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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ranger Time!!!!

This post is about Power Rangers!!!!!

Power Rangers is actually a pretty old series, as it's been around for over twenty (20) years. Although each new season improves on the predecessors, it's worth noting that some characteristics never change. Like how the Power Rangers always have a Mega-Zord. And normal Zords. And every few seasons they would get a Ultra-Zord.

And another trait is the fact that there is at least five Rangers. Sometimes is goes up to seven, and as is the case of one, up to nine (S.P.D., Kat Ranger is included even though she only donned the costume in ONE episode. That's it. The same applies to Nova Ranger, though she MIGHT have donned the costume before because she IS from the future).

How the Rangers became Rangers varies from individual Rangers. The Gold Samurai Ranger, for example, was not supposed to be a part of the Samurai Rangers, due to him not being the child of a samurai. But he is a Ranger anyway because he HAND built the costume, his trademark Barracuda Blade, and his morpher.

Here is a basic story of the Power Rangers.
Long Story short, a guy named Zordon and a robot named Alpha 5 recruited what Zordon himself called "teenagers with attitude", to stop Rita Repulsa (and later Lord Zedd, and later both of them, and after that the Machine Empire) from taking over or destroying the Earth. The original five were each given a morpher and a Power Coin. And that's how the first Power Rangers became Power Rangers.

Later down the road Rita decided to fight fire with fire (or Power Ranger with Power Ranger?) and created the Green Ranger. But the Green Ranger later joined the other Rangers and later down the road Tommy (the Green Ranger's civilian form) lost his powers but became the White Ranger.

Once Lord Zedd, who happens to be Rita's master, shows up, the Rangers get Thunder-Zords (Zords with the power of thunder) because the original Zords were destroyed (Ironically, the Thunder-Zords are actually made out of what remained of the old Zords).

And then came the Machine Empire, who were defeated by the Zeo Rangers.

And after you skip several seasons you get the newest generation of Rangers: The Mega-Force Rangers!!!!! They got the colors of the original five Rangers (Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Black), but they Power Cards, something new to the series. Also just like the original five, they also have a Command Center (their headquarters). Theirs however, has a hallway with the costume worn by every ranger before Mega-Force.

And in several case there would be a team up episode, where two (sometimes more) ranger teams team up to take out a very powerful foe. The biggest team up to date is in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode Forever Red. However, it only has the Red Rangers from each team up to Wild Force. Both of the red rangers from Time Force. Time force has two Red Rangers. Normal Red and the Quantum Ranger.

The Rangers always have VERY large vehicles called Zords. They combine into a Mega Zord, which is MUCH bigger than the normal Zords as the Zords serve as the body parts. And the most powerful form of a Zord is an Ultra-Zord, Mega Zords so be they make normal Zords look tiny in comparison. Ultra-Zords usually require at least TEN Zords to create. They are capable of immense power and can rarely be defeated.

But it is worth noting that the original Mega-Zord (which was simply called "Mega-Zord") actually has a Tank Mode. It's the only Mega Zord with that ability.

