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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ori and the Blind Forest!!!

This is a post about a game called Ori and the Blind Forest. I am not sure how a forest can be blind, but the game is really cool anyway.

Image result for ori and the blind forest logo

Ori and the Blind Forest has gameplay partly inspired by games such as Super Metroid. Basically, platforming.

On a side note the game has the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game. Seriously, this game is beautiful. Just look at the pictures below!

Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

Yeah. I think we can all agree this game is absolutely gorgeous. Plus when it launches at March 11th it will run at 60 frames per second and will be in 1080p HD.

But enough about pretty graphics! Let's get to what we (the public) know about the story. According to Moon Studios, the story is partly inspired by 90's era films such as The Lion King (which is one of the two movies that ties for being my favorite Disney movie. The other movie is Fox and the Hound), and the Iron Giant (which is another one of my favorite movies). But I was getting more of a "fox and the hound" vibe from the trailer. So that means this game will MOST LIKELY make someone sad. Very sad. So sad they cry. So sad the tears actually flow. So sad that I am running out of ways to continue this joke about the word "sad". Wow. Now that's sad.

Anyway, The story details I do know of are 1: Ori (the main hero) is a forest sprite. NOT a dragon. I was hoping for Ori to be a dragon. He looks like a dragon. He's in a platforming game. Ori could be the next Spyro!!! Especially because Spyro is dead now because Activision refuses to accept the fact that Skylanders is supposed to be a Spyro game. Which is sad. Back on topic. Ori was raised by a bear/yeti/gorilla as her own child. And there is a sad moment involving her in the opening cut-scene. Wait, a SAD moment?

Anyway, and yes I promise to stop using the word sad, Moon studios said the game has a bit of a coming of age story. Which is not sad. But really cool nonetheless. Oh wait. I used the word sad again.

Overall I know for a fact I would get this game right now if wasn't for the fact that I do not own a Xbox One/360 at all and I will never get any games for the PC because the only PC game I have is Minecraft. Yes I have both the PC version of Minecraft and the PS3 version of Minecraft. Because I must get ALL the things. And you can't get Prismarine Shards in the home console edition of Minecraft. Or rabbits.

Anyway, There is also a giant owl beast thing named Kuro. I will assume he is evil because he looks like a evil owl.

 Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

And because Ori is the main hero of our tale I guarantee that there is a epic final battle.

For more info please go to the website.

P.S. If you can tell me how a forest can be blind, please leave a comment!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Legend of Zelda Wii U game and a TV Show!?

This post is about one of my (and a friend of my mother's) favorite video game series. THERE IS A WII U LEGEND OF ZELDA GAME COMING OUT IN 2015!!!!!!!! Oh, and Netflix is apparently making a LIVE ACTION Legend of Zelda TV show.

But I want to talk about the New Zelda Wii U game as I am excited about it more than a TV show based off one of my all time favorite video game franchises (speaking of which I still need to beat Wind Waker HD and Skyward Sword. I just now realized I never beaten either of them).

Anyway, the new Zelda Wii U game has a MASSIVE over-world. Which is a good thing for me because I love vast, MASSIVE over-worlds in video games. Also, Link's horse, Epona, has been tweaked with "better A.I.". What does that mean? It Means that Epona dodges obstacles automatically (quote from the gameplay footage from Nintendo's finest: "Horses don't run straight into trees very often").

Image result for legend of zelda wii u sailcloth
MASSIVE over-world!!!

Oh, and we get new combat. Sort of. Because if Link jumps off Epona mid battle, Bullet Time activates and everything goes into SLOW MOTION and while in SLOW MOTION you can aim Link's bow more precisely and deliver... the death blow. Like a kick-butt ninja.

Image result for legend of zelda wii u
Link's new design!!!

By the way Link is getting a redesign. I am torn between "I like the new design" and "it's too different from the iconic green tunic". Wait a Minute! Link wore a outfit identical to this one at the beginning of Wind Waker!!! So chances are this just going to be Link's "starter" outfit. In that case, never mind. I like the new design.

