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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fire Emblem Warriors first-ish impressions!

You know what's terrible? A hurricane heading straight for Florida (where I live). You know what is not terrible? The fact that given my current location, the worst the hurricane can do to me is give me a lot of rain and not much else. But less chatting about weather! We're here to talk about Fire Emblem Warriors, the hack'n'slash adventure that I want REALLY badly to play, but doesn't release until October 20th. So instead of a review I'm doing a first-ish impressions. It's not a first impressions, that would require my opinion on the game back when it was first announced. So it's a second impressions? I guess?

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But why Fire Emblem Warriors in particular? Because I'm crazy excited for it, even if there are a few things I would like to get off my chest concerning this game. For those of you who don't know what Fire Emblem is, it's a 30+ year old franchise of Strategy-RPG hybrid games famous for combining lovable characters with some punishingly hardcore tactical gameplay, set in a fantasy setting vaguely reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. It was a very obscure series until Super Smash Bros included Marth (the main hero of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon) as a playable character, inadvertently causing a massive surge of interest for this franchise. And then a second surge of interest when Fire Emblem: Awakening was released, as that game was intended to be the swan song of the franchise but made so much revenue that Nintendo decided to turn Fire Emblem into one of their "Golden IPs", big name franchises that are always guaranteed to make a lot of money (examples include Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, and The Legend of Zelda). And now, the mobile app Fire Emblem Heroes has become one of the besting selling apps of all time, making over $4 million in the span of six months.

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Fire Emblem Warriors is a spin-off of the franchise, trading the head-scratching complex strategy elements for a simpler, more action-focused hack'n'slash adventure starring fan-favorite characters from across the franchise... Unfortunately, because there are a LOT of characters throughout the series, Tecmo Koei (the company working on Fire Emblem Warriors) has decided to focus almost exclusively on Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonFire Emblem: Awakening, and the Fire Emblem Fates trilogy of games.

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Personally speaking, the fact that they are focusing on the games they chose makes sense. All of these games (sans Shadow Dragon) already have 3D models to work with, which saves Tecmo Koei a lot of time, and are also relatively recent/popular entries in the franchise (again, sans Shadow Dragon). Something that is a little disappointing is how... What's the word? Safe? Yeah, let's go with safe, the playable cast is. Of course we haven't seen the full roster yet at the time of this post, but all the characters that are in are mainstays every Fire Emblem fan expected, like Chrom, Lucina, Camilla, Xander, and Marth. The problem here? There's no legitimately surprising characters revealed. The closest we got to an unexpected character was Cordelia (though she may be a fan-favorite, she doesn't have any relevance to the overall story of her home game). Plus, there's only one character from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Marth), technically two if the rumors that Tiki is also playable.

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Something that I found humorous but was irritating to others, was one of the guys working on the game said they're keeping sword-using characters to a minimum, because they are bringing the Weapon Triangle (a rock-paper-scissors-like system found in most Fire Emblem games) into this game, and for the sake of variety in the roster. The problem here? If you look at the game's boxart, every character on the box art is holding a sword. Just be thankful that they are steadily unveiling more characters with a notable lack of swords in their arsenal. but it definitely doesn't help that the two brand new characters (Rowen and Liana) are both sword users. Which leads me to something I need to get off my chest regarding the two brand-new characters.

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Now, I know a lot of people don't like the brand new characters, either because of their overly complicated designs (or for looking like Dragon Ball Z rejects), or finding them to be redundant compared to the preexisting characters. Personally speaking, I do genuinely think Rowen's design is rather bland, and Liana, while her design is not bad, per se, she comes across as kind of generic when compared to the rest of the cast. The fact that they are both sword-users, in a franchise with literal hundreds of sword-users, isn't doing them any favors. But if they have entertaining dialogue or decent character development, it'll redeem them in my eyes. I'm not a pessimistic person (I'm a bonafide optimist, because even though it's my job/hobby to critique video games, I don't actively look for flaws in the game itself) but I don't have my hopes up for these two.