Here is a list of Ranger Teams.
  1. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The original Power Rangers. The first five have Dinosaur themed Zords and activate their morphers (the devices that allows them to put on the costume even while fighting) by shouting "It's Morphin' Time!" followed by the name of a prehistoric creature (Like "Tyrannosaurus!" or "Saber Toothed Tiger!". The Green Ranger and White Ranger however have to shout "Dragon-Zord!" and "White Tiger-Zord!" instead). Their Second Zords have mythical animal Zords (minus White Tiger and Lion, as those two are based off real life animals). And then they had Shogun Zords, though I know nothing about them besides the name. The colors are Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, and White.
  2. Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers - just like the original five, only they are aliens from a planet covered in water (their need of constant hydration is actually more significant than a human.).
  3. Zeo Rangers - They took over after the Alien Rangers. I know very little about them besides the fact that the White Ranger of the original team is the Red ranger of this team.
  4. Power Rangers Turbo - These Rangers have vehicle themed Zords and the blue ranger is actually a child, a young one at that!!!! But when he Morphs, BOOM!!!!! He gets taller, somewhere around the Red Turbo Ranger's height.
  5. Power Rangers Lght-Speed Rescue - These Rangers have more of a Emergency theme, or more accurately, a fire fighter theme. They activate their morphers by shouting "Light-Speed Rescue!". Just like Turbo, the Zords are vehicles. The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Titanium. Titanium is exclusive to this team.
  6. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - These Rangers became Rangers in the same way King Arthur became a king: They pulled up some Quasar Sabers (five magic swords. I guess you can call them magic) and the next thing you know, they became Rangers. Their Zords are Galacta-beasts. Really big animals that the Galaxy Rangers alone can command.
  7. Power Rangers in Space - The Space Rangers are unique because there are SIX of them, but they have a Mega Zord that only needs two Zords: The Astro Mega-Ship and a space shuttle. Yet again, like all rangers they get more Zords which can lead to many Mega Zord combinations. To activate the morphers they shout "Let's Rocket!" and type in the code "3-3-5-ENTER". The colors are Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and Silver.
  8. Power Rangers Time Force - These Rangers are unique because they are also Time Travelers. The Green Ranger is also unique because he is a alien. That looks like a human, but with green hair, and a gem on his forehead. This team also has TWO Red Rangers, the Time Force Red Ranger, and the Quantum Ranger. The only difference is that the Quantum Ranger is NOT a Time Traveler, he is just a guy that just happened to get his hands on technology that a time traveler would use. Like the Q-Rex (a Zord that can turn into a Mega-Zord without any other Zords. It also looks like a dinosaur.), or his morpher. Or his personal weapon. Or the costume. Anyway, the colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Quantum Red. Every Ranger except Quantum morphs by shouting "Time Warp, Time Force!", while Quantum Morphs by shouting "Quantum Power!".
  9. Power Rangers Wild Force - These Rangers not only have animal Zords, they also have animal claws!!!!! If you look closely during the introduction (the one where the camera would show a close up of their hands) the Power Rangers do frequently, you can notice that there are cat like claws on each finger on their gloves. The colors are Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, and the exclusive Lunar Wolf Ranger. they all morph by shouting "Wild Access!".
  10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm - For the first time ever, the Rangers get powers to use in their civilian forms!!!! Because these Rangers are Ninjas!!!!! Their Zords are a combo of animal and machine. Just like how the original Mega-Zord has a Tank Mode, the Storm Mega-Zord also has a unique alternate form: Lightning Mode!!!! It's Armor shrinks, making the Mega-Zord itself lighter and faster, enabling it to do acrobatic stunts even while fighting GIANT Monsters (all Power Rangers have to fight normal sized monsters and Giant Monsters, which is what the Mega-Zords are for). The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Crimson Red, Navy Blue, and Green. Red, Blue and Yellow morph by shouting "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!", while Crimson Red and Navy Blue shout "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!" while Green shouts "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!".
  11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder - These Rangers are unique because they don't have the word "Go" in their theme song. They, just like the original five, have Dinosaur themed Zords. However, the Tyrano-Zord is designed to look more like what scientists now believed T rex looked like with the spine being horizontal instead of the vertical, Godzilla like stance the original Tyrannosaurs Zord used. The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White. Black is actually the same Tommy that was the Green and White Rangers of the original team, and the Red Ranger of the Zeo Team. They morph by shouting "Dino Thunder Power Up!".
  12. Power Rangers S.P.D. - These Rangers have a obvious Police theme. The Zords look like police vehicles. They arrest monsters instead of destroying them. They even have a dog. Their Dog, however is a robot named RIC (Robotic Interactive Canine). Staying true to the police theme, the Rangers judge monsters as if the monster in question was standing trial for a crime. They have a scanner that can detect a criminal monster. The "X" means they put you inside a tiny card. "O" means you are free to go. They morph by Shouting "S.P.D., Emergency!". It as the most rangers to date, with nine. The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Shadow, Kat, Omega, and Nova. Kat only was a Ranger for one episode, while Nova only appeared in one episode. Nonetheless they are STILL Power Rangers.
  13. Power Rangers Mystic Force - These Rangers are not only Rangers, they are also Wizards. They are unique because they don't actually pilot the Zords, but they instead transform into them. Minus Solaris Knight, he pilots his Zord, which is a train. With magic. A Magical Train!!! And White Ranger does not have a Zord period. She just uses magic to make herself Zord sized. In other words, she can become a giant. They morph by shouting "Magical Source, Mystic Force!". The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, White, and Solaris Knight.
  14. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Again these rangers have vehicle Zords. But their Red Ranger is a robot. Well, he is an android. Which is like a robot but can think for themselves while robots stick to their programming. Anyway, these rangers are unique because they are basically super hero versions of the famous (albeit fictional) archeologist Indiana Jones. They have been all over the world. The colors are Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, and the exclusive Mercury. They morph by shouting "Overdrive Accelerate!".
  15. Power Rangers Jungle Fury - Similar to Wild Force, the Jungle Fury Rangers have animal Zords, although theirs are usually feline (Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah), but Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger don't have feline Zords (Wolf and Rhino respectively). They also run a Pizza restaurant in their civilian forms. They also have secondary Zords (Bat, Elephant, and Shark). They morph by shouting "Jungle Beats, Spirits Unleashed!".
  16. Power Rangers RPM - This team also has vehicle Zords. The Green Ranger of this team breaks the fourth wall in one episode by pausing the episode and actually teaching the audience how to make a Power Rangers episode, bribing Dr. K with marshmallows to get her to show how to do the visual effects. The Rangers morph by shouting "RPM, get in gear!". The Green Ranger also breaks the fourth wall by pointing out that an explosion occurs in the background every time the Rangers morph. The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Gold, and Silver. Gold and Silver humorously love blowing things up and making things explode, mostly because blowing something up is their answer to every problem.
  17. Power Rangers Samurai - These Rangers are Samurai Rangers, which means that their parents were Rangers. And that their grandparents were Rangers, and it keeps going all the way down to the very first Samurai. Well The Gold Ranger wasn't the child of a Ranger but he is a Ranger anyway. Every Ranger except Gold morphs by shouting "Go, Go, Samurai!" while drawing the Japanese symbol for whatever natural element the Ranger in question uses, while Gold used to say "Samurai Morpher, Gold Power!", but later changed it to "Go, Go, Samurai!".
  18. Power Rangers Super Samurai - This is EXACTLY the same as Samurai, only it's a sequel and features new Zords, Shark Mode, Super Mode, Super Mega Mode, and Shogun Mode, the last of which is used to defeat Master Xandred, the Rangers second deadliest foe.
  19. Power Rangers Mega Force - The newest generation of Power Rangers. Like Operation Overdrive, one of their rangers is a robot. Or is he a knight? Or is he a Zord? He is all of those rolled up into one. His Zord form is Lion Mecha-Zord. Despite his status as a Ranger, he cannot power down like normal Rangers. Powering down is where the Ranger in question says "Power Down" (or "Ninja Form, in the case of Ninja Storm). That is the only way to take off the costume. Unless a monster hits a Ranger so hard they are forced out of the costume. Robo Knight (as that robot ranger is called) is basically stuck in his ranger form, but he is a robot so he was built to stay in ranger form 24/7. The colors are the same as the original Power Rangers (though a friend of mine says they are coming out with a green ranger, but green is exclusive to the Japanese version of Mega-Force), Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, and Robo Knight.
  20. Power Rangers Super Mega-Force - Following Super Samurai's example, Super Mega-Force is a direct sequel to Mega-Force. This time they are bringing in a BONUS RANGER!!!!!! A Silver Ranger, and a Super Mode that allows the Mega Force Rangers access to the powers and equipment of any Ranger before them. They need keys to do this however (they even have keys of themselves. Just in case they want to morph back to normal Mega Force form).

