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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Transformers Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is about Transformers!!!!!!!!!! Robots in Disguise!!!!!!!!!!!

The series has Cybertronians. What's a Cybertronian? Aliens that look like robots (they can shape shift to look like anything that is mechanical) from Planet Cybertron (which can transform into Primus, The Galaxy's Largest Cybertronian!!!!!). On Earth they are gigantic, but on every other planet, they are human-sized.

The Cybertronians often divide themselves into factions. I can name four major factions and four sub factions which are actually allies of the major factions. Here is a list

  1. Autobots - These are the main heroes. They are led by Optimus Prime. They are known for their ability to transform into land vehicles, though one, named Jet-Fire, can transform into a jet.
  2. Decepticons - These guys are totally evil. So evil that their own leader, Megatron, poisoned his own home planet!!!!!! Then again, due to his strong connection with a material called Dark Energon, he was HOPING that he could control the planet if it was contaminated with the stuff. Most of them, unlike Autobots, can transform into jets, planes, and helicopters. However, Their VERY logical yet emotionless First Lieutenant (and Megatron's right-hand man) Shock-Wave can transform into a tank. And one of their top scientists, Knock-Out, can turn into a sports car.
  3. Maximals - In some versions these guys are the Autobots' ancestors. In other versions it's the other way around. Instead of transforming into vehicles, they transform into animals, hence the name. They are led by Optimus Primal (Just like Optimus Prime, only with the ability to transform into a gorilla).
  4. Predacons - In most versions the Decepticons are these guys' ancestors. In the Prime version, it's the other way around. They are led by Megatron, but this one can turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex (and later on a Dragon), and has a humorous habit of saying "Oh, Yes" when he talks.

  1. Dino Bots - Autobots that transform into dinosaurs (DO NOT think Predacon Megatron is a Dino Bot. Besides he loses the ability to transform into a T. Rex when he gains the ability to turn into a Dragon). This sub faction is led by Grinlock. Grinlock is deadly dangerous and facing him in battle can have a good chance of death. The good news is since he is technically an Autobot, that makes him a hero. He's also neutral to ALL factions in some versions. He can turn into a T-Rex which, unlike Predacon Megatron, can breathe fire.
  2. Mini-Cons - Even on Earth they are human sized. They are small, fast, and can be deployed by certain Cybertronians. The Decepticon Sound-Wave (Do NOT confuse him for SHOCK-Wave) has four of them!!!! Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Laser-Beak. In Prime Sound-Wave only gets to keep Laser Beak. Mini-Cons do not have a leader, as they are technically just mere extensions of other Cybertronians.
  3. Fuzors - I only know of two Fuzors. Quick-Strike, and Silver-Bolt. They were around when Predacons and Maximals were at each others throats (and they STILL are!!!). Quick-Strike can transform into a scorpion with a King Cobra head (complete with hood) where the stinger should be. Silver-Bolt can transform into a wolf with wings on it's back (and with eagle talons where the front feet should be). Quick-Strike became a Predacon, while Silver-Bolt became a Maximal. Mostly because he did not like saying the word "Terrorize" when Predacons transform, because he wanted to be a hero and it would be confusing for a hero to shout "Silver-Bolt, Terrorize" when transforming. Besides, Maximals get to shout "Maximize" instead. "Silver-Bolt, Maximize" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
  4. Combaticons - A single one of these is bad enough due to the intense destruction they can cause alone, but when you see all six of them at once, then you are in BIG Trouble!!!!! Mostly because in a similar manner to a Power Rangers Mega-Zord, they can combine to form the giant Bruticus. He's a giant even to fellow Decepticons!!!!! The good news is when in Bruticus form, you basically get a metal Hulk. Surprisingly Bruticus is not very smart, despite have six brains working simultaneously. The only two Cybertronians that can rival the size of Bruticus is Metroplex (who is so big he can transform into an entire city) and, obviously, Primus (Then again, the only thing that can rival Primus is his evil brother Unicron, who can also turn into a planet). Bruticus can also be outsmarted.

