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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pokemon O.R.A.S.!!!! (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)!! Plus I have a Hat!

This is my first blog post in 2015 and I think a good way to open up this post is by telling you about a hat I bought at Hobby Lobby. I had a $10 gift card, and I saw this amazing hat and fell in love with it. The gift card had just enough money to pay for it too. So worth it!!!


Anyway, this post is about Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (or O.R.A.S for short). These games (which have largely the same plot with minor differences) are remakes of Generation 3 of Pokemon. As such they take place in the Pokemon region of Hoenn. DISCLAIMER: THIS POST WILL CONTAIN EXPERT INFO ON POKEMON. I WILL ASSUME THAT YOU AT LEAST HAVE A CORE CONCEPT OF THE GAME-PLAY. THEREFORE EXPLAINING THINGS WON'T BE AS TEDIOUS ON MY PART. THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH THIS DISCLAIMER.

Before we talk about the actual games themselves, I want to point out that the IGN review is ridiculous. In case you don't know, they rated both games 7 out of 10. The reason? One of the cons (according to them) is "Too much Water". This is just silly. Besides Hoenn is supposed to be a Tropical Island. How are you supposed to make a fictional tropical island without lakes, rivers, and beaches (all of which have water). I guess IGN works for Team Magma since their complaining about water. At least the other con makes more sense ("Too Many HM's").

But water jokes aside these are really good Pokemon games (this is coming from someone who's been playing Pokemon games since forever. With the exception of Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, and Black and White). They FINALLY added a way to check to see how many Pokemon of a specific area you have caught and which ones you haven't caught yet.

Plus they gave one of my FAVORITE Pokemon a Mega Form. And here it is! The one, the only...


Mega Sableye is the opposite of how you would use a regular Sableye. Regular Sableye's Prankster Ability makes all non-damaging moves go first in battle. Thus a lot of people use Sableye to put a ton of status conditions on the opponent. Upon Mega Evolving, Sableye becomes the single most over-powered NON-Legendary tank of all time due to massive increase to defense and special defense, and gains the Magic Bounce ability which does the opposite of Prankster. Magic Bounce forces non damaging moves back at the user. Therefore Toxic stalling (using Toxic and waiting for the poison to knock him out) does not work. And neither does Roaring him out. Or using Whirlwind.

Anyway, if anyone is into competitive Pokemon battles, and they want to be a cheater they gave a Mega to my favorite Legendary of all time.... And it is the strongest Pokemon stats-wise. And it's banned. In all tournaments.

Mega Rayquaza!!!

Fun fact. Mega Rayquaza is stronger than the creator of Pokemon: Arceus. Unless Arceus gets a Mega Form in the near future then yeah, maximum Over-Powered.

Rayquaza gains the ability Delta Stream upon Mega Evolving, which summons a special weather condition that forces out any previous weather conditions, boosts Flying-Type attacks (Brave Bird, Ariel Ace, etc), and halves the damage Rayquaza takes from super effective attacks such as Rock Slide, or Head Smash. And the fact that Rayquaza is banned part because of this form is sad, especially since catching Rayquaza is mandatory and required to progress the story. Rayquaza is also required to catch Deoxys as you have to have Rayquaza fight Deoxys. IN OUTER SPACE!! One last thing is that Rayquaza has a new attack called Dragon Ascent. A Flying-Type Attack that deals a ton of damage and looks really flashy. Only problem is that it lowers Rayquaza's defenses every time you use it.

Anyway, Pokemon Alpha and Omega have almost the exact same story only with a extra bit thrown in there for fun. Here is a short list of differences.

  1. When Team Aqua or Team Magma (depending on which version you are playing) release Kyogre or Groudon respectively, the aforementioned Legendary Pokemon will head to a lake and upon reaching said lake regain their Primal Forms.
  2. Maxie, Archie, Wally, and Steven all use Mega Evolved Pokemon when you battle all four of them. Steven will even educate the player on the concept of Mega Evolution in case they somehow missed the memo that Mega Evolution makes older Pokemon feel brand new.
  3. You basically get either Latias or Latios basically for free. And they already are holding their Mega Stones. And The Eon Flute makes the HM Fly obsolete.
  4. There a post game story about a new character named Zinnia who is charged with summoning Rayquaza to prevent the end of the world. This story arc is called the Delta Episode.
  5. The Sky Pillar (the place where you meet Rayquaza) is redone to be less "frustrating bicycle puzzles" and more "Interesting story arc". After all, Zinnia tells you why the Sky Pillar was built in the first place.
And another thing is that Secret Bases are in this game. Secret Bases are just little details that don't play a major role but you will need one if you want to hang out with your friends. You can customize your Secret Base to your Heart's content.

And finally, the gym leaders are a bit tougher than usual. Also, because the champion uses a Mega Evolved Metagross (see below), you are going to need a insanely powerful Fire-Type on your team (or just use Perish Song, the most over powered move of all time) if you want to defeat the champion.

For more info please go to Bulbapedia, the Pokemon wiki.

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