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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LEGO City Time!!!!!

You remember the blog post where I announced that I have the Wii U and LEGO City Undercover? Good!!! Because I will type in the plot of the game as well as info you can only learn from either my blog posts, or playing the game yourself.

Here is the plot.
Two years before the events of the game, there was a handsome police officer named Chase McCain. He managed to get a secret witness to reveal the whereabouts of the super dangerous crime boss Rex Fury. But after Rex's arrest, Chase accidentally revealed that secret witness's identity. On world-wide TV. So that witness, named Natalia Kowalski, got fired from her job as a news reporter and became a paramedic. Feeling sorry for ruining Natalia's life, Chase went out of town, so out of town that he left the country all together.

Two whole years later, Chase returns to LEGO City on the ferry that takes people to and from LEGO City. After disembarking the ferry, Chase meets LEGO City's mayor. Mayor Gleason. She informs Chase that Rex Fury has escaped and is the possible reason for LEGO City's crisis. A large scale crime wave. Just as she says this, some thieves stole the tires to Gleason's limousine as well as the clothes of the limousine's driver, leaving him in his underwear. Gleason then asks if Chase can arrest Rex (again).

Chase then makes his way to the Police Station, where he meets his biggest fan, Frank Honey. At the time, Frank was carrying hundreds of boxes, each one filled with hundreds of doughnuts. Frank then volunteers to become Chase's waiter. But Chase just wants to get inside the Station.

On the way inside, Chase tells Frank that it was Deputy Marion Dunby that made the actual arrest. But Chase has been away from LEGO City for so long that in his absence, Deputy Marion Dunby got promoted to Chief of Police. That means he gives out orders to the other officers. But Dunby kept telling the mayor that Rex should be a million miles away by now.

Chase's first orders from Dunby is to get a uniform on (Up until now, Chase has been wearing a brown jacket, a red T-shirt, and blue jeans). Frank says he thinks that there is a spare uniform in the basement. And there is. Along with four in-game stores. And five officers exercising. And Frank's favorite place in the basement is the requisitions desk. Why? Because the woman that operates it is Ellie Philips. And Frank happens to be in love with Ellie Philips. Anyway, she gives Chase the ultimate crime fighting tool: A LEGO version of the Wii U Gamepad.

Frank is next seen in the Lobby, trying to repair the Station's Main Computer. But here is the comedy of Frank Honey. He is clumsy, naive, and whenever he tries to fix a malfunctioning electronic, he bangs on it with a hammer. Obviously, that only smashed the computer (in fact it exploded in Frank's face). But Chase properly fixes it. The Main Computer isn't really important though. All it does is allow you to type in cheat codes.

But the Main Computer also has another purpose. The in-game Wii U Gamepad is offline, and in order to activate it, you need to plug it in the Computer and wait for the activation update to complete. While updating, Chase overhears a conversation about the Chief falling asleep while eating his doughnuts. Frank gladly volunteers to awaken him, but Frank misplaced the key. So Chase activates the only default feature on the Gamepad: The Ultra Violet Scanner. It enables you to follow footprints that lead you to an object hiding something. And the key was in a cabinet.

Now comes the hard part. You have to wake up Marion Dunby. But he is a deep sleeper. So the player must have Chase build a boombox. The music will be loud enough to wake up Marion. Dunby then calls everyone to the briefing room. Dunby then briefs Chase and the other officers about Rex Fury. He is six mm tall. Rex has been breaking the law since he was three years old. We then see a freeze frame of Rex Fury as a child, fleeing from the police. He has a woman's purse in one hand, and is riding a tricycle as a getaway vehicle. He has escaped before being arrested two years ago. And we see a flashback showing Rex fleeing from the police, driving a lawn mower as a getaway vehicle.

Dunby then says that he underestimated the current Chief of Police: himself. We see another freeze frame showing Dunby answering questions and having the paparazzi take pictures of him while the other officers are dog-piling Rex Fury, who is still trying to escape even after he was cuffed.

Dunby then says that he set up cameras at all the places Rex Fury would most likely steal from. When he activates the camera at the Cherry Tree Bank, we can see a trio of bank robbers robbing the bank.

