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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LEGO Movie Time!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog post is about The LEGO Movie, a totally awesome part stop-motion part 3D computer animation!!!!!!!!

The LEGO Movie is LEGO's very first, full length stop-motion/computer-animation hybrid. All their other movies are only mini movies.

This is what I know of the plot (do not read this particular section of the post as it might contain spoilers).
The Movie is about a LEGO Minifigure named Emmet. That's right. Emmet. He apparently thinks most things are awesome (ranging from Batman to overpriced coffee). Possibly because Emmet loves listen to a song called "Everything is Awesome".

Emmet lives in a town called BricksBurg, which is governed by President Business (President Business not only is the main villain of the movie, he also has a habit of organizing the whole world around him). Emmet also has a job as a construction worker (oddly enough, despite everything in BricksBurg being made entirely out of LEGO Bricks, Emmet does not know how to build things with his own imagination). And he winds up meeting some of the most creative LEO Minifigures (they call themselves the Master Builders) in the universe. These Minifigures include but do not limit to: Superman from Justice League, Batman (also from Justice League), Wonder Woman (again from Justice League), Lloyd Garmadon from Ninjago, a random Mermaid, Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo the real life painter of legend, a 1980 something-something Space Guy, a guy wearing a Godzilla costume, Robin Hood, Abraham Lincoln (the day of this post happens to be the 150th anniversary of Abraham's famous speech), and the NBA Basketball All-Stars.

Also Emmet falls in love with Wyldstyle (one of the Master Builders) and meets one of the oldest Master Builders named Vitruvius (at first glance he looks like a wizard but if you look closely, one can notice that his "staff/wand" is actually a lollypop stick with a chewed up end and under his "wizard" robes he is wearing a rainbow colored hippie style shirt with blue jeans and a rubber band around his head).

There is another character that is half good half evil: Good Cop/Bad Cop!!! Good Cop is friendly and willing to help people and will give people a free glass of water. Bad Cop is totally evil and is Lord Business' favorite minion. Later on in the movie, Good Cop starts taking over Bad Cop (they are one character. With a split personality. And two faces.) and his/their loyalty is tested when Good Cop/Bad Cop must betray and attack his/their own parents (who also are Lord Business' minions).

Since Lord Business plans to glue every LEGO Brick together (thus preventing the Master Builders from Building) the Master Builders and Emmet are out to get him. Along with the super vengeful Metal-Beard (he has a normal LEGO Minifigure head, but the rest of his body is a pirate themed LEGO Robot using Ball Joint pieces for joints in the left arm and right leg, two tubes serving as cannons on the left hand, three long fingers on the right hand, with a live shark attached to the right wrist, a anchor-like weapon and a peg leg on the left leg, complete with black spikes, and several flag poles with flags on his back). He wants revenge on Lord Business for taking away his...uh....well...practically every body part he had, except for the head.

And there is a creature called Uni-Kitty. What's Uni-Kitty? It's a cat with a unicorn's horn on it's forehead. I honestly don't know a thing about Uni-Kitty besides the species.

To advertise the movie they have released sets based off all the action scenes. For pictures of these sets, go to either LEGO.com or The LEGO Wiki.

I also know that in 2014 they are making a The LEGO Movie Video Game. All I know about it is that each character has a different way to build (Emmet can build things with Instruction Build, a special building style that requires Emmet to pick up a few instruction pages, but the Master Builders cannot use Instruction Build because they are practically the building opposite to Emmet who can only build with instructions, while the Master Builders can only build using their imaginations. Because they are either too creative to use instructions or they are just plain bad at using instructions). Similarly Vitruvius can Master Build where he takes the best characteristics of his surroundings and combine them to create practically anything ( in a video I watched Vitruvius took a bench, a few fences, a roasted chicken, pieces of the floorboards, a mail box and several other objects and built a full operational ballista!!).

This is the first LEGO video game where EVERYTHING is made of LEGO bricks. Giving more options for building and smashing.

For more info please go to LEGO.com OR the LEGO Wiki.

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