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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mario & Sonic Sochi Time!!!!!!!!

They came out with ANOTHER Mario & Sonic game!!!!! It's based on the Olympic Games. Just like every other game in the Mario & Sonic mini series. Before we talk about this game, I want to say that I highly doubt Sega and Nintendo will make a Mario & Sonic game that has NOTHING to do with the Olympic Games. Though it would be cool if they did. But such a game has only 1% of chance of going as far as the storyboard.

But this game is very awesome!!!! It's got Giant Bowser Boss, Bullet Bills, Egg Fighter Drones, Badniks from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game(s), and More!!!!!

This game is exclusive to the Wii U. Because the Gamepad is required for some of the events. But a Wii Remote Plus is required for other events.

One of the new events is Snowboard Slope-Style (and by the way, this sport is making it's Olympic debut in Sochi Russia in 2014. That is when the next Olympic Winter Games are going to take place by the way.). Just snowboard your way down a course while doing tricks to rack in points and impress spectators!!!!

And just like last time, there are Dream Events that take real sports, add new rules to those events, make them take place at a famous location from past Mario games and Sonic the Hedgehog games!!! Like Roller-Coaster Bobsleigh, instead of riding a bobsleigh down a bobsleigh/skeleton track, you have to ride the bobsleigh through Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure 2!!! And true to the name, there ARE roller-coasters in this event.

And here is another Dream Event, created JUST for this game and is NOT a remake of a real event. Bullet Bill Sleigh Race is the name, and riding a flying, Christmas style sleigh through Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors is the game. And the sleigh is pulled by Bullet Bills!!!! Hence the "flying" part of the sleigh's description. But two characters are needed to pilot the sleigh, because there are TWO Bullet Bills and there are TWO reins to steer the Bullet Bills with. Whichever team that reaches the end of the canyon (with the best possible time) wins.

This game is the first Mario & Sonic game to have online. But if I get the game (I want it for Christmas) I will have to make sure that a friend of mine doesn't use it. He is so reckless when it comes to games with online. He seems to be doing better with resisting to urge to play online games simply for the interaction (he is a thousand times more social than anyone else on this planet!!!!).

And since this game lacks a handheld counterpart, this is the only home console Mario & Sonic game with a story mode: Legend Showdown. Every playable character (there is twenty in total. Ten Mario characters and ten Sonic characters. There is twenty-one counting the Mii Characters) in the game decides to explore a spooky castle right in the heart of Sochi Russia and wind up competing against ghostly copies of themselves.

There is another cool mode known as (are you ready for this?) Medley Mania!!!!!!!! Compete in any Medley of your choosing (Five events is called a Medley). There are several Medleys based on speed, power, technique, skill, and so on OR you can use a custom Medley containing any five events of your choice.

And there is another mode called Action & Answer Tour!!! It works something like this. You play Olympic and Dream events, just like in any other mode, but after each event each competitor has to answer one question from a quiz (how they answer varies from simple quick time buzzes to shooting discs which you think has the answer on it.).

And here is another cool thing: The whole game is completely in HD. Beautiful graphics!!! Stunning details in backgrounds!!!!! And the best part of it is that the game is on Wii U and the HD of Wii U is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

For more info and pictures please go to the Super Mario Wiki, Sonic News Network, or Nintendo.com.

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