Every officer is then dispatched to the scene of the crime. Frank says that they have to drive responsibly. But Frank crashes into the dumpster and almost ran over innocent bystanders. And he takes a wrong turn. So Chase reaches the bank, and the robbers are dressed as cute clowns. And Chase makes his first arrest in two whole years. But when hunting down the second clown, Chase cannot find him anywhere. So Ellie Philips updates the Gamepad, now giving it: Thermal Data Scanner!!! With this, you can scan an area in order to find either a Super Brick (collect Bricks and Super Bricks to build Super Builds. Super Builds are gigantic objects. Some Super Builds must be built in order to make further progress, while others are completely optional.), or a criminal hiding from you. Chase detects the clown in a green house just across the street. Then Chase chases the clown across the neighborhood.

The final clown is not in Cherry Tree Hills, but in Auburn. The Auburn Harbor to be exact. Chase uses the Data Scanner to find the criminal hiding on board a cargo ship. In order to get on board, the harbor master must tell the crane driver to pick you up and drop you on the ship. He won;t do this until you give him his sandwich. Because some seagulls stole it from him. So Chase must use the Ultra Violet Scanner to follow the footprints of the seagull. After arresting the final clown, Dunby gives you a quick call and tells you to help out with a road block.

Here we see Natalia speeding away in her pink car. Chase borrows an elderly woman's car and a brief race scene begins. Natalia almost falls off the ledge of the cliff (the road was built up on a cliff). After Natalia decides to leave, the player has to arrest four car thieves that have escaped the other officers by climbing up a building. But Chase needs to climb the building next to the building with the car thieves on it, so he can ambush them. So Chase goes to the forest police station and the Chief of Police there, Ellie's uncle Duke, gives Chase a grapple gun. He gives them to Chase because Duke tried using the grapple gun to catch a fish he's been trying to catch for years. But he never caught that fish, leaving Duke to believe that the grapple gun is useless.

After climbing up the building, Chase gets to reveal his ultimate ability: Free Running. It is where he does a series of acrobatic feats like running across walls, swinging on poles, and jumping from wall to wall. Chase easily arrests three of the four thieves. The last thieve is tougher than the first three because he can also Free Run. Chase then finds the thief dangling from the rooftop. Chase learns from him that he works for Rex Fury. But Rex is clever. He made sure that no one knows his location. He calls his minions on their phones. So not even his henchmen know where he is. But the thief says that Blue might know where Rex is. Blue is a prisoner at Albatross prison.

The player can now go to Albatross Island Prison. A whole island that is one big prison. But you need to build a Super Build to get there. The completed Super Build is a ferry that takes you from Cherry Tree Hills to Albatross Prison. Fortunately, the prison guards do not take their job seriously (in fact they sleep during work hours), so it is easy to sneak in. But here is why you sneak in. Dunby doesn't think Rex Fury is behind the crime wave and thinks that he left the country. And he wants NOBODY to take Rex's case.

Chase meets Blue in the prison's basketball court. One of Blue's trademarks is selling things to the other prisoners, cleverly disguising the item as a cake. Blue reveals that Rex owes him a hot tub (because of how difficult it is to smuggle one in the prison). Unfortunately, Blue doesn't know where Rex Fury is, or how he escaped, or why there are Italian ladies singing in the background, or what those Italian ladies were singing about, or why his prison-mates are dancing together, or how his cellmate got a sauce pan glued to his head. There is a lot Blue doesn't know. But Chase goes into Rex's cell (which is in a room behind the Warden's office. It can only be accessed by a elevator behind a painting of the Warden).

The cell is super fancy. Mainly because everything there was from Blue. There is a hot tub, exercise equipment, a jukebox, a painting of a map, and fancy furniture. There are three buttons hidden in the cell. press all three and a painting of a woman wearing a torn up dress will open revealing a freshly dug tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel is a hammer which Rex Fury used ti dig the tunnel. And it is from the Bluebell Mine. Which is in Bluebell National Park.

On the way to the Bluebell Mine, Ellie tells Chase that a miner named Clarence Fletcher (his friends call him "Stinky" because he smells horrible) is a witness to a theft at the Bluebell Mine. You see, some criminals stole some equipment from the mine a few months ago.

Unfortunately, Rex already kidnapped Stinky. And punches Chase in the face. The blow knocked him out cold. Duke and Natalia showed up and revived Chase. By now Natalia's father has been kidnapped, but nobody knows who kidnapped him. Duke then suggests that Chase goes to learn Kung Fu (up until this point, Chase can only use basic fighting moves to fight enemies).

