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Thursday, February 4, 2016

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! LEGO Marvel's the Avengers Review!

After so many months of waiting, I FINALLY got the copy of LEGO Avengers I pre-ordered back in September. So after spending five or so whole days unlocking as much as possible (there is 200 playable characters in this game), I decided to review it.

Oh and by the way....

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*See that Iron Man Spoiler Warning? Look at it real hard. TASTE the spoiler warning! If I spoil the events of a movie I will not care because you should have listened to Iron Man. This is why Iron Man will win the Civil War, because people can't handle the power of spoilers. Seriously, if you have not seen ANY Marvel Movie, GO WATCH AT LEAST ONE MOVIE AND COME BACK.

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Before you do anything the first thing you must know about this game is that it is NOT LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. That game had characters that are no longer available as Marvel simply does not own those characters, such as the Fantastic Four (minus Human Torch. They brought him back but left out the rest). Furthermore that game featured a completely original story. THIS game is a LEGO-ized parody/retelling of The Avengers, it's sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The First Avenger (in flashback form), Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3 (the game assumes you already watched Iron Man 1 and 2), and finally, Thor: The Dark World (again, the game assumes you watched the Original Thor film).

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The game also has dialogue from the films put straight into the game (plus some brand new lines from the always amazing Phil Coulson, who we can all agree is the real star of Agents of SHIELD).

Image result for lego avengers video game agent coulson
I think it's safe to say that Phil REALLY likes
Captain America :]

Anyway, I like how the game uses the film's dialogue to enhance the comedy. Like shortly before "dying" (if you watch Agents of SHIELD you know why I put quotations :P) when Phil fires the Destroyer Gun (I'MA FIRIN' MAH LAZOOOOOORS!!!!) at Loki and says "So that's what it does" instead of firing a fireball(?) it fires a Spring-Loaded Boxing Glove. This is (in my opinion) the funniest LEGO I ever played. I laughed so hard while playing this game I fell off my chair. Considering my chair is ground level and lacks legs and arm rests it wasn't a very far fall.

But anyway, as the story is just a retelling of the M.C.U. I will talk about the gameplay right now.

Image result for lego avengers video game
Hulk Smash!

Basically the same as any LEGO video game. Lots of puzzles and platforming and the occasional beat-em-up section and new to LEGO are 2D side scrolling shoot-em-up minigame. Granted they are quite easy and bullets move in slow motion.

Something new is that every character can do a combo attack and certain characters such as the Avengers themselves can do a Team Combo. These range from hilarious  to devastating. Oh and all of them are ONE HIT KILL.

After clearing the main story (consisting of both Avengers films) you unlock Free Roam where you can play as any character you have unlocked thus far and unlock new characters, do side missions, save Stan Lee from an assortment of increasingly bizarre predicaments, and do races.

Image result for lego avengers video game stan lee
Stan the Man is the best character in the game. 
For OBVIOUS reasons. =D

My biggest gripe with this game is with the character grid. While there are a lot of playable characters, they decided to remove arguably the best thing about the previous game: It no longer tells you what each character is capable of so you will have to do research on the more obscure characters or experiment. This may seem like a small thing, but it bugs me SO MUCH.

My second complaint about the game is the boss battles. There are some exceptions to this rule, but the majority of the time, the boss battles HATE you if you are playing with a friend.

 Image result for lego avengers video game thor

Let's use the boss battle against Thor in the level Shakespeare in the Park as an example. While the level is just fine in Single Player whoever is player 2 won't be able to do anything until the end due to the over abundance of Iron Man ability points. It's literally impossible to even damage Thor as Captain America as the game makes sure you are ONLY playing as Iron Man for almost the whole battle.

In terms of music this game has a pretty good soundtrack (NOTE: When I did my previous blog post I compared Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4's soundtrack to Undertale's. I realize now that comparison is unfair because let's face it. No game can even come CLOSE to beating Undertale's soundtrack. In case you could not tell Undertale is my all-time favorite game ever, with Valiant Hearts coming in second.). The Avengers main theme music is simply "Capital E" Epic. Which is the best kind of epic.

Overall this game was funny and is good fun to play. But because of the cons I have list I give this an 8/10

* - This is what happens when my mother keeps pestering me with "Why don't you put spoilers in your blog? You should put some spoilers in there! Everybody loves spoilers!". Word of advice, DON'T BOTHER ME ABOUT SPOILERS or you will get more obnoxious spoiler warnings. ;)

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