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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Max And Flappy time!!!!!!!!!

Max is LEGO's LEGO Club mascot. The other mascot is Flappy the Mailbox. Max is a minifigure that you can easily identify. He has brown shaggy hair, wears a T-shirt with his initials on it and is the only minifigure that has details on the side of his legs (if you look at his hip from a side view you can see he has side pockets). Flappy the Mailbox is a mailbox made of LEGO bricks. Curiously, he has googly eyes on each side of his "head".


Max has a TV show on LEGO.com called Adventures with Max. Most of the time Max "Theme Jumps". Get it? Because Wreck-it Ralph "Game Jumps"? Anyway, one episode had Max going into LEGO Universe (Unfortunately they closed that game down). He met someones avatar who is stranded on a doomed starship heading straight for a black hole (based off the opening for the game). Although he follows the mission where you build an escape pod out of LEGO bricks, he ran out of Imagination before he could finish the pod. But Max gave the avatar some of his own Imagination and they both finished the escape pod. But it was only a one-seat vehicle. But Max has leftover Imagination and used it to build a space suit attached to a jet pack. First he built two large oxygen containers. Then he built the actual suit. And finally he built a green helmet with his initials on one side. A funny part about Adventures with Max is that the show is done with real LEGO stuff. The whole show is in stop motion!

Flappy, unlike Max, is completely fully voiced (Max uses gestures, Flappy actually talks). Flappy also talks to someone off screen named "Scott". In his music video video, he says he loves dragons so much he likes to pretend to be a dragon. A cute mailbox with eyes and a whacky personality is hilarious, but when he pretends to be a dragon is pure funny.

NOTE: The latest episode of Adventures with Max advertises the new LEGO game, LEGO City: Undercover as Chase McCain (from the game) appears. DOUBLE NOTE: Image from Brickipedia.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skylanders Giants!!! Yeah!

I've been talking all about Skylanders Giants. Now I have new info!

If you read the previous posts about this game you would that there is a new breed of Skylander: The Giants. But Now I know each Giant by name! Here's A list.
  • Tree Rex (And his Gnarly Mode) - Tree Rex is in a word, a walking, talking tree with a laser cannon. He is the Life Giant and thus is nearly three times bigger than the other Life characters. Apparently he used to be a normal tree but a Arkeyan factory built right next to him mutated his roots. That caused a chain reaction in the rest of the tree and thus created Tree Rex.
  • Thumpback - Imagine a humpback whale with legs, arms, and the ability to speak English. That's Thumpback. Like the other seven Giants, he is one of the first Skylanders to fight for good. Thumpback used to be a pirate, but the rest of his crew was banished to something called the Chest of Exile. After that he became a fisherman, and attempted to catch a Leviathan Cloud Crab, but he was caught in the Tide. And when he finally came back to dry land, BOOM! He was made a Skylander. Below are Thumpback's powers. He can swing the anchor he carries like a mace. Thumpback can also use his own version of Zap's Electro Slime attack but no lightning. He also has a bite. The last power is where he slams his anchor on the ground and when Thumpback gets it unstuck there's a pool of water that drowns enemies.
  • Bouncer (and his Legendary Mode) - Bouncer is a robot that used to play a robots-only sport called Robo-Ball. He paid the ultimate price when he retired. After he retired from the sport, his entire fan club was enslave to be handmaidens. That ticked Bouncer off. So he unleashed a world of pain the Arkeyans (No, not a real world of pain, it's just a term that people use to describe how much they are going to beat up somebody).
  • Ninjini (and her Scarlet Mode) - What do you get when you combine a ninja warrior with a wish granting genie? You get Ninjini! As a Magic user, she can throw energy balls at enemies. But as a ninja, she can slash at enemies with her ninja swords. She can also go into here enchanted bottle and safely shoot bombs out of her bottle with little chances of getting hurt. Apparently an evil sorceress trapped Ninjini in that same bottle.
  • Eye-Brawl - Eye-Brawl is the perfect dude to dress up as for Halloween (all countries have Halloween, right?). All you need is some armor and face paint. When you use the face paint, color your whole head to make it look like an eyeball. Eye-Brawl is a........I have no idea what he is. In Fact, he is not one dude but TWO dudes! The Eye he has for a head is and entire person and the rest of Eye-Brawl's body is a seperate person: a headless person. That eye of his can detach and sprout wings to fly. It then attacks enemies by shooting lasers. But without his partner to supply sight, the headless dude blindly attacks everything in front of him. 
  • Hot Head - You would think that he would be a Tech Skylander because of his oil powers,but he is, in fact, a Fire Skylander. Hot Head got his powers from swimming in magic oil. Sure, that destroyed the whole island the oil was found, but some of it magically gave Hot Head magic oil powers like: Transforming into a motorcycle that never runs out of fuel, shooting balls of oil at stuff, and shooting oil from his shoulders and then lighting them up with sparks, causing oily fireballs to rain from the sky.
  • Crusher ( And his  Granite Mode) - What's grey and green and carries a hammer? Give up? It's Crusher! Crusher is a rock golem that knew what he was destined to do the moment he was hired as a miner: Smashing things. But the Arkeyans' mining machines replaced him. Carrying his home-made hammer, Crusher unleashes a world of pain on the Mining machines.
  • Swarm - One of the 9,000 members of the royal bee family, Swarm is the first Skylander ever to be a bug. Swarm used to live in a honey combed pyramid. But he grew too large to fit and had to spend the rest of his days outside said pyramid. He has blades mounted on his wrists and a stinger on his tail. He also is the only Giant that can fly. When his wings are not moving they look a little like a cape. but when they ARE moving, the wings move as fast as hummingbird wings. The blades on his hands can be used as swords, or they can be launched like missiles. A new blade grows back after the old one is launched.

