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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pokemon Sun & Moon Starters/Legendaries thoughts and stuff!

Okay so I am a little late to the party, but they just released the trailer for two new Pokemon games: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

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Now chances are I don't need to explain what Pokemon is but I will anyway in case you are that one guy who has been living under a rock at the bottom of the sea. Pokemon is a series of INCREDIBLY popular RPG games where the core concept is "Gotta Catch'em All!". There are currently 721 Pokemon, each with unique abilities, but that number is going to expand because BAM! Generation 7 confirmed!

The trailer showed off a lot of things, such as a new region to explore (said region is obviously based off Hawaii). The biggest thing they showed off was of course, the Generation 7 Starters.

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We got all three Starter Pokemon which is cool. But let's take a look at each of them individually.

 Image result for pokemon sun and moon rowlet

First up is Rowlet. Easily the most popular of the three at the moment because it's a FREAKING BABY OWL IN A BOW TIE! Is that not the cutest thing ever or what? Also, it's the first Starter since Generation 1's Bulbasaur to have a dual type right from the get go. Only problem? Rowlet is Grass/Flying. Why is that a bad combo? As any competitive player will tell you, A Pokemon that is dual typed Grass/Flying actually has a 4x weakness to Ice attacks. Which is sad, considering that Ice is, in many people's eyes, the worst element in the entire Pokemon Balance of Power. But what's especially saddening is that almost every Water Starter learns a Ice type attack naturally (as in they learn by leveling up). And the ones that don't learn it naturally can learn it through T.M.s.

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But still, Rowlet is the cutest out of the bunch. There are only two things I worry about for this Pokemon. First, like I said, that 4x weakness to Ice. And second, it's evolved forms. While I can see Rowlet's evolved form keeping the color scheme, I can't imagine what it might look like upon evolution, aside from becoming a bigger owl. Oh, and on a positive note, Rowlet comes with a new attack that is brand new called Leafage. Which, I am guessing is going to work like a Special version of Razor Leaf. Because, quite frankly, my guess for Rowlet (and it's evolved form) is that it will either be a Special Tank, or a Special Sweeper. Probably the latter since it's Pokedex bio states it's capable of flying quickly and silently, like a ninja owl wearing a bow tie. I really like that bow tie.

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Now we have the pure Fire Starter, Litten! Which is the most amazing name ever. The Internet wasted no time making bad jokes involving this guy's name. Moving on, I think we can all agree that when Litten evolves, it HAS to be a Dark type. There is way too much black in the color scheme for it NOT to be a Dark Type. If it evolves into anything not a Dark Type, I will cry. I will. I promise you that.

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According to it's Pokedex entry, it uses flaming hair-balls as an attack. Which is both cool (sort of) and very, very gross. As for what I think of Litten, I like how the bits on it's cheeks looks like this.

Image result for dr. eggman
Surely I am not the only one who thinks that Litten
has Dr. Eggman's mustache!

Ignoring mustaches, I like how he has that facial expression that reads "Yo, you better choose me, Trainer. If you don't, I'm gonna kick your booty so hard it'll be red for a year.". At least that's the vibe I get from Litten's face. And to wrap up the Litten segment of this post, I'm calling it right now. Litten will evolve into either a tiger or a Smilodon. For those of you who don't know paleontology, Smilodon is this.

Image result for smilodon

I know I could have called it a saber-toothed cat or something, but in case you didn't know, the term "saber-toothed cat" is only a nickname given to it by the people who want more simplistic names for prehistoric animals. But one must remember that the animals actual name is Smilodon. Back on track, At the least Litten will become a tiger. Why?

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To complete the prophecy.... *But Nobody Came starts playing in the background, to emphasize the point*

And finally we have this guy.

Image result for pokemon popplio

Popplio. Now this Pokemon as garnered SO MUCH hate for it's design. Which is sad because I actually LIKE the way Popplio looks. And I'm not the only one who likes Popplio! There are already DOZENS of heartbreaking fanart of Popplio that show the little guy being all sad and depressed that nobody likes him. Welp, I'm going to make another set of theories about what Popplio could become.

