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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Donkey Kong Time!!!!!

I realized something before I did this post. I never done a blog post about Donkey Kong, one of the many video games I like (I also like Adventure Time, Star Wars, The Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Batman, Justice League, X-Men, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Bakugan, LEGO, Disney Infinity, Legend of the Guardians, Spyro, and much more!).

Basically, the Character Donkey Kong is a ape (a special one: A Kong, which is a ape that does things that humans would do) who has a large collection of Bananas (obviously. It's a common belief that most primates love bananas). And something would steal every banana in that hoard. In almost every game it was the Kremlings (who are Donkey Kong's arch nemesis). Donkey Kong also has a sidekick: Diddy Kong!!!! Unlike his uncle Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong has a tail, and even constructed various weapons to make up for not having Donkey Kong's super strength. Like Peanut Popguns (guns made entirely out of wood. They shoot peanuts instead of bullets) and Barrel Jet-packs (Jet-Packs, also made of wood. And designed to look like a barrel. Hence the name).

There are actually two Donkey Kongs. The first Donkey Kong (who later renamed himself Cranky Kong) and the second and current Donkey Kong (the one with the neck tie). The difference being the first one was the "villain" of the Donkey Kong arcade game, forcing Mario (who, at the time was called "Jump-Man") to climb up increasingly difficult towers, stairs, and more.

The second Donkey Kong is not a villain to Mario. More like the competitive rival Mario never had. Donkey Kong is also known for having a VERY large family, all members having the word "Kong" as a last name. Surprisingly, the distant relative of Donkey Kong known as Swanky Kong is never playable. The same goes for Candy Kong, who is not a blood relative but is Donkey Kong's girlfriend (Super Smash Bros says that Candy Kong is only a RUMORED girlfriend and no one is sure if this rumor is true).

Donkey Kong is surprisingly athletic, despite the fact that most of his muscles appear to be designed to super-charge punches. He has leaped over toxic waste, jumped across lava pits, swung to one side of the jungle to the other in a heart beat, and has traversed a highly polluted island. This combined with his crazy powerful punches and devastating roll attacks make Donkey Kong very dangerous to bad guys and villains, but super helpful to good guys and heroes (and video gamers!!!! He he he!!!!!).

Donkey Kong also has some back-up from the other Kongs. Like his brother Funky Kong (Just like him in every single way only dressed as a surfer, and loves surfing more than anything) or his famous sidekick Diddy Kong. Or Diddy Kong's girlfriend Dixie Kong (who is just like Diddy Kong only with a ponytail, which can be used glide.) Or Tiny Kong (Dixie Kong's little sister. She is younger than Dixie Kong but taller than Donkey Kong, albeit only slightly. She has two ponytails instead of one, though they work just like Dixie Kong's ponytail). Or the cartoon-like Lanky Kong (he has absurdly long arms much longer than the rest of his entire body, but the arms are skinny, hence the name.)

One of the most recent Donkey Kong games is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. A new feature is while swimming, Donkey Kong has limited air which must be replenished by resurfacing, or by inhaling underwater bubbles. In the original Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong could stay underwater for forever, but in Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong will lose a life as soon as he touches the water.

Donkey Kong is also known for racing. Like in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, he along with Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong, and others compete in a race involving "Rocket-Powered Jet-Bongo Barrel Belts". It's like a jet-pack race only the vehicles are belt like devices connecting to rods which connect to one bongo like barrel. In order to accelerate with this vehicle, The Kongs and their rivals the Kremlings have to smack their hands on both bongos. Smacking only one bongo allows the driver to turn sharply.

In the Mario Party mini-series, Donkey Kong's role varies between games. In the first few games he was playable, but in more recent Mario Party games he's a NPC That helps players that land on the "DK" space. How he does this varies from game to game and board to board. In Mario Party 8 in Perplex Express DK's Barrel Train will replace the front cart and give the player a Star absolutely free. In the same game's Tycoon Town he donates enough coins to take over a hotel AND level it up.

Mario Super Sluggers is the only game I know of where Donkey Kong can talk. In every other game he made cute monkey sounds. However every sentence said by Donkey Kong begins with monkey sounds, followed by the real words.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is the only Donkey Kong game where DK (short for Donkey Kong) can fight other Kongs. In a one-on-one, mono-e-mono, fair fight, fisticuffs style. Like in the long and difficult battle with Sumo Kong (a gorilla dressed as a Japanese Sumo Wrestler) Donkey Kong must punch Sumo Kong in the side with the raised arm (if he doesn't Sumo Kong will release a mega punch) and then dodge the palm strike that Sumo Kong counters with. Way more difficult than it sounds due to Sumo Kong having razor sharp reflexes. The Battle with Dread Kong (a ape with dread locks) is much easier as all Donkey Kong has to do is just keep punching him in every direction possible until Dread Kong gets knocked off the platform.

Donkey Kong games usually have a segment where you can ride in a mine cart. You go very fast but you can only use a jump attack because all the games with mine carts are in the Country line of games, which normally have only a roll attack and a jump attack and there is no room to roll when sitting in a moving mine cart.

Where Mario's arch nemesis is Bowser, and Finn the Human's (from Adventure Time) arch nemesis is the Ice King (sometimes the Lich), and Sonic the Hedgehog's arch nemesis is Dr. Eggman, Donkey Kong's arch nemesis is King K. Rool. Who's King K. Rool? Imagine a big fat alligator with a crown on his head and wearing a red cape, being capable of speech, and also capable of walking like a human. That is King K. Rool.

Leader of the Kremlings, King K. Rool for unknown reasons stole Donkey Kong's Banana Horde. Why? Not even I know why. What I do know about him is the Kremlings do not even have a basic government. The Kremling that is physically the strongest leads the entire species, and it happens that King K. Rool is physically the strongest. And apparently the Kremlings have no choice but to follow King K. Rool's orders. One of them actually questioned his leadership.

It's worth noting that all the major Kremlings have their names begin with the letter "K".  Like Kip. It's also worth noting that only the girl Kremlings have hair.

Donkey Kong in Super Smash Bros Brawl is a Bongo Master!!! His Final Smash has him pulling out a pair of bongos and playing the Donkey Kong Country theme music on them, send out shock waves every time his hands even touch the bongos. He would sometimes send out a mega shock wave by clapping his hands (he does this three times during the final smash).

In Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (the newest game of Donkey Kong), some Vikings took over Donkey Kong Island (which is where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong live). Why? I do not know that. But the good news is Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Dixie Kong are all plowing through hordes of Vikings to get their island back. That is the only info on the plot I have at the moment.


Diddy Kong guarding DK's
Banana Horde.

Cranky Returns
This is Cranky Kong. He breaks the fourth
wall. A Lot. Like the time he complained that
most video games were "All Graphics, no Game-Play!"

King K. Rool. In some games he would wear
a silly costume, like his "Kaptain K. Rool" pirate costume
and his "Baron K. Roolenstein" mad scientist costume.

Donkey Kong!!!! He is much more
agile than he looks!!!!

Diddy Kong with a Jet-Pack.

Donkey Kong's brother: Funky
Kong!!! With a Rocket-Powered
Hyper-Speed Bongo Jet Belt!!!

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