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Friday, December 18, 2015

MY BODY IS READY!!! Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Review!!!

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! Star Wars 7 is finally out and I watched the early showing and this movie is amazing! But because I can't just have you take my word for it, I will review it talking about what I liked and didn't like (which is few and far between because this is an amazing movie!)!

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Let's get this out there first and foremost. This is hands-down the best Star Wars film ever. And I have watched the original trilogy and the prequels which everybody thinks are terrible. While this film does have it's flaws, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

So I hope your Bodies are Ready because the hype is over 9000! NOTE: I wanted to do a Decepticon Lazor Rave gif but for whatever reason gifs do not work. :(

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This is the main villain of Star Wars 7: Kylo Ren.

Oh and just to be clear you need to see the original trilogy to really understand some references/plot devices/overarching story (like a aged Han Solo asking if he can throw a Stormtrooper down a trash compacter, LOL). Oh and for the sake of not having to spend three hours doing a recap of the original trilogy I will assume you have already seen episodes 4-6. If not, then go watch them. Their freaking Star Wars movies!

Now it's worth noting that this film takes place 30 years after Episode 6, and as such all the returning characters are much older.

First I want to talk about the new heroes.

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First up we have Finn, who is an ex-Storm Trooper (for those of you who somehow never heard of Star Wars, Storm Troopers are basically soldiers that work for the Sith, who are basically the bad guys). Now there was a trailer where we see Finn use a Lightsaber, a weapon reserved for Jedi, and a Lot of people thought that Finn was Force Sensitive but turns out he has no obvious Force powers to speak of. I could tell you why he was using a Lightsaber but that I feel will spoil a scene regarding another new character. One of my favorite Finn moments is when he meets a Resistance member (the Resistance are the good guys) named Poe and how quickly they become friends.

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Next up we have Rey, who is arguably the main hero of this film. Random fun fact! She is the first Star Wars hero(ine) to have a British Accent, which, if Xenoblade Chronicles X has taught me anything, is a good thing! :D But in all seriousness, Rey is still a cool character. Even though the biggest mystery about this film is whether Rey is POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!, Han Solo/Leia Organa's daughter, since the first have of the movie hints at that, or Luke Skywalker's daughter, which I personally think is the more likely choice, considering REAL SPOILER ALERT!, she has the Force (she even does the most hilarious Jedi Mind Trick of all time). Or she could not even be related to either of them, which on J.J. Abrams' part would be troll-y. You don't need to be related to a Force User to be a Force User.

And finally we have the most adorable droid ever.

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BB-8!! This guy is adorable. Seriously he is my favorite Star Wars Character now! Also, random fun fact #2! The reason BB-8 is called that is because J.J. Abrams thought that BB-8 looked like both the letter B and the number 8. Anyway, BB-8 is a lot like the original trilogy's R2-D2. Also, random fun fact #3! R2-D2 and C-3P0 Are the only Star Wars characters in EVERY Star Wars movie. They even confirmed they will be in Episode 8 and 9! Back on the subject of BB-8 is the fact that for the first 3/4 of the movie he has a piece of a map to Luke Skywalker's place. This is one reason BB-8 is similar to R2-D2, because in Episode 4 R2-D2 carried a message for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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This is the new design for the Storm Trooper helmet. Am
I the only one who thinks they have smiley faces now?

Now onto the subject of the film itself. The story, while very good, is VERY similar to Episode 4. So basically if you liked Episode 4 then you will like this movie. The visual effects are amazing. I like how they used costumes/animatronics for almost every alien, while reserving CG for stuff like vehicles and Lightsabers.

Image result for star wars 7 kylo ren
An Awesome Image of Kylo Ren and the First Order.

There are only two major things I do not like about this movie, but they are just minor gripes. First is Kylo Ren. While Kylo Ren is a good villain it's established early that Kylo Ren is actually Han Solo/Leia Organa's son who was corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force. Basically Jacen Solo from the Expanded Universe. But the outfit looks a LOT like Darth Revan's outfit, also from the Expanded Universe. For those of you who do not know what Darth Revan looks like, here is a comparison picture.

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Kylo Ren (left) and Darth Revan (right).

But the thing I do not like about Kylo Ren is he is the son of Han and Leia, but when he takes the mask off and you see his real face he doesn't even remotely resemble either of them. He actually looks more like Prince Zukko in the live action film version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Unfortunately I could not find any pictures of him without the mask on, so yeah. :S I would much rather have him actually LOOK like a Solo. My second gripe is the ending felt a little lackluster. For obvious reasons I will not describe the ending in great detail. Just rest assured the SCENERY in the ending is gorgeous. Same applies to the music. Then again it's Star Wars. Star Wars always had good music.

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But All things considered this is the best Star Wars movie ever. For those of you who think the prequels were terrible (which is 96.9 of the global population) this film is infinitely better than the prequels and arguably better than the original trilogy. I say arguably because there will always be genwunners who complain about everything. LOL! XD

But in all seriousness, This film is easily my Favorite Star Wars film. Plus, it's really funny, something that the prequels do not have. Speaking of the prequels, J.J. Abrams openly admitted that he pretended the prequels did not even exist while making this film.

Overall, this is a MUST Watch Movie. Go watch it. RIGHT NOW. I give this film a 10/10 because my two gripes are purely subjective. Besides, even if you agree with the gripes, the good outweighs the bad.