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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pacific Rim Time!!!!!!

This post is about the awesome movie (and video game) Pacific Rim!!!!!!!!

Pacific Rim is two things. First, it is a movie that has a book counterpart. And second, it has a video game for the X-box 360 and they are THINKING about making it for PS3.

The movie is super awesome and the video game is super awesome and reminds me a bit about the PS2 version of Godzilla Unleashed that I used to play all the time. But that was when I was six years old. Or was it seven? Somewhere between five and seven.

Anyway, in Pacific Rim (movie) giant monsters called Kaiju start attacking humanity. In fact the narrator even said that it took tanks, jets, and missiles six whole days just to destroy a single Kaiju. And in that time three whole cities were smashed to pieces. Then came the second attack and the third attack and the fourth attack, and by that time humanity realized that the Kaiju are determined to destroy all of mankind.

So every major country on the planet teamed up to build the most effective weapon against a Kaiju. They built Giant Robots called Jaegers. Basically they were fighting fire with fire. But these Jaegers was too much a strain for a single pilot so Jaegers require TWO pilots. And thanks to the Drift, these pilots can literally see each others' memories and thoughts. Depending on the pilots, the intensity of the "neural bridge" (sometimes called "neural handshake") can vary. The deeper the Drift bond, the better the Jaeger fights.

No two Jaegers look the same. Each one is unique. Just like the Kaiju, as they come in various shapes, but most of them share a similar height. And what is cool is that they give code names for Jaegers and Kaiju. Like the Jaeger Striker Eureka. Or the Kaiju Leather-back.

Unfortunately the Kaiju are very adaptable and quickly became more prepared for fighting Jaegers. Before that Kaiju after Kaiju started getting destroyed by Jaegers all over the planet. The first major Jaeger to be seen in the show is Gipsy Danger, a Mark III Jaeger that is powered by a nuclear reactor. It's original pilots were the Becket brothers, Yancy and Raleigh. Sadly Yancy was killed by the Kaiju codenamed Knife head, forcing Raleigh to attempt solo piloting, which is extremely dangerous because piloting a Jaeger without a co-pilot is sub-lethal.

Five years later, Marshall Pentecost loses support from most major national leaders and they give him the instructions of having the four remaining Jaegers defend the almost complete coastal wall, which was supposed to trap the Kaiju in the Pacific waters. However a very large Category IV (kaiju are categorized) Kaiju smashes through the wall in less than a hour. Thus the construction workers doubt the effectiveness of the wall and even question why they were building it in the first place. The good news is Marchall plans to bomb the inter-dimensional portal that brings Kaiju to Earth (called the Breach) with a nuclear missile.

Raleigh Beckett is shortly after brought out of retirement to once again pilot Gipsy Danger. And Marshall introduces Raleigh to the pilots of the Mark I Jaeger Cherno Alpha, the Mark IV Crimson Typhoon, and the first, last, and only Mark V Jaeger, Striker Eureka (it's the only Mark V because it cost way too much money to mass produce Mark V's and they only had enough money to make Striker Eureka), each with unique qualities. Raleigh after sparring with the potential pilot Mako Mori decides to make her his new co-pilot. During the first Drift the two have, Mako has a panic attack and almost fires Gipsy Danger's Plasma Cannon (that would have left a mess in the "trial run" room.).

Raleigh also gets to meet two humorous K-Science officers named Newt and Hermann. Newt has tattooed the face of countless Kaiju on his body, thanks to his fascination with Kaiju (his lab has the organs and brains of various Kaiju from different categories.) Newt wants to test his theory that one can Drift with a Kaiju Brain (or a piece of the brain.) But Hermann says that the neural surge would kill him. The good news is Hermann can (very) accurately predict the frequency of Kaiju attacks (he even wrote down his calculations on several chalk boards) and predicts that within a week that a double event will occur, where two Kaiju attack at the exact same time. He also reveals that every time a Kaiju exits the Breach it gets a bit wider and more open to allow the newest Kaiju to pass, as newer Kaiju are a bit bigger than those that came before.

Newt actually (and successfully) Drifts with the Kaiju brain in his lab, traumatizing him in the process, like to the point and quaking like a earthquake of sheer power and also made his nose bleed. And in doing so learns that the Kaiju were created by aliens wanting to colonize Earth and creating Kaiju to act as exterminators and destroy unwanted pests (the pests are mankind). So Kaiju are the ultimate war machines, so to speak.

