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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pokemon are awesome!!!!

I am a major Pokemon fan, so it makes sense for a guy like me to make several blog posts about Pokemon. Besides, a new movie, two new games, and a new season are coming out!!!!

This post is about Pokemon as a whole. And Pokemon is amazing!!!!! Of course, since Pokemon has a bit of role play, it would make sense to make it a bit of a strategy game. There are 18 (eighteen) Types of Pokemon, some are stronger than others and some are weaker than others (I have a friend that once said that Fire Types are stronger than Water types, but in reality it's the other way around. When I asked WHY he said that, his exact words were "Fire evaporates water, water extinguishes fire. I thought it worked both ways". But do you see the mistake that my friend made when he said that? You NEVER assume anything in video games. But he went ahead and assumed that fire was strong against water!!!!! Of course if you don't type match-ups, the safest thing to do is learn all about types).

Here is a list of types.
  1. Fire - This is a starter type. Strong against Grass, and Steel, but weak against Water and ground. Fire types usually have intense body temperatures, are colored red, and sometimes have flames covering their body.
  2. Water - Another starter type. Strong against Fire, weak against Grass and Electricity. Water types are usually fish-like, are colored blue, and have been designed for life underwater. Sometimes they do not resemble fish.
  3. Grass - The final starter type. Strong against Water, but weak against Fire, Flying, and Bug. Grass types are usually plant like, are colored green, and sometimes they resemble a cross between plant and animal.
  4. Electric - The most iconic Pokemon from this type is the franchise mascot: Pikachu!!!! Electric types are strong against Water and Flying, but weak against Ground. Electric types are usually yellow in color (two happen to only be black and white), and have some connection to electricity.
  5. Bug - every Pokemon in this type looks like a insect. Bug types are stronger than Grass, Dark, and Psychic, but weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock. Bug types always look like insects, some look like arachnids, while others resemble arthropods (arthropods are insects that have stingers and instantly die should the stinger get removed. Like bees and wasps).
  6. Normal - In my experience, Normal types are the most persistent Pokemon around. It takes a long time to defeat one in battle. Most attacks do only a small amount of damage to them. You should be proud if you use an attack that Normal types can get KO'd by!!!! Normal types don't really resemble anything really. They have a unique, difficult to describe design.
  7. Ghost - These Pokemon are just as persistent as Normal types. Perhaps even MORE persistent!!!!! Ghost types are weak against Dark types and, oddly enough, itself. Ghost types are stronger than Ghost types!!!! They are extremely resistant to every thing else though. Some Ghost type Pokemon have a connection to paranormal activity, hence the name.
  8.  Dragon type - Dragon types can take a lot of hits and can give out some serious blows. They are resistant to most Type's, but Ice types and Fairy types can stand a chance against them. And just like Ghost types, Dragon types are weak against itself. Dragon types usually are dragon-like in appearance.
  9. Flying - Flying types can (true to the name) fly through the air. Flying types usually are bird like in design, although there are some exceptions. Flying types are strong against Fighting, Bug, and Grass, and Ground attacks will NOT harm them in any sort of way. Every Flying Pokemon is actually a Dual, a special kind of Pokemon with TWO types instead of one. Flying has been paired up with every type except Fighting. Flying types are also weak against Electricity, Ice, and Rock.
  10. Dark - These Pokemon are mostly nocturnal (they only come outside at sundown and at midnight). Dark types are known for fighting dirty during battles, often biting and stealing whatever their foe is holding. Dark Types are also the only types that do not have a gym in any region. Dark types are strong against both Ghost and Psychic, and Psychic attacks will NOT do a thing to them.
  11. Steel - These Pokemon are pretty durable. They can learn all sorts of attacks and they can outlast most types in a battle. Steel types are usually made of, or covered with, metal. They are weak against Fire, Ground, and Fighting but strong against Ice and Rock. They also are immune to Poison.
  12.  Fairy - This type was introduced in Pokemon X and Y. Also known as Generation Six. Fairy types are strong against Dragon types and weak against Fire types. Some old Pokemon were reclassified from their old type and reassigned to this type.
  13. Fighting - These Pokemon specialize in close quarters combat. They use a combination of martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and pure physical training. Fighting Pokemon are usually humanoid (they slightly resemble humans) and can learn moves normally having the word "Punch" or "Kick" in them.
  14. Psychic - These Pokemon can see into the future!!!! Most of their abilities come from the mind. This type is rather weak against Ghost types. Dark types are immune to all of their tricks. These also have a unique, hard to describe design.
  15. Ice - These Pokemon are essentially the Fire type's opposite. Unlike Fire types, who have extremely high thermal temperatures, Ice types normally have thermal temperatures several degrees below zero. Ice types are strong against Grass, Ground, Dragon, and Flying, but are weak against Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel.
  16. Poison - These Pokemon are fond of poisoning their foes with venom, acid, or toxic fumes. Some of these attacks can poison your Pokemon, thus draining stamina. How bad the poison is determines on the Poison type attack used, and the type of the Pokemon. Like Toxic on a Grass Type would be so much poison there would be a small chance of overcoming it. But if you use Toxic on a Steel type, nothing happens because Steel types are immune to it.
  17. Ground - These Pokemon often have a connection to the earth. Ground types are immune to Electric attacks, and THEIR attacks can cause a lot of problems for an Electric type. They are weak against Ice, Water, and Grass.
  18. Rock - These guys are rock solid. Literally!!!! They are strong against Fire, Flying, Bug, and Ice, but are weak against Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, and Fighting. Do not thin that Rock types and Ground types are the same thing. Rock type attacks involve rocks (hence the name), while Ground attacks involve soil and mud.

