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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Top 5 Undertale Characters (Maybe spoilers?)!

I have noticed that ever since I reviewed Undertale on my blog I make at least one reference to it in EVERY post I made. Granted, it's that weird psychological tick that people have when they finish their all time favorite video game they just can't shut up about it. So I decided to do an Undertale blog post counting down my 5 personal favorite Undertale characters (in no order at all)!

Oh, and in case you could not tell, this post will contain spoilers (The Undertale fan community considers everything past the first 5 minutes to be a spoiler lol). I STRONGLY recommend that you stop reading this post and play the game yourself. The reason? The game is best experienced yourself, Don't worry I won't giveaway the endings, I'll make sure you only see characters as late as, but no further than, the Hotland region. So if I ruin the story for you don't read past the Annoying Dog (and my barrage of spoiler alerts).

Before you bask in the spoiler warnings I will post a link to where you can *buy Undertale (NOTE: Steam Account required for purchase, also an fully functional computer is required for play).


Have fun playing my all-time favorite video game ever!

Image result for undertale spoiler alert

Image result for slowbro spoiler alert
What? It's a precaution! :P 

Image result for undertale spoiler
Can you guess who's behind the stop sign?

Image result for spoiler warning
Are you still here!?

Before we begin properly I would like to say that I was iffy on doing this blog post because it was a post idea I toyed around with but put it off time and time again because I didn't want to ruin anybody's first play-through of the game but at the same time I want to tell the world everything there is to know about this game (I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM!!!).

For those of you who ignored my spoiler barrage and never heard of Undertale before, it's (and I'm quoting the game itself here) "The Friendly RPG where Nobody has to Die!". And that is true! You can literally beat the entire game without killing a single enemy (the ending changes based on how many enemies you kill).

Image result for undertale

Oh, and this game started a gazillion dank memes (If your still reading this without playing the game first, your gonna have a bad time :D).

Random fun fact! The creator of Undertale, Toby Fox, created this game after criticizing the RPG genre as a whole as "Pointless murder-fests". Which is kind of true sadly, since literally every game ever made no matter how family friendly encourages violence in one way or another.

Image result for undertale screenshots

Okay so if I ruined the game for you, YOU had plenty of time to bask in the spoiler warnings and go play the game for yourself. So I don't want to see a "OMG Spencer you spoiled the game for me!" in the comments.

And without further adieu (last time I used that word my mother didn't know what it meant lol), let's do the list (you probably be like "Just do the list already! >:<"). Oh and the pictures are in black and white because they are pictures of their battle sprites which are easier to see than their over-world sprites (you can find pictures of the over-world sprites on the Undertale Wiki).


Image result for undertale

Yes. I had to include him. It's Sans. Everybody likes Sans. But why wouldn't you? He is a skeleton that makes puns about skeletons, he drinks ketchup (out of the bottle) like it's going out of style, and he is the final opponent you face in a Genocide play through (I've never done said play through myself because I would rather keep my happy ending). If you did a Genocide run, congratulations on murdering every living thing in the underground just to get an optional ending.

Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcoqR9Bwx1Y

Most epic theme music EVER!! Ironically the most energetic song in the game belongs to the laziest character in the game. Anyway, the reason why I like Sans is because he makes puns and I make puns and if you put them together you get Punny jokes. Bonus points for being one of the few characters that remembers your previous actions if you RESET (he really doesn't remember completely, but he correctly guesses that you have seen an event before based solely on the look on your face).


Image result for undertale undyne

Undyne! Now who is Undyne? She is a kick-butt warrior fish woman thing with laser spears and a cool looking eye patch. She is the only character in the game that deliberately tries to kill you (ignoring Sans during a Genocide run). I also like how Undyne keeps a pair of nun-chucks in her cabinet.

Image result for undertale undyne
Well is it!?

Anyway, I like Undyne because her theme is really in your face. I also like Undyne because she is so over dramatic and behaves like a anime super heroine (this is coming from the guy who's doing a Naruto marathon lol). Also, her SPOILER ALERT! Undying form looks awesome.


Image result for undertale alphys

For those of you who played the game you are probably wondering why I included Dr. Alphys. I included her for three reasons. First and foremost. She's a dinosaur (and as she is a scientist, I guess you could say Alphys is A CLEVER GIRL!). Dinosaur bias. Alphys likes **anime and video games. I am spending an absurd amount of time catching up on my favorite anime, Naruto, which ended recently and is succeeded by a spin off show starring Naruto's son, Boruto. My connection to video games should be obvious. And finally, I just have to say... POOR ALPHYS!!!! If you did a Pacifist run (like me) you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. At least it explains why she is so anti-social and insecure.