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With all that said, I kind of like the roster (aside from the brand new characters). I can understand WHY they would pick the characters they did. Are there some characters that I would like to see added (either in the base game or in DLC packs)? Yes. Definitely. Chief among them would be Donnel, because I think it would be funny to see this normal, average farm boy kick a ton of booty, Anna, because she's basically the official mascot of Fire Emblem (she is the only character to appear in every game in the franchise!), and Henry, because he's a pun-spouting, crow-loving maniac who also happens to be a respectably powerful Dark Mage. But alas, if we're getting a Dark Mage from Awakening, it's going to be Tharja (frankly the fact she HASN'T been announced is baffling to me, unless they decide to save her for DLC). Because everyone loves Tharja. She's a goth girl who is so creepy she actually is kind of cute (platonically) in her own weird, disturbing, gothic way. I wouldn't mind if Tharja got in, in fact I kind of want her in simply because A) she's a goth girl and this game has a notable lack of goth girls, and if Night in the Woods has taught me anything, everything's better with goth girls. And B) ever since they announced that the Support Conversations, optional cutscenes where the heroes take a break from the action to hang out and be friends, would be in the game, I had a hilarious mental image of Camilla and Tharja having a conversation together and complaining about random guys hitting on them. I don't know why, but if that happened in the game, I would die from laughter. And then become a Force ghost to continue running this blog. I just now realized that "become a Force Ghost" is my most frequently used joke on this blog.

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Ignoring my Tharja rant, I have something important to say regarding the characters already in. I know I said the roster has been really safe, for better or for worse, but as long as the characters are fun to play as, I'm willing to let the roster problem slide. So far, the only characters that seem boring to me are the two brand new characters (but that's to be expected) and to a lesser extent Chrom, Lucina, and Hinoka. Cordelia looks really fun, what with all the flying around on a Pegasus and throwing explosive javelins. Takumi looks insane given the ludicrous range on his attacks. Just the idea of the pint-sized Lissa using a battle-axe twice the size of her entire body is hilariously awesome. Leo, Robin, and Elise all look fun with their magic spells causing lots of destruction on the battlefield. And OF COURSE, the character with the most interesting moveset shown thus far is Camilla. Which gives very mixed feelings. On the one hand, Camilla has a pretty fun looking moveset, complete with fire tornadoes and flying around on a skeletal dragon. On the other... I don't really care for Camilla as a character at all. Then again, I never played the game(s) she's from, and I've only seen snippets of Fates's story. So there's a chance she's actually the best character in the entire franchise. Second Best! Sorry, nothing is topping Henry.

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Chrom has been seeking vengeance on Mr. Sakurai
 ever since he kicked him out of Smash Bros!

Anyway, the last major thing I want to talk about is the gameplay. So far, it looks fun, even if it's a tad easy looking (judging from the fact that during that hands-off demo the only time the playable cast struggle was against bosses and mini-bosses and literally curb-stomp regular enemies). Of course, this might be a case of "For the sake of not taking a million years to make progress during this demo we're lowering the difficulty/buffing up the main heroes" syndrome that Capcom does when they let people demo most Monster Hunter games. The only major thing I want from this game is for them to show off some new areas, since as far as I'm aware the only area they've shown was a fairly generic looking forest region. Unless I am mistaken, and I'd love to be proven wrong. But still, it WOULD be nice to see some different areas, like a desert region or a snowy mountain. And the characters I mentioned that I really want in the game to some capacity.

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Actually, one LAST, last thing I need to get off my chest. I am hoping beyond hope that the dialogue/voice acting from the "Twist of Fate" trailer wasn't from the final build of the game. Because it was pretty mediocre. I mean, Xander, Ryoma, Leo, Marth, and Robin sound great, but seriously, why is Hinoka's voice so unbearingly annoying!? And if that's her canon voice from Fire Emblem Fates, just... Why!? She sounds like a stereotypical American trying to do an English dub for a low-budget cartoon!!!

