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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wonderful 101

What do you get when you combine Pikmin with superheroes? The Wonderful 100 Defenders of Earth. In the Wonderful 101, you are an army of shape shifting superheroes. And they have to stop alien cyborgs from taking over the world. But the Wonderful 100 have another power. They can turn normal powerless citizens into mini superheroes (When I say "Mini" I mean they give them the ability to shape shift into only what the mega superhero wants them to shape shift. If you were given this power you can only shape shift to whatever the boss wants. If he wants a sword, you turn into a sword. If he wants a giant fist you turn into a giant fist.).

The Wonderful 100 Defenders of Earth (don't ask about the silhouettes).

There's a lot of puzzle solving and since this is a Wii U game, The touch screen helps with the puzzles. EXAMPLE: The touch screen shows your hand on a dial. The TV screen has a three digit number on it. To solve this puzzle, use both screens (and the control stick) to make the dial line up with the numbers on the other screen.

Here's a list of characters.
  • Giant Fist Man - He can turn his hand into a giant fist. The more mini heroes he has the bigger the fist will be. Simple Math. Minis + Giant Fist Man = Really Big Fist.
  • Big Gun Man - He can turn any part of his body into a giant gun that shoots giant bullets. If a lot of Minis are with him, these bullets become missiles.
  • Toilet Man - I have no idea what he does.
  • Sword Man - He can turn his Mini followers into one single giant sword. The More Minis he has the Bigger and Sharper the Sword.

NOTE: Image From Nintendo

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