 Marshall Pentecost then sends Newt to Hong Kong to get a secondary brain from a Kaiju body parts smuggler named Hannibal Chao. And (just as Hermann predicted) a double event occurs, sending a ape-like Kaiju and a Bat-like Kaiju to attack Hong Kong. Marshall Pentecost sends Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha to fight these Kaiju, and sends Striker Eureka as reinforcements, ordered not to engage unless there is no other option. This order proved disastrous as the Kaiju start ganging up on Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon's crew are killed when the Bat Kaiju (named Otachi) crushes the "head" with the three fingered claw on it's tail. With both Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon destroyed, Marshall sends in Gipsy Danger shortly after the Ape Kaiju named Leather-back paralyzes Striker Eureka with a electro-magnetic pulse (or E.M.P.) Gipsy Danger destroys Leather-Back by shooting it with it's Plasma Cannon until the Plasma Cannon ran out of ammo (humorously, although Leather-Back is clearly dead, Raleigh suggests that they "check for a pulse" and waste all of their ammo shooting a dead Kaiju carcass. When done shooting Raleigh says "no pulse" in a joking manner). Otachi then finds Newt in a public Kaiju refuge and almost eats him (Newt was too scared to move).

After a epic fight, Gipsy Danger destroys Otachi by using a retractable sword in the left wrist to slice the Kaiju in half. Hannibal Chao then sends his workers to harvest the various body parts of Otachi. After a group of harvesters find the secondary brain, they report that it was damaged, much to Newt's dismay. Newt shortly realizes that Otachi had one last trick from beyond the grave, deploying a mini Kaiju to attack Newt. But the mini Kaiju chokes on a gross tentacle tied around it's neck and dies, but not before eating Hannibal Chao whole.

Marshall then has both Jaegers prepared to bomb the Breach with nuclear missiles (Gipsy Danger does not need a missile because it's self-destruct does a really good impression of a nuclear bomb) But are attacked by two Category IV Kaiju and one Category V Kaiju (the only Category V. The biggest, strongest, most persistent, and most toxic Kaiju of all). During the battle a croc like Kaiju bites Gipsy Danger's right arm off. Also during the battle Hermann and Newt Drift with the mini Kaiju and discover that only something with the same genetic material as a Kaiju can pass. Humorously when Hermann Drifts with the Mini Kaiju he suddenly vomits into a nearby toilet.

Once they tell the Jaeger pilots about how the Breach works, they suggest tricking the Breaching into thinking that the Jaegers were Kaiju. Marshall Pentecost (who was piloting Striker Eureka because one of the Striker pilots broke his arm while fighting Leather-Back) then clears a path for a crippled Gipsy Danger by detonating the missile before deploying it into the Breach. However, the Category V Kaiju survives, albeit wounded, and Gipsy Danger kills it by shooting a red hot laser that burns through the Kaiju's chest. Mako then loses consciousness because the Gipsy Danger pilots used up most of their oxygen during the fight. So Raleigh activates a escape pod containing Mako and manually starts a self destruct, but launches a escape pod containing himself when there was fifteen (15) seconds left to detonation. Gipsy Danger's explosion destroys not only the Breach, but the weird alien world the Breach leads to all at the same time.


The video game has 30 main story missions and you can customize, build, and play as your own Jaeger!!!!!!! You even get to choose what moves the Jaeger uses!!!! And you can play as most of the Kaiju from the movie!!!! And here is another cool thing. Sometimes, if you hit your opponent hard enough while they are in a corner they will crash into the structure representing the edge of the arena, severely damaging the structure in the process. Like in the Alaska Coast stage, it is possible to crash into the icebergs surrounding the watery arena. Come to think of it, almost everything in the game is highly destructible. Jaegers have a slight advantage over Kaiju because Jaegers have TWO health meters, while Kaiju have only one.

Each Jaeger and Kaiju have there own unique moves, so players might want to try most of the characters to find what fighting style they want. Or they can outfit their custom Jaeger with the moves the players want them to have.

The last info I have on the game is this: Each character has a Power Move and a Fatal Assault. Next to the health meter(s) is a energy meter and if it is at 50.0% or higher you can use a Power Move, a devastating attack that deals a lot of damage. But if it is at 90.0% or higher, you can use a Fatal Assault, which no matter how much health the target has, it WILL be a One Hit KO. If it connects. Because it takes a while to prepare and there is a chance it MIGHT miss. And it leaves you open to attack if it DOES miss. And the true last piece of info is this: The game has a lot of DLC's (downloadable content) that allows you to play as more Kaiju, a new Jaeger, new Jaeger parts for your custom Jaeger, and new arenas to fight in.

For pictures and video, please go to Pacific Rim Wiki.

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  1. hey, great blog and i was wondering, i have looked for the game on amazon and i could only find an app game, what happened to the game on x-box?