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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ori and the Blind Forest!!!

This is a post about a game called Ori and the Blind Forest. I am not sure how a forest can be blind, but the game is really cool anyway.

Image result for ori and the blind forest logo

Ori and the Blind Forest has gameplay partly inspired by games such as Super Metroid. Basically, platforming.

On a side note the game has the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game. Seriously, this game is beautiful. Just look at the pictures below!

Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

Yeah. I think we can all agree this game is absolutely gorgeous. Plus when it launches at March 11th it will run at 60 frames per second and will be in 1080p HD.

But enough about pretty graphics! Let's get to what we (the public) know about the story. According to Moon Studios, the story is partly inspired by 90's era films such as The Lion King (which is one of the two movies that ties for being my favorite Disney movie. The other movie is Fox and the Hound), and the Iron Giant (which is another one of my favorite movies). But I was getting more of a "fox and the hound" vibe from the trailer. So that means this game will MOST LIKELY make someone sad. Very sad. So sad they cry. So sad the tears actually flow. So sad that I am running out of ways to continue this joke about the word "sad". Wow. Now that's sad.

Anyway, The story details I do know of are 1: Ori (the main hero) is a forest sprite. NOT a dragon. I was hoping for Ori to be a dragon. He looks like a dragon. He's in a platforming game. Ori could be the next Spyro!!! Especially because Spyro is dead now because Activision refuses to accept the fact that Skylanders is supposed to be a Spyro game. Which is sad. Back on topic. Ori was raised by a bear/yeti/gorilla as her own child. And there is a sad moment involving her in the opening cut-scene. Wait, a SAD moment?

Anyway, and yes I promise to stop using the word sad, Moon studios said the game has a bit of a coming of age story. Which is not sad. But really cool nonetheless. Oh wait. I used the word sad again.

Overall I know for a fact I would get this game right now if wasn't for the fact that I do not own a Xbox One/360 at all and I will never get any games for the PC because the only PC game I have is Minecraft. Yes I have both the PC version of Minecraft and the PS3 version of Minecraft. Because I must get ALL the things. And you can't get Prismarine Shards in the home console edition of Minecraft. Or rabbits.

Anyway, There is also a giant owl beast thing named Kuro. I will assume he is evil because he looks like a evil owl.

 Image result for ori and the blind forest screenshots

And because Ori is the main hero of our tale I guarantee that there is a epic final battle.

For more info please go to the website.

P.S. If you can tell me how a forest can be blind, please leave a comment!

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