise by feeding the Imprisoned Zelda's soul. The hoard had Red Bokoblins, Green Bokoblins, Bokoblins with swords, Bokoblins with hammers, Bokoblins with axes, and Moblins (rarer, more powerful Bokoblins). Bokoblins that can summon more Bokoblins. And Staflos!!!! The undead skeletal warrior!!!! And last but not least comes a thrilling final battle between Link and Ghirahim (TIP: The Finishing Blow is also in Skyward Sword. You must use the Finishing blow to defeat Ghirahim). But Link is too late. The Imprisoned ate the soul of Zelda and transformed into Demise. And Ghirahim is transformed into Demise's sword.

Demise then engages Link in a duel in a dimension Demise created just for fair, one-on-one sword duels. In this dimension, Link's most powerful sword move, the Skyward Strike, is useless. This is unfair as Demise has his own version of the Skyward Strike. And his is infused with the power of lightning. And not even a shield can protect you from this attack. After hitting Demise enough times, he will fall on his back and you can perform the Finishing Blow on him. But this is more dramatic than the normal one. Link spins in the air twice while jumping, and the True Master Sword is infused with lightning, supercharging the Finishing Blow. Be careful though. You only get three chances to use the finishing blow. The slightest delay will allow Demise to get up.

After defeating Demise, Groose rides back to Skyloft, since that the ultimate evil is destroyed, he is no longer needed to help keep it at bay. But Link and Zelda, on the other hand, decide to stay on the surface.


If you want more info, I strongly recommend that you go to Zeldapedia, the Legend of Zelda Wiki.

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