But there are new regular sized Skylanders. Here's a List.
  • Pop Fizz (And his Punch Mode) - Pop Fizz is like the Incredible Hulk. One moment he is a cute little dude, the next he's a big hairy dude with claws. Either way, you still get a dude that carries a hundred different types of soda. but he can also throw his potions, leaving acid everywhere. He also has a move where he shakes the soda in his hand and BOOM! The soda explodes!!!
  • Jet-Vac (And his Legendary Mode) - Where Pop Fizz is hilariously hyper, Jet-Vac is serious to the bone. He used to have natural wings, but now he flies using a vacuum. That same vacuum doubles as a gun. He can use it to grind up small dudes and then shoot the small dudes into the bigger dudes.
  • Shroomboom - An one-eyed mushroom with a slingshot. He crafted the slingshot using a "V" shaped stick and a strand of spider web. Shroomboom is basically a combo of Zook and Flameslinger. The Zook part comes from the fact that both Skylanders are plants, both form defensive walls made of plants, and both can angle their shots. The Flameslinger part comes from Shroomboom and Flameslinger making occasional straight line shots and not angled shots. Shroomboom was supposed to be the topping on Kaos' pizza dinner, but escaped by using a slingshot to catapult himself out of a window.
  • Chill - (And her Legendary Mode) Chill was the bodyguard of the Snow Queen. But some Cyclops kidnapped the Queen. So Chill leaves her position as Captain of the Ice Guard to become a Skylander. Chill has three know moves. A Narwhal attack, a spear throw, and the power to make blocks of ice that you can use defensively or offensively.
  • Flashwing (And her Jade Mode)- Flashwing is lethal. She blasted Bash off a cliff. But Bash is still in love with Flashwing (Making him the third Skylander with a love interest. Spyro is the first, having Cynder as a love interest. Gill Grunt is the second, having a mermaid girlfriend). Flashwing can shoot gems out of her tail and has a lethal spin attack.
  • Sprocket - If you know about Wreck-It Ralph, then you would know there is a character called Fix-It Felix. Fix-It Felix will remind you of Sprocket. Sprocket is a Golding, dudes almost identical to humans except for the skin, which is colored like gold AND made out of gold. She spent her life building, fixing, repairing, reassembling, and modifying whacky gadgets. But Kaos kidnapped her uncle. So she built a battle suit and became a Skylander.
  • Fright Rider - Just like Eye-Brawl, Fright Rider is not one dude, but TWO dudes. Rider is an elf who is the best jouster in Skylands. Fright is an undead ostrich that serves as Rider's trusty steed. In Fact, Rider was banished to the Underworld and it was Fright who got him out of there. Fright Rider has a classic joust attack, a power where Fright's eyes glow and skeleton heads pop up everywhere, do damage. Another power is where Rider jumps off of Fright and fights dude in hand to hand combat. Armed with a lance of course. The duo also has another joust attack but this one is where Rider slashes left to right with his lance.
  • Hot Dog (and his Molten Mode) - Hot Dog is a lava dog. Lava dogs are cute puppies that, thanks to their extremely hot body temperature, literally burn every non fireproof object they touch. In fact, when he first met the Skylanders on a camping trip, he accidentally burned Gill Grunts tent. But he proved his loyalty to the Skylanders by attacking one of Kaos' goons. He joined the Skylanders and also buried master Eon's magic scepter.