Long story short, Donnel, Anna, or Henry have to be in Fire Emblem Warriors to make me happy, there has to be more area variety to make me happy, the fact that Camilla has the most interesting moveset so far is causing me mixed feelings, why Tharja hasn't been announced at all is baffling to me, Hinoka's voice is pretty bad, but the game is shaping up for the better in my eyes. Now we got all of that out of the way, we'll have to wait until October for me to get my hands on the game before I can give a final review.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2: Giant Consequences Review!

You know that review I did for Episode 1 of Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2? That one is one of my favorite blog posts ever. Took a while to make because there was so much lore and characters and gameplay and, well, story to go over but it was fun writing that blog post. So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm writing about Episode 2 of Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2. Why? Because even though the core game mechanics remain the same, each episode of a Season of literally any Telltale game counts as a whole game by itself. For the sake of being courteous, I will try my hardest not to spoil the events of the previous episode. But my advice? Either read the review of the previous review for context or, you know, buy the game itself. It should only cost you $5. And then another $5 because this is an episodic game, meaning the game is divided into episodes drip fed throughout the year, with each episode being around $5. Or your country's equivalent of $5 in case you don't live in the US. Or not. Your choice.

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I will go ahead and assume you have read/played Episode 1 from this point onwards, so if you have not, beware of spoilers. This episode, titled Giant Consequences, picks up immediately where the previous one left off. After main hero Jesse and his/her (as per usual, Jesse's gender is up to you to decide) Friends return from their latest adventure and first ever run in with the Admin (the primary antagonist for this season), they inadvertently unleash the Admin's Wrath right in the heart of Beacon Town in the form of a Godzilla-sized Prismarine Colossus.

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Which leads to an exciting, but surprisingly short David-vs-Goliath style showdown between Jesse and Friends and the Admin's Colossus. And while most of it was a quick-time event, it was still exciting and fun. And I know some folks will be annoyed by the heavy reliance of quick-time events in this series but I never had a problem with quick-time events, at least Minecraft Story Mode's quick-time events. But still, the fact that Jesse and friends managed to take down the Admin's Colossus in just under 15 minutes is rather impressive, especially when one realizes that the Admin is for all intents and purposes, a literal god.

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But that victory was short-lived. Literally everything up to this point was only an elaborate test to see if Jesse or any of his/her friends have what it takes to ascend to godhood and join the Admin as his partner in metaphysical crime. After being defeated rather swiftly as a Colossus, the Admin takes the form of a British snowman (pictured above!), mostly to mess with Jesse and Friends. It's at this point he gives Jesse and Friends one more challenge and the main objective for this episode. Using a magic clock, the Admin traps Beacon Town in a never ending plague of nighttime and snowstorms. Said clock is hidden inside a giant fortress of ice and snow. The Admin's challenge here is that Jesse and Friends must find a way to track down the Ice fortress, retrieve the clock, and use it to save Beacon Town from what the Admin likes to call, "A diamond-class wave of death and destruction".

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So Jesse and his/her friends set off on another adventure to complete the Admin's challenge and (hopefully) put a stop to him for good. Oh, and they (reluctantly) bring along Stella, mostly because her sense of grandeur and irrational obsession with becoming Jesse's rival would probably get her killed if our heroes don't keep an eye or two on her. Oh, and her Joker Syndrome for Jesse is turned up to eleven, to the point where she comes across more as a lovestruck stalker (even if you're playing as Female!Jesse) than as a wannabe-rival. Anyway, two more new characters (Radar and Vos) join the team. Well, I say they are NEW characters, but they both made minor appearances in the previous episode. Radar, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (one of my personal favorite voice actors ever!), is literally Jesse's secretary. Amidst all the action and drama, it's easy to forget that Jesse still has his/her responsibilities as a glorified mayor to deal with. Anyway, Radar is a surprisingly likable character because of his shy and timid nature (and the fact he's voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) combined with his desire to prove himself make him compelling and somewhat relatable. Vos, on the other hand, is an old friend of Jack the Chuck Norris-esque adventurer-turned-tour guide. Vos was rescued by Jesse and Friends during the events of the previous episode, but he doesn't appear all that grateful, making off-handed stealth insults to Radar and Lukas (THE NERVE!!!) and repeatedly encouraging the rest of the gang to leave Lukas and Radar behind. Of course, there's a reason for Vos's negativity, but I won't spoil it here. And last but definitely not least, fan favorite Lukas is returning. Instant awesome points.