Here is a list of characters (all of which are my favorites!!!)
  1. Optimus Prime - Leader of the Autobots. "Prime" is actually a Autobot military rank. The highest rank, to be exact. Optimus originally had the ability to transform into a semi-truck, but later gained the ability to transform into into a tank. He is famous for his red and blue color scheme. He is also famous for almost dying in every version. Like in Prime, Megatron made The Autobot base explode, and Optimus was caught in the blast. He survived, but barely, and would not have survived if the rookie Smokescreen had not disobeyed orders (he was supposed to abandon the base and go into hiding, but he stuck around instead). Smokescreen found Optimus and used another Prime's hammer to rebuild him (THAT is how Optimus gained the ability to transform into a tank). He is awesome in every imaginable way. In his original form he can transform his hands into guns and swords (Cybertronians can arm themselves by transforming their hands into weapons), but when he got his new form (which allows him to fly when in his true form), he only had his normal gun on his left hand, and has a detachable Gatling laser gun in his right hand (no, the hand does not transform into the Gatling gun. It's attached to his back, and he detaches it and HOLDS with his right hand. He is also strong enough to hold an entire Cybertronian sized Gatling gun with one hand).
  2. Megatron - Optimus Prime's arch nemesis (he even has a space ship called The Nemesis) and leader of the Decepticons. He can transform into a Jet (in some versions he can transform into a tank). He is totally evil. Unlike his Predacon namesake, he does not have the habit of saying "Oh, Yes" all the time. Megatron used to be called Megatronis but later renamed himself Megatron. When he was called "Megatronis", he and Optimus (who at the time was called Orion Pax) were best friends. Megatron's weapons include a retractable wrist blade, and a sonic pulse laser. In Prime he has a Dark Star Saber. Which is a sword made out of Dark Energon. Megatron normally has a strong connection to anything fueled by Dark Energon (like Terror-Cons, which are Cybertronian zombies). However, if Synthetic Energon is working as a secondary fuel source, it cancels out Megatron's ability to control the subject in question. Just like Optimus, he has almost died several times, and Prime was the first version where Megatron STAYS dead. In the final episode, Autobot scout Bumble Bee (he can't talk due to his damaged voice box) stabbed Megatron in the chest, and the blade of the Star Saber (The  Dark Star Saber's twin) pierced all the way through, making a hole in Megatron's chest that goes all the way through to the back. This instantly killed him.
  3. Megatron (Predacon) - Just imagine normal Megatron, only with the humorous habit of saying "Oh, Yes" at the end of almost every sentence. Like his namesake, he is totally evil. Unlike his namesake, he went to Earth during the Stone Age. Why? Because of a Time Warp. This Megatron can turn into a T-Rex, a Dragon, and in one version a Crocodile. The fact that his arch nemesis, Optimus Primal, can turn into a gorilla and he can turn into a T-Rex is a small reference to King Kong.
  4. Bumble Bee - He is perhaps the most iconic Autobot. He has a yellow and black color scheme. In almost every version he can't talk because some tragic battle during the War for Cybertron gave him the unfortunate battle scar of a severely damaged voice box. In one version he CAN talk. In Prime he couldn't talk until the final episode, where he fell in a pool of Cyber-Matter, got out of it, and grabbed the Star Saber, and stabbed Megatron with it. The Cyber Matter restored his voice box. When he could NOT talk he communicated SOLELY through beeps. Every Cybertronian could understand him, but humans can't (In Prime, a kid named Ralph could understand him. He can also read Cybertronian writing). Bumble Bee has only one weapon, wrist mounted laser blasters. He can also transform into a sports car.
