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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Donkey Kong Time!!!!!

I realized something before I did this post. I never done a blog post about Donkey Kong, one of the many video games I like (I also like Adventure Time, Star Wars, The Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Batman, Justice League, X-Men, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Bakugan, LEGO, Disney Infinity, Legend of the Guardians, Spyro, and much more!).

Basically, the Character Donkey Kong is a ape (a special one: A Kong, which is a ape that does things that humans would do) who has a large collection of Bananas (obviously. It's a common belief that most primates love bananas). And something would steal every banana in that hoard. In almost every game it was the Kremlings (who are Donkey Kong's arch nemesis). Donkey Kong also has a sidekick: Diddy Kong!!!! Unlike his uncle Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong has a tail, and even constructed various weapons to make up for not having Donkey Kong's super strength. Like Peanut Popguns (guns made entirely out of wood. They shoot peanuts instead of bullets) and Barrel Jet-packs (Jet-Packs, also made of wood. And designed to look like a barrel. Hence the name).

There are actually two Donkey Kongs. The first Donkey Kong (who later renamed himself Cranky Kong) and the second and current Donkey Kong (the one with the neck tie). The difference being the first one was the "villain" of the Donkey Kong arcade game, forcing Mario (who, at the time was called "Jump-Man") to climb up increasingly difficult towers, stairs, and more.

The second Donkey Kong is not a villain to Mario. More like the competitive rival Mario never had. Donkey Kong is also known for having a VERY large family, all members having the word "Kong" as a last name. Surprisingly, the distant relative of Donkey Kong known as Swanky Kong is never playable. The same goes for Candy Kong, who is not a blood relative but is Donkey Kong's girlfriend (Super Smash Bros says that Candy Kong is only a RUMORED girlfriend and no one is sure if this rumor is true).

Donkey Kong is surprisingly athletic, despite the fact that most of his muscles appear to be designed to super-charge punches. He has leaped over toxic waste, jumped across lava pits, swung to one side of the jungle to the other in a heart beat, and has traversed a highly polluted island. This combined with his crazy powerful punches and devastating roll attacks make Donkey Kong very dangerous to bad guys and villains, but super helpful to good guys and heroes (and video gamers!!!! He he he!!!!!).

Donkey Kong also has some back-up from the other Kongs. Like his brother Funky Kong (Just like him in every single way only dressed as a surfer, and loves surfing more than anything) or his famous sidekick Diddy Kong. Or Diddy Kong's girlfriend Dixie Kong (who is just like Diddy Kong only with a ponytail, which can be used glide.) Or Tiny Kong (Dixie Kong's little sister. She is younger than Dixie Kong but taller than Donkey Kong, albeit only slightly. She has two ponytails instead of one, though they work just like Dixie Kong's ponytail). Or the cartoon-like Lanky Kong (he has absurdly long arms much longer than the rest of his entire body, but the arms are skinny, hence the name.)

One of the most recent Donkey Kong games is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. A new feature is while swimming, Donkey Kong has limited air which must be replenished by resurfacing, or by inhaling underwater bubbles. In the original Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong could stay underwater for forever, but in Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong will lose a life as soon as he touches the water.

Donkey Kong is also known for racing. Like in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, he along with Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong, and others compete in a race involving "Rocket-Powered Jet-Bongo Barrel Belts". It's like a jet-pack race only the vehicles are belt like devices connecting to rods which connect to one bongo like barrel. In order to accelerate with this vehicle, The Kongs and their rivals the Kremlings have to smack their hands on both bongos. Smacking only one bongo allows the driver to turn sharply.

In the Mario Party mini-series, Donkey Kong's role varies between games. In the first few games he was playable, but in more recent Mario Party games he's a NPC That helps players that land on the "DK" space. How he does this varies from game to game and board to board. In Mario Party 8 in Perplex Express DK's Barrel Train will replace the front cart and give the player a Star absolutely free. In the same game's Tycoon Town he donates enough coins to take over a hotel AND level it up.

Mario Super Sluggers is the only game I know of where Donkey Kong can talk. In every other game he made cute monkey sounds. However every sentence said by Donkey Kong begins with monkey sounds, followed by the real words.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is the only Donkey Kong game where DK (short for Donkey Kong) can fight other Kongs. In a one-on-one, mono-e-mono, fair fight, fisticuffs style. Like in the long and difficult battle with Sumo Kong (a gorilla dressed as a Japanese Sumo Wrestler) Donkey Kong must punch Sumo Kong in the side with the raised arm (if he doesn't Sumo Kong will release a mega punch) and then dodge the palm strike that Sumo Kong counters with. Way more difficult than it sounds due to Sumo Kong having razor sharp reflexes. The Battle with Dread Kong (a ape with dread locks) is much easier as all Donkey Kong has to do is just keep punching him in every direction possible until Dread Kong gets knocked off the platform.

Donkey Kong games usually have a segment where you can ride in a mine cart. You go very fast but you can only use a jump attack because all the games with mine carts are in the Country line of games, which normally have only a roll attack and a jump attack and there is no room to roll when sitting in a moving mine cart.

Where Mario's arch nemesis is Bowser, and Finn the Human's (from Adventure Time) arch nemesis is the Ice King (sometimes the Lich), and Sonic the Hedgehog's arch nemesis is Dr. Eggman, Donkey Kong's arch nemesis is King K. Rool. Who's King K. Rool? Imagine a big fat alligator with a crown on his head and wearing a red cape, being capable of speech, and also capable of walking like a human. That is King K. Rool.

Leader of the Kremlings, King K. Rool for unknown reasons stole Donkey Kong's Banana Horde. Why? Not even I know why. What I do know about him is the Kremlings do not even have a basic government. The Kremling that is physically the strongest leads the entire species, and it happens that King K. Rool is physically the strongest. And apparently the Kremlings have no choice but to follow King K. Rool's orders. One of them actually questioned his leadership.

It's worth noting that all the major Kremlings have their names begin with the letter "K".  Like Kip. It's also worth noting that only the girl Kremlings have hair.

Donkey Kong in Super Smash Bros Brawl is a Bongo Master!!! His Final Smash has him pulling out a pair of bongos and playing the Donkey Kong Country theme music on them, send out shock waves every time his hands even touch the bongos. He would sometimes send out a mega shock wave by clapping his hands (he does this three times during the final smash).

In Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (the newest game of Donkey Kong), some Vikings took over Donkey Kong Island (which is where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong live). Why? I do not know that. But the good news is Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Dixie Kong are all plowing through hordes of Vikings to get their island back. That is the only info on the plot I have at the moment.


Diddy Kong guarding DK's
Banana Horde.

Cranky Returns
This is Cranky Kong. He breaks the fourth
wall. A Lot. Like the time he complained that
most video games were "All Graphics, no Game-Play!"

King K. Rool. In some games he would wear
a silly costume, like his "Kaptain K. Rool" pirate costume
and his "Baron K. Roolenstein" mad scientist costume.

Donkey Kong!!!! He is much more
agile than he looks!!!!

Diddy Kong with a Jet-Pack.

Donkey Kong's brother: Funky
Kong!!! With a Rocket-Powered
Hyper-Speed Bongo Jet Belt!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Transformers Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is about Transformers!!!!!!!!!! Robots in Disguise!!!!!!!!!!!

The series has Cybertronians. What's a Cybertronian? Aliens that look like robots (they can shape shift to look like anything that is mechanical) from Planet Cybertron (which can transform into Primus, The Galaxy's Largest Cybertronian!!!!!). On Earth they are gigantic, but on every other planet, they are human-sized.