Chase then visits Barry Smith, the plumbing and Kung Fu guru. He's been unclogging pipes and chi since 1986. Barry Smith has a Japanese style dojo, with several students training and meditating. And one student carving a ice sculpture. Barry Smith then gives Chase the "Learn Kung Fu while you sleep" CD. But Barry's Kung Fu skills are too great for Chase to handle, and gets beaten up. So Barry thinks that Chase should fight some of his students.

There are eight normal level students. And two tough level students. Chase's old fisticuffs attacks are now replaced with awesome Kung Fu attacks. In order to win, you must first try a new type of move. The move types are: Quick Throw, where Chase uses a Kung Fu attack to send foes flying through the air, Counter, where Chase uses Kung Fu to either dodge or intercept an incoming attack, and Grab, where Chase will grab the foe by the arm and if you hold down the "Quick Throw" button while holding an enemy, a cursor will appear. Move the joystick to move the cursor. Move the cursor over a breakable object or another enemy, and Chase will throw the victim at the target.

After learning Kung Fu, Frank calls Chase on the Gamepad. He was supposed to deliver the awesome M.O.V. to the Police Station to present the latest crime fighting technology, but he was ambushed by thieves. The thieves drove the M.O.V. truck over to Crabby Cove, one of LEGO City's beaches.

After beating up and arresting some of the gangsters that stole the truck, Chase must now drive the truck to the Police Station. But here is the hard part. You only have three minutes to do so. And the gangsters will chase you while you are driving.

Once you escape the gangsters, Chase then realizes that the gangsters were working for Chan Chuang, who is both a crime boss and the owner of a junkyard. But Frank asks if Chase can pull over so he can drive the truck the rest of the way. He wants to do this because he wants to show everyone he can be trusted with important tasks. But Frank crashes the truck into the building. Gleason yells at Marion "DUNBY!!!!!!!". Dunby yells at Frank "HONEY!!!!!!". And Frank yells "WAFFLES!!!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!?!?!". While Chase says that he thinks he found somebody working for Rex Fury, Frank says out loud that Dunby told him to stay off the case, infuriating Gleason even more.

Trying to save his life, Dunby says nervously that he was planning to have Chase go undercover to get to Rex Fury. Of course Dunby never planned this, he was trying to get on the mayor's good side. First Chase goes undercover in Chan Chuang's gang. The first thing you have to do? Drive a limousine with the secretive billionaire Forest Blackwell as a passenger. After that, you just have to steal cars from Chan's rivals. Eventually, you will have to go to Apollo Island, a whole island dedicated to the research of outer space. But Chase must steal a moon buggy.

After that, Chan calls and alerts Chase that someone broke into his office. Chase pursues the intruder, who is dressed as a ninja and can also Free Run. Chase then finds out that the ninja was Natalia. She was looking through Chan's files to find out more about her father. She didn't find anything about him, but found out that Chan Chuang works for Vinnie Pappalardo. The owner of a ice cream parlor. He is also a crime boss. He has a Brooklyn accent. And speaks in slang sometimes.

In order to meet Vinnie Pappalardo you need to do two things. First, break his cousin out of jail (his cousin, Moe de Luca, is not really a criminal. He just didn't pay five hundred parking tickets.). After that, you must go to the airport and steal a fresh shipment of Color Guns. Color Guns are guns that can change the color of objects. In fact, there are hundreds of color-related puzzles in the game, so you must use the Color Gun to change the color of something to solve the puzzle. Once you get the shipment, deliver it to Vinnie Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor.
Chase then theorizes that Vinnie is working for Rex Fury. So he goes undercover for Vinnie's gang. Which is more of a crime syndicate than a gang. Yet again, a crime syndicate is just several gangs that joined together in an alliance. Anyway, when you first meet him, he is dressed as a clown. Why? Because it was Vinnie's son's birthday, and he wanted to give his son a surprise. Anyway, Vinnie gives you your first mission.

It is: Steal the Bell Pepper Diamond. It is a diamond bigger than Chase's entire body. There is only one way to get to the diamond. All you have to do is go in the sewer underneath the bank, swim through the disgusting water, deactivate the machinery with your new Color Gun, climb up the ladder at the opposite end of the sewer, climb up the air vents, take the needed turns to get to the secret room, hop out of the vent, and then open a massive vault. Be warned though. Picking up the diamond off it's pedestal will trigger an alarm. After that you have to fight your way through the bank and then build a Jet-Powered Snowplow to escape in.

