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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pokemon Origins Time!!!!!

This post is about the awesome show Pokemon Origins!!!!!! You can watch every episode of the show on Pokemon TV On Pokemon.com!!!!!

This show has many characteristics of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. For example, the main character is Red. Red is the default name given to your character at the beginning of Pokemon Red and Blue. Though if you have the game(s) you can change the name at the beginning of the game. Also at the beginning of every episode, the main menu of Pokemon Red (and Blue) is seen and when the "player" selects "Continue" the episode begins. At the END of every episode the main menu is seen again, this time the "player" saves (and quits) the "game", and the episode ends right there. NOTE: The "player" and menu is just to make the show look more like the games.

Red is very similar to Ash from the main show. The key difference is ALL of Red's Pokemon are fully Evolved (he has Charizard, Jolteon, Victreebel, Hitmonlee, Snorlax, and hundreds more. All of the Pokemon I named in this parenthesis are all the final evolutionary forms of Charmander, Eevee, Bellsprout, Tyrogue, and Munchlax respectively).

Red is also much more powerful (in Pokemon Battles) than Ash, as it took Ash a very long time to evolve his Charmander into Charmeleon and into Charizard. It took Red only three days to fully evolve his Charizard.

Another difference between these two are the goals in life. Ash wants to become a Pokemon Master (like everyone) but Red's goal is to fulfill Professor Oak's dream of cataloging every species of Pokemon in the world (there is exactly 718 species of Pokemon on a global scale. There is 151 species in the Kanto region, where the show takes place).

It is worth noticing how just like in the main show there is Team Rocket, a band of hi-tech criminals that abuse, enslave, and torture Pokemon. In fact in episode two (titled "File 2: Cubone") they killed a Marowak (they did not show the death scene, to keep it from going down the dark, mature path) with a electric rod. Ironic that they electrocuted Marowak because Marowak is a Ground Type and Ground Types are completely immune to Electric attacks. However since the rod was NOT a Pokemon the type match-ups probably don't matter at all.

A bit of karma was put on Team Rocket because the ghost of that same Marowak started haunting their base in the Pokemon Tower, showing up as a......thing... Okay I have no idea how to describe Marowak's ghost form because all I can say is that it looked like some weird shape with glowing yellow eyes in the middle. That Marowak Ghost came to rest in peace though because Red, with his recently evolved Charmeleon, kicked Team Rocket out of their base.

And Brock is in the show. Brock is one of Ash's most famous friends/partners and is also a Gym Leader (in the main show he gave up his position of Gym Leader to travel with Ash and to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokemon Doctor. Pokemon Doctors are medical Doctors, for Pokemon!!). In Origins stays a Gym Leader but gives Red three things: First and most important, he gave Red a Gym Badge. What's a Gym Badge? Collect all eight, compete in the Championships, beat the local Champion and become the strongest Pokemon Trainer in the region!!! Set out on a global journey (like Ash) to become the strongest Gym Leader in the WORLD!!!!! Sadly you can't go on global journeys in the games. Though it would be cool.

The SECOND thing Brock gave Red is some really good advice: Pokemon are NOT weapons or tools. They are more like partners/friends. So instead of treating Pokemon like mere tools, you need to treat Pokemon like your best friend or something. At least so I figure. Anyway, the final thing Brock gave Red was a TM. For those of you that do not know what a TM is, it's a disc that can teach some Pokemon special attacks and moves that they cannot learn naturally. In most games a TM will break after using it once, and therefore only one of your Pokemon may know that move at a time. But in more recent games like Pokemon Black and White, most TMs can be used several times without breaking, therefore you can have several or all of your Pokemon learn that move. Anyway, the TM that Brock gave Red contained the powerful technique Bide, where the user LETS the opponent land a hit twice in a row, and launches a devastating attack that does twice the damage the foe in question based on how much damage the user took during those two attacks. You know, I once had a Pachirisu during the Select battle on Pokemon Battle Revolution that knew Bide. Sadly the move failed because it was a Double Battle and both foes ignored my Pachirisu on both turns and focused on my other Pokemon. So if you get a Pokemon that knows Bide, it is more useful in a Single Battle than in a Double Battle. Or a Triple Battle.

Anyway, Red also has a bike. Bikes are the second most important tool for a Trainer. The first is the Pokemon themselves. And just like a expert Trainer, Red can make 90 degree turns. But every Trainer in the franchise can do that if they have a bike. But the Kalos Trainers don't have bikes. They have roller skates. And you can ride certain Pokemon as if riding a horse. But you can also ride some Pokemon as if surfing (Pokemon that can use the technique Surf are required) and you can also ride on Flying Pokemon (Pokemon that can use the technique Fly are required for this), but only to cities and towns you have already been to.

Also, the only Gym Leaders that made Red send out EVERY Pokemon he has are Brock (who was the first Gym Leader Red faced) and Giovanni (who happens to be the leader of Team Rocket). Both times those Gym Leaders only use two Pokemon, while Red had to use all six. However Giovanni was originally going to use six Pokemon but decided to only use his two strongest Pokemon on Red because Red has ruined Giovanni's plans like four times in a row. It is interesting to note that while Brock only uses Rock type (Brock used Geodude and Onix) Pokemon, Giovanni only uses Ground type Pokemon (the two he used are Rhyhorn and Rhydon.).

And here is my last piece of info on Pokemon Origins. Every episode is narrated by Red, except the very first episode, which is narrated by Professor Oak.

If you want to watch episodes of this show on your computer, please go to Pokemon.com on the Pokemon TV section.

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