And there are LEGENDARY POKEMON!!!!!!! Pokemon of incredible power!!!! Only the bravest and most clever players can even face a Legendary Pokemon, let alone catch and tame one!!! Here is a list of LEGENDARY POKEMON!!!!! NOTE: I am writing about Legendary Pokemon because they are the most powerful and most important. In fact, each one is responsible for care-taking the world of Pokemon. Also, Legendary Pokemon are like King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.
  1. The Legendary Birds - The first member is Articuno. A Ice type bird amazingly powerful. The second member is Zapdos, an electric powerhouse. The third and final member of the Legendary Birds is Moltres. A Fire type of intense power.
  2. The Legendary Beasts - Entei is The first of the Legendary Beasts. Just like Moltres it is a Fire Type, and if anything it's power is equal to Moltres. Suicune is the Water type Legendary Beast that is a bit stronger than Entei but a bit weaker than Raikou. Raikou is the third Legendary Beast and is a bit of a Electric type powerhouse. It is a bit more powerful than Suicune.
  3. The Tower Duo - Ho-oh is The first of the Tower Duo. If you spell Ho-Oh backwards you still get Ho-oh. According to legend, Ho-Oh is the "guardian of the skies". Lugia is The second member of the Tower Duo. In the TV show there was two Lugia even though in the games there can be only one. Why? Because as a Legendary, you can have no more than one of a Legendary. ONLY ONE!!!!!!!! While Ho-Oh is the guardian of the shies, Lugia is the guardian of the seas.
  4. Mew - This Pokemon is rather cute for a Legendary. This Pokemon used to be a solo Legendary, Like Celebi and Victini. But recently Mew gained a partner: Mewtwo!!!!
  5. Mewtwo - This Pokemon can learn several moves, but in accordance to Pokemon video games, A Pokemon can not know more than four attacks. If Mewtwo wants to learn a new move, you will have to sacrifice a old move in order to gain the new move. Mewtwo is so far the only Legendary that has a Mega Mode. Two Mega Modes actually. Mewtwo was created by the criminal organization known as Team Rocket.
  6. Celebi - This one is unique because it can travel through time. But it cannot control the flow of time. That is Dialga's job. Celebi is also like a fairy in design, but is not a Fairy type.
  7. Latios and Latias - Latios is blue, while Latias is red. These two can turn invisible, which suits them well because they can be a bit shy.
  8. The Weather Trio - Rayquaza is A large, Chinese Dragon like Pokemon that lives in the stratosphere. It is also the first member of the Weather Trio. Like many Legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza does not like it when someone steps into it's home uninvited. Groudon is The second member of the Weather Trio. It can control stuff like earthquakes. Kyogre is is the final member of the Weather Trio, and can control rain.
  9. Regigigas - The master of the Golem Trio, but not really a member of the Golem Trio. It is surprisingly fast, but it's Ability (an important part of Pokemon is Abilities. Abilities activate automatically and are assigned to each Pokemon) Slow Start. For the first five turns, Regigigas must battle at half it's top speed, and must use only a fraction of it's intense power. Legend has it that Regigigas towed the continents into place. It will remain in a dormant state unless you bring the entire Golem Trio with you to it's location.
  10. The Golem Trio - Regirock is One of the Golem Trio members. It is a Rock type. It is said to be created by Regigigas through rocks. Regice is the second of the Golem Trio. While Regirock is made of rocks, Regice is made of ice, hence the name. Obviously, it is a Ice type. Registeel is the final member of the Golem Trio. Registeel is (true to the name) made entirely out of steel. Registeel, Regice, and Regirock were created by Regigigas. It's a Steel type.
  11. Jirachi - This one can grant wishes!!!! If you wish for a object of any kind (like a chair) Jirachi will select a random chair and teleport it right to you. Stealing the chair in the progress. So be careful what you wish for. LITERALLY!!!!!!!!