Image result for minecraft story mode season 2 giant consequences screenshots

My first praise goes to the Admin himself. My favorite kind of villains are the ones who are so charismatic and entertaining to watch, that you can't help but love to hate them. He behaves like some kind of unholy lovechild of the Q from Star Trek: Next Generation and DC Comics' the Joker. He manages to be charming, threatening, and actually kind of cool (geddit?) all at the same time. He also delivers some really memorable lines throughout both this episode and the one before (and probably the one after), and regularly switches from speaking in formal/regal, grammatically correct English befitting a god, and using almost Valley Girl levels of modern slang.

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Anyway, this episode in particular has a rather obvious winter theme. And it's rather funny, because I remember speculating (read: creating a mental wishlist) of things we might see (read: Things I personally want to see) this season shortly after it was announced and one of the first things that came to my mind was a icy/snowy location (the other things being a nod to *Orespawn, some kind of outer space adventure, and Jesse and Friends poking fun at some of the MANY games that have taken inspiration from Minecraft like Terraria or Roblox).

Image result for minecraft story mode season 2 giant consequences
I'm not sure if Male!Jesse's left glove is supposed to
look like a fingerless glove or if the texture is glitched
in this picture, but at least the rest of the outfit looks cool.

This episode's gameplay and presentation is almost identical to the previous episode, but that's to be expected. You still have to choose branching dialogue, make moral choices that permanently alter the story (how drastic the alteration is depends on the choice you made), perform Quick Time Events when things start getting hectic, solve puzzles in a classic Point-and-Click Adventure style, and engage in 1v1 (sometimes 1v3) sword-based combat. Later on you can play two minigames while inside the Admin's fortress, the first being a Minecraft themed escape room and the second being a Duck Hunt style shoot-em-up. I like both of these minigames (and the boss battles that follow after them!), as they break up the tried and true formula and breathe some new life into the franchise.

Image result for minecraft story mode season 2 giant consequences screenshots

As for the presentation, the set pieces are rather impressive, and the music is also top-NOTCH (geddit? Because the creator of Minecraft is frequently called Notch!), namely the song that plays when you first encounter Stella (due to how whimsical and lighthearted it is). and the main theme, which sounds like a wordless, slower, more serene version of the main theme from The Lion King. In fact, most of this episode's soundtrack has a near universal serenity to it. Which is fitting, given the notable winter theme this episode runs with. And if you played the original Minecraft, you know that the Snow Biomes (such as Snow Forest and Snow Mountain) are arguably the most peaceful and serene areas in the game. Giant Consequences also introduces some rather creative creatures to test Jesse and Friends while they are inside the fortress, all of which have designs so well made, that you wish they were in Minecraft proper. And as per usual, the voice acting is spot on, although admittedly there are plenty of lines that I feel Female!Jesse delivered better than Male!Jesse (and vice versa).

Image result for minecraft story mode season 2 giant consequences screenshots

I thoroughly enjoyed Giant Consequences. It gave us a proper introduction to Minecraft Story Mode's best villain yet, and I love the winter theme throughout the episode. It also had some nice surprises that I honestly didn't see coming on my first playthrough and a cliffhanger ending so shocking it left me speechless. It also gave me a bit of jumpscare thanks to a post credit scene teasing the premise of the next episode. That said, it was rather short, even by Minecraft Story Mode standards (most episodes are about 3-4 hours long, this episode was about 1.5-2 hours long). I give Minecraft Story Mode Season 2: Giant Consequences an 8/10.

