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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Time!!!!

This post is about Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD!!!!!!! For the Wii U!!!!

This game is actually a remake of the original Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but true to the name, in HD. And for the first time ever, you can play Hero Mode as soon as you start. In other games you must beat the game on normal in order to play Hero Mode. What's Hero Mode? An extra level of difficulty where enemies do twice as much damage, and the only way to recover lost hearts is through potions, because unlike normal mode you will not find hearts lying around on the floor. Some dialogue is changed, as a bonus.

Another difference is the Red Sail. A item that can be equipped to the King of Red Lions (Link's transport. A Sail Boat designed to look exactly like a Chinese Dragon.). The Red Sail is unlocked in the second have of the game and makes the Wind Waker tool obsolete because the Red Sail makes the King of Red Lions go extremely fast, and it keeps it's speed even while make sharp turns!!!!

Another feature is that in the original, it can take a nice long while to find the three pieces of the Triforce. But in the Wind Waker HD remake, there are FIVE pieces of the Triforce, but you only need three!!!! You need to find the sea charts that show the exact location of the Triforce pieces though, so it can take a while, but skilled players will be able to get the charts and Triforce pieces in no time!!!

This game's version of Link is much different from the Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and the "adult" segment of Orcania of Time's versions, because those versions are in their late teens (16 through 18), while Wind Waker's version of Link is in the EARLY teens (he is 13 at the most, 10 at the least).

Here is the plot of the game.
This version of Link lives on Outset Island at least a hundred years after Orcania of Time Link defeated Ganondorf. Wind Waker Link is unique because he has a sister named Aryll. The people of Outset island are one of the few people that know about the trademark green clothes that EVERY version of Link must wear, and thus, they commonly dress the boys in green clothes made to look like the clothes of Link as a whole.

As a present, Aryll gives Link a seagull themed telescope. Unfortunately, just a few moments later, a giant bird-like monster shows up and kidnaps Aryll. And every young girl with pointy ears. Why? Because this giant bird monster was the Helmaroc King, ordered by a revived Ganondorf to kidnap Zelda. And since Zelda has pointy ears, it makes sense That the Helmaroc King was kidnapping pointy eared girls to sort them out and find Zelda.

Most of the game is spent with Link (with assistance from the King of Red Lions) trying to (and succeeding in) rescuing Aryll. But when that is done Link must stop a revived Ganondorf (who is not wearing his cape and armor from Orcania of Time, but black with red trim robes with absurdly long sleeves that sometimes overlap his hands).

After getting the Master Sword (I am NOT going to say what happens in between. We would be here forever!) and Triforce, Link must go to Ganon's Tower for a FINAL SHOWDOWN!!!! Unfortunately, as a diversion, Link must fight the first four bosses of the game in flashback style. Everything except Link is black and white!!! And when Link reaches the top of the tower, the King of Hyrule (he is actually the human form of the King of Red Lions) uses the Triforce's wish granting power to wash away Ganon's Tower (and all of Hyrule, for that matter). Link and Ganondorf duel, with Zelda using Light Arrows on Link, and the Light Arrows ricochet (ricochet means bounce off, if you do not know what ricochet means) off Link's shield and hit Ganondorf, stunning him and Link stabs Ganondorf in the forehead (just like in Orcania of time), and Ganondorf is turned to stone, and then explodes.

The ocean above (the battle was underwater) then collapses, washing away Hyrule, just like the King's wish. Link and Zelda are then rushed to the surface in bubbles, and they sail away on a Pirate Ship (for Zelda) and a now dormant King of Red Lions (the boat itself was being remotely controlled by the King of Hyrule and many presume he is dead because he was the only one NOT to return to the surface).


Just like the other games, this game has a variety of useful tools and WEAPONS for many different situations. Here is a list of the Wind Waker weapons.
  1. Master Sword - A can't-miss blade of evil's bane. This fancy blade can destroy almost anything.
  2. Grapple Hook - You get rope!!!!! Never go on a world saving adventure without rope!!! You can swing with it at certain spots and is required to beat the Helmaroc King and and the Gohma. 
  3. Skull Hammer - Go big or go home with this massive hammer!!! This hammer can switches, bonk enemies on the head, and is the only thing that can harm the Helmaroc King when it's wearing it's trademark mask.
  4. Wind Waker - a baton that can alter wind riding on the King of Red Lions. Other than that, it does not have any direct combat abilities.
  5. Bombs - Bombs are crazy powerful!! So Powerful that it takes a while for the bombs to detonate. Use these to blast holes win walls and make enemies go BOOM!!!! NOTE: Limited supply. Reload frequently.
  6. Boomerang - A reusable projectile. It can lock on and home in on targets and can cut through the roots supporting the second boss of the game.
  7. Shields - What's a hero without some good defense to go with offense? Shields are Link's primary defenses. The type of shield determines how long it lasts in a fight. The Hylian Shield is indestructible!!!!
  8. Deku Leaf - A massive wind altering leaf. This leaf can create blasts of air which can move certain platforms.
  9. Magic Armor -  A crystal that makes Link invincible for a short while. He can stay invincible as long as he has the Magic Meter full.
  10. Hero's Bow - Shoots all kinds of arrows. Flaming Arrows!!! Ice Arrows!!! Light Arrows!!! All kinds of Arrows!!! This is a must have for those that do not like fighting in close quarters. NOTE: LIMITED ARROWS. Reload frequently.


 Characters (The Wind Waker Wii U)
(click to enlarge). Link, Tetra,
and someone named Sue-Belle.
Tetra is actually Zelda in disguise.

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