The Cybertronians often divide themselves into factions. I can name four major factions and four sub factions which are actually allies of the major factions. Here is a list

  1. Autobots - These are the main heroes. They are led by Optimus Prime. They are known for their ability to transform into land vehicles, though one, named Jet-Fire, can transform into a jet.
  2. Decepticons - These guys are totally evil. So evil that their own leader, Megatron, poisoned his own home planet!!!!!! Then again, due to his strong connection with a material called Dark Energon, he was HOPING that he could control the planet if it was contaminated with the stuff. Most of them, unlike Autobots, can transform into jets, planes, and helicopters. However, Their VERY logical yet emotionless First Lieutenant (and Megatron's right-hand man) Shock-Wave can transform into a tank. And one of their top scientists, Knock-Out, can turn into a sports car.
  3. Maximals - In some versions these guys are the Autobots' ancestors. In other versions it's the other way around. Instead of transforming into vehicles, they transform into animals, hence the name. They are led by Optimus Primal (Just like Optimus Prime, only with the ability to transform into a gorilla).
  4. Predacons - In most versions the Decepticons are these guys' ancestors. In the Prime version, it's the other way around. They are led by Megatron, but this one can turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex (and later on a Dragon), and has a humorous habit of saying "Oh, Yes" when he talks.

  1. Dino Bots - Autobots that transform into dinosaurs (DO NOT think Predacon Megatron is a Dino Bot. Besides he loses the ability to transform into a T. Rex when he gains the ability to turn into a Dragon). This sub faction is led by Grinlock. Grinlock is deadly dangerous and facing him in battle can have a good chance of death. The good news is since he is technically an Autobot, that makes him a hero. He's also neutral to ALL factions in some versions. He can turn into a T-Rex which, unlike Predacon Megatron, can breathe fire.
  2. Mini-Cons - Even on Earth they are human sized. They are small, fast, and can be deployed by certain Cybertronians. The Decepticon Sound-Wave (Do NOT confuse him for SHOCK-Wave) has four of them!!!! Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Laser-Beak. In Prime Sound-Wave only gets to keep Laser Beak. Mini-Cons do not have a leader, as they are technically just mere extensions of other Cybertronians.
  3. Fuzors - I only know of two Fuzors. Quick-Strike, and Silver-Bolt. They were around when Predacons and Maximals were at each others throats (and they STILL are!!!). Quick-Strike can transform into a scorpion with a King Cobra head (complete with hood) where the stinger should be. Silver-Bolt can transform into a wolf with wings on it's back (and with eagle talons where the front feet should be). Quick-Strike became a Predacon, while Silver-Bolt became a Maximal. Mostly because he did not like saying the word "Terrorize" when Predacons transform, because he wanted to be a hero and it would be confusing for a hero to shout "Silver-Bolt, Terrorize" when transforming. Besides, Maximals get to shout "Maximize" instead. "Silver-Bolt, Maximize" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
  4. Combaticons - A single one of these is bad enough due to the intense destruction they can cause alone, but when you see all six of them at once, then you are in BIG Trouble!!!!! Mostly because in a similar manner to a Power Rangers Mega-Zord, they can combine to form the giant Bruticus. He's a giant even to fellow Decepticons!!!!! The good news is when in Bruticus form, you basically get a metal Hulk. Surprisingly Bruticus is not very smart, despite have six brains working simultaneously. The only two Cybertronians that can rival the size of Bruticus is Metroplex (who is so big he can transform into an entire city) and, obviously, Primus (Then again, the only thing that can rival Primus is his evil brother Unicron, who can also turn into a planet). Bruticus can also be outsmarted.