*- Orespawn is a popular and rather well-known fan made mod for the PC version of Minecraft that, when installed, adds dozens of enemies, blocks, biomes, weapons, armor, bosses, and dungeon types that are not currently in Minecraft officially. An argument can be made that most of Orespawn's content deserves to be in the official version of Minecraft, especially since this mod, among other things, is the primary reason why the majority of players prefer the PC version (I prefer the PS4 version myself, mostly because I find using a keyboard and mouse for gaming to be rather awkward and clumsy). Here's hoping that one of the perks of the Better Together Update planned for Minecraft proper makes it so home console folks like me have access to this mod. At which point some folks will (hopefully) migrate to home consoles.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Top 10 video game characters I want in Smash Bros!

Super Smash Bros. This fighting game franchise is arguably one of Nintendo's most successful creations ever. Originally launching on the Nintendo 64 (an old school console from the 90's), the original game has received several sequels that just keep expanding the colorful roster of Nintendo's finest so we can finally live out our "Who would in a fight?" fantasies. Or beat up our least favorite anything ever. So far there has been at least one Smash Bros game on every console since the N64, but at the time of this post there's no word on a Smash Bros game on the Nintendo Switch, despite persistent rumors and a "history repeating itself" pattern convincing many that Nintendo has plans for Smash Bros game in the future. And since the main appeal of Smash Bros is basically "have your favorite video game characters beat each other up in crazy crossover battles", I'll be talking about 10 video game characters I personally want in a future Smash Bros game (in no order at all), and how they could theoretically work as playable characters in the event they DO wind up in Smash Bros, and talking a little bit about the game(s) these characters come from.

Image result for super smash bros

But first, some rules. First, I will only count characters that made their debut in a video game as a video game character (so no, Goku from Dragon Ball Z is not on this list), because that's actually the rule the creator of Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai, uses when he works on the Smash Bros games. I will also only include video game characters that have appeared on a Nintendo owned system (Switch, 3DS, Wii U, Gamecube, etc) as I feel that having SOMETHING to do with Nintendo improves these guys/gals' chances of making it in the future. Second, I will only include characters with workable moveset potential. What I mean is, I won't pick characters that have no unique abilities or characteristics, like an NPC or something. And last but not least, this list is my opinion and not a fact. As such, I don't expect ANY of these characters, except one, to appear at all in a future Smash Bros game. My choices are pretty out there and probably won't happen, but this isn't "Top 10 Most Likely characters to be in a future Smash Bros game". It's a list of characters I personally want in Smash Bros. Without further adieu, let's start the list.

No. 10!

Image result for spyro the dragon

Spyro the Dragon (Spyro franchise, Skylanders franchise). Spyro holds a special place in my heart. When I was growing up, there were two kinds of kids. Kids who love Spyro and kids who love Crash Bandicoot. It's easy to guess which group I belonged to. In addition to being my one of my childhood heroes (the others being Optimus Prime and Spider-Man), Spyro is a purple dragon, which is inherently cool. Anyway, I would love to see this guy in Smash Bros, but coming up with a moveset is somewhat difficult, depending on which incarnation of Spyro they decide to use. If they use the Skylanders incarnation, and I PRAY they don't, Spyro only has three abilities to make a moveset out of, his trademark Flame-Breath, his ram attack, and the power of flight. But if they go with The Legend of Spyro incarnation, Spyro already has a full moveset right there. You see, in The Legend of Spyro trilogy, Spyro has access to all three of his Skylanders counterpart's powers, in addition to being able to use Thunder Magic, Ice Magic, and Earth Magic, and on top of all this, Spyro is incredibly strong at close range thanks to being able to pull of what can best be described as the dragon version of kung fu, and if they go with THIS incarnation, Spyro would be quite the powerhouse, and I can see two possibilities for his Final Smash (that is, a super strong finisher, for those of you who never played Smash Bros). The first possibility, they have him team up with Hunter and Cinder (two fan favorite friends of Spyro's) to lay the smackdown on his foes similar to Robin's Final Smash, or, if they really want to embrace The Legend of Spyro trilogy's lore, they can have him transform into Dark Spyro and gain a massive power boost. Or they can base him off his 90's incarnation to cash in on the nostalgia, but I personally think the best incarnation would be the Legend of Spyro incarnation because quite frankly, the developers and programmers would probably have an easier time with that incarnation (plus I personally loved the trilogy as a whole, so I may or may not be biased). And while a quick trip to the 90's reveals that Spyro was originally a Sony exclusive character, that changed later on when Insomniac Games (who work for Sony) sold the rights to Spyro to another company who we don't care about and Spyro has since appeared on almost every video game system imaginable.

