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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ultimate Adventure Time!!!!!

This is one of my Adventure Time posts. They are coming out with a Adventure Time game for the Wii U, PS3, and other systems!!!!! And with new episodes!!!!!!

The Adventure Time video game that is coming soon is "Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!!!"! The previous Adventure Time game has a bit of slang in it so it is best if a I don't type the name (the slang word is "ya" which is slang for "you". Also in the name is "Why'd" which is slang for "Why did". Okay you might as well learn the title since I am talking about it. It's "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd ya steal our garbage!?".). Ignore the parenthesis if you do not want to know about the first game.

Since the game is not out at the time of this post, I do not know the complete plot. But I do know a great deal. Princess Bubblegum (Marceline the Vampire Queen calls Princess Bubblegum "Bonnibelle" or sometimes "Bonnie".) is worrying about her Royal Secret Dungeon (the same one that first appeared in the episode "What have you Done") and fears that the prisoners have escaped. So she sends Finn, Jake, Cinnamon Bun, Marceline, Peppermint Butler, Flame Princess, Lumpy Space Princess, and the Ice King to check on said dungeon (it might take even me a while to beat the dungeon, because it has exactly one hundred floors that change every time you go in. And I am like a dungeon buster or something. Because in a previous post I claimed I never got past the second dungeon in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword but I replayed the game and beaten every dungeon except the final dungeon in a manner of minutes).

Also, when at the Dungeon entrance, Your characters can get upgraded by Muscle Princess (who increases your characters Rowdiness, which is attack), Lady Rainicorn (she increases your character's Focus), N.E.P.T.R. the Never Ending Pie Throwing Robot (he increases Imagination) And Mr. Cupcake (he gives your character more hit points or "Thumps" as he calls them). You have to give them money first though. And if you have any leftover money and return the Dungeon, Princess Bubblegum will take any leftover cash (she taxes you. It's part of her laws). It's interesting to notice that the Ice King is both playable and is a boss. He is the only character that is like that.

I also know that in one episode (I forgot the name) of the show that Finn and Flame Princess broke up but are still friends. And that Flame Princess is now calling herself the "Neo Flame King". Shouldn't she call herself the "Neo Flame Queen"? After all she is a girl. But NO! She goes with "King" instead of "Queen"!!!

And in the episode We fixed a Truck Finn finds a rusty old truck in the woods. So he, Jake, BMO (Finn and Jake's fully sentient robot video game console and movie player. He can do many things, all of which are things that a electronic device can do), and Banana Man (Finn and Jake's neighbor) repair the truck and take on a test drive. While doing so BMO was listening to a conspiracy radio show where Starchy the Grave Digger is accusing Princess Bubblegum of being replaced with a evil shape-shifting lizard monster. Making BMO paranoid in the process. But the good news is turns out Bubblegum was, in fact, replaced with a shape-shifting lizard monster. So Finn destroys it by launching his new truck (he nicknamed it "Hot Daniel") at the monster, making the whole thing explode. But even after it was destroyed BMO mistook the REAL Princess Bubblegum for a lizard monster and told Finn to destroy her.

And in another episode called "The Vault", Finn and Jake uncover a suppressed memory in Finn's "Vault" and we learn the origins of the Ghost Lady that first terrorized Finn in the episode "The Creeps". Humorously, Finn was talking about his "past lives" and how he was a flower, a butterfly, and a weird pile of purple slime (which Finn called a shape, a thing, and a dude from another dimension). As it turns out, Princess Bubblegum is not 19 (nineteen) years old, as most people thought. She is actually ancient and as been around for billions of years. But she can change her age at will by adding Bio Mass to make herself older, or removing Bio Mass to make herself younger. Anyway, the Ghost Lady (when she was alive, obviously) was a girl named Shoko, who had really bad parents (they sold her right arm for a fancy computer). Her view on life was slightly warped, as she became a thief and thought it was okay to steal. After befriending Bubblegum, however, she began to have inner conflict with herself over whether or not to steal a amulet (which her employer calls a "omelet"). Shoko also was alive when the Candy Kingdom was first being built (oddly enough, the central part of the kingdom was built around a river of toxic waste. Which Bubblegum wanted to be covered with candy) And helped Bubblegum build the Gumball Guardians (humorously, when they first started...uh...er....guarding, they kept asking everyone "are you in danger" in the middle of the night. Waking everyone up in the process.). Shoko died by falling into the same toxic river mentioned in the parenthesis. She survived the fall but mutated into a giant slug monster, and died for real on top of a young tree sapling, which would later become a giant Weeping Willow Tree that Finn and Jake turned into a fort.

