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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Differences betwee the Wii and all other versions of Amazing Spider Man

This post is about the Amazing Spider Man video game. But the gameplay differences between the versions.

Perhaps the most obvious difference is the lack of free roam on the Wii. There are only FIVE instances where Spidey is outside and in his element (all of which are boss battles). All other levels are completely in confined spaces such as sewers, inside buildings, one time a water treatment facility, MORE sewers, the under-city, and more.

A less obvious difference but somewhat of an advantage is the Wii version only has three costumes: Normal Suit, Black Symbiote Suit, and Classic Suit. The advantage is that it's way easier to get the Classic Suit in the Wii version, all you have to do is clear every bonus level and solve every Petty Crime level. In every other version you have to get the Classic Suit from Downloadable Content.

And this is the best difference between Wii and Ultimate Edition. Ultimate Edition comes with the Lizard Rampage Pack, Rhino Challenge Pack, Stan Lee Adventure Pack, and Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack, which come with bonus MINI games!!!!!

In Lizard Rampage you play as the Lizard and have to trash as much of New York with in a Time Limit, using a stomp and tail attack. In Rhino Challenge you do the same thing, only with a Rhino Charge attack. In Stan Lee Adventure Pack you play as the King of Comics himself, Stan Lee, who can do everything Spider Man can do and you must collect pieces of a magazine. The pieces are either scattered around New York or random gangsters, thugs, and criminals picked up the pieces and Stan Lee must beat them up to get their piece of the magazine. In Oscorp Search and Destroy, Spider Man can play two games on the in game Os-phone (a cell phone made by Oscorp that can do everything a I-Pod and Android can do, plus scanning technology and showing how to make it even better). The First one is a Spider-Man version of the classic arcade game Galaga, while the second is a Spider-Man version of a arcade game I never heard of.

And the Least obvious difference is the design of Web Rush. In every version except Wii, It shows whatever Spider Man is looking at in a first person mode. The blind spots around the edges furthers the "You are currently looking through the eyes of Spider Man" feel. But the Wii Version is different. Instead of first person, you get the same camera view, only with a bluish glow on the edges of the screen.

And a less obvious but more obvious difference than the Web Rush thing is that several pieces of dialogue are omitted in the Wii Version. Like In Level three of the PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 version, Spider Man says his phone number is 555-7799 (do not try calling him. 555 means FAKE phone number). But the Wii version omitted the phone number.

And a very obvious difference is S-01 and S-02, as well as Hunter 1, 2, and 3 (the first Hunter fights solo, while the other two fight as a team), along with the Rhino and Scorpion, are fought differently. In most versions S-01 can deploy Sentries to assist it, the battle happens at sun down, and the battle arena is a larger version of Central Park. In the Wii version the Sentries are absent, and central park as been remade into a smaller version to fit the more confined, "take Spider-Man out of his element" feel, and it is midday during the battle.

And S-02 is different. In Most versions the S-02's ability to drill through buildings is actually part of the boss battle, It has a weak spot on the back of the neck, and the player must keep web swinging (or web rushing) to keep up with the constantly moving boss until it stops at Oscorp Tower (with Spider-Man getting deja-vu). In the Wii version, however, the S-02's drill ability is only part of the Boss Battle's opening cutscene, the boss is not nearly as mobile as it is in the other versions, and the battle takes place on a random skyscraper. This battle is also the only time Spidey cannot web swing in the Wii version.

The Hunters are different because in most version the colors on their armor tells them apart, and when Spider Man rips off their "wings" the Hunter loses altitude and crashes into the streets below before exploding, but in the Wii version all Hunters are red with white on the head and legs, and instead of rapidly falling to street level before exploding, they zigzag up and down, trying to shake Spidey off, and explode as soon as the wings are ripped.

The Rhino's battle is different only in one way. During the first encounter of most versions, the final blow Spidey uses on Rhino involves kicking him out of the building and using webs to fling the Rhino straight down, making the Rhino crash face first in a nearby sidewalk. The Wii Version does not show what happens to the Rhino once he is kicked out of the building.

The Scorpion's battle in the Wii version is NOTHING like the one in the other versions. In Most versions the Scorpion is battled at a construction site, and Spidey defeats him by kicking him into a police van. In the Wii version the Scorpion is the only cross species that did not leave the Oscorp Bio Labs, and decided to reside in the Oscorp Tower (the upper half, to be exact.) Spider Man's Spider Sense tingles twice while he is trying to get through the air ducts. the second time the Scorpion successfully manages to grab Spidey's leg, but Spider Man kicks the claw holding his leg, thus the Scorpion lets go. And instead of kicking him into a police van, Spider-Man launch kicks the Scorpion and jumps after him and they both crash through countless glass floor/ceilings but don't crash through the final glass floor, and Spidey webs the Scorpion to the floor with several strong layers of webbing.