No. 9!

Image result for wonderful 101 wonder red

Wonder-Red (The Wonderful 101). The Wonderful 101 is a game with a sad story behind it. It was a great, fun, and innovative game that has one of the most imaginative game mechanics (draw shapes on the Wii U gamepad to create weapons to fight with!) while also serving as an affectionate parody of the entire superhero genre, most notably Power Rangers. But something heartbreaking happened. This game was a commercial flop that slowly fell into obscurity, despite garnering an implausibly large fanbase. But the thing is, Wonderful 101 is a Nintendo exclusive property, and thus Wonder-Red (the main hero of Wonderful 101) is a valid candidate for Smash Bros. As for his moveset, I can see Wonder-Red using miniature versions of the Unite Morphs from his home game (Unite Fist, Unite Sword, Unite Gun, etc). Because if they use full-size Unite Morphs, would cover 2/3 of the screen. They could probably make it so Wonder-Red's Unite Morphs only last for a short while or are taken away when he takes damage, forcing him to rely on good ol' fisticuffs. As for his Final Smash, they could have him go into Unlimited Form and spam Unite Morphs with reckless abandon. Or even bring in the other Wonderful Ones to lend a hand. And, if Wonder-Red did get in, that would chalk up the number of PlatinumGames characters who are in Smash Bros to two.

No. 8!

Image result for shovel knight intro

Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight). Shovel Knight is perhaps the king of indie games, being an iconic video game character and his home game has been released on the Wii U, the 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch, and is the first indie character to receive an Amiibo figurine in his likeness. If they wanted to represent the indie genre, Shovel Knight might just be the best choice. But anyway, Shovel Knight is one character that almost everyone agrees would be perfect for Smash Bros, and as for a potential moveset, it's kind of obvious how he would fight. He would use his trademark shovel to knock foes back and possibly bury them under mounds of dirt. But Shovel Knight is not a one trick pony! He also has access to a variety of "Relics", powerful artifacts he finds during his main adventure that gives him additional abilities, like throwing giant anchors, dashing through the skies, and even becoming temporarily intangible. Of course, they would have to balance out the more overpowered Relics like the "become intangible for a short time" Relic, but it's doable.

No. 7! 

Image result for shantae half genie hero

But if Shovel Knight is the king of indie games, then Shantae (Shantae franchise) is the queen. First debuting on the Nintendo Game Boy Color in the video game of the same name, Shantae went off to star in three sequels, all of which were released on Nintendo's systems. Also, depending on who you ask, people will think that Shantae is either adorable or attractive. Even though she's from a kids' game? Anyway, Shantae has the most moveset potential out of every character on this list simply because of her insanely large arsenal. She has magic spells, she can shapeshift into almost any animal imaginable, she can use the Pirate gadgets she had to use when she lost her powers at the beginning of the third Shantae game, she can even use her pony-tail as a makeshift whip! And on top of all of this, Shantae is basically an anime version of a Disney Princess, which by itself is reason enough to put her in a fighting game. And before the thought leaves my mind, do any of you realize how amazing it would be if the next Disney Princess was from an anime?

No. 6! 