Random fun fact! I actually thought Alphys was a dude on my very first play through of Undertale because of her love interest but I realized she was female during an optional mini-game that involves going on a (pretend) date with her... Yeah... *face palm*

Random fun fact x2! Alphys' favorite anime is Mew Mew Kissie Cutie. At first I thought this was just something Toby Fox made up for flavor text but it turns out Mew Mew Kissie Cutie is a REAL anime released during the early 2000's. And just as Alphys said, the Mew Mew fanbase almost universally agrees that that the sequel was terrible (Alphys: "My review of Mew Mew Kissie Cutie 2. Mew Mew Kissie Cutie is neither Kissie nor Cutie. It's Trash. 0 stars."). But I never heard of this particular anime prior to Undertale so I cannot confirm the quality of Mew Mew Kissie Cutie.


Image result for undertale papyrus

Papyrus! Of course I had to put him on the list. Yeah that's right, call me biased for including not one but TWO skeletons on my list. But it's MY list and I can do whatever the heck I want with it! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *gets dunked on*

Anyway, I think out of all the characters in Undertale, Papyrus has the most variety of facial expressions. You can make so many emojis off this guy! Here are two of my favorites

Image result for undertale papyrus
Kawaii Papyrus!

Image result for undertale papyrus
Derpy Papyrus!

Anyway, Papyrus is responsible for two things. First he gave rise to the almighty spaghetti meme (he does love his spaghetti). And Second, he (along with Toriel) kicks Genocide players right in the feels during his boss battle (he offers to spare you on the VERY FIRST TURN, says "Wowie! You did it! You didn't do a violence!" If you do the right thing and spare him, and honestly believes you could be a better person if you tried hard enough, even after you O.H.K.O. him).

Random Fun Fact! The markings on Papyrus's chest are identical to the markings on the Star Man from Earthbound.


Image result for undertale toriel

Image result for undertale asgore

Couldn't decide between which Dreemurr to put here so I am making it a Tie! Deal With it!

Anyway, let's start with Toriel.

Toriel is the first non-homicidal plant you meet in the game and is the living embodiment of wizard x goat + pie(?) = best mom in gaming. The Internet literally nicknamed her "goat mom" because she is based off a white furred Nubian goat and she is the most overprotective mom ever. Also...

Image result for undertale toriel

She gives you a hug at the end of the first region! *heart melts from pixel cuteness* Random fun fact! If you thought me thinking Dr. Alphys was a dude on my first play through of Undertale was bad enough, I actually thought that she was a dog. Didn't even notice her goat horns until AFTER my good friend Vincent pointed them out. *face palm again*

Now let's go to Asgore.

Image result for undertale asgore
Yay, a picture that's in color!

Asgore has been hyped up as the BIG BAD of Undertale from the moment you try to leave the RUINS. And then you actually meet him and learn he's just a big softy who's only doing the things he does because he feels it's the ONLY way to earn his kingdom's freedom (didn't intend to rhyme lol). I really Asgore for several reasons, First and foremost being out of all the boss fights I can actually do since my morality forbids me to do a Genocide run, The Asgore fight is my personal favorite. Granted, he killed me five times (the first time was because I didn't understand how to spare him). But the boss fight itself is awesome and trolls Pacifist players hardcore on their first play through. Also...


I think we can confirm this theme is the definition of final showdown!! Seriously, Toby Fox composed what, in my eyes, is the ultimate final showdown music. 10 out of 10, would Asgore again.


Image result for undertale temmie

"hOI! I'm tEMMIE!!! An dunt forgets mai friend, tEMMIE!!!"

LOL that is a joke, here is the real number zero spot (before you ask, I realize that zero is technically the first number so why not include it as a top five slot?).


 Image result for undertale mettaton

Mettaton!! Yes! The fabulous movie star/news reporter/chef/opera actor(actress? It's a robot, who cares)/ quiz show host robot is my number zero spot. And don't be like "Spencer your braking the rules of top fives" I'm not breaking the rules! I'm BENDING them! A lot! ;)

But I like Mettaton because I like robots and out of ALL the characters in Undertale he made me laugh the most. I almost fell off my gaming chair laughing at the crazy antics this guy gets up to. And this isn't even his final form!

Image result for undertale mettaton ex
Mettaton Ex! AKA Rock Star
Power Ranger!

So that does it for my Top five Undertale characters (just now realized that I included almost every major character on my list lol)!!! If you played the game who is YOUR favorite character and why if you haven't played the game... Well considering half the main cast is on this list you better go play it before SOMEONE *cough cough* Vincent *cough cough* ruins the game for you.

P.S Zero is the first number so I am not breaking the rules of top five lists.

*- NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored blog post even though I somehow made it seem like one. I just didn't want to ruin anybody's experience with the game so if this blog spoiled you, you only have YOURSELF to blame. I am really sorry if I seemed a little snappy, so please understand.

**- Anime. A genre of television and film typically aimed at adults as well as children, often with fantasy and/or futuristic themes. The More you Know! *twinkle*