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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pokemon Movie Time!!!!!!!

This post is about the one movie that the Pokemon Wiki knows NOTHING about!!! How do I know this movie info? I watched the movie myself. I was so eager to watch it I woke up as soon as I could (I tend to sleep until lunchtime) and I did NOT, under any circumstances, get out of my chair during the movie.

The movie has not one but TWO Legendary Pokemon: Genesect, and Mewtwo. Well, actually there is five Genesect (the plural form of Genesect is Genesect), but only one Mewtwo. All six of them can talk. Well actually Mewtwo talks through telepathy (the ability to speak with your mind) while the Genesect talk verbally.

Here is the plot (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY).
Long Story Short Ash and his friends Cilan and Iris are caught in the cross fire of a few epic and totally awesome fights between Mewtwo and five confused Genesect, while Team Rocket gets "Blasted Off" by a Genesect's Hyper Beam. And the nest the Genesect build at the beginning has caused some major problems with the electricity. In fact the city almost blew up due to a meltdown.

The good news is Mewtwo gets the stubborn Red Genesect to listen and it is no longer aggressive and they wind up building another nest, this time in a river surrounded by the Genesect's favorite flowers.

THE END. I find it difficult to summarize. I have kept a great deal of info to myself. Also it is worth noticing that the Mewtwo in this movie is possibly a different Mewtwo from the first Pokemon Movie, as that one was able to create clones and had a deep voice, while the one in this movie had a voice that is almost opposite. Want to know what I mean? Watch the movie yourself!!!!! It is also worth noticing that there is a Sableye in the movie that Ash befriends during the opening. It is also worth noticing that the Mewtwo in this movie uses Mega Evolution. Without a Mega Stone! That is impossible in the games, as all Pokemon need a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve. But the TYPE of Mega Stone has to be compatible with the Pokemon in question (Lucario's Mega Stone is Lucario-nite, and Charizard cannot use Lucario-nite but Lucario CAN use it).

It's worth noticing that Pokemon from generations 1 through 5 appear in this movie.

The last piece of info I have is that each Genesect has a differently colored Techno Blast. The Leader has a purple Techno Blast, one has a red Techno Blast, one has a blue Techno Blast, and so on.

for pictures of the Pokemon in the movie, please go to Pokemon Wiki.

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