  5.  The Wreckers - Bucket-Head and Wheel-Jack are the only Wreckers I know of. As they have been given the rank of Wrecker, they do stuff that normal Autobots are too scared to do. They go behind enemy lines, sabotage Decepticon machinery, and their favorite part of their job is obviously blowing things up. Which probably explains why they always carry a large amount of hand grenades, bombs, and other explosives. Bucket-Head is green in color, is a little round, and despite being a Wrecker, he is terrified of Scrap-lets (nasty little pests. They eat Cybertronians. Or anything metal for that matter). He shows this fear throughout Prime, specifically the episode where the Autobot base had a Scrap-Let infestation. In fact one time the lights went out, and he screamed like a little girl. When the lights came back on, the human child Miko actually asked him "Did you just scream like a little girl?". Bucket-Head pretended nothing happened and denied screaming like a little girl. Wheel-Jack is white and red in color, and is the closest thing the Wreckers can have to a ninja. He even has ninja swords!!!!! Wheel-Jack is the only known Wrecker that left, simply because Optimus sent by-the-books second in command Ultra Magnus to keep the Wreckers in line (All Wreckers were extremely reckless and could get someone besides the enemy injured. Or killed). Wheel-Jack was not happy AT ALL when he was forced to stick to the standard Auto Bot rules. Wreckers have their own rules. First rule: Wreckers Wreck things!!!!! Do it as soon as possible!!! But Ultra Magnus was prolonging that rule by having the Wreckers ask for permission to use a hand grenade in confined space.
  6. Sound-Wave - The only high ranking Decepticon that does not want Megatron overthrown. Why? Because Sound-Wave is VERY loyal to Megatron, in fact Megatron trusts him more than he trusts his own lieutenants. In almost every version, Sound-Wave can speak. In Prime, Sound-Wave does not talk at all. Nobody's sure if he even has a face!!!! There is a blank screen/monitor where the face should be. He has a face in every other version though. Oddly enough, Sound-Wave never failed any assignment Megatron gave him. Until the episode "Minus One" where he was shot down and taken prisoner by the Autobots and interrogated by their emergency surgeon, Ratchet. That was the only time he actually talked, when he said "Sound-Wave, superior, Autobots, inferior" right before crashing his own drive to prevent interrogation. He also has Mini-Cons, that transform into armor for Sound-Wave to wear. It's worth noticing that he has NO weapons whatsoever. He fights SOLELY by having his Mini-Cons shoot, smash, crush, and bite, while he himself blocks attacks with his shield like arms, and lands attacks with the tentacles (yes, he has tentacles. High tech, but creepy at the same time). Which can electrocute you if you touch the exact tip of the tentacle. Which is covered in spikes.
  7. Preda-King - In most versions  Preda-King is a combination, like Bruticus. Unlike Bruticus, Preda-King is very smart. Mostly because the Predacons forming him have a strong love of the hunt. Thus Preda-King's intelligence is multiplied through that love of the hunt, even considering himself to be the ultimate predator!!!!! Hence the name. In Prime, he is a single organism, instead of six beings in one body. Preda-King started out as a beast, designed for hunting down Autobots, as a hunting dog. But he slowly became sentient and started asking himself questions about his own existence. Shortly after the hunt began, Megatron wanted more Predacons, and thus, had Star-Scream (who was in charge of military operations, and "the mindless beast") send Preda-King to gather up Predacon bones from which Shock-Wave can clone Predacons. Humorously, Star-Scream attempted to train Preda-King but Preda-King was acting like a cat. He just sat there and ignored Star-Scream. And when Star-Scream tried to force Preda-King into his kennel, Preda-King would roast Star-Scream with flame breath. When Preda-King finally became sentient enough to talk, The clones were almost complete, and then it hit Megatron. The Predacons will sooner or later question Megatron's leadership and start an uprising and overthrow him (Preda-King is at least just as deadly dangerous as Megatron. Twice as deadly in Beast Mode). So Megatron killed the clones and blamed the Autobots. Ratchet later pointed out how Megatron fears Preda-King and betrayed him (Preda-King treated the now dead clones as his brothers and sisters.) So Preda-King went berserk and smashed more than half of the Decepticon flagship, The Nemesis.