After delivering it to Vinnie's delivery man (who would deliver the diamond to Vinnie's private customer), Chase, as punishment for stealing the diamond, is transferred to Duke's station in the forest. And it turns out that Frank Honey was also transferred here. But here is why HE was transferred. He made Dunby's house's plumbing problem even worse by turning the sink into a fountain. But another reason Dunby transferred Chase McCain is to keep him from continuing the case. Because Duke's side of the city is practically crime-less. When Frank and Chase arrive, they hear somebody threatening to kill what they think is Duke. But it turns out that Duke and his pet squirrel Derek were practicing for a play.

Duke then gives Frank the task of making sure they do NOT run out of coffee. But Frank accidentally breaks the coffee machine. Derek then makes squirrel sounds in rage. Duke then says "Derek! Language!!!". This implies that Derek used mild language. But as a squirrel, he can only speak in squirrel language. Anyway, Both Frank and Chase are then sent to Fort Meadows to help Farmer Hayes.

We then see what Hayes needs help with. His pigs have escaped and are running a muck throughout Fort Meadows. But they are not normal pigs. They are Mountain Pigs!!! Incredibly rare. But since they are Mountain Pigs, they.....could.....be....ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! This is true. You find one on the roof of Hayes house, another on the roof of a shed, and the last one left the farm completely. He went onto the roof of Fort Meadows' main attraction: A massive castle that is super old. you can tell it's old. There are plants and moss and vines growing on the walls, and there are many holes in those same walls. There is only one way to get the last pig back to the farm. You will have to shoot the pig out of a cannon.

Vinnie gives a call to Chase immediately after the pig landed. His secret customer wants a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. So Chase must steal one from the Uptown Museum. But not even Free Running can get you up to the only entrance that you can take without being noticed. The entrance is the skylight. But how do you get up there? You should have the Farmer disguise by now. It has a neat feature: Super Chicken Glide. You climb up the Art Gallery and use Super Chicken Glide to get on the roof of the Museum. After making your way to the Dinosaur exhibits, Chase learns that the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton has NOT been built. So it's time to do another Super Build.

This is my favorite part of the game. You get to drive the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton around LEGO City. The way the T. Rex's gameplay works makes you feel like Godzilla. Because you can stomp on innocent cars, reducing them to rubble. You also have a Roar. When activated, it will destroy everything in front of you. Anyway, you must drive the Tyrannosaurus Rex to a warehouse. The delivery man there will take the skeletal dinosaur to the secret customer.

After a while, Natalia gets kidnapped by Chan Chuang. Chase gets a disguise and gets backup on this level. The backup are Studski and Clutch. They are rebels that do not mind going against the Chief's orders. They both share a stick-shift car, with Studski driving and Clutch sitting in the front passengers seat. At the beginning of the level, Studski and Clutch guess which method Chan is using to interrogate Natalia. Their guesses were: Chan force-fed Natalia ice cream until she got a brain freeze, and Chan force-fed Natalia soda pop and she would get trapped wind because ladies do not belch in public. Natalia said that the ice cream guess was correct. After rescuing Natalia, Studski and Clutch decide to get out of the scene before the Chief shows up.

There is only one thing that the secret customer wants now. A boat from the LEGO City Fire Department. And by now it is the Fire Chief's 40th birthday. But he is angry at his fellow officers. Why? Because they got him the wrong flavor in the birthday cake, they opened and played with some of his presents, they wished him a happy 70th birthday when it is his 40th birthday, and they misspelled his name on the birthday card. And the birthday card wasn't even a birthday card! It was a mothers-day card.

Anyway, In order for Chase to get to the boat, he must go through fire fighter training. First stage of training. Put a fire out with a fire extinguisher. Second stage. Break open a boarded up door with a fire axe and retrieve a valve. Third stage. Put the valve on the nearby fire hydrant and turn off the hose that a fellow fire fighter activated with too much water pressure. Fourth stage. Direct the NPC fire fighters so the fire fighters up in the burning building can safely land on a trampoline. Final stage. Rescue the fire station's mascot: Admiral Pom Pom. Pom Pom is a cat. A black cat. Anyway, after that, you must get into the Fire Chief's office. But he is in the office. To get him out, Chase must play a carnival game where you squirt water into clown heads. That will make the Chief jealous and he will start playing the game.

After getting to the boat, Chase's backup arrived. But they do not know how to get the boat out of the building. So Chase has to get on the other side of the door and use the boat's water cannon to fill a weight, opening the door.

