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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sonic Lost World Time!!!!!!!

This post is about the awesome game Sonic Lost World. It has features from returning games such as Color Powers from Sonic Colors, while gaining some new stuff.

The game has three different running speeds for Sonic to use. The slowest is a basic walk speed, which is good for beginners and rookies. The medium speed is a sprint, which is good for more skilled players. The Fastest and most retro style is a can't miss for Sonic fans: It's the Spin Dash!!!!

Here is the plot.
The game cuts straight to the action as Sonic and Tails are chasing Dr. Eggman's Egg-Mobile through the sky in the Tornado. Dr. Eggman has kidnapped some cute animals ( he did the exact same thing in the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game) in a futuristic capsule. When Sonic demands to "let the critters go" Eggman then agrees, but ejects the capsule in a double cross. Sonic tries to grab the capsule with a Spin Dash powered jump, but barely misses, forcing Tails to catch Sonic and make a second try at rescuing those animals. But the evil Doctor has a surprise: He pulls out a laser gun and uses it to shoot the wing of the Tornado, grounding (literally) both Sonic and Tails.

Tails proceeds to make a emergency landing on a planet called the Lost Hex. As Sonic and Tails rescue (this time successfully) the animals, Dr. Eggman enslaves six creatures called Zeti, who later become the Deadly Six. After Tails gets the Tornado up and running, Sonic and Tails proceed to go to Desert Ruins after Zazz (one of the Deadly Six members) is defeated by Sonic.

Sonic and Tails catch up with Dr. Eggman and his mechanical cohorts Orbot and Cubot and learn that Eggman is controlling the Deadly Six with a conch (which is a kind of seashell). Sonic, ignoring Tails' warning, kicks the conch out of Eggman's hands (I almost rhymed!). But the Deadly Six use their electromagnetic abilities to make Eggman's army turn on him.

Sonic and Eggman then do something they have not done since Sonic Adventure 2 (or Sonic the Hedgehog '06 but the events of that game never happened because Princess Elise blew out the candle used to create Solaris and thus Solaris was never created, and in turn the events of the game never occurred): Join Forces!!!!! And here is the Deadly Six's plan to destroy the planet: They are going to use Eggman's Extractor to siphon the LIFE ENERGY out of the Earth and use the Life Energy to make themselves super powerful.

The Deadly Six also come up with the plan of turn Sonic into a robot (Robotizing him. A bit of a reference to Sonic Underground and the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show that came out a few years ago.) Their plan backfires, however, because Tails got "robotized".

The good news is Robot-Tails betrays the Deadly Six by using one of his tails to grab a toothpick off of Zomom's sandwich (Zomom is another member of the Deadly Six) and uses that toothpick to reprogram the Extractor. But to his surprise it turns out Dr. Eggman already shut down the Extractor (this is surprising because earlier Eggman fell into a pool of lava. Along with Orbot and Cubot.). After Sonic defeats the Deadly Six (four of them explode. The rest fall into a pool of lava) Eggman reveals that he survived the lava pool thanks to the jet-pack he was wearing at the time and them puts the LIFE ENERGY of the Earth (or a fraction of it) into the most powerful mecha he ever built. The name of the robot is never said. Though the Sonic News Network gave it the nickname Lava Mountain Zone Four Boss. I think "Ultimate Mech" would be better because Eggman himself called it the "Ultimate Mech".

Sonic then destroys the "Lava Mountain Zone Four Boss/Ultimate Mech" while Tails reprograms the Extractor to return ALL of Earth's LIFE ENERGY. Back on Earth, Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and Knuckles the Echidna briefly celebrate their victory (Knuckles and Amy have been on Earth the whole time. Thus Knuckles missed out on a chance to do something heroic. Throughout the game Knuckles brags that he would have solved the crisis much sooner than Sonic). Sonic then proceeds to take a nap after "a day like today".


It is interesting to notice that you fight each member of the Deadly Six twice. The first time they are very easy to defeat, the second time it's much more difficult. It's also worth noticing that the Wisps in this game are for gameplay only, they do not have any major role in the story. It is also worth noticing that out of the Deadly Six, Master Zik, Zor, Zazz, and Zomom are the only members whose names are spoken in the game. Also, the Deadly Six are rather colorful and vibrant, much unlike previous powerful entities that Eggman tries to control, which have a grotesque design. However their behavior and speech is much darker than their appearance suggests.

This game also has muiltiplayer. In Co-op Mode, Player One controls Sonic the Hedgehog while Player Two controls a RC vehicle (built and operated by Tails) that helps out Sonic in various ways. In Player vs. Player Mode, two Virtual Hedgehogs race against each other.

And for the online lover, you can give and/or get items from other players around the WORLD!!!! And there are leader-boards. But I am not a fan on online interaction because you don't play games to hang out with people you never met in person, you play games to play games. Don't take it from me, mind you. You might like online you might not like online and a friend of mine loves online interaction. I only use this computer for writing posts, reading, and watching awesome episodes of Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For more info, pictures and videos, please go to the Sonic News Network.

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