Here is a list of characters (all of which are my favorites!!!)
  1. Optimus Prime - Leader of the Autobots. "Prime" is actually a Autobot military rank. The highest rank, to be exact. Optimus originally had the ability to transform into a semi-truck, but later gained the ability to transform into into a tank. He is famous for his red and blue color scheme. He is also famous for almost dying in every version. Like in Prime, Megatron made The Autobot base explode, and Optimus was caught in the blast. He survived, but barely, and would not have survived if the rookie Smokescreen had not disobeyed orders (he was supposed to abandon the base and go into hiding, but he stuck around instead). Smokescreen found Optimus and used another Prime's hammer to rebuild him (THAT is how Optimus gained the ability to transform into a tank). He is awesome in every imaginable way. In his original form he can transform his hands into guns and swords (Cybertronians can arm themselves by transforming their hands into weapons), but when he got his new form (which allows him to fly when in his true form), he only had his normal gun on his left hand, and has a detachable Gatling laser gun in his right hand (no, the hand does not transform into the Gatling gun. It's attached to his back, and he detaches it and HOLDS with his right hand. He is also strong enough to hold an entire Cybertronian sized Gatling gun with one hand).
  2. Megatron - Optimus Prime's arch nemesis (he even has a space ship called The Nemesis) and leader of the Decepticons. He can transform into a Jet (in some versions he can transform into a tank). He is totally evil. Unlike his Predacon namesake, he does not have the habit of saying "Oh, Yes" all the time. Megatron used to be called Megatronis but later renamed himself Megatron. When he was called "Megatronis", he and Optimus (who at the time was called Orion Pax) were best friends. Megatron's weapons include a retractable wrist blade, and a sonic pulse laser. In Prime he has a Dark Star Saber. Which is a sword made out of Dark Energon. Megatron normally has a strong connection to anything fueled by Dark Energon (like Terror-Cons, which are Cybertronian zombies). However, if Synthetic Energon is working as a secondary fuel source, it cancels out Megatron's ability to control the subject in question. Just like Optimus, he has almost died several times, and Prime was the first version where Megatron STAYS dead. In the final episode, Autobot scout Bumble Bee (he can't talk due to his damaged voice box) stabbed Megatron in the chest, and the blade of the Star Saber (The  Dark Star Saber's twin) pierced all the way through, making a hole in Megatron's chest that goes all the way through to the back. This instantly killed him.
  3. Megatron (Predacon) - Just imagine normal Megatron, only with the humorous habit of saying "Oh, Yes" at the end of almost every sentence. Like his namesake, he is totally evil. Unlike his namesake, he went to Earth during the Stone Age. Why? Because of a Time Warp. This Megatron can turn into a T-Rex, a Dragon, and in one version a Crocodile. The fact that his arch nemesis, Optimus Primal, can turn into a gorilla and he can turn into a T-Rex is a small reference to King Kong.
  4. Bumble Bee - He is perhaps the most iconic Autobot. He has a yellow and black color scheme. In almost every version he can't talk because some tragic battle during the War for Cybertron gave him the unfortunate battle scar of a severely damaged voice box. In one version he CAN talk. In Prime he couldn't talk until the final episode, where he fell in a pool of Cyber-Matter, got out of it, and grabbed the Star Saber, and stabbed Megatron with it. The Cyber Matter restored his voice box. When he could NOT talk he communicated SOLELY through beeps. Every Cybertronian could understand him, but humans can't (In Prime, a kid named Ralph could understand him. He can also read Cybertronian writing). Bumble Bee has only one weapon, wrist mounted laser blasters. He can also transform into a sports car.
  5.  The Wreckers - Bucket-Head and Wheel-Jack are the only Wreckers I know of. As they have been given the rank of Wrecker, they do stuff that normal Autobots are too scared to do. They go behind enemy lines, sabotage Decepticon machinery, and their favorite part of their job is obviously blowing things up. Which probably explains why they always carry a large amount of hand grenades, bombs, and other explosives. Bucket-Head is green in color, is a little round, and despite being a Wrecker, he is terrified of Scrap-lets (nasty little pests. They eat Cybertronians. Or anything metal for that matter). He shows this fear throughout Prime, specifically the episode where the Autobot base had a Scrap-Let infestation. In fact one time the lights went out, and he screamed like a little girl. When the lights came back on, the human child Miko actually asked him "Did you just scream like a little girl?". Bucket-Head pretended nothing happened and denied screaming like a little girl. Wheel-Jack is white and red in color, and is the closest thing the Wreckers can have to a ninja. He even has ninja swords!!!!! Wheel-Jack is the only known Wrecker that left, simply because Optimus sent by-the-books second in command Ultra Magnus to keep the Wreckers in line (All Wreckers were extremely reckless and could get someone besides the enemy injured. Or killed). Wheel-Jack was not happy AT ALL when he was forced to stick to the standard Auto Bot rules. Wreckers have their own rules. First rule: Wreckers Wreck things!!!!! Do it as soon as possible!!! But Ultra Magnus was prolonging that rule by having the Wreckers ask for permission to use a hand grenade in confined space.
  6. Sound-Wave - The only high ranking Decepticon that does not want Megatron overthrown. Why? Because Sound-Wave is VERY loyal to Megatron, in fact Megatron trusts him more than he trusts his own lieutenants. In almost every version, Sound-Wave can speak. In Prime, Sound-Wave does not talk at all. Nobody's sure if he even has a face!!!! There is a blank screen/monitor where the face should be. He has a face in every other version though. Oddly enough, Sound-Wave never failed any assignment Megatron gave him. Until the episode "Minus One" where he was shot down and taken prisoner by the Autobots and interrogated by their emergency surgeon, Ratchet. That was the only time he actually talked, when he said "Sound-Wave, superior, Autobots, inferior" right before crashing his own drive to prevent interrogation. He also has Mini-Cons, that transform into armor for Sound-Wave to wear. It's worth noticing that he has NO weapons whatsoever. He fights SOLELY by having his Mini-Cons shoot, smash, crush, and bite, while he himself blocks attacks with his shield like arms, and lands attacks with the tentacles (yes, he has tentacles. High tech, but creepy at the same time). Which can electrocute you if you touch the exact tip of the tentacle. Which is covered in spikes.
  7. Preda-King - In most versions  Preda-King is a combination, like Bruticus. Unlike Bruticus, Preda-King is very smart. Mostly because the Predacons forming him have a strong love of the hunt. Thus Preda-King's intelligence is multiplied through that love of the hunt, even considering himself to be the ultimate predator!!!!! Hence the name. In Prime, he is a single organism, instead of six beings in one body. Preda-King started out as a beast, designed for hunting down Autobots, as a hunting dog. But he slowly became sentient and started asking himself questions about his own existence. Shortly after the hunt began, Megatron wanted more Predacons, and thus, had Star-Scream (who was in charge of military operations, and "the mindless beast") send Preda-King to gather up Predacon bones from which Shock-Wave can clone Predacons. Humorously, Star-Scream attempted to train Preda-King but Preda-King was acting like a cat. He just sat there and ignored Star-Scream. And when Star-Scream tried to force Preda-King into his kennel, Preda-King would roast Star-Scream with flame breath. When Preda-King finally became sentient enough to talk, The clones were almost complete, and then it hit Megatron. The Predacons will sooner or later question Megatron's leadership and start an uprising and overthrow him (Preda-King is at least just as deadly dangerous as Megatron. Twice as deadly in Beast Mode). So Megatron killed the clones and blamed the Autobots. Ratchet later pointed out how Megatron fears Preda-King and betrayed him (Preda-King treated the now dead clones as his brothers and sisters.) So Preda-King went berserk and smashed more than half of the Decepticon flagship, The Nemesis.
  8. Bruticus - Bruticus is the combined form of the Combaticons. His fighting style is like King Kong, and deadly dangerous had a baby together. He is way bigger than King Kong and even Godzilla. Bruticus is basically just a weapon Megatron needs to point in the right direction. Bruticus also has the deadliness of The Godzilla in the 2014 movie (nicknamed by some as "Legendary Godzilla" since the movie is made by Legendary). But Bruticus is smarter when he is in his seperate forms, the Combaticons. 
  9. Ratchet - The Autobot's emergency surgeon. He can transform into an ambulance car (fitting as he IS a surgeon). He rarely transforms, and rarely leaves the Autobot Base. He is the reason why Bumble Bee lived after his voice box was severely damaged. To match his status as a surgeon, his weapons are actually surgery tools (like smelters and more). In one Prime episode, Bumble Bee lost his T-cog (the organ Cybertronians use to transform) when some human terrorist dudes stole it. Ratchet actually thought about removing his own T-cog and giving it to Bumble Bee. He did not do it though.
  10. Knock-Out - Just imagine Ratchet, but as a Decepticon. Humorously, he is vain, often shouting at people who "ruined the paint job!". While Ratchet's weapons are surgery tools, Knock-Out's weapons are mostly dissection tools (scalps, buzz saws, etc.). He once created his own "Frankenstein" when he was experimenting on a human/Cybertronian hybrid. First he fueled it with Synthetic Energon (Energon is the only thing Cybertronians need to survive. It's food, water, and blood at the same time. Synthetic Energon is homemade. Normal and Dark Energon must be mined for) Break-Down (as the test subject was called) became extremely aggressive, but the Synthetic Energon was shortening his life span. At Star-Scream's request, Dark Energon was combined with the Synthetic Energon. The result equaled a zombie. With super strength. That escaped. And turning more than half of the Decepticons into zombies. When the zombie outbreak started he humorously told Star-Scream to shoot the head. When Star-Scream asked what made Knock-Out think the head was the weak-spot he revealed that he likes watching horror movies made by humans.
  11. Cheetor - The color scheme of Bumble Bee but he is a Maximal (and can transform into a cheetah, hence the name). Cheetor has three forms: Normal, Trans-metal, and Beast. In Trans-Metal and beast form, Cheetor can fly in animal mode thanks to the rocket boosters on his back. Cheetor is a rookie, like Smokescreen, but has the raw talent (in speed) of Bumble Bee, and has a delightful unique blend of great combat skill, with agility to match.
  12. The Dino Bots - These guys transform into dinosaurs!!!! There are five of them, led by Grinlock. They are Grinlock, Snarl, Swoop, Slag, and Sludge. Notice how four of them have their names begin in the letter "S". They are a bit arrogant, and will only obey orders if it involves destroying something. If the order is to help people, they will either not do it because they only like smashing, or they WILL do it if you promise to give them something to destroy later. That is how they roll. But they are super effective in combat because they have SUPER DINO HUNTER instincts and they fight like the Preda-King when he is in Beast Mode.
  13. Primus - I saved the best for last. The ULTIMATE CYBERTRONIAN!!!!!!! He is SO BIG that instead of transforming into a vehicle or animal, he transforms into an ENTIRE PLANET!!!!!!! And in robot mode he is armed to the TEETH!!!!!!! SHOULDER GUNS!!! WRIST TURRETS!!! KNEE BLASTERS!!! ANKLE MISSILES!!!! SMASH HANDS!!! STOMP BOOTS!!!! A arsenal so deadly dangerous NO ONE CAN DEFEAT HIM!!!! Well, maybe Unicron due them BOTH being able to transform into planets, and having a similar, albeit less deadly dangerous arsenal. Primus is activated when the Omega Keys are put in the Omega Lock, which fits smoothly into Primus' chest. The Omega Keys are buried on Earth, while the Omega Lock is on Cybertron (AKA Primus' planet size chest).

Oddly enough, Cybertronians have space ships. One would think they would not NEED a space ship because they can transform into space-ships. Well, actually, a Cybertronian can only transform into a vehicle smaller or the same size as him/herself (yes. There ARE girl Cybertronians). So a Cybertronian would need to be VERY tall to transform into a Space ship.

For more info, and pictures with hilarious captions, go to the Transformers Wiki.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ranger Time!!!!

This post is about Power Rangers!!!!!

Power Rangers is actually a pretty old series, as it's been around for over twenty (20) years. Although each new season improves on the predecessors, it's worth noting that some characteristics never change. Like how the Power Rangers always have a Mega-Zord. And normal Zords. And every few seasons they would get a Ultra-Zord.

And another trait is the fact that there is at least five Rangers. Sometimes is goes up to seven, and as is the case of one, up to nine (S.P.D., Kat Ranger is included even though she only donned the costume in ONE episode. That's it. The same applies to Nova Ranger, though she MIGHT have donned the costume before because she IS from the future).

How the Rangers became Rangers varies from individual Rangers. The Gold Samurai Ranger, for example, was not supposed to be a part of the Samurai Rangers, due to him not being the child of a samurai. But he is a Ranger anyway because he HAND built the costume, his trademark Barracuda Blade, and his morpher.

Here is a basic story of the Power Rangers.
Long Story short, a guy named Zordon and a robot named Alpha 5 recruited what Zordon himself called "teenagers with attitude", to stop Rita Repulsa (and later Lord Zedd, and later both of them, and after that the Machine Empire) from taking over or destroying the Earth. The original five were each given a morpher and a Power Coin. And that's how the first Power Rangers became Power Rangers.