Vinnie himself decides to take the boat to his secret customer and reveals that he wants his customer to get out of town because the longer the customer stays with Vinnie, the higher the risk of Vinnie getting exposed as the crime boss he secretly is. But before Chase could follow, Natalia's hospital gets attacked by mysterious men wearing black tuxedos and black sunglasses. Chase beats the living snot out of the invaders, and gets to drive his very first helicopter.

After dropping off Natalia at Ellie Philips' house, Chase then realizes that the meeting between Vinnie and his customer was about to begin. But the only way to get to the meeting without being detected is to climb up the Honey Hotel (Frank's mom and dad are rich. They own the entire hotel), Super Chicken glide to a nearby rooftop, and just play a little Rooftop Run. After reaching the rooftop you need to get to, you must use the Audio Scanner (downloaded into the in-game Gamepad the moment you go undercover) to eavesdrop on the conversation. Luckily, the secret customer is, in fact, Rex Fury. But Rex says that there is still some stuff he wants to buy from Vinnie. An enraged Vinnie Pappalardo then commands Chase to go steal something from Forest Blackwell.

It did not matter what Chase stole. He was allowed to pick something. After solving a difficult puzzle so you can open up a massive vault, Chase decides to steal an owl statue made of jade. Before he could even touch it, Blackwell's Sentinels pursue Chase. Chase finds a motorcycle and uses it to escape the Sentinels.

 When Chase returns back to Vinnie's Ice Cream Parlor, Rex's henchmen have overrun the building, and doodled a mustache on a painting of Vinnie's mother. After arresting all but one henchman, Chase and Vinnie interrogate him the same way Chan interrogated Natalia: By force-feeding the lead henchman, named Jimmy, got a brain-freeze. He then says that Jimmy is meant to steal a crane from the construction yard at Paradise Sands and use the crane to steal the telescope at the observatory. He did not mention the telescope part, but mentioned everything else.

At the construction yard, Chase gets the final disguise: The Construction Worker disguise. You must use the disguise's jackhammer (which smashes open large crates) and normal hammer (which repairs malfunctioning fuse-boxes) to make your way to the other side of the yard. There, you must collect some Super Bricks and build the crane that you are supposed to steal.

At the observatory, Chase must give his contact some time while he (the contact) gets the telescope loaded onto the truck. Because police officers are trying to arrest both of them. After an awesome race scene, Chase infiltrates Rex Fury's lair and learns that Rex is working for someone. That someone mentioned that they have Natalia's dad, Henrik Kowalski, hostage, and that they need a special password to activate his invention: a phased polarity device. I forgot the rest of the name past "polarity", as he only says the full name once, during actual gameplay. and conversations in actual gameplay cannot be replayed. Anyway, it is a energy barrier that is practically impervious to anything.

Chase's cover is blown when the henchmen realize the gang has been infiltrated. Although he evades the first few henchmen by getting on a elevator, the elevator starts making a lot of noise, alerting the gangsters to Chase's presence. Chase then sky-dives down the top floor all the way down to the bottom floor. He also sky-dived down a vertical shaft in the Bluebell Mine. He then uses a robot arm to smash a submarine (which is how Rex got the stuff he needed after Vinnie betrayed him). On the way out, Chase gets a jet-pack (which he can use in his Astronaut disguise).

Henrik is tricked (by having Natalia threatened) into giving out the password (which is "Forest Black-smell") to Rex's employer. And guess who it is. Forest Blackwell!!!! But why is he evil? Because he was going to build a hotel and mall in Bluebell National Park. The construction would have caused massive pollution. Nothing in the park would have survived. So this project was cancelled, infuriating Blackwell so badly that he decided to build his "utopia" somewhere else. So he chose to build it on the moon. And he needed the energy barrier to anchor his awesome lair to the moon's surface. Chase and Blackwell escape the secret lair of Rex Fury by flying in a UFO.

Henrik and Chase then sneak into Blackwell's mansion. You must solve another complicated puzzle, but this time, you need to make sunlight bounce off the Bell Pepper Diamond to trigger a switch which reveals a mini-model of Blackwell's moon base.

But before building the Moon Base, Forest would need to get into outer space. But the spaceship at Apollo Island is not big enough for his Sentinels and Rex's gang combined. Chase then realizes that the Blackwell Tower is actually a spaceship, and it's takeoff exhaust will burn all of LEGO City.