  12. Deoxys - A Pokemon from OUTER SPACE!!!!! Where is it from? Not even I know that!!!!! And I know a great deal about Pokemon!!!! It has a rather bizarre DNA code, thus it can change form.
  13. The Lunar Duo - Darkrai and Cresselia. Darkrai is a Pokemon that can give people nightmares. LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Cresselia can give people good dreams and despite being within the same duo as Darkrai, they are more like rivals than partners.
  14. Heatran - These solo Legendary can control Volcanoes. It's pretty hot stuff!!!!! LITERALLY! No seriously, it's thermal temperature is like a thousand times hotter than lava.
  15. Shaymin - This Pokemon is both small and cute at the same time. It has two forms, land form and sky form. In sky form it can fly through the air at high speed.
  16. Arceus - Remember what I said about the Legendary Pokemon being like the Knights of the Round Table? Well Arceus would have to be King Arthur. Arceus is the most powerful of the Legendary Pokemon. In fact, with the exception of the Golem Trio, Arceus created all the other Legendary Pokemon!!!!!
  17. The Crown Dragon Trio - Dialga is the first of the Crown Dragon Trio. It's Roar of Time attack is devastating!!!! Dialga can control the flow of time to it's heart's content. Palkia can control Space (in fact it created Space). Giratina controls Anti-Matter, but was banished due to it's warlike nature.
  18. The Energy Trio - Reshiram is the only Fire type that cannot be defeated by a Water type. Why? Because it's flame's are so hot that NOTHING IN THE PLANET ITSELF can put it out. Zekrom has crazy strong lightning attacks which are "shocking" to look at!!! Seriously, First comes a Blue flash of lightning, next thing you know Your Party has been KO'd. Kyurem is a deadly combo of Dragon and Ice therefore it's weakness to Ice has been removed.
  19. The Kami Trio - These three have the ability to control Tornadoes, Thunder, and Land. Tornadus has Tornado powers, Thunderus has the ability to command thunder, and Landorus has the power to control land.
  20. Victini - A Pokemon said to bring victory to whoever has it. It's a unique combination of Fire and Psychic.
  21. The Swords of Justice - These four can be viewed as Musketeers. They are Terrakion, Keldeo, Virizion, and Cobalion. All of them are Fighting Types, but they have secondary types. They have Aura Swords and Secret Sword, two powerful techniques that only the Swords of Justice can use.
  22. Genesect - What do you get when you combine a prehistoric Pokemon with a steel exoskeleton, a massive cannon, and the combo of Steel and Bug? You get Genesect. Five Genesect are going to appear in the new Pokemon movie coming out. Four of them are purple, while the "leader" is red. It's Techno Blast attack's type depends on the downloaded Drive. Burn Drive makes it a Fire type attack, while the Frost Drive makes it a Ice type.
  23. Meloetta - This Pokemon has various song related abilities. It also has a combat form.
  24. The Generation Duo - These two are the newest. Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas is the only known Legendary Fairy type, while Yveltal is a combo of Dark and Flying. Yveltal appears to have a powerful attack called Oblivion Wing.

In the newest games, some Pokemon have gained a Mega Mode. What's a Mega Mode? You see, each Pokemon can evolve and transform a limited number of times. Mega Stones allow Pokemon holding them to surpass the limit and tap into their TRUE POTENTIAL!!!!! The bad news is, Mega Mode is temporary, and the Pokemon in Mega Mode will transform back to normal once the battle is over. The good news is, The ability, type, and even the move-set changes dramatically. It's like facing a totally different opponent!!!!

Here is a gallery of Legendary Pokemon. NOTE: ALL IMAGES ARE FROM THE POKEMON WIKI.

From left to right. Mewtwo and Mew.

Legendary Trio 3rd Generation
From Left to Right. Rayquaza, Groudon, and

All Forms of Deoxys
The many forms of Deoxys.

Legendary Dragon Trio Generation 4
From Left to Right. Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga.

Energy trio
From left to right. Zekrom, Kyurem, and
Reshiram. With Kyurem's alternate forms in
the background.

For more info, please go to the Pokemon Wiki.

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