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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

THE BIG FINALE! Super Smash Bros Wii U Final Update!

Well, My computer was being wonky this morning so I couldn't really do much on besides Googling things and accessing my blog. So I wrote this little gem to pass the time. Now my computer is acting normal again. Figures. But without further adieu, here is a blog post about Smash Bros.

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Smash Bros!

Random fun fact! Counting this post I have done a grand total of EIGHT blog posts on Smash bros.

But more specifically, I want to talk about the big finale of Smash. Do not be confused. This is NOT the end of the franchise. Just the end of DLC planned for Smash Bros 4.

Now for a very long time everyone wanted a Mario character called Geno to be playable

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Don't ask me why. I never heard of him or played the game he comes from (Super Mario RPG). But apparently a lot of people wanted him in Smash. Did those people get their wish? Well... Yes and no. Geno is in the game, just not as a playable character.

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Geno is not FULLY playable but is an alternate costume for Mii characters. As you can imagine, a lot of people were really salty at this (apparently) popular character being reduced to an alternate costume. But hey! At least they (kind of) delivered! But they did the same thing to Dunban (of Xenoblade Chronicles fame) and Lloyd Irving (From The Tales of Symphonia. Apparently the reason people wanted him in is because his game has a very similar control scheme to Smash Bros anyway so it would be a perfect fit).

We also got not one but two characters added into the game. I haven't played around with them yet but from what I have heard they are really overpowered (they even showed footage of how overpowered they are).

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The first is Corrin from the game(s) Fire Emblem Fates. The reason I put an "s" in parenthesis is because in a very... INTERESTING decision, Nintendo split the game into three separate games each with a different version of the story and their own difficulty.. Before you dismiss him as a generic swordsman let's point out a few things. First of all, can you really call his sword (which is named Yato) a sword?

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It works more like a chainsaw, which is cool.

Second of all...

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Look really closely at the eyes of this Corrin artwork I found off the Fire Emblem wiki. And if you have watched Naruto...

Image result for sharingan
Is it just my imagination or does Corrin has the *Sharingan? 
Does that mean that the Hoshido royal family are descendants of the Uchiha Clan?

OMG I just realized Corrin's Japanese name is ***Kamui! FIRE EMBLEM/NARUTO CROSSOVER CONFIRMED!!!

Anyway, ignoring me seeing unintended references to my favorite anime of all time (I am American and I enjoy anime. Deal with it) Another thing I would like to point out is his powers.

Image result for corrin dragon form

Corrin can turn into a dragon! Which is a pretty awesome power if you ask me. Dragon-Corrin can't breathe fire though. Something I find really cool is the fact that Corrin does a partial transformation in the majority of his attacks (couldn't find any pics of him in the middle of said attacks though. Sadness)

One last thing about Corrin that is interesting is that...

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You can play as a girl version of Corrin. The reason this is a thing is because Fire Emblem Fates let's you customize Corrin body build and gender (and hairstyle, and voice. You cannot change the eye color however. Maybe because he/she/they have the Sharingan!?). Male Corrin and Female Corrin are exactly the same in terms of fighting style, but they doe have different in game quotes (e.g. Male Corrin shouts "Out of the Way!" When he transforms completely into a dragon.

Wait... I just now noticed... Something INSANE!!!

Corrin is barefoot. I'm sorry, but both male and female Corrin have this really snazzy looking armor and then you see they are not wearing any shoes, and I find that so absurd it's funny. Well, in case Corrin goes bad on us, all we need to beat is some **LEGO.

The other character was the winner of the Smash Bros Ballot launched back in April (of 2015). So who won? Was it Ray-man, who should be in this game simply because his trophy's already in the game despite being a third party? Was it Goku, the most overpowered anime character of all time that people wanted in because reasons? Was it Freddy Fazbear, the up-and-coming horror legend with arguably the most intense fanbase ever? Or was it the slightly BONE-trousled skeleton Papyrus of Undertale fame?

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BAYONETTA!? WHAT!? HOW DID SHE WIN!? WHY IS THIS A THING!? WHO'S SICK IDEA OF A JOKE IS THIS!? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?!? *deep breath* Oh well, At least Shrek didn't win. That's a plus. Now that we got that out of the way, let's carry on with the update.

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Bayonetta is from the game of the same name, which (or should I say WITCH!? :P) is rated M for Mature. It's best that I breeze over this as quickly as possibly because I don't want parents accusing me of being a bad influence when I MYSELF actively avoid mature/adult themed games.

As this character is from a Mature game, my lore on Bayonetta as a character comes solely from her Smash Bros bio. Bayonetta herself is an Umbra Witch, What makes them so special? I don't know. Anyway the only major thing you need to know is that Bayonetta made a deal with someone called Madama Butterfly to get most of her powers. What that deal is, I don't know the exact details.

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I remember Mr. Sakurai stating that guns were a big no-no for Smash Bros yet, ironically, Bayonetta fights with four guns simultaneously (she keeps the other two on her heels. She can somehow shoot the heel guns anyway. Convenient!).

A neat mechanic Bayonetta has is that all of her attacks have combos (she WAS made by Platinum Games, after all). Even her airborne attacks have combos! She is also the only character that can use her recovery twice in a row. She can also shoot with her guns if you hold the button down. The bullets don't launch so they are only good for chip damage (much like Fox's own blaster).

I also like how Bayonetta's accent sounds like something out of James Bond or something. So now we have not one but TWO time altering fighters with British accents (I'm Really Feeling It! :])

.Image result for super smash bros wii u corrin
All Eight DLC characters!

Bayonetta also comes with a stage: The Umbra Clock Tower, which (WITCH!) is a recreation of the opening of either Bayonetta 1 or Bayonetta 2 (don't remember witch one it was :P).

Image result for super smash bros wii u umbra clock tower

Corrin does not come with a stage but he comes with free music for the pre-existing stage, The Colosseum.

Image result for super smash bros wii u colosseum

So that about covers the big finale of Smash Bros 4. As a bonus I will put the link to Corrin and Bayonetta's respective trailers.

Corrin's Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMvgKqMWAlg

Bayonetta's Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J8dO_5PBAo

Have fun!

So what did you think of the big finale? Were you just as shocked as I was at Bayonetta being the Ballot winner or did you actually vote for her? Or were you in the same boat as me and didn't vote at all because you couldn't make/think of anyone in particular/insert your reason here. Or are you hyped for getting yet another Fire Emblem character (Sakurai's Fire Emblem bias confirmed? Maybe?)? Leave how you feel about the finale in the comments below.

*- Sharingan. A thing from the Naruto anime and manga series that only members of the Uchiha clan have access to. It changes the color of the eyes to red and gives the person using the Sharingan the power to copy everything they see perfectly. The more you Know! *twinkle*

**- Stepping on LEGO barefoot is, from what I have heard, very painful.

***- Kamui. An attack from Naruto you need the Sharingan just to perform. It lets the user travel to alternate dimensions to the user's heart's content. The More you Know! *double twinkle*


  1. In case you are wondering, there really isn't going to be a Fire Emblem/Naruto crossover. That was just me being me. :P

  2. great blog post, i do not think bayonetta should be in smash bros, smash bros is a kid game after all