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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ratchet & Clank Future time!!!!

This is one of my Ratchet and Clank posts. About the Future mini-series!!!!!

I have a copy of the first Future game: Tools of Destruction. But I do not have the next game: Quest for Booty. Although I do not have the third Future game I have played it. The third game in the Ratchet and Clank Future series is A Crack in Time. The final game in the mini series is Into the Nexus.

One of the MOST important characters in the series (besides Ratchet and Clank themselves) is the Plumber. Who's the Plumber? A chubby blue skinned plumber with a mustache. In Tools of destruction he claims that he has been everywhere in the universe ("and Beyond!"). He also created an absurdly large toilet (which he calls "Interplanetary Transportation Gizmos"). Here is why he is so important. He gives Ratchet and Clank advice or a seemingly useless device that they cannot beat the game without. Like in A Crack in Time, the Plumber appears to Clank in a vision and tells him "not to risk more than six minutes". At the end of the game, a Lombax Praetorian Guard named Alister Azimuth almost ripped a hole in time itself, but Clank Traveled exactly six minutes into the past and stopped him from abusing the power of time travel. Then again, he was trying to prevent the Lombax extinction. But he foolishly tried to use the great Clock to time travel. The Great Clock is not a time machine. It keeps time stable. Without it the universe would not have time. Without time everything would probably never exist.

And in Tools of Destruction he gives Ratchet a "3 and 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer". Ratchet and Clank did not need the plumbing tool that is the 3 and 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer until the end of the game, where they use it to repair the Dimensionator (a hat that can take you anywhere in the very fabric of existence) to escape a bizarre pocket dimension that Emperor Tachyon apparently perished in. However, the comics say that he survived but is trapped.

It interesting to notice that the Plumber is seen in almost every game in the franchise. In the Future mini series he seems to give Ratchet (or Clank) advice or a gadget that would help them in the game later on. This might imply that he has the ability to predict the future. But trying to predict the Plumber is impossible. Because you will never know WHERE or WHEN he will show up.

In Tools of Destruction there is a Combat device called Mr. Zurkon. The only weapon that talks. When he talks (which is every time he shoots something) he not only refers to himself in Third Person, he also talks about how his only directive is to protect it's master and destroy it's master's enemies.

The games also have Challenge Mode. If you do not know what Challenge Mode is, it is a extra difficulty where you play through the whole game on a higher difficulty. You keep every weapon and bolt you got up until Challenge mode Begins. In fact, I am currently attempting to beat Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction on Challenge Mode. You get Omega Weapons for sail in Challenge Mode (the Tools of Destruction version of Challenge Mode). The Vendor says that Omega Weapons are highly classified and top secret (and designed to do MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION.). However, Omega Weapons are VERY expensive (yes. You MUST buy weapons from a store). In fact, The Omega Lightning Ravager is 40 Thousand bolts (the game's currency.), or somewhere close to the number.

But here is the major difference between normal weapons and Omega weapons. Both weapons automatically update themselves as they are used (if you use the Alpha Disruptor a lot, it will transform into the Alpha Cannon). The design of the upgraded weapon depends on the weapon being upgraded. The Combuster is a pistol that requires only one hand to hold, but it's upgraded form, the Magma Combuster, is a triple barrel Gatling gun that requires both hands to hold. But a weapon can only upgrade five times before achieving it's most powerful form. But Omega Weapons can upgrade past V5, unlike normal weapons, which can go NO FURTHER than V5. All Omega Weapons start off at V6, but can upgrade to V10 (or X, if you want to use Roman numbers).

In Quest for Booty Ratchet and Clank get separated (Because at the end of Tools of Destruction invisible creatures called the Zoni took Clank to the Great Clock so Clank can "learn his true purpose"). In fact, most of the game is spent trying to reunite Ratchet with Clank.

It's worth noticing how Ratchet and Captain Slag both died once but came back to life. However, Ratchet's death never happened because Clank traveled six minutes into the past and prevented said death from occurring. Captain Slag was killed by Ratchet and his devastated first Mate (named Rusty Pete) clutches Slag's dead head in his hands (the head was all that remained of the body) while screaming the word "Why" at the sky, mourning his captain's death, but only briefly, as he gets over it exact three and a half seconds after doing so. But Slag was resurrected in Quest for Booty when his head fused to the body of another pirate: Captain Darkwater.  Quest for Booty is unique because you cannot play any Challenge Mode. Mostly because the game has a very short story mode can cover about 5 hours at the most.

Some games also have holo-plans needed to build optional, albeit very powerful, weapons. In Tools of Destruction the holo-plans are the blue prints/schematics for the R.Y.N.O. IV. NOTE: GET THIS WEAPON IF THE FINAL BOSS IS GIVING YOU A HARD TIME!!!!!! DOUBLE NOTE: if you have trouble finding the holo-plans, go to the Ratchet and Clank wiki. TRIPLE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BEAT THE FINAL BOSS IN SIX SECONDS DO NOT BUILD THE R.Y.N.O. IV. BECAUSE IT WILL DESTROY ANYTHING CAUGHT IN IT'S DEADLY BLAST IN JUST A MANNER OF SECONDS.

All I know about Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is that there are two deadly dangerous criminal siblings, and that very late in the game Ratchet has to make a life changing choice. Do NOT ask me what that choice is I do not know and I do not guess. Guessing requires assuming. You do not assume things in any video game, though I have a friend that ALWAYS assumes in video games. But other than that, he is one of the few of my friends that actually beat in a video game. Bakugan to be exact. That is surprising because I am like a supreme Bakugan Master. I know all the tricks in the game, I have played as every playable Bakugan, and I even unlocked every unlockable. Then again, he only defeated me simply because I got cocky and he took advantage of my overconfidence.

If you want more info, please go to Ratchet and Clank wiki.

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