  8. Bruticus - Bruticus is the combined form of the Combaticons. His fighting style is like King Kong, and deadly dangerous had a baby together. He is way bigger than King Kong and even Godzilla. Bruticus is basically just a weapon Megatron needs to point in the right direction. Bruticus also has the deadliness of The Godzilla in the 2014 movie (nicknamed by some as "Legendary Godzilla" since the movie is made by Legendary). But Bruticus is smarter when he is in his seperate forms, the Combaticons. 
  9. Ratchet - The Autobot's emergency surgeon. He can transform into an ambulance car (fitting as he IS a surgeon). He rarely transforms, and rarely leaves the Autobot Base. He is the reason why Bumble Bee lived after his voice box was severely damaged. To match his status as a surgeon, his weapons are actually surgery tools (like smelters and more). In one Prime episode, Bumble Bee lost his T-cog (the organ Cybertronians use to transform) when some human terrorist dudes stole it. Ratchet actually thought about removing his own T-cog and giving it to Bumble Bee. He did not do it though.
  10. Knock-Out - Just imagine Ratchet, but as a Decepticon. Humorously, he is vain, often shouting at people who "ruined the paint job!". While Ratchet's weapons are surgery tools, Knock-Out's weapons are mostly dissection tools (scalps, buzz saws, etc.). He once created his own "Frankenstein" when he was experimenting on a human/Cybertronian hybrid. First he fueled it with Synthetic Energon (Energon is the only thing Cybertronians need to survive. It's food, water, and blood at the same time. Synthetic Energon is homemade. Normal and Dark Energon must be mined for) Break-Down (as the test subject was called) became extremely aggressive, but the Synthetic Energon was shortening his life span. At Star-Scream's request, Dark Energon was combined with the Synthetic Energon. The result equaled a zombie. With super strength. That escaped. And turning more than half of the Decepticons into zombies. When the zombie outbreak started he humorously told Star-Scream to shoot the head. When Star-Scream asked what made Knock-Out think the head was the weak-spot he revealed that he likes watching horror movies made by humans.
  11. Cheetor - The color scheme of Bumble Bee but he is a Maximal (and can transform into a cheetah, hence the name). Cheetor has three forms: Normal, Trans-metal, and Beast. In Trans-Metal and beast form, Cheetor can fly in animal mode thanks to the rocket boosters on his back. Cheetor is a rookie, like Smokescreen, but has the raw talent (in speed) of Bumble Bee, and has a delightful unique blend of great combat skill, with agility to match.
  12. The Dino Bots - These guys transform into dinosaurs!!!! There are five of them, led by Grinlock. They are Grinlock, Snarl, Swoop, Slag, and Sludge. Notice how four of them have their names begin in the letter "S". They are a bit arrogant, and will only obey orders if it involves destroying something. If the order is to help people, they will either not do it because they only like smashing, or they WILL do it if you promise to give them something to destroy later. That is how they roll. But they are super effective in combat because they have SUPER DINO HUNTER instincts and they fight like the Preda-King when he is in Beast Mode.
  13. Primus - I saved the best for last. The ULTIMATE CYBERTRONIAN!!!!!!! He is SO BIG that instead of transforming into a vehicle or animal, he transforms into an ENTIRE PLANET!!!!!!! And in robot mode he is armed to the TEETH!!!!!!! SHOULDER GUNS!!! WRIST TURRETS!!! KNEE BLASTERS!!! ANKLE MISSILES!!!! SMASH HANDS!!! STOMP BOOTS!!!! A arsenal so deadly dangerous NO ONE CAN DEFEAT HIM!!!! Well, maybe Unicron due them BOTH being able to transform into planets, and having a similar, albeit less deadly dangerous arsenal. Primus is activated when the Omega Keys are put in the Omega Lock, which fits smoothly into Primus' chest. The Omega Keys are buried on Earth, while the Omega Lock is on Cybertron (AKA Primus' planet size chest).

Oddly enough, Cybertronians have space ships. One would think they would not NEED a space ship because they can transform into space-ships. Well, actually, a Cybertronian can only transform into a vehicle smaller or the same size as him/herself (yes. There ARE girl Cybertronians). So a Cybertronian would need to be VERY tall to transform into a Space ship.

For more info, and pictures with hilarious captions, go to the Transformers Wiki.

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