Image result for fire emblem takumi

Alright, so I am well aware of the fact that there are six characters from Fire Emblem in Smash Bros already, and Fire Emblem Fates is a very controversial trilogy of 3DS games, but I really do want Takumi (Fire Emblem Fates) in. Takumi is one of the main heroes of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (the first part of the trilogy telling the tale from the perspective of the Hoshido family), and can best be described as an overly competitive samurai archer. Takumi would be rather unique among the other six Fire Emblem characters, due to the fact that his weapon of choice is an enchanted bow that shoots beams of magical energy instead of arrows (compared to everyone else's swords). But before anyone says "But Spencer! Pit from Kid Icarus also has a energy-beam shooting bow, so Takumi would be a shameless carbon copy!". Not necessarily. You see, Pit's thing is that his bow is actually a pair of scimitars (swords with blades that curve upwards) that can detach and let's Pit engage in close quarters combat. Also, Pit only has one attack in his entire moveset where he uses his bow in it's bow form. The way I'm imagining Takumi would work is that almost all of his moves would involve launching projectiles to keep his foes at a distance only to get annihilated if you get past the projectiles and into melee range. Oh, and before you ask why I want Takumi in, it's because he's my favorite Fire Emblem character thanks to Fire Emblem Heroes. And let's face it, Fire Emblem is steadily becoming one of Nintendo's biggest franchises and they want to make money, and Takumi has a decently sized fanbase supporting him. Although, if they have a new Fire Emblem character in Smash Bros, it's probably going to be whoever is the main hero of the currently untitled Fire Emblem Switch game coming out next year to help promote it. But hey! Even if Takumi never makes it in Smash Bros, at least they confirmed that he's playable in Fire Emblem Warriors which basically makes that game an instant must-have for me.

No. 5!

Image result for splatoon inkling

The Inklings (Splatoon franchise). Splatoon is Nintendo's second newest IP and has been picking up steam since the first game and now the Inklings are the most frequently requested character for Smash Bros in history. Anyway, the Inklings are kids. Who are also squids. And their entire arsenal consist of paintball guns, giant paintbrushes, literal buckets filled with brightly colored ink, and bubble blowers. I'm pretty sure Nintendo can cook up a decent moveset with all these. Also I just now realized that there are lot of projectile-based fighters on this list. But my point still stands! There is literally nothing stopping Nintendo from including them.

No. 4!

Image result for xenoblade chronicles x elma

Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X). The main heroine of the Wii U exclusive sci-fi space-adventure where we're STUCK ON A WHOLE DIFFERENT PLANET!!! *ahem* Elma would be awesome to see in Smash Bros. Why? She. Can. Duel. Wield. Pistols. And. Katanas. 'Nuff said! Anyway, the fact she can use both guns and swords makes her really unique among all the humanoid weapon users. Sure, Solid Snake and Bayonetta have their guns. The Fire Emblem gang, plus Shulk, Link, and Pit have their swords. But Elma can use both at the same time! And her Final Smash could be her whipping out a Skell (Skells are 20-ft tall robots armed to the teeth with the latest in military weaponry) and laying waste to her foes.

No. 3!

Image result for pokemon sun and moon incineroar

Incineroar (Pokemon Sun & Moon). Unpopular opinion time! I like Incineroar more than Decidueye. Anyway, Incineroar would be both really funny and really awesome at the same time. The funny factor comes from the fact that Incineroar is a giant, fiery tiger that happens to be a pro wrestler. The awesome factor comes from the fact that Incineroar is a giant fiery tiger that happens to be a pro wrestler. And out of the three Starters for Pokemon Sun & Moon, Incineroar would be the very best (like no one ever was) to see in Smash Bros. I mean, Decidueye is a Green Arrowl, but I like Takumi more than Decidueye, and Primarina is out of the question because he/she/it/they are a sea lion and would look really awkward fighting on dry land. Incineroar would probably a grappler, grabbing his opponents and throwing them around, while mixing in strong, but slow punches so that his moveset isn't JUST grabbing/throwing moves. As for a Final Smash, I can see Incineroar having a cinematic Final Smash similar to Captain Falcon's where he grabs the opponent and then body slams them against a wrestling ring. Did I mention that Incineroar is a giant fiery pro wrestler tiger?

No. 2!

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What is with me and putting several indie characters on this list? In my defense, indie games are often my favorite kind of game. Anyway, Quote (Cave Story) is a robot that looks like Ash Ketchum and he has a ton of guns to fight with. Quote, like Takumi and the Inklings, would be a projectile-based fighter due the fact that all of Quote's weapons, aside from the King's Blade, are different kind of guns. He can also fly with the Booster V0.8/V2.0, so he would probably have a heavier focus on being airborne than other Projectile fighters like Samus or Robin. As for a potential Final Smash? Whipping out some of the more overpowered guns like the Spur or the Nemesis would be cool, or bringing in his female counterpart, Curly Brace, to do a tag-team style finisher. But if they don't do the latter, they could have Curly Brace as an alternate costume.