Later down the road Rita decided to fight fire with fire (or Power Ranger with Power Ranger?) and created the Green Ranger. But the Green Ranger later joined the other Rangers and later down the road Tommy (the Green Ranger's civilian form) lost his powers but became the White Ranger.

Once Lord Zedd, who happens to be Rita's master, shows up, the Rangers get Thunder-Zords (Zords with the power of thunder) because the original Zords were destroyed (Ironically, the Thunder-Zords are actually made out of what remained of the old Zords).

And then came the Machine Empire, who were defeated by the Zeo Rangers.

And after you skip several seasons you get the newest generation of Rangers: The Mega-Force Rangers!!!!! They got the colors of the original five Rangers (Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black), but they Power Cards, something new to the series. Also just like the original five, they also have a Command Center (their headquarters). Theirs however, has a hallway with the costume worn by every ranger before Mega-Force.

And in several case there would be a team up episode, where two (sometimes more) ranger teams team up to take out a very powerful foe. The biggest team up to date is in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode Forever Red. However, it only has the Red Rangers from each team up to Wild Force. Both of the red rangers from Time Force. Time force has two Red Rangers. Normal Red and the Quantum Ranger.

The Rangers always have VERY large vehicles called Zords. They combine into a Mega Zord, which is MUCH bigger than the normal Zords as the Zords serve as the body parts. And the most powerful form of a Zord is an Ultra-Zord, Mega Zords so be they make normal Zords look tiny in comparison. Ultra-Zords usually require at least TEN Zords to create. They are capable of immense power and can rarely be defeated.

But it is worth noting that the original Mega-Zord (which was simply called "Mega-Zord") actually has a Tank Mode. It's the only Mega Zord with that ability.

Here is a list of Ranger Teams.
  1. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The original Power Rangers. The first five have Dinosaur themed Zords and activate their morphers (the devices that allows them to put on the costume even while fighting) by shouting "It's Morphin' Time!" followed by the name of a prehistoric creature (Like "Tyrannosaurus!" or "Saber Toothed Tiger!". The Green Ranger and White Ranger however have to shout "Dragon-Zord!" and "White Tiger-Zord!" instead). Their Second Zords have mythical animal Zords (minus White Tiger and Lion, as those two are based off real life animals). And then they had Shogun Zords, though I know nothing about them besides the name. The colors are Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, and White.
  2. Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers - just like the original five, only they are aliens from a planet covered in water (their need of constant hydration is actually more significant than a human.).
  3. Zeo Rangers - They took over after the Alien Rangers. I know very little about them besides the fact that the White Ranger of the original team is the Red ranger of this team.
  4. Power Rangers Turbo - These Rangers have vehicle themed Zords and the blue ranger is actually a child, a young one at that!!!! But when he Morphs, BOOM!!!!! He gets taller, somewhere around the Red Turbo Ranger's height.
  5. Power Rangers Lght-Speed Rescue - These Rangers have more of a Emergency theme, or more accurately, a fire fighter theme. They activate their morphers by shouting "Light-Speed Rescue!". Just like Turbo, the Zords are vehicles. The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Titanium. Titanium is exclusive to this team.
  6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - These Rangers became Rangers in the same way King Arthur became a king: They pulled up some Quasar Sabers (five magic swords. I guess you can call them magic) and the next thing you know, they became Rangers. Their Zords are Galacta-beasts. Really big animals that the Galaxy Rangers alone can command.
  7. Power Rangers in Space - The Space Rangers are unique because there are SIX of them, but they have a Mega Zord that only needs two Zords: The Astro Mega-Ship and a space shuttle. Yet again, like all rangers they get more Zords which can lead to many Mega Zord combinations. To activate the morphers they shout "Let's Rocket!" and type in the code "3-3-5-ENTER". The colors are Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and Silver.
  8. Power Rangers Time Force - These Rangers are unique because they are also Time Travelers. The Green Ranger is also unique because he is a alien. That looks like a human, but with green hair, and a gem on his forehead. This team also has TWO Red Rangers, the Time Force Red Ranger, and the Quantum Ranger. The only difference is that the Quantum Ranger is NOT a Time Traveler, he is just a guy that just happened to get his hands on technology that a time traveler would use. Like the Q-Rex (a Zord that can turn into a Mega-Zord without any other Zords. It also looks like a dinosaur.), or his morpher. Or his personal weapon. Or the costume. Anyway, the colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Quantum Red. Every Ranger except Quantum morphs by shouting "Time Warp, Time Force!", while Quantum Morphs by shouting "Quantum Power!".
  9. Power Rangers Wild Force - These Rangers not only have animal Zords, they also have animal claws!!!!! If you look closely during the introduction (the one where the camera would show a close up of their hands) the Power Rangers do frequently, you can notice that there are cat like claws on each finger on their gloves. The colors are Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, and the exclusive Lunar Wolf Ranger. they all morph by shouting "Wild Access!".
  10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm - For the first time ever, the Rangers get powers to use in their civilian forms!!!! Because these Rangers are Ninjas!!!!! Their Zords are a combo of animal and machine. Just like how the original Mega-Zord has a Tank Mode, the Storm Mega-Zord also has a unique alternate form: Lightning Mode!!!! It's Armor shrinks, making the Mega-Zord itself lighter and faster, enabling it to do acrobatic stunts even while fighting GIANT Monsters (all Power Rangers have to fight normal sized monsters and Giant Monsters, which is what the Mega-Zords are for). The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Crimson Red, Navy Blue, and Green. Red, Blue and Yellow morph by shouting "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!", while Crimson Red and Navy Blue shout "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!" while Green shouts "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!".
  11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder - These Rangers are unique because they don't have the word "Go" in their theme song. They, just like the original five, have Dinosaur themed Zords. However, the Tyrano-Zord is designed to look more like what scientists now believed T rex looked like with the spine being horizontal instead of the vertical, Godzilla like stance the original Tyrannosaurs Zord used. The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White. Black is actually the same Tommy that was the Green and White Rangers of the original team, and the Red Ranger of the Zeo Team. They morph by shouting "Dino Thunder Power Up!".
  12. Power Rangers S.P.D. - These Rangers have a obvious Police theme. The Zords look like police vehicles. They arrest monsters instead of destroying them. They even have a dog. Their Dog, however is a robot named RIC (Robotic Interactive Canine). Staying true to the police theme, the Rangers judge monsters as if the monster in question was standing trial for a crime. They have a scanner that can detect a criminal monster. The "X" means they put you inside a tiny card. "O" means you are free to go. They morph by Shouting "S.P.D., Emergency!". It as the most rangers to date, with nine. The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Shadow, Kat, Omega, and Nova. Kat only was a Ranger for one episode, while Nova only appeared in one episode. Nonetheless they are STILL Power Rangers.
  13. Power Rangers Mystic Force - These Rangers are not only Rangers, they are also Wizards. They are unique because they don't actually pilot the Zords, but they instead transform into them. Minus Solaris Knight, he pilots his Zord, which is a train. With magic. A Magical Train!!! And White Ranger does not have a Zord period. She just uses magic to make herself Zord sized. In other words, she can become a giant. They morph by shouting "Magical Source, Mystic Force!". The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, White, and Solaris Knight.
  14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Again these rangers have vehicle Zords. But their Red Ranger is a robot. Well, he is an android. Which is like a robot but can think for themselves while robots stick to their programming. Anyway, these rangers are unique because they are basically super hero versions of the famous (albeit fictional) archeologist Indiana Jones. They have been all over the world. The colors are Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and the exclusive Mercury. They morph by shouting "Overdrive Accelerate!".
  15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Similar to Wild Force, the Jungle Fury Rangers have animal Zords, although theirs are usually feline (Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah), but Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger don't have feline Zords (Wolf and Rhino respectively). They also run a Pizza restaurant in their civilian forms. They also have secondary Zords (Bat, Elephant, and Shark). They morph by shouting "Jungle Beats, Spirits Unleashed!".
  16. Power Rangers RPM - This team also has vehicle Zords. The Green Ranger of this team breaks the fourth wall in one episode by pausing the episode and actually teaching the audience how to make a Power Rangers episode, bribing Dr. K with marshmallows to get her to show how to do the visual effects. The Rangers morph by shouting "RPM, get in gear!". The Green Ranger also breaks the fourth wall by pointing out that an explosion occurs in the background every time the Rangers morph. The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Gold, and Silver. Gold and Silver humorously love blowing things up and making things explode, mostly because blowing something up is their answer to every problem.
  17. Power Rangers Samurai - These Rangers are Samurai Rangers, which means that their parents were Rangers. And that their grandparents were Rangers, and it keeps going all the way down to the very first Samurai. Well The Gold Ranger wasn't the child of a Ranger but he is a Ranger anyway. Every Ranger except Gold morphs by shouting "Go, Go, Samurai!" while drawing the Japanese symbol for whatever natural element the Ranger in question uses, while Gold used to say "Samurai Morpher, Gold Power!", but later changed it to "Go, Go, Samurai!".
  18. Power Rangers Super Samurai - This is EXACTLY the same as Samurai, only it's a sequel and features new Zords, Shark Mode, Super Mode, Super Mega Mode, and Shogun Mode, the last of which is used to defeat Master Xandred, the Rangers second deadliest foe.
  19. Power Rangers Mega Force - The newest generation of Power Rangers. Like Operation Overdrive, one of their rangers is a robot. Or is he a knight? Or is he a Zord? He is all of those rolled up into one. His Zord form is Lion Mecha-Zord. Despite his status as a Ranger, he cannot power down like normal Rangers. Powering down is where the Ranger in question says "Power Down" (or "Ninja Form, in the case of Ninja Storm). That is the only way to take off the costume. Unless a monster hits a Ranger so hard they are forced out of the costume. Robo Knight (as that robot ranger is called) is basically stuck in his ranger form, but he is a robot so he was built to stay in ranger form 24/7. The colors are the same as the original Power Rangers (though a friend of mine says they are coming out with a green ranger, but green is exclusive to the Japanese version of Mega-Force), Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Robo Knight.
  20. Power Rangers Super Mega-Force - Following Super Samurai's example, Super Mega-Force is a direct sequel to Mega-Force. This time they are bringing in a BONUS RANGER!!!!!! A Silver Ranger, and a Super Mode that allows the Mega Force Rangers access to the powers and equipment of any Ranger before them. They need keys to do this however (they even have keys of themselves. Just in case they want to morph back to normal Mega Force form).