But here is something I want to point out. During the announcement trailer Link only used a bow with some Hi-tech arrows. During the Game Awards Trailer (which showed off actual gameplay) Link used a sword once simply to confirm you can use a sword and exclusively used a bow for the rest of the trailer. That bugs me a LOT. I think Nintendo is neglecting swordsmanship in Legend of Zelda. Considering the most EPIC weapon of all time is a sword (not just any sword. The Master Sword!), it doesn't make any sense to for Nintendo to leave out Swordplay in Legend of Zelda.

Just look at Skyward Sword (look the game has the word "sword" in the name!). The swordplay was good in that game, because Link's sword slashes mimics the player's when they swing the Wii Remote a certain way (even though I see a lot of morons that just waggle it blindly and not make any progress during bosses due to not getting the memo that YOU NEED TO SWING YOUR SWORD A SPECIFIC WAY TO INFLICT DAMAGE). Another good example is Wind Waker. There are a variety of combos you could pull off. And the spin-off game Hyrule Warriors, with like 50 trillion combos per character. Even though you only need one because the enemies in that game are pathetically weak and just die in one hit.

Anyway, This game has very pretty graphics (to me). It reminds me of the graphics of the HD Wii U remake of Wind Waker that I have (and sadly, still have not beaten despite the fact that I bought it as soon as it came out).

Finally, the Sail Cloth from Skyward Sword makes a return.I always liked the Sail Cloth, because it was fun to do epic skydiving and then take no fall damage whatsoever thanks to the sail cloth.

Now on to the TV show. What do we (the public) know about it? It's being made by Netflix. It's Live Action. And... That's it. Not even a screenshot. In fact the show has not even hit the Green Light, meaning it's so early in development that it might not even come to reality. And I don't know if I want a Live Action Legend of Zelda show. First challenge is how are they going to portray Link? Link is almost always portrayed in the games as being almost completely mute, as the Creator of Legend of Zelda wanted the player to project themselves onto Link (hence Link's name because he's the LINK between the game and the player!!!).

Secondly, If this show does become a thing, they have to make it live up to expectations. In fact I guarantee some hardcore fans out are crying "Netflix ruined my childhood!! Oh no!!" before this show even airs.

For more info please go to where there is more info because everything here is all the info I could find and thus, I do not know if there is more info available.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

That Dragon, Cancer

This post is about a game I read about in my GameInformer magazine I got yesterday and I thought I would write a post about because I think it's cool.


Now what is "That Dragon, Cancer"? First of all and to my dismay "dragon" is used figuratively and the game technically has nothing to do with dragons. BUT the game has a cool history behind it.

This game is being made (it's not out yet) by Ryan Green and Amy Green. Ryan got the idea for this game because Ryan and Amy's son Joel got terminal cancer at 12 months old. Doctors said that Joel had a few months to live, but Joel managed to fight it for a surprisingly long time before succumbing to it at the age of five.

This game is supposed to show what Ryan and Amy felt when raising Joel. Because of that, this game will probably be the saddest video game of all time. Just like how Studio Ghibli's Grave of the Fireflies is the saddest MOVIE of all time.

I do not know much about the gameplay, because I have yet to find a video showcasing gameplay. But this is literally all the info on the gameplay. Wow. I used the word "gameplay" like 50 trillion times in the course of two sentences. Anyway, this next bit is from Wikipedia. P.S. the only reason I am copying Wikipedia's info is because they can describe this stuff with words better than me.

'That Dragon, Cancer will be played from a first-person perspective through a number of scenes based on the Greens' experience with raising Joel. The player will take the role of the father of a child with terminal cancer and who has been given only a few months to live. The player as the father will be able to interact with the characters and make certain choices, similar to those that the Greens had to face. For example, the first of the planned six scenes will be based on learning of the child's diagnosis, having the player consider their new responsibilities for caring for the child while reflecting on the "absurdity and sterility" of the hospital setting' -Wikipedia

That is basically the gameplay (that I know of). This game will be released on Microsoft Windows, Ouya, and Mac OS X.

for more info please go to the official site. P.S. sorry for the strange looking text near the bottom part of this post, I do not know why it's like that.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Xenoblade Chronicles X (over 300+ hours of gameplay!?)!!!