Number One!!!

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Rayman (Rayman franchise). Out of all the characters on this list, Rayman is the one who DESERVES to be in Smash Bros more than anyone else. Why? He's a third party, multi-platform character, meaning Nintendo don't own the rights to him at all. But Ubisoft, the company that does own the rights to Rayman, was kind enough to let Nintendo make Rayman cameo in Smash Bros 4 as a collectible trophy. I have a feeling that Rayman will be the next Pit and/or Little Mac, both of whom cameo'd in earlier Smash Bros games as collectible trophies, and became playable one game later. As for a moveset, Rayman's hands and feet are disconnected from his main body, and I can see him pull off some far reaching punches and kicks. He can also use his helicopter hair to glide, and for his Final Smash? I honestly have no idea. Although seeing Rayman summon an army of Raving Rabbids to flood the stage would be kind of funny.

This list was surprisingly tough to make, and I did consider quite a few other candidates, and I would like to give some honorable mentions that would be cool to see but I didn't put them on the list either because they would be redundant among other choices or because I couldn't think up a way for that character to work.

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Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2). He looks like a Kingdom Hearts character and he can turn his friends into living weapons. Excluded because his game isn't coming out until the end of the year, and if felt awkward talking about a character before their own game is available.

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Decidueye (Pokemon Sun & Moon). As previously stated, I like Takumi more and there can only be one archer. But he's literally Green Arrow in Pokemon Form which is instant cool points from me. In all fairness, Decidueye's overwhelming popularity and the fact that it's already in a fighting game bolster it's chances of making it in. Perhaps more so than the rest of my list.

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I thought about putting Chase McCain (LEGO City: Undercover) on the list as a joke but decided I would instead leave him as an honorable mention. There is literally no way Chase is ever making it in, sadly. Unless Mr. Sakurai does what he did with Cloud Strife and Solid Snake (neither of whom appeared on a Nintendo system until AFTER they were included in Smash Bros). His Disguises could play into an unpredictable "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none" playstyle befitting a joke character, but he's still a joke character.

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Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country franchise). The Donkey Kong series is woefully underrepresented considering how important it was to Nintendo's climb to success as the largest and most influential gaming company in history, and Dixie Kong would be an excellent addition, unlike a certain crocodile king who has yet to resurface after disappearing mysteriously for over two decades. Why did she not make the list? Simple! Whatever Dixie Kong can do, Shantae could do it better. Heck, one of the many animals Shantae can transform into is a monkey.

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And last but not least we have Agumon (Digimon franchise). I want him in Smash Bros for the sake of poetic justice (there are a ton of Pokemon in Smash Bros and Super Smash Bros 4 was developed by Bandai Namco, the current owners of the Digimon franchise, and it would be quite grand to see a Digimon beat up a Pokemon), but then I realized that technically speaking, Agumon isn't really a video game character. One could make the argument that the slightly obscure Tamagotchi Virtual Pets toy from the 70's, which would later be renamed Digimon, was a really primitive video game, but it was advertised as a toy and to this day most people identify it as a toy. Agumon has appeared in video games but since his first appearance as a Digimon character (rather than a Tamagotchi character) was in the anime series from 1997, I think we can rule out Agumon because of Mr. Sakurai's "Only characters who first appeared in a video game allowed" rule.

And that's who I personally want in a future Smash Bros game! Because let's face it. There is no way Nintendo is NOT making a new Smash Bros game. It's their most successful franchise, a love letter to Nintendo's history as a gaming company, let's folks determine a definitive answer for all their "who would win in a fight?" fantasies, and it makes Nintendo lots and lots of money. But anyway, who would YOU, the reader of this post, put in Smash Bros if you were given such a heavy responsibility? Let me know in a comment or something. Or not. You can keep your opinion to yourself. It's a free Internet after all.