There is also a customizable hub world that is an Airship piloted by none other than the hilarious Flynn. The guy who loves cake. Anyway, here's how he got the ship. He got reward money for "Defeating Kaos". But he wasted it on an Airship. Figures. In the first game he was a balloonist. Now he's an Airship captain.

Here's what the new characters look like. NOTE: Images from Spyro Wiki.

Pop Fizz (Normal Form)

File:Eagle skylander concept.jpg
Jet Vac

File:Shroomboom toy.jpg




Fright the Undead Ostrich and Rider the Elf

Hot Dog

File:Twee Rex.JPG
Tree Rex

File:E3-2012-skylanders-giants-screenshots (1).jpg
Bouncer (fighting a Spell Punk and three Lance Master Elves)


Swarm (Fighting trolls)

Hot Head

Ninjini (with her ninja swords)



Here's what the new Skylanders headquarters looks like.

This Ship is customizable, but even I don't know how you customize it

DOUBLE NOTE: All Images are from Spyro Wiki.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wonderful 101

What do you get when you combine Pikmin with superheroes? The Wonderful 100 Defenders of Earth. In the Wonderful 101, you are an army of shape shifting superheroes. And they have to stop alien cyborgs from taking over the world. But the Wonderful 100 have another power. They can turn normal powerless citizens into mini superheroes (When I say "Mini" I mean they give them the ability to shape shift into only what the mega superhero wants them to shape shift. If you were given this power you can only shape shift to whatever the boss wants. If he wants a sword, you turn into a sword. If he wants a giant fist you turn into a giant fist.).

The Wonderful 100 Defenders of Earth (don't ask about the silhouettes).

There's a lot of puzzle solving and since this is a Wii U game, The touch screen helps with the puzzles. EXAMPLE: The touch screen shows your hand on a dial. The TV screen has a three digit number on it. To solve this puzzle, use both screens (and the control stick) to make the dial line up with the numbers on the other screen.

Here's a list of characters.
  • Giant Fist Man - He can turn his hand into a giant fist. The more mini heroes he has the bigger the fist will be. Simple Math. Minis + Giant Fist Man = Really Big Fist.
  • Big Gun Man - He can turn any part of his body into a giant gun that shoots giant bullets. If a lot of Minis are with him, these bullets become missiles.
  • Toilet Man - I have no idea what he does.
  • Sword Man - He can turn his Mini followers into one single giant sword. The More Minis he has the Bigger and Sharper the Sword.

NOTE: Image From Nintendo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My video game ideas.

You that Star Wars was created by George Lucas, right? And how Adventure Time was created by Cartoon Network, right? Every TV show and video game and comic has to start somewhere and not only do I spread the word on a new or exclusive video game, I come up with Video Game ideas!