All Rangers have Zords. Why? Because every time the monster blows up, it comes back to life in the form of a giant, and in giant form can it cause serious damage. The Zords are not only vehicles/animals, they also combine into a Mega-Zord (which is a giant robot big enough to challenge the giant monster to fair fight to the finish. Usually finishing in a large explosion). And Sometimes the Monster is so powerful the Rangers bring out their heavy artillery! ULTRA-ZORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Mega Zords so big they require at least TEN Zords to create. One Ultra-Zord broke the record with thirteen (13) Zords. Lord Zedd has a Zord of his own: The Serpenterra!!! A Giant Chinese Dragon shaped robot So powerful it can destroy entire planets. Unfortunately the Serpenterra runs out of fuel VERY quickly, so the damage it causes is only mild. If it did not have the weakness of needing to recharge constantly then Lord Zedd might have been able to conquer Earth. But the Serpenterra is also very big, so big that the Thunder Mega-Zord looked like a insect compared to it (However in the episode Forever Red, Serpenterra is much smaller, as it's head is only slightly bigger than the Red Wild Force Ranger).

Here is a gallery of Ultra-Zords and one Mega-Zord. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE FROM THE POWER RANGERS WIKI.

MMPR Dinozord Ultrazord
Click to enlarge. The First

The Shogun Ultra-Zord!!!

Click to enlarge. Zeo Ultra-Zord
Carrier Mode!!!!

Hurricane Ultrazord
Click to enlarge. Hurricane

OO DriveMax Ultrazord
Click to Enlarge. Drive Max

Animal Spirit Stampede, Full Fury
Click to enlarge. Animal Spirit
Stampede, Full Fury!!!!

Click to enlarge. RPM Ultra-Zord!!!

Shinken SamuraiHaOh
Click to enlarge. Samurai

 TSG-Hyper Gosei Great
Ultra Gosei Great Mega-Zord!!!


Click to enlarge. Every Ranger
in the franchise makes a cameo in the
Power Rangers Mega-Force episode,
Mega Mission, during the Red Ranger's

The Mega-Force Rangers!!! Plus
Robo Knight!!!

One Last Thing. The Power Rangers are a team. They split them up when they need to do several things at once. This goes for all 121 Rangers (counting extras).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Differences betwee the Wii and all other versions of Amazing Spider Man

This post is about the Amazing Spider Man video game. But the gameplay differences between the versions.

Perhaps the most obvious difference is the lack of free roam on the Wii. There are only FIVE instances where Spidey is outside and in his element (all of which are boss battles). All other levels are completely in confined spaces such as sewers, inside buildings, one time a water treatment facility, MORE sewers, the under-city, and more.

A less obvious difference but somewhat of an advantage is the Wii version only has three costumes: Normal Suit, Black Symbiote Suit, and Classic Suit. The advantage is that it's way easier to get the Classic Suit in the Wii version, all you have to do is clear every bonus level and solve every Petty Crime level. In every other version you have to get the Classic Suit from Downloadable Content.

And this is the best difference between Wii and Ultimate Edition. Ultimate Edition comes with the Lizard Rampage Pack, Rhino Challenge Pack, Stan Lee Adventure Pack, and Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack, which come with bonus MINI games!!!!!

In Lizard Rampage you play as the Lizard and have to trash as much of New York with in a Time Limit, using a stomp and tail attack. In Rhino Challenge you do the same thing, only with a Rhino Charge attack. In Stan Lee Adventure Pack you play as the King of Comics himself, Stan Lee, who can do everything Spider Man can do and you must collect pieces of a magazine. The pieces are either scattered around New York or random gangsters, thugs, and criminals picked up the pieces and Stan Lee must beat them up to get their piece of the magazine. In Oscorp Search and Destroy, Spider Man can play two games on the in game Os-phone (a cell phone made by Oscorp that can do everything a I-Pod and Android can do, plus scanning technology and showing how to make it even better). The First one is a Spider-Man version of the classic arcade game Galaga, while the second is a Spider-Man version of a arcade game I never heard of.

And the Least obvious difference is the design of Web Rush. In every version except Wii, It shows whatever Spider Man is looking at in a first person mode. The blind spots around the edges furthers the "You are currently looking through the eyes of Spider Man" feel. But the Wii Version is different. Instead of first person, you get the same camera view, only with a bluish glow on the edges of the screen.

And a less obvious but more obvious difference than the Web Rush thing is that several pieces of dialogue are omitted in the Wii Version. Like In Level three of the PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 version, Spider Man says his phone number is 555-7799 (do not try calling him. 555 means FAKE phone number). But the Wii version omitted the phone number.

And a very obvious difference is S-01 and S-02, as well as Hunter 1, 2, and 3 (the first Hunter fights solo, while the other two fight as a team), along with the Rhino and Scorpion, are fought differently. In most versions S-01 can deploy Sentries to assist it, the battle happens at sun down, and the battle arena is a larger version of Central Park. In the Wii version the Sentries are absent, and central park as been remade into a smaller version to fit the more confined, "take Spider-Man out of his element" feel, and it is midday during the battle.

And S-02 is different. In Most versions the S-02's ability to drill through buildings is actually part of the boss battle, It has a weak spot on the back of the neck, and the player must keep web swinging (or web rushing) to keep up with the constantly moving boss until it stops at Oscorp Tower (with Spider-Man getting deja-vu). In the Wii version, however, the S-02's drill ability is only part of the Boss Battle's opening cutscene, the boss is not nearly as mobile as it is in the other versions, and the battle takes place on a random skyscraper. This battle is also the only time Spidey cannot web swing in the Wii version.

The Hunters are different because in most version the colors on their armor tells them apart, and when Spider Man rips off their "wings" the Hunter loses altitude and crashes into the streets below before exploding, but in the Wii version all Hunters are red with white on the head and legs, and instead of rapidly falling to street level before exploding, they zigzag up and down, trying to shake Spidey off, and explode as soon as the wings are ripped.

