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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Max And Flappy time!!!!!!!!!

Max is LEGO's LEGO Club mascot. The other mascot is Flappy the Mailbox. Max is a minifigure that you can easily identify. He has brown shaggy hair, wears a T-shirt with his initials on it and is the only minifigure that has details on the side of his legs (if you look at his hip from a side view you can see he has side pockets). Flappy the Mailbox is a mailbox made of LEGO bricks. Curiously, he has googly eyes on each side of his "head".


Max has a TV show on LEGO.com called Adventures with Max. Most of the time Max "Theme Jumps". Get it? Because Wreck-it Ralph "Game Jumps"? Anyway, one episode had Max going into LEGO Universe (Unfortunately they closed that game down). He met someones avatar who is stranded on a doomed starship heading straight for a black hole (based off the opening for the game). Although he follows the mission where you build an escape pod out of LEGO bricks, he ran out of Imagination before he could finish the pod. But Max gave the avatar some of his own Imagination and they both finished the escape pod. But it was only a one-seat vehicle. But Max has leftover Imagination and used it to build a space suit attached to a jet pack. First he built two large oxygen containers. Then he built the actual suit. And finally he built a green helmet with his initials on one side. A funny part about Adventures with Max is that the show is done with real LEGO stuff. The whole show is in stop motion!

Flappy, unlike Max, is completely fully voiced (Max uses gestures, Flappy actually talks). Flappy also talks to someone off screen named "Scott". In his music video video, he says he loves dragons so much he likes to pretend to be a dragon. A cute mailbox with eyes and a whacky personality is hilarious, but when he pretends to be a dragon is pure funny.

NOTE: The latest episode of Adventures with Max advertises the new LEGO game, LEGO City: Undercover as Chase McCain (from the game) appears. DOUBLE NOTE: Image from Brickipedia.

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