My most complete video game idea is called Party Animals. I had a friend of mine help me with some of it.
Party Animals is one of those virtual board games. You play as one of 30 dudes I made up (that friend of mine came up with the last character). It also has some pretty cool boards. And it has mini games. To win you must collect magic crystals by various means (each game board has you do certain rules to get the crystal). Here's a list of boards I made up for this game.
  • Krazy Train - a run away train. To get the Magic Crystal you must take a ten question quiz about either the game rules, the characters, or the other game boards (the topic is randomly picked). Get a single question wrong and you get sent all the way back to the start. The way this happens is funny. The Engineer throws you out the window where your character will keep bouncing and rolling until they are left hanging on the hand rail surrounding the start space at the end of the train itself. Your character then complains about how the process is painful. If you get the quiz 100% correct then the Engineer will open the roof on the Engine Cart. Next he throws you out of the opened roof where you land perfectly on the start. You can hear people clapping and cheering when you "stick the landing".  There is only one shortcut from the start to the Engineer (who gives you the quiz). Land on the Shortcut space in the treasure cart. A freaky scorpion thing pops up and carries you to the passenger room, leaving only about six spaces left to go. And  there is an surprise space in the kitchen. Land on that and the Chef will appear and force you to help make his 50 course meal, forcing the player to skip ten turns.
  • Magma Madness - An active volcano. To get the Magic Crystal you must go to the heart of the volcano and mine for it. To mine it you must roll a dice block and hope to get a six (you need a six in order to get the crystal.) Getting a five or lower will make every player run back to the top to avoid getting scorched by rising lava. The exact cutscene first shows the lava rising just a tiny bit, burning your character's foot and as a result they jump around grasping their burnt foot in a funny manner. Then the volcano shakes violently and your character realizes what's going to happen. He or she then runs as fast as they can while the lava quickly rises, dangerously close behind the player. All players will be chased by lava until they reach the start. There are two Shortcuts. One is located in the Gem Grotto, an area with gemstones of various colors can be found. Land on it and a mine cart appears. You hop in it and it takes you two stories closer to the mines (This is a vertical board where you must work your way from the top to the bottom and in the game, the Magma Madness board is 15 stories tall. To help keep track of your progress the map screen has a measure gauge that has your character's icon coming out of whichever floor you are on .). The other shortcut has the host of the whole game, Host Ghost (a green cartoon-like ghost wearing a red bow tie and blue mittens that tries to rhyme words as he talks. The only time he does NOT rhyme with words is if he uses a word that can't rhyme. EXAMPLE: If he ends a sentence with any non rhyming word he will pause in the middle of his comment and ask the player if they know what rhymes with that word) popping up in his favorite manner. A cloud of smoke appears, and once the smoke clears a purple vortex appears and Host Ghost jumps out saying "Yo yo yo!". After that he asks the player wants to take a ride through space and time. If you say "No" he will push you in a yellow vortex he summons during the question. If you say yes then you will willingly jump in that same yellow vortex.You will pop up somewhere near the mines (the exact distance will be random.) There is also a Surprise space in the Lava Lakes (cross the Lava Lakes to get to the mines). Host Ghost appears again and tells everybody they have to go surfing. He will give everybody a lava-proof surfboard and a giant wave literally made of lava appears. You must press the button displayed on screen to keep your balance. The button on screen will change to a different button every 15 seconds. Winning will double the distance you travel on your next turn.
  •  Star Station - A Galaxy Reactor. It is the Largest board I came up with for the game. It is also futuristic. To get the Magic Crystal, you must buy it from the Reactor Manager, the dude that is in complete control of the Star Station itself. The only bad thing that happens here is the first Surprise Space. Land on it and your character must give away ALL of their power-ups to the player in last place (if the player in last place lands here then the Reactor Manager will give the player a free Magic Crystal, then tells you not to tell anyone about the whole thing, saying he has "An authority and reputation to keep".) If you land on the second Surprise Space then Host Ghost AND the Reactor Manager will appear and give each player an oxygen tank and a breathing mask attached to the oxygen tank by