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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

That Dragon, Cancer

This post is about a game I read about in my GameInformer magazine I got yesterday and I thought I would write a post about because I think it's cool.


Now what is "That Dragon, Cancer"? First of all and to my dismay "dragon" is used figuratively and the game technically has nothing to do with dragons. BUT the game has a cool history behind it.

This game is being made (it's not out yet) by Ryan Green and Amy Green. Ryan got the idea for this game because Ryan and Amy's son Joel got terminal cancer at 12 months old. Doctors said that Joel had a few months to live, but Joel managed to fight it for a surprisingly long time before succumbing to it at the age of five.

This game is supposed to show what Ryan and Amy felt when raising Joel. Because of that, this game will probably be the saddest video game of all time. Just like how Studio Ghibli's Grave of the Fireflies is the saddest MOVIE of all time.

I do not know much about the gameplay, because I have yet to find a video showcasing gameplay. But this is literally all the info on the gameplay. Wow. I used the word "gameplay" like 50 trillion times in the course of two sentences. Anyway, this next bit is from Wikipedia. P.S. the only reason I am copying Wikipedia's info is because they can describe this stuff with words better than me.

'That Dragon, Cancer will be played from a first-person perspective through a number of scenes based on the Greens' experience with raising Joel. The player will take the role of the father of a child with terminal cancer and who has been given only a few months to live. The player as the father will be able to interact with the characters and make certain choices, similar to those that the Greens had to face. For example, the first of the planned six scenes will be based on learning of the child's diagnosis, having the player consider their new responsibilities for caring for the child while reflecting on the "absurdity and sterility" of the hospital setting' -Wikipedia

That is basically the gameplay (that I know of). This game will be released on Microsoft Windows, Ouya, and Mac OS X.

for more info please go to the official site. P.S. sorry for the strange looking text near the bottom part of this post, I do not know why it's like that.

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