A very hard to notice difference is the more realistic character designs. The Iguana and some infected semi-cross-species are way more scaly in most versions but are less scaly in the Wii version. And Vermin has more fur on his body

Our second to last difference is how you change costumes. In the Wii version you have to quit the game, go to extras, go to alternate suits, and select the suit you want. In the PS3, X box 360, and Wii U version, all you have to do is go to Peter's apartment (it's actually a guy named Stan's apartment. Peter is just house-sitting) and go to the wardrobe.

And the last but second most obvious is that in the PS3, X box 360, and Wii U versions there are ELEVEN (11) costumes to collect and wear!!!! Twelve if you count the Party Hat as a costume, even though it's actually a bonus decal for the other costumes. Here is a list
  1. Normal (No Belt) - The default costume. Looks just like the one in the movie.
  2. Normal (With Belt) - Exactly the same as the normal no belt suit, only it has a silver belt.
  3. New Black - A all-black version of the Normal No Belt costume. The web designs are now silver.
  4. Classic Black - The same Black Symbiote costume from the movie Spider Man 3. the web designs are now silver, after all the suit was completely black in the movie but now it has silver.
  5. Negative Zone - Very similar to Classic Black, but only the parts of the costume that are red are black. The blue is white.
  6. Big Time - This suit has a somewhat futuristic design. Almost the entire costume is a dark grey, but the eyes, Spider logo, upper legs, upper arms, and feet are a glowing neon green. Did I mention the neon green GLOWS!?!?!?!
  7. Future Foundation - This is one of my favorites. This suit was originally comic exclusive, part of the "Future Foundation" team of heroes. This suit is black and white. The Mask, legs, chest, and boots are black, but the eyes, spider logo, arms, and gloves are white.
  8. Cross-Species Spider-Man - also known as "Spider-Morphosis". This is what happens when Spider Man is "more spider, less man". Half of his face is that of a Spider, replacing his left eye with eight tiny spider eyes, he now has a exoskeleton, his left arm is ripped revealing his hand, which now has only three long fingers ending in SPIDER CLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! His right arm is normal though. The right leg, however, is also ripped, revealing the exoskeleton covering it.
  9. Classic Suit - This is the only suit that is in ALL versions besides the default. It's the original, red and blue costume from the movies Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider Man 3.
  10. Vigilante - This is the costume that Spider Man wore before making the normal suits. The only costume-y part of the costume is the fact that it has a mask (actually a red cloth covering Peter Parker's face. There are eye holes, but they are covered by sunglasses). It comes with a cute grey beanie hat. And a greyish brown jacket, dark grey T-shirt, brown belt, blue jeans, white trimmed with grey sneakers, and surprisingly does not have any gloves. The web shooters are cleverly hidden inside the jacket's sleeves (which go down to the wrists)
  11. Party Hat - This suit is a bit of a joke. While changing costume, if you press the correct button, a pop-up saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!" will appear. This costume is actually not a full costume but rather a conical hat someone would wear while at a birthday party. Oddly enough, it is completely unaffected by gravity (I bold-ed, italic-ed, and underlined the "un" part of unaffected to avoid mixing up the words opposite). I know this because the hat never falls off, even if Spidey is upside down. Or Web Rushing. The hat is compatible with the other eleven costumes (even Cross-Species Spider Man, despite the exoskeleton covering Spidey's head).
  12. Scarlet Spider (2012) - This costume is technically not Spider-Man's. Or Peter Parker. It's actually the costume of a totally different, comic exclusive superhero named the Scarlet Spider, a.k.a. Ben Reilly (this however is the 2012 version, thus it is worn by Kaine). Kaine/Ben Reilly is a clone of the original Peter Parker, can do everything he can do, and Peter's Spider Sense cannot detect him. But that works both ways, because Scarlet Spider's Spider Sense cannot detect Peter. Or his clone brothers. There are at least six clones. One of which became a maniac super villain bent on destroying everything in the universe. Anyway, this costume is (true to the name) mostly scarlet red in color, except for the spider logo, mask, fingers, and shoulders, which are black. The eyes are also red.


From left to right: Negative Zone, Classic Black, Big Time
Normal, Normal (Belt, Party Hat), Vigilante, Scarlet Spider,
Cross-Species, and Future Foundation. Classic and New Black
are NOT in this image.

Black suit (The Amazing Spider-Man)
New Black.

Classic suit
Click to enlarge. Peter wearing the Classic
Suit with the other suits behind him.

Spider Man vs. a yellow Hunter!!!!

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