Henrik manages to find the prototypes of the Phased Polarity Device in some trucks in a old warehouse in Auburn. Well, I think it is Auburn. I didn't really pay attention to the area during this level. But there are two trucks. So who is going to drive the other truck while the clock is ticking? You know him, you love him, It's: Frank Honey!!!!! That's right!!! Frank Honey. The clumsiest, most naive, and funniest cop ever. Surprisingly, he does not crash into something once during the trip. But Blackwell Tower is so far away from the warehouse. How quickly can you make it to the tower?

Anyway, the prototypes will quarantine the exhaust, so it only burns three inches away from the rocket. Henrik will buy you some time by hacking into Forest Blackwell's computer. Unfortunately, Natalia is still on board when the rocket blasts off into space. Chase then needs to go back to Apollo Island, build the final mandatory Super Build (Which is a spaceship), and blast off into outer space.

Henrik warns Chase that takeoff will be anything but comfy. Just three seconds after launching, Chase's rocket is above the moon. Henrik then says "Yeah, the moon is very close and very small. But don't tell anybody. It's a secret.". Chase then gets inside the barrier (because of a convenient doorway making a hole in the barrier). After making Chase's way to the actual lair of Blackwell, Chase uses a giant humanoid robot to access a giant control panel which controls the base's flight path, reprogramming it to return to LEGO City.

Here comes a reference to King Kong. Rex Fury shows up driving an awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex shaped robot (it is almost identical to the skeleton you got him. Only now it is red, covered in metal, has hundreds of spikes on the torso, and the tail now has a blade on the tip). But the reference is that you fight the T. rex using that same humanoid robot. But the robot you use is (only by a couple inches) taller than Rex's robot. To defeat the robot, you must throw canisters at the robotic dinosaur, then use a quick time event to knock the dino bot to the ground. After that, use another quick time event to throw Rex and his robot at the energy tanks needed to give energy to the base.

After smashing the first two tanks, Forest Blackwell, Natalia Kowalski, and the rest of the crew evacuate to the command module. The module separates from the rest of the ship and Rex and Chase continue their fight in classic boss battle style. To defeat Rex, you must Grab and throw enemies at Rex, knocking him to the floor. Whatever you do, do NOT try to Quick Throw or Grab Rex. He will block both attacks, grab you by the neck, look you in the eye, and throw you across the arena. This will usually result in losing one health point. Only Counters will work on Rex. Repeat the strategy as many times as you need to defeat him.

After defeating and arresting Rex Fury, Chase must sky-dive from outer space all the way back to Earth. You must reach the Command Module in three minutes (even though the clock will only appear thirty seconds before you land). Chase will activate the emergency breaks, and after the module lands, Chase decides to spend more time with Natalia, and Rex is ultimately sent to jail.


  • There are lots of references to Super Mario Bros. in this game. There are LEGO versions of Piranha Plants and Bullet Bills. You need both to unlock two awesome characters.
  • If you repair the fuse-box in Vinnie's Ice Cream Parlor, it will smash a piano. the piano player will say out loud "My Piano!!! What will I play now!?!?!". In response to this, Chase will say "Uh, video games? I know one with a handsome cop I could recommend.". This is a fourth wall break.
  • Several Collectable Minifigures appear in this game. If you do not know what a Collectable Minifigure is, it is a minifigure you can collect in bags. You will never know which one you get. My favorite is the Lizard Man. He comes with a cute Godzilla costume. Another one of my favorites is the Crazy Scientist. He comes with a cute scientist costume and also comes with a beaker. However, the Monster Fighters toy-line have a remake of the Crazy Scientist. This one comes with TWO beakers instead of one as well as an entire laboratory with a prison cell and a monster creation machine, complete with a monster!!!
  • Rex Fury is one of the playable characters. He also has a unique ability that makes Free Running look pathetic. He has super strength. That means he can pull orange handles. Only super strength characters can pull orange handles. But Rex is the only character in LEGO City Undercover that has super strength. Even though the super strength system has been featured in every non Star Wars themed video game since LEGO Batman.
  • It is possible that Natalia and Henrik are Polish, as their last name, "Kowalski" is a Polish name. Plus, "Henrik" is also a Polish name. Even though Henrik has a foreign accent, but I do not know what Polish accent sounds like has I never heard someone from Poland talk.
  • The Jet Pack that Chase uses in cutscenes is very different from the one in actual gameplay. The one in actual gameplay is all one piece, but the one in cutscenes looks like it is made of different kinds of bricks.

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