Image result for pokemon popplio

Option A: And this might happen since the underdog Starter (usually) gets the coolest final evolution, Popplio evolves into a kick-butt walrus thing that is an absolute MONSTER on the battle field with 150 Attack, 130 Defense, and 100 HP. And it learns Hydro Cannon, Sheer Cold, and Earthquake as soon as it evolves. And it gets Huge Power as a hidden ability. Move Over Blaziken, we got a new Uber tier Starter in the making!

Image result for magician

Or probably the safer bet, to keep going with the "entertainment" theme Popplio has going for it, Popplio will possibly evolve into a sea lion magician (since it already covers both clown and acrobat simultaneously) and gain either the Psychic type or the Fairy type, and become a Special Attacker OR a Special Tank (maybe a bit of both). Actually, you know what? Who says they couldn't make a sea lion magician and turn it into the crazy OP monster I described above? Besides, I do so believe we don't have a magician themed Pokemon yet so I am really excited to see what Popplio becomes.

Don't kill me for saying this Internet, but out of the three Starters, I like Popplio best. Because I ACTUALLY, GENUINELY believe that it's cute. Furthermore, it has the most potential when it comes to evolution.

Now let's move on to the elephant in the room. I was not expecting this nor was the rest of the world.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon solgaleo

We got the Legendaries for Sun and Moon! So let's take a look at them separately.

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First up is Sun-Lion. We don't have English names for the Legendaries yet, so I'll nickname this guy... Sunba. Y'know, like Simba from the Lion King... And sun because it's the Pokemon SUN mascot.... Yeah... I should never be allowed to come up with Pokemon names lol. :P

Now Sunba has a pretty awesome design. One might say he has the best design out of all the Legendaries! So what do I think Sunba's typing could be? I'm placing my money on either Pure Fire, Fire/Psychic, or pure Psychic. Fire seems obvious, but there's not much hinting at having FIRE-power (My puns never cease to amaze me!), I mean sure there is a little bit of red in Sunba's color scheme, but Groudon has red, but he's a pure Ground Type. As for Psychic, Sunba has a crazy outer space mask thingy on it's face.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon solgaleo

And the law of Pokemon is "If the Pokemon has something to do with outer space, it becomes a Psychic Type by default". So yeah, Sunba's probably going to be Psychic.

Image result for pokemon sun and moon lunaala

And we have Freaky-Moon-Bat-Thing. The first thing I thought when I saw this was "What the heck is that thing!? It looks awesome and terrifying at the same time!" And there was only one Pokemon I considered awesome AND terrifying at the same time prior to this, and that was of course, Banette. Wait a minute. Banette rhymes with Marionette. Marionette is a puppet, which is a kind of doll. Banette is a doll directly. Banette and Marionette smile constantly. OMG!! POKEMON/FN@F CROSSOVER CONFIRMED!!!! :O

Anyway, let's call it... Moonbat. Like Zubat, but replace "Zu" with "Moon". Anyway, my guess is that Moonbat's typing will be either Dark/Psychic, Psychic/Fairy, Fairy/Dark, Fairy/Flying, Psychic/Flying, or Dark/Flying. I really doubt it would be Dark/Flying, since Yveltal was that typing in the previous games and now that I look at it, Moonbat looks like a skinny Yveltal. Maybe they're cousins!

Personally, I am torn between the two. I like Sunba because it is a lion with (presumably) sun powers, but I like the creepiness of Moonbat. Eh, let's go with Sunba. He looks cooler (or, as he IS  the Sun mascot, I guess you could say he's HOTTER!!!).

Oh and if you wanted to watch the trailer yourself, here's a link.


Have fun!

Also, what did you think of Pokemon Sun & Moon? Leave your thoughts in a comment.