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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plants vs Zombies Time!!!

This post is my first post covering Plants vs Zombies!!!!! And Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare!!!! Both games involve plants that beat up Zombies!!!!! Perfect for a guy that loves beating up defenseless Zombies!!!! Or in Garden Warfare, you play as Zombies that beat up Plants!!!!

The original Plants vs Zombies is a bit simple. There is a army of brain-munching, slightly sluggish Zombies heading straight for the player's house. The player plant plants on the front lawn, backyard, and even the roof to defend the house from these undead bullies.

There are so many Plants to choose from, too. Like Hypno-Shrooms, which hypnotize Zombies into fighting each other, or Chompers, which literally eat the Zombies. They spend exactly 42 seconds chewing up the Zombies though, and during those 42 seconds the other Zombies can attack it.

And then there is Garden Warfare, where things get a bit complex. In the original Plants vs Zombies, the plants automatically attack the zombies. Now, the player manually controls either the Chomper (new and improved!! It can now run around because BOOM!!! it uses it's roots as legs. Another new feat is the Chomper can use all sorts of new moves but it still eats it's hapless victim), The Cactus (the closest thing a Plant can get to becoming a sniper. Long range spikes!!! And it can call in air strikes), The Sunflower (revives wounded/dead plants and shoots lasers out of it's mouth. Lasers that hurt. A Lot), and the Peashooter (it can either shoot peas, frozen peas, fireballs, and a coffee bean that explodes after a few seconds. Also capable of rooting itself to the ground and turning it's mouth into a Gatling gun).

BUT you can also play as Zombies. Four different kind of Zombies!!! Foot Soldier Zombies are a good choice (they get Paintball Guns and a Bazooka. They can use the Bazooka's blasts to create a explosion beneath their feet, launching them in the air to pull off super jumps), But there are also Scientist Zombies (they can teleport. Handy if you are running from the open jaws of a Chomper). And there are also All Star Zombies that wear sports gear (normally American Football gear, though an upgrade makes them wear hockey gear) and have Gatling Guns that shoot American Footballs and possibly hockey pucks for the Hockey Player variation. And Last but not least (unless you hate Zombies but love beating them up) is the Engineer Zombie!!! With a Jackhammer!!!!

All Plant and Zombie classes (see above for details!) can shoot medium/long range projectiles except the Chomper. The Chomper is only class that relies SOLELY on close quarters combat. Which is handy because only the Scientist Zombie has a defense against the Chomper's melee nature, which is teleporting. But the Chomper has a secret move where it burrows deep underground, then pops up beneath the Zombie's feet, and swallows them whole.

But the Plant and Zombie players are not alone in this incredibly funny and awesome battle!!! There are NPC Zombies that constantly follow specific routes to the one house in the neighborhood that the Plants MUST protect and Plants can place NPC plants that automatically attack these Zombies. However the Plant Players can overwhelm the Zombies VERY easily if Zombie Players don't help out the NPC Zombies. But the NPC Plants are there because the Zombies will most likely make "scissor attacks", where one troop of the Zombies march towards their goal in one direction while the rest of the Zombies sneak in almost completely unopposed. unless you are playing with friends, of course, in which case you can split up to take on both squadrons/hordes/troops/teams (whatever you call a group of undead Zombies) at once. Oh, and there are bosses. Most notably the Zombot. What's the Zombot? It's basically a robot built for Zombies, by Zombies.

The game allows you to upgrade your Plant (or Zombie) to gain new abilities AND a new design. Sunflowers covered in Lightning!!!! Peashooters encased in a tough shell made of ICE!!!! All Star Zombie in Hockey Gear!!!! Marine Biologist Zombie (actually Scientist Zombie) holding a Dolphin shaped Laser Gun!!!!

And the last feature the game has revealed (they are bound to reveal more stuff overtime) is this: Boss Mode!! In Boss Mode you can play as the leader of the Plants!!!! Or the leader of the Zombies!!!! In Boss Mode Crazy Dave (a dude with a flying RV and a saucepan on his head) assists Plant Players by dropping sunlight on them, revitalizing them OR you can have Crazy Dave drop Bombs right on top of of the Zombies!!!! Dr. Zomboss (the leader of the Zombies) can do the exact same thing, although he does from his Blimp, and he revitalizes Zombies by dropping brains for the zombies to munch on. The Brains are pink, which means they are not real because Brains are NOT pink in real life.

Okay here is the TRUE FINAL GRAND FINALE BIT of info on Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. It is coming out sometime in February in 2014. Also in that same month The LEGO Movie is coming out.

Here is the logo of Garden Warfare (I would have posted regular screen shots, but they were either too big or too small). NOTE: IMAGE IS FROM PLANTS VS ZOMBIES WIKI.

This is the logo.