In fact, Shoko happens to be inside the mesh of branches of the Tree Fort. Well, her decaying skeleton, at least. But it was a good thing that Finn unlocked the memory of Shoko, because her ghost has been making him have nightmares always leading to Finn shouting "She's got me!!!" In pure terror. But the Terror was nowhere near the terror that Jake faced in the episode Red Starved. Because Marceline was starving in that episode and Finn needed to find something red (Marceline can only eat red objects). Unfortunately Finn happens to be extremely colorblind. And he thought that he found a red crystal, but it was a green emerald. And it took Finn forever just to find that emerald. And during that time Jake is being terrorized by a hungry Marceline, threatening to eat his blood and internal organs.

And there was another cool adventure where Finn and Jake find a Dungeon Train. Where does it come from? Nobody knows!!! Why does it go in a circle? Nobody knows that either!!!! But I do know that every cart has a monster (or a group of monsters) that when defeated in combat, drop cool and awesome battle gear. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you come back to a cart, the same monsters will return. Finn, being a warrior that loves fighting, wanted to stay on the train forever, But Jake, who is a easily distracted, passive dog wanted to jump off the train and go home. But they find a Future Crystal showing Finn and Jake fighting on the train for countless years, with a slightly elderly Finn having his right arm missing (and replaced with the arm of a robot). The good news is that future never happened because at the end of the episode they decided to visit the train only once a week. They got some awesome battle gear from that adventure, such as the Flame Cloak (robes made of flames), a Spider Wand, a few helmets (and fancy gloves!), some greasy meat, and some other stuff.

And that dungeon train is a bit like the ever changing Royal Secret Dungeon in the Adventure Time video game!!!! Because you can find loot while smashing, slicing, punching, zapping, and flying in the many floors of the Royal Secret Dungeon. Mostly Money, but there is also Tokens that allow characters to temporarily upgrade themselves. Like running faster and taking more hits. And here is something that can "get your wheels turning" if you know what I mean ("get your wheels turning" is another way of saying "make you think about things"). Princess Bubblegum is the person that sends Finn and friends into the dungeon in the first place, but on almost every floor (that I have seen. I have seen floors 6 through 21) a tentacle/worm/snake monster attacks the player and it is clearly made of bubblegum. Princess Bubblegum is also made entirely out of bubblegum.

And our second to last Adventure Time piece of info is this: Since I have revealed the name of the first Adventure Time video game at the top of the post, here is the plot of "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd ya steal our garbage!?" (please remember that "Why'd" is short for "Why did" and that "ya" is short for "you").

This game slightly mimics the plot of the episode Monster Princess Wife (in the episode Ice King removes and steals his favorite body parts from his favorite princess and plays "Dr. Frankenstein"). Finn and Jake wake up one morning and discover that their trash and garbage is missing. They almost immediately discover that the Ice King is stealing everyone's garbage to build himself a wife from the garbage. Finn and a reluctant Jake decide to take back their garbage. Every time you beat a boss, the Ice King drops some garbage, and his "Garbage Princess" gets smaller and smaller. By the time you face the Ice King in a final boss battle, the "Garbage Princess" is actually Lumpy Space Princess with a rotten banana peel on her head. However, the final piece of trash that Ice King gives up is a ash tray that Lumpy Space Princess made for Finn. Enraged at the fact that Finn threw the ash tray present in the trash she eats some weird mysterious beans and turns into a giant, and goes on a rampage. Finn and Jake defeat Lumpy Space Princess by riding on the back of Lady Rainicorn while Lady Rainicorn uses her horn to shoot lasers at Lumpy Space Princess. THE END.

And now for the grand finale!!!!! The origins of BMO!!!!! I know the origins of everyone's favorite fully sentient video game playing, skateboarding robot that speaks with a soft Asian accent!! He was created by a SUPER elderly guy named Moe to befriend/care-take his son. Moe never had a son in his life though, and he is thousands of years old, kept alive by SCIENCE!!!! In fact, his robots have replaced most of his internal structure. BMO eventually found himself in the "be a sidekick to two righteous heroes" business. He also is powered solely by two (disposable) double A batteries. In We Fixed a Truck, he discarded his old batteries and fell battery slot first on a pair of new batteries, which locked into place. BMO also revealed in the episode Hug Wolf that in order to defend themselves from Hug Wolf Finn they need a silver baseball.

And for the finishing touches. Here is a gallery. Note

Original Finn

Original Jake

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