The Rhino's battle is different only in one way. During the first encounter of most versions, the final blow Spidey uses on Rhino involves kicking him out of the building and using webs to fling the Rhino straight down, making the Rhino crash face first in a nearby sidewalk. The Wii Version does not show what happens to the Rhino once he is kicked out of the building.

The Scorpion's battle in the Wii version is NOTHING like the one in the other versions. In Most versions the Scorpion is battled at a construction site, and Spidey defeats him by kicking him into a police van. In the Wii version the Scorpion is the only cross species that did not leave the Oscorp Bio Labs, and decided to reside in the Oscorp Tower (the upper half, to be exact.) Spider Man's Spider Sense tingles twice while he is trying to get through the air ducts. the second time the Scorpion successfully manages to grab Spidey's leg, but Spider Man kicks the claw holding his leg, thus the Scorpion lets go. And instead of kicking him into a police van, Spider-Man launch kicks the Scorpion and jumps after him and they both crash through countless glass floor/ceilings but don't crash through the final glass floor, and Spidey webs the Scorpion to the floor with several strong layers of webbing.

A very hard to notice difference is the more realistic character designs. The Iguana and some infected semi-cross-species are way more scaly in most versions but are less scaly in the Wii version. And Vermin has more fur on his body

Our second to last difference is how you change costumes. In the Wii version you have to quit the game, go to extras, go to alternate suits, and select the suit you want. In the PS3, X box 360, and Wii U version, all you have to do is go to Peter's apartment (it's actually a guy named Stan's apartment. Peter is just house-sitting) and go to the wardrobe.

And the last but second most obvious is that in the PS3, X box 360, and Wii U versions there are ELEVEN (11) costumes to collect and wear!!!! Twelve if you count the Party Hat as a costume, even though it's actually a bonus decal for the other costumes. Here is a list
  1. Normal (No Belt) - The default costume. Looks just like the one in the movie.
  2. Normal (With Belt) - Exactly the same as the normal no belt suit, only it has a silver belt.
  3. New Black - A all-black version of the Normal No Belt costume. The web designs are now silver.
  4. Classic Black - The same Black Symbiote costume from the movie Spider Man 3. the web designs are now silver, after all the suit was completely black in the movie but now it has silver.
  5. Negative Zone - Very similar to Classic Black, but only the parts of the costume that are red are black. The blue is white.
  6. Big Time - This suit has a somewhat futuristic design. Almost the entire costume is a dark grey, but the eyes, Spider logo, upper legs, upper arms, and feet are a glowing neon green. Did I mention the neon green GLOWS!?!?!?!
  7. Future Foundation - This is one of my favorites. This suit was originally comic exclusive, part of the "Future Foundation" team of heroes. This suit is black and white. The Mask, legs, chest, and boots are black, but the eyes, spider logo, arms, and gloves are white.
  8. Cross-Species Spider-Man - also known as "Spider-Morphosis". This is what happens when Spider Man is "more spider, less man". Half of his face is that of a Spider, replacing his left eye with eight tiny spider eyes, he now has a exoskeleton, his left arm is ripped revealing his hand, which now has only three long fingers ending in SPIDER CLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! His right arm is normal though. The right leg, however, is also ripped, revealing the exoskeleton covering it.
  9. Classic Suit - This is the only suit that is in ALL versions besides the default. It's the original, red and blue costume from the movies Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider Man 3.
  10. Vigilante - This is the costume that Spider Man wore before making the normal suits. The only costume-y part of the costume is the fact that it has a mask (actually a red cloth covering Peter Parker's face. There are eye holes, but they are covered by sunglasses). It comes with a cute grey beanie hat. And a greyish brown jacket, dark grey T-shirt, brown belt, blue jeans, white trimmed with grey sneakers, and surprisingly does not have any gloves. The web shooters are cleverly hidden inside the jacket's sleeves (which go down to the wrists)
  11. Party Hat - This suit is a bit of a joke. While changing costume, if you press the correct button, a pop-up saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!" will appear. This costume is actually not a full costume but rather a conical hat someone would wear while at a birthday party. Oddly enough, it is completely unaffected by gravity (I bold-ed, italic-ed, and underlined the "un" part of unaffected to avoid mixing up the words opposite). I know this because the hat never falls off, even if Spidey is upside down. Or Web Rushing. The hat is compatible with the other eleven costumes (even Cross-Species Spider Man, despite the exoskeleton covering Spidey's head).
  12. Scarlet Spider (2012) - This costume is technically not Spider-Man's. Or Peter Parker. It's actually the costume of a totally different, comic exclusive superhero named the Scarlet Spider, a.k.a. Ben Reilly (this however is the 2012 version, thus it is worn by Kaine). Kaine/Ben Reilly is a clone of the original Peter Parker, can do everything he can do, and Peter's Spider Sense cannot detect him. But that works both ways, because Scarlet Spider's Spider Sense cannot detect Peter. Or his clone brothers. There are at least six clones. One of which became a maniac super villain bent on destroying everything in the universe. Anyway, this costume is (true to the name) mostly scarlet red in color, except for the spider logo, mask, fingers, and shoulders, which are black. The eyes are also red.


From left to right: Negative Zone, Classic Black, Big Time
Normal, Normal (Belt, Party Hat), Vigilante, Scarlet Spider,
Cross-Species, and Future Foundation. Classic and New Black
are NOT in this image.

Black suit (The Amazing Spider-Man)
New Black.

Classic suit
Click to enlarge. Peter wearing the Classic
Suit with the other suits behind him.

Spider Man vs. a yellow Hunter!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kingdom Hearts III Time!!!!!!!!!

This post is about the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts III!!!!!!!!!

This game is exclusive for Play Station 4 (which I do not have) and X box 1 (which I also do not have). These are both Next Generation consoles. The PS4 (based on what I heard) consists mostly of download only games, but no retail games. Despite the title it cannot natively play PS3 games (which I DO have).

But this game is AMAZING!!!!!!! And it has awesome STUNTS!!!!! In a similar manner for a friend of mine loving online interaction, I can't resist a good STUNT!!!!!! As long as the stunt is part of a franchise I like that is!!!!!! Including (these are examples. If I listed EVERYTHING I like, we would be here forever) Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Spyro the Dragon, Star Wars, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Pac-Man, Bakugan, Super Smash Bros., Disney Infinity, LEGO, Godzilla, Power Rangers, and Kid Icarus. Especially Star Wars and Spyro. Spyro was like my VERY first video game. And I don't remember a time when I wasn't a Star Wars fan!!!

 Kingdom Hearts III has stunts that strongly resemble Flow-Motion!!!!! Like I saw a gameplay video where Sora is running through the streets of Twilight Town and is being chased by a horde of Heartless Shadows, and Sora barely dodges the swarm's attack by jumping off a wall of a random building and surfs on the top of the swarm and jumps off just as the now airborne swarm of Shadows makes a U-Turn and Sora charges to meet the swarm in combat head-on!!!!! It was acrobatic, dramatic, and awesome in general!!!!

This game is going to be the final chapter in the "Dark Seeker" saga!!!!! Picking up exactly where Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance ended!!!! Based on what I know, Sora and friends set off to find the "Key to Restore Hearts", while Mickey Mouse recruits Key-Blade Wielders to confront the soon-to-be revived Master Xehanort (pronounced Zan-Nort).

But this game is not out yet. In fact it's coming out in 2014 (next year).

For pictures and videos, please go to the Kingdom Hearts wiki or the game's website.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I got Disney Infinity!!!!

I pre-ordered Disney Infinity and I got it!!!!! I actually got it a couple weeks ago. Anyway, the game is at least ten times more awesome than I had expected.

The game intro is literally so dynamic (and dramatic) that it's impossible to forget. It goes like this.
First you control a golden Spark (Sparks are beings literally made of imagination). As you move across the ground, every step your Spark takes breathes life into a world originally shrouded in darkness. Your Spark however is no ordinary Spark. It can alter those around it and even take on the form of any of the playable characters.