tubes. The Reactor Manager tells everybody that they are going to have fun skateboarding on the moon. Host Ghost then proceeds to give skateboards to the players. In order to beat this power-up minigame (the Lava surfing on Magma Madness is a Power-up minigame, and if you win you get a power-up), you must mimic Host Ghost's skateboarding moves (rail grinding, 360 flips, etc.) in exact order. he will add the number of moves you can do after every routine. You get points based on how well you mimicked Host Ghost. Whoever has the most points after five routines wins any desired variation of the dice block. This is the only stage with four shortcuts. The first is at the Shop, a futuristic car (or in this case, Starship) repair shop where you use an old rickety UFO to move ten spaces forwards. It explodes after moving said distance. The second is similar to that Moon Boarding minigame. You stop at the edge of the Star Station. Your character pulls out a skateboard with rockets instead of wheels. You then start skateboarding in space and when you land you are only five spaces away from the Reactor Manager. The other two are funny. First an alien pops up and asks if you want to buy a travel pod. He says that it's the latest model, but it really looks like a trash can with wings made of carboard and the would-be thrusters are soda cans taped to the trash can. You get in and fly a randomly picked distance. During the whole ride your character complains on how small it is or how bad it smells. Only two of the 30 playable characters realize the shortcut was a scam to make some quick bucks. The last one is where meet the Warp-O-Matic 7000. It's a robot that tests it's only feature on you: making vortexes that can take you anywhere in the universe. But it's in the prototype stage and instead sends you to a random space on the game board between where you are and the Reactor Manager. If you collect enough money (money can be collected by winning minigames), you can buy The Magic Crystal. After buying it, The Reactor Manager will use a hand held Warp-O-Matic 7000 on you. It sends you back to the start. If you don't, then he will summon a robot with a third arm on it's head and a boot for the extra arm's hand and it literally kicks you out of the building and you land on the start.
  • Horror Castle - An haunted castle filled with ghosts, goblins, mummies, and also a single vampire. It's also Host Ghost's hometown. It is the only board that loops. To Collect Magic Crystals, you must simply walk into one. Only one will appear and another will appear in a random spot on the board. But they never land near a player. They always land somewhere far away from you. One Surprise Space in the basement awakens a mummy that stuffs you into the coffin the mummy popped out of, forcing the hapless victim to skip three turns. Another Surprise space near a painting of Host Ghost family  causes Host Ghost to appear and he introduces his relatives to you. After that they want you to play a minigame (They choose a minigame out of the 50 minigames in the game.). Win and the distance you travel on your next turn will double. Lose and the Ghosts decide to place a spell on you, but will argue with Host Ghost about it, until Host Ghost suggests that they lower the distance traveled. On your next turn you distance will be cut in half. The Last Surprise space is in the attic. A vampire appears and will steal a Magic Crystal from you and give it to whoever is in last. But if the last place player lands here, it's different. He gives you a free power-up (you get to choose which one). As a looping board, there are no shortcuts.
  • Submarine Reef - The Smallest board in the game. Half of it is underwater, while the rest is in a shipwreck. There is only one Surprise and it is not a good one. Land on it and Captain Blade-Claw will appear and steal all you power-ups AND all you Magic Crystals if you have any. But he will never give the goods to anyone. The only way to get a Magic Crystal is to beat Captain Blade-Claw in a sword duel. All you have to do to beat him is roll a ten on the dice block. He will give you a Magic Crystal and stuff you in a cannon and fire. You will land at the start. There is one and only one shortcut. Land on it and a dolphin will appear and launch all the to the entrance to Blade-Claw's room. Only three spaces left.

Another video game idea was only half me. That friend of mine did the other half. It's called Robo Samurai. We have a sequel planned for this game. The sequel has a new power I like to call Fury Mode. It makes your character a walking wrecking ball. You can knock over buildings in Fury Mode, you can pick up a monster 20 times bigger than you in Fury Mode. And effortlessly with one hand. You can't take damage while in Fury Mode but you can instantly destroy enemies with one hit no matter how tough they are. But in the original, you can skydive to get to wherever you want to go. The sequel doesn't have that feature. Another difference between these two games is that the villain of the first game is a supporting character in the sequel.