This post is about a upcoming Wii U exclusive game called Xenoblade Chronicles X. Now before we get that, there are a few things I want to say.

First, the main hero of the original Xenoblade Chronicles is playable in Super Smash Bros 4. See below.


For those who had not played Xenoblade Chronicles it's about a war between "Homs" (the Xenoblade version of humans) and killer robots called Mechon. Plus a plot twist around halfway through the main story.

Anyway, This post is about Xenoblade Chronicles X, which when you look at the title, first thing most people think is "Yep, direct sequel.". This game is NOT a sequel. It borrows traits of the first game, improves the gameplay, and has a MASSIVE over-world. But as far as we (The public) know, none of the characters from the first Xenoblade will return. Nor will it continue the story (which is a really good story, by the way).

This is EVERYTHING we (again, the public) know(s?) about Xenoblade Chronicles X. There are two alien races. They hate each other. A LOT. So they decide to have a showdown RIGHT ABOVE EARTH. Yeah, not a good idea. Earth is caught in the crossfire (and blown up) and the human race is forced to evacuate the planet. Which is sad. But it IS impressive how two alien races, who weren't even deliberately trying to destroy the Earth, somehow managed to destroy it anyway.

But the human race escapes (barely, because again, the aliens weren't even trying to destroy them yet they somehow gunned down almost half of them) and finds a planet called Mira. Obviously the humans claim Mira as the new Earth and try to rebuild humanity.

Unlike the previous Xenoblade Chronicles, where the main hero is Shulk, this time around you play as a character you create yourself. Very detailed!!! You can customize hair, gender, height, eyes, tattoos, and much more! If only you can make your character a Nopon...

In case you don't know what a Nopon is, they are adorable little rabbit dudes. Here is a picture.

They are so CUTE!!!

But in all seriousness, changing the race of your character does not seem to be an option. At least one of the NPC teammates is a Nopon.


First thing to note is that Monolith Soft (who are making this game) said that the whole game has 300+ HOURS WORTH OF CONTENT AND GAME-PLAY. OVER 300 HOURS. That is Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 4 combined!!!

First part of game-play is that if you can SEE something, even if it looks like just eye candy put in the background, YOU CAN GO THERE. That mountain way off in the distance? You can go there. Those beautiful waterfalls? You can go there. Not only that but EVERYWHERE IN THE GAME IS SO PRETTY!!!!

The world of Planet Mira!!!

Plus there are giant robots called Dolls that you can pilot to make travelling easier! Also, the Dolls can be used for combat. Speaking of combat, all generic attacks are used automatically as soon as they are within range. This was in the original Xenoblade, but now you can equip two weapons and switch between a gun for long-range attacks, and a knife/katana/riot shield/Dual Swords/Lightsaber (okay, not really. There are usable weapons that look like Lightsabers, though) for melee attacks.

The difference between long-range and melee is that 1: Melee attacks do more damage, at the cost of every enemy in the battle targeting you exclusively. And 2: Melee attacks build up a thing called "Technical Points" much faster (more on that later). And Finally, Long Range attacks are safer than running up to a 50 foot gorilla/dinosaur hybrid thing with a ninja sword.

50 foot gorilla dinosaur thing.

Now for Technical Points (also called T.P.). Your character uses T.P. to power up and fuel Dolls. Dolls are not necessary but make battles easier. Besides, why would you NOT try to kill 50 foot gorilla dinosaur things by Shooting him in the face with a Doll's LASER CANNON!?

There are also classes that improve the use of certain weapons. One of which reminds me of a anime series that my friend watches (SPOILER ALERT: THE CLASS IS CALLED FULL METAL JAGUAR). For info on classes please research it because I CAN'T FIND ANY OF THE CLASSES WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TWO.

Finally there is a Union system that works KIND OF like the job system in Fantasy Life. I forgot the names of the Union's but remember what each one does (humorously one Union focuses on doing mundane tasks such as breaking up street fights or rescuing cats stuck in trees).

That is all the info on this game I have AT THE MOMENT. Please look forward to A: more info. And B: the game itself. I will be getting this game because it looks amazing but I will attempt to avoid discovering the ending when doing more research.