While moving your Spark collects Blue Sparks, making it's golden light shine brighter and making the Spark itself bigger. Eventually your Spark reaches a gazebo with a statue of Mickey Mouse in it. When you approach, BOOM!!!!! Your Spark absorbs enough Blue Sparks to grow arms and legs.

As your Spark nears the Mickey Mouse statue, it transforms into the REAL Mickey Mouse (albeit wearing a cute wizard costume)!!!!! Then Woody from Toy Story appears and alters the terrain to look like the Old West, Your Spark copies Woody's form and turns into a slightly transparent golden from head to toe version of Woody. Woody and the Spark then rail grind down a rail into a mine that leads to a forest (where you meet the real Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, Rapunzel from Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope von Sweets from Wreck-It Ralph). If you take a right, the terrain changes once again to match the terrain found at Monsters University.

There, your Spark changes form again to match James P. "Sulley" Sullivan from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. You see Mike "Mikey" Wozaski and the real Sulley riding bikes. When you follow, Randy Boggs slithers all over the entrance gate and welcomes the Spark.

Then when you pass through the gate the terrain changes a fourth time, this time to look like Metroville from the Incredibles. The Spark changes form a third time, to look like Mr. Incredible. The real Mr. Incredible is then seen fighting a squad of Omnidroids (killer robots invented by Syndrome, also from the Incredibles), prompting the Spark to use it's new form's combat abilities to fight the remaining Omnidroids (a three hit combo is all it takes to destroy basic Omnidroids).

Your Spark changes once again to mimic Buzz Light-year from Toy Story as the ground is replaced with the sky and you, along with four NPC's (also more Golden Sparks) are caught in a free fall, prompting the playable Spark to activate a Glide Pack (designed to LOOK like it was from the Incredibles, despite the fact it's NOT from the Incredibles. A friend of mine likes calling the Glide Pack the "Incredi-Glider"). Once you land, you are faced with a horde of tougher enemies, requiring a team to fight them. Now your Spark gets a LASER Gun!!!!!!!

The terrain changes for the second to last time where Mickey Mouse prompts the Spark (now taking the form of Mickey) to follow him. It is here that the Spark learns how to climb up ledges and Wall Jump. Once uniting with Mickey the terrain changes for the last time, and NOW you get to place any figure you have on the Infinity Base. Instead of looking like a transparent golden silhouette of a character the Spark perfectly mimics whatever figure you place, all the way down to the voice.

Here is an example. If you place Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean) he will say "You shall forever know this as the day you set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow" (reference to the time he said "You shall forever know this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow" which he said in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Curse of the Black Pearl) . What's interesting is the fact that it sounds JUST like Captain Jack Sparrow. But they forget to including Jack's trademark awkward and bizarre hand movements when he talks.

Now you get to customize your Toy Box!!!! Or you could go to the Play Sets. The Play Sets are actually just as important as the Toy Box, because in order to place certain things IN the Toy Box you need to find it in the Play Sets.

Here is the plot of the three Play Sets I have (I only have the starters).
  •  Pirates of the Caribbean - Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and Hector Barbossa race to collect the pieces of the Kraken's Bane, the only weapon that can protect you and your ship from the Kraken. Davy Jones has an advantage because he as the map leading to all the pieces of "Beastie Bane" as Jack calls it (Jack always calls the Kraken "Beastie".). But Jack and Barbossa have Tia Dalma who happens to know where the pieces are. Only the Captain you are using gets the Bane but even Davy Jones has to use it to defend himself from the Kraken (ironic because Davy Jones actually can control the Kraken from his ship, the Flying Dutchman). Defeating the Flying Dutchmen and the Kraken will reward you with not only optional bonus missions from Tia Dalma but also the Kraken's Hammer, which can be used to make the Kraken attack enemy ships.
  • Monsters University - It's Fear-It Week at Monsters University, which means all the students there are waging an all out prank war on the rival collage, Fear Tech. So you have to out prank them with Joke Launchers (innocent looking objects that when approached send you flying through the air), a Toilet Paper Launcher (a gun that shoots rolls of toilet paper), a Paintball gun, Fireworks Grenades (grenades that explode in a fireworks style fashion. The explosion effect is longer in the Toy Box), and some other pranks. The only way to end the prank war is to steal Fear Tech's mascot, a pig named Archie and blackmail them into surrendering. If you get caught during a single prank by Fear Tech security, you will be thrown into the detention center. It is actually easy to escape because all you have to do is either jump out the window, or smash through a grate on the floor. I strongly recommend Randy Boggs for pranking Fear Tech because he can turn invisible as long has he is not holding a tool. But you have to undo the pranks Fear Tech does on your collage. Like remover their banners and posters from various buildings, clean up the T.P.'d property, and remove Fear Tech merchandise from fellow M.U. students.
  • The Incredibles - The Incredibles and Syndrome have to defeat four super villains using a combo of super powers and nifty gadgets like Hover Boards (or "Incredi-Boards" as a friend of mine calls them. Basically if it's a vehicle or tool from the Incredibles, he combines the real name of the the vehicle in question with the word "Incredible". Like "Incredi-Mobile"). The super villains are the Hoarder (he traps people in futuristic cages), Snoring Gloria (she can create plants that spew knock-out gas), Baron von Ruthless (he can turn people into monsters) and ANOTHER Syndrome. TWO Syndromes!!!! One is good the other is evil!!!! Other than that they are identical.

Here is a short bio on the seven characters I have (categorized by franchise).

Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Captain Jack Sparrow - A pirate. His is known for being slightly unbalanced and using awkward hand movements when he talks. He was betrayed by his old first mate, Hector Barbossa and stranded on a island. But he escaped by (in his own words) "using human hair and sea turtles" to make a raft to escape. He has a pistol with only one bullet and enough gun powder for a single shot and planned to use it on Barbossa. He has a compass that never points North but instead points to whatever the owner of the compass wants most. A lot of people actually do not think that and simply believe that Jacks magical compass doesn't work. His ship is named the Black Pearl and according to him it's "nigh un-catch-able". The only reason why his ship is the Black Pearl is because Jack made a deal with Davy Jones to create the Pearl in the first place. The deal was that if Jack offered a hundred souls 13 (thirteen) years after the creation of the Pearl, he could captain the Pearl. However, he was only captain for two years and spent the other eleven (11) years trying to get it back from Barbossa. Jack planned to double cross Jones by using his heart (Jones put his own heart in a treasure chest when he fell in love and the pain became to great to bear) against him. He planned to hide the heart in a jar filled with dirt (prompting him to swing the jar above his head and shout "I got a jar of dirt!!! I got a jar of dirt!!! I got a jar of dirt!!! And guess what's inside it!!!"). But to his dismay he misplaced the heart and it wound up in the hands of James Norrington. Shortly after William Turner (who has helped Jack here and there and same way visa versa) killed Davy Jones, Jack was kidnapped by Black beard and forced to find the Fountain of youth for him.
  • Hector Barbossa - He used to be Jack's first mate. He once cursed himself by trading and selling cursed Aztec gold, thus turning himself, and the crew of the Black Pearl into undead Pirates. When in moon light his true form is revealed to be that of a reanimated skeleton. William Turner removed the curse by spilling some of his blood on the same Aztec gold that cursed him in the first place. Jack shot him with a single shot and BOOM!!! Hector was destroyed. Only to be revived by Tia Dalma. For some reason he loves eating apples. As of the third movie, At World's End, he was a hero-ish character. Okay, maybe more like an anti-hero. But I dare say he is not a hero. He is a sidekick at the most. In fact he comes in the Sidekicks pack. But I got him in a solo pack.
  • Davy Jones - A partially undead Pirate that is a human/lobster/squid hybrid creature. he has the head and tentacles of a squid, the torso, arms, face and left leg of a human, and the left claw and right leg of a lobster. He captains the Flying Dutchmen. He gets more crewmates by finding dying sailors at open sea and promises to keep them alive if they work for him. The longer you work for him, the more undead and half human half sea animal-like you become. Like Maccus. He has a Hammer Head Shark Head!!!!! He was killed by William Turner at the end of the third movie, At World's End.
  • Sulley - A blue with purple spots monster that resembles big foot slightly. He has a natural talent for scaring. Which is actually why he went to collage in the first place. Because in the Monster World, you have to go to collage before you can scare the bananas out of children. But he never attends classes and when he does so he is late. If you combine a few Omnidroids with Sulley one can figure out that Sulley has the same strength level as Mr. Incredible, being able to pick up and throw Omnidroids around.
  • Randy - An eight-legged lizard creature that can change his color scheme to match his surroundings, making him invisible. He uses his first four legs as arms, and walks with the other four. He used to wear a pair of glasses (that are very dorky, but that was probably the intent) but he doesn't anymore, even though it is obvious he still needs them because of his constant squint. Humorously, he makes a LOT of references to those glasses while playing as him. Like he sometimes says "Is that you? It's hard to tell without my glasses". He also says stuff like "I say this place looks great!!!! It's hard to tell without my glasses though.". In Monsters Inc. he was a major villain. But in Monsters University, he was much friendlier. However because he joined the R.O.R. team in the Scare Games the peer pressure made him more aggressive.  The playable version is back when he was friendly.
  •  Mr. Incredible - A retired super hero brought out of retirement. He has only one super power: Super strength. He also has a wife with super stretchy powers, a son with super speed, a daughter with the power to create energy barriers and turn invisible, and another son with the ability to warp reality. The second son is not even in the game but is mentioned when Mr. Incredible says "I hope Jack Jack is not giving the babysitter a hard time". Jack Jack is the name of the second son. He has a sports car. And an Incredi-Car that can shoot lasers.
  • Syndrome - Mr. Incredible's ex-biggest fan and his arch nemesis. He does not have super powers unless you count being unnaturally smart as a super power. He invented Omnidroids, Hover Boots, scanning devices, and Zero Point Energy Gauntlets that trap the target in question in zero gravity bubbles that are tethered with a laser. He once built a giant spider like android for him to defeat (to make himself look like a hero). But it went haywire and betrayed him. What is weird about him is that he he is clearly a villain that wants people to praise him as a hero. So he might not consider himself a villain but rather something more like an anti-hero.