All Rangers have Zords. Why? Because every time the monster blows up, it comes back to life in the form of a giant, and in giant form can it cause serious damage. The Zords are not only vehicles/animals, they also combine into a Mega-Zord (which is a giant robot big enough to challenge the giant monster to fair fight to the finish. Usually finishing in a large explosion). And Sometimes the Monster is so powerful the Rangers bring out their heavy artillery! ULTRA-ZORDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Mega Zords so big they require at least TEN Zords to create. One Ultra-Zord broke the record with thirteen (13) Zords. Lord Zedd has a Zord of his own: The Serpenterra!!! A Giant Chinese Dragon shaped robot So powerful it can destroy entire planets. Unfortunately the Serpenterra runs out of fuel VERY quickly, so the damage it causes is only mild. If it did not have the weakness of needing to recharge constantly then Lord Zedd might have been able to conquer Earth. But the Serpenterra is also very big, so big that the Thunder Mega-Zord looked like a insect compared to it (However in the episode Forever Red, Serpenterra is much smaller, as it's head is only slightly bigger than the Red Wild Force Ranger).

Here is a gallery of Ultra-Zords and one Mega-Zord. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE FROM THE POWER RANGERS WIKI.

MMPR Dinozord Ultrazord
Click to enlarge. The First

The Shogun Ultra-Zord!!!

Click to enlarge. Zeo Ultra-Zord
Carrier Mode!!!!

Hurricane Ultrazord
Click to enlarge. Hurricane

OO DriveMax Ultrazord
Click to Enlarge. Drive Max

Animal Spirit Stampede, Full Fury
Click to enlarge. Animal Spirit
Stampede, Full Fury!!!!

Click to enlarge. RPM Ultra-Zord!!!

Shinken SamuraiHaOh
Click to enlarge. Samurai

 TSG-Hyper Gosei Great
Ultra Gosei Great Mega-Zord!!!


Click to enlarge. Every Ranger
in the franchise makes a cameo in the
Power Rangers Mega-Force episode,
Mega Mission, during the Red Ranger's

The Mega-Force Rangers!!! Plus
Robo Knight!!!

One Last Thing. The Power Rangers are a team. They split them up when they need to do several things at once. This goes for all 121 Rangers (counting extras).

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