The Toy Box has some stuff pre-built like Cinderella's castle, a gazebo, a race track, and some other things. But it has a Hall of Heroes. Whenever your characters level up greatly, your Hall of Heroes transforms and looks cooler. When it starts out it's just a empty vacant lot in the mountains with podiums, but it too can level up. Eventually it will look like a Roman Coliseum with the games logo int eh middle of the floor, surround by moss covered stone and statues of Knights in the upper walls, and magnificent Stone Pillars surrounding the outer walls, each with various plants growing on them and statues shaped like the characters in your possession. These statues will be either bronze, silver, or gold depending on the character's level (1, for Bronze, 5 for Silver, and 10 for Gold).

There are also OTHER characters. Here is a list of characters I DON'T have.

  • Lightning McQueen - Like all Cars characters, Lightning is basically a living car, hence the name of the franchise. He is a red race car, and a fast one at that. During a little mishap, he wound up at a run down town (rhyme!!), where he met Mater, one of his closest (and whackiest) friends.
  • Mater - a living tow truck. In the mini-movie Mater's Tall Tales, he explains his origins. However whenever Lightning McQueen asks a question about his origins, he reveals that Lightning "was there too". And these tall tales are possibly fake because Lightning does not remember any of the events of Mater's life. But they might be true considering the existence of SUPPRESSED MEMORIES!!!!! These are the events that happened in the life of Mater (or so he says): He was a doctor, fire truck, professional wrestler, bulldozer fighter, detective/private eye, daredevil, drift racer, heavy metal singer, astronaut, and claimed to have befriended a UFO. 
  • Francesco  - Top European racer. Just has fast as Lightning McQueen. These two are rivals in racing. They are BOTH race cars. Francesco has enough juice to run circles around other racers.
  • Holley - A purple girl car. She makes the tightest corners look like child's play. She also has retractable machine guns, retractable missiles, and a jumping ramp for STUNTS!!!!!!! Missiles sold separately, Machine gun included. And did I mention she's Purple!?!?!?! Purple is my favorite colors. In most cultures it's the color of royalty. But in Japan it's the Color of Death. It's weird how one culture likes one color while another hates that same color.

  • The Lone Ranger - A cowboy style vigilante. His real name is John Reid. The title is actually referring to the fact that the Lone Ranger is the last living Texas Ranger, not the false fact that he works solo style. In fact he has a Native American sidekick named Tonto. Anyway, he has a horse named Silver (he summons Silver by shouting "Hi Ho, Silver!!!"). And has a pistol that shoots silver bullets. But ONLY silver bullets. He has some seriously awesome sharp-shooting skills. He fires his gun at a pan, the bullet ricochets (bounces) off the pan, hits and ricochets off a floor board, hits and ricochets off a wall and finally it it's the target.
  • Tonto - a Comanche Native American who happens to be the sidekick of the Lone Ranger. He has Tomahawks that work in a similar manner to the Lone Ranger's silver bullets but cannot
    ricochet off objects. But his Tomahawk throwing skills have the accuracy of a sniper. He also has a horse but it's not the same horse the Lone Ranger uses. In fact, The Lone Rangers horse, Silver, is completely white, save for the eyes, which are black.

  • Phineas Flynn - A 10-year old kid with the desire to do nearly impossible things within a single summer vacation. He is known for his triangular head (his head is shaped like a sideways triangle). He is incredibly smart and a master engineer. He built entire roller coasters within a single day, built a baseball gun (a gun with a baseball glove at the tip of the barrel. It shoots baseballs instead of bullets) within seconds, saved the universe from a alien super villain (twice), found a live dodo bird, found Frankinstein's brain, gave a monkey a shower, and discovered something that doesn't exist. Basically, he did it all!!!!
  • Perry the Platypus - Phineas' pet platypus. At first glance, he looks like a normal everyday platypus. But in reality he is actually a secret agent. With a hat. He often fights and thwarts Dr. Doofensmirtz (a German scientist that surprisingly does NOT want to rule the world. He only wants a Tri-State Area.). Doofensmirtz often adds the word "Anator" at the end of the name of his inventions. What's surprising is Phineas does not know that his own pet is a secret agent. As far as he is concerned, Perry is just a normal platypus that doesn't do much save for making a cute but strange gurgling noise.

  • Jack Skellington - The King of Halloween. He is the one that makes Halloween happen in the first place. His alternate title is "The Pumpkin King". This is odd because Jack has almost nothing to do with Pumpkins. The only thing he has that is a connection with Pumpkins is his scarecrow form seen at the beginning of the movie, which has a pumpkin for a head. His normal form consists of a skeleton wearing a black suit with a bat shaped bow tie. He also has REALLY long legs. He has Pumpkin shaped bombs, and a sonic shriek attack in the game. He has NEITHER of these abilities in the movie. He once tried to take over Christmas because he was getting bored with Halloween and wanted something new, so he decided to rule Christmas. Unfortunately, he made Christmas too scary. But as revealed in Kingdom Hearts, he actually thinks EVERYONE likes being scared.

  • Woody - a Toy Cowboy. Like every other Toy Story character, this toy is alive. They just pretend to be toys when people are watching. He has a toy horse too, named Bulls-eye.
  • Jessie - A Toy Cowgirl. Basically Woody's female counterpart. She can ride Bulls-eye too. 
  • Buzz Light-Year - A toy space adventurer. He, very much unlike Woody and Jessie, is from a futuristic toy-line/theme. He has two gadgets. He can fly with his jet pack (which has retractable wings), and has a laser gun (called a Star Command Blaster). Despite his status as a toy, he once thought he was the REAL Buzz Light-Year. Until he saw a commercial for himself.

  • Mickey Mouse - Disney's most famous character. He is their MASCOT. He is wearing a cute Wizard costume and can summon COMBAT BROOMSTICKS!!!!!! BROOMSTICKS THAT FIGHT FOR HIM!!!! He also has a car. A Jalopy car!!!!!!!!!!!

There are more, but if I list them, we would